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Book: King Donald by George Thomas Clark
Author George Thomas Clark

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Trump 2020 - The Case for the Re-election of Donald J. Trump by Josh Y Goldstein
As the time for another election approaches, it is high time for the American people to make yet another decision. Did Trump keep his promises? Is he the right person to Keep America Great? This book answers some critical questions on the eve of the 2020 election. First, before moving further, you need to know why Americans chose Trump to run the country. The reason Trump got elected is that he gave people a vision. He gave [...]
Fixing Post-Truth Politics by Tom Mitsoff
After the 2016 presidential election, millions of Americans asked the same question: How did we get to the point as a nation that we nominated these two completely unsuitable candidates for president? The author of this book - Tom Mitsoff, who has decades of leadership experience in mass media companies - asked the same question. Utilizing a combination of his personal experiences and research, the author charts two courses: [...]
Hillary Rodham Clinton - On The Couch - Inside the Mind and Life of Hillary Clinton by Alma H. Bond
Hillary Clinton is a unique woman. Hillary Clinton is a brilliant woman. Hillary Clinton has been a great woman since she was twenty-one years old. Hillary Clinton will make one of the finest presidents the United States has ever had. She is difficult to understand, as the real Hillary lives deep inside of herself. This in no way detracts from her ability and vision of improving the world. Alma Bond has been a practicing [...]
The Great Divide - Story of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race by Howard Harrison
The Great Divide: Story of the 2016 US Presidential Race takes readers on a tour of one of the most unusual, controversial, and compelling elections in history. It starts in June 2015 when billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump joins a crowded field of Republican candidates and soon vaults to No. 1 in the polls. It ends with a result that shocks the world. In between, readers will enjoy a play-by-play [...]
The Trump Chronicles, The First 100 Days by Chris Dahl
The Trump Chronicles, Volume 1 is a collection of news articles that cover POTUS 45's bid for election and subsequent rise to power. Just kidding. It's "fake news" or "alternative facts." Moreover, it a spoof of Trump, his cronies, and all of his Trumpisms, a classic satire on the current political scene in the tradition of Doonesbury and National Lampoon.
Donald's Clump (ZspotDiaries Book 15) by Zoe Scarlatti
Short Episode 15 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. A contract on The Donald? Only question? What took so long? No drama for Zoe. Investigators will have their work cut-out for them. GOP hacks. Apprentice contestants. Miss America. Most other women who have menstruated. Ivana. Mexicans. Loads of possibles. But who truly believed it would end like this?
Many Millions Strong - Your Victory Guide to a Bernie Sanders Landslide by Stan Munslow
Are you still in shock? Are you still in awe? Has it started to sink in yet? Fellow impassioned Americans, how long has it been? How long have we been waiting for a moment like this? Just think! We, the American People - "The 99%" - have just been blessed with the opportunity to elect a president like no other; a leader poised to return America to its citizens. Indeed, Senator Bernie Sanders is not only the best candidate [...]
Trump's Island - A Gilligan's Island Parody for Adults Only by J.C. Cummings
Just sit right back and you'll squeeze a tail... The year is 1969. The place: somewhere far out to sea in the Pacific. Following a wild and sexy mishap aboard the Trump family yacht, 23-year-old Donald Trump now finds himself stranded on an uncharted tropical island which just happens to be inhabited by seven stranded castaways who would like nothing more than for him to get stranded elsewhere. But it's not all bad for the [...]
America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters - With Liberty and Justice for All by Evelyn Roberts Brooks
Hey #womensmarch #indivisible #bluewave - I wrote this book series for you. Are you brave enough to ignore the fake reviews from Trump Supporters? If so, this is what you'll discover in "America's New Breed of Freedom Fighters" 2nd Edition: A crash course in using the universal laws of the One Mind to manifest progress, while neutralizing Trump's extremist, hate-based agenda. How to make a positive difference in the world, [...]
Abraham Lincoln for the Defense by Warren Bull
Young Abraham Lincoln never had to defend against a murder charge like this before. The three Trailor brothers and a friend. Arch Ficsher, arrived in Springfield, IL. Then Fischer disappeared. Lincoln left to practice before the circuit court. After searching extensively for him, the brothers left alone the next day. Rumors of foul play spread. The oldest brother was said to be showing off gold coins he got off Fischer. The [...]
Abe Lincoln - Public Enemy No. 1 by Brian Anthony and Bill Walker
When John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln with a bullet cursed by the notorious Chicken Man, a local voodoo practitioner, he unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events extending far into the future. Instead of killing Lincoln, the bullet puts the president into a coma for sixty-eight years, his body remaining limber and ageless. When he awakens in 1933, Abe Lincoln is a man out of time, a revered icon...and a political pariah. [...]
Trump and The GOP - Race Baiting to the White House by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
A provocative, first time in depth look at the history and corrosive impact of 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's race baiting appeals and campaign. Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson also tells how Trump's race baiting tactics follows the pattern set by GOP presidential candidates over the past six decades to win the White House.
Socialism Exposed - Which Door Will You Choose? by William W. Figley
SOCIALISM EXPOSED pulls back the curtain so you can see this political philosophy for what it is, and where it has been taking our once great nation. We clearly see the devastating effects of socialism on other countries, such as Venezuela, and yet the push by the left for this failed system of government is trumpeted ever louder and stronger. Far from a boring history manual, the explosive information laid out in this book [...]
Marco Polo (Z-Spot Diaries Book 8) by Zoe Scarlatti
Marco Polo is Short Episode 8 of Zoe Scarlatti's Z-Spot Diaries. Zoe wanted a weekend of R&R in Havana after a particularly trying week. But Uncle Carlo had different ideas. As is so often rge case, Zoe must react swiftly to hit a target of opportunity. All of a sudden the national front-runner is clogging the pool filter. Who'll be the decider now?
What Were They THINKING? - Inside the Minds of Trump’s Voters (Liberty and Justice Book 2) by Evelyn Roberts Brooks
2nd Edition 2018. Much humor about Donald Trump is caustic and nasty. You won't find that here. If you like Erma Bombeck's light style of humor, you'll enjoy the chuckles, as well as a look into the power of laughter to provide relief from anxiety and fear. Imagine you could use the Vulcan Mind Meld to access the minds of 60-odd million Trump voters to find out what they were thinking on Election Day. See the survey results [...]
Little Miss HISTORY Travels to Hyde Park, Home of FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT - Presidential Library & Museum by Barbara Ann Mojica
Step inside the house where FDR made history! WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE LITTLE MISS HISTORY BOOK SERIES... "...Turning the pages is like visiting an interactive museum and taking a journey through each milestone. Little Miss History "travels" and so do we, enjoyably so - and I am sure to the bookshelves of many fans of this delightful series." - Amazon Reviewer - "This is a series not to be missed. History teachers [...]
Riding the Rails - Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression by Errol Lincoln Uys
During the Great Depression, more than 250,000 children left their homes and hopped freight trains crisscrossing the United States. They were looking for work and adventure; some wanted to leave their homes, and some had to. They grew up in speeding boxcars, living in hobo jungles, begging on the streets, and running from the police and club-wielding railroad guards. The restless youth of these boxcar boys and girls, many who [...]
The Trumpassic Period - Year One by David Belisle
Do you wish you could close your eyes and the Trump presidency would just go away? ... Behold the next best thing. It's another time, another place. Welcome to the Trumpassic Period. They're all here. The Tyrumposaurus, the Crookadillary and the rest of the not quite ready for prime time dinos. Read along as they traipse through the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir, where politics meets paleontology in dozens of delicious dinosaur [...]
M.A.G.A by True George
Two tales. Degenerates: Stephen a disgruntled person with a racist attitude mingles with a bunch of unorganized group of degenerates. They decide to create a day of mayhem and seek help to organize, but they experienced something unexpected... Me Too: Allegations of a crime were made, the home of the alleged perpetrator was located and now the family seeks justice; one way or another.
Dick Hurts (ZspotDiaries Book 13) by Zoe Scarlatti
Dick Hurts is Short Episode 13 of Zoe Scarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. Meet Governor Richard Scott. Some unimaginative supporters call him "Rick" for short. It's Scott's goal to make Florida work for all people, unless you're a Democrat, Black, Hispanic, Child, Inmate or Poor. He's the key holder to the much coveted Florida Electoral Bonanza for the 2016 Presidential Derby. And much like 2004 and 2008, Florida's for sale to the [...]
Death in the Moonlight by Warren Bull
Abraham Lincoln is one of the most loved and the single most despised president in American History. Scholars continue to write about and debate his every word. In each generation many people seek to claim him as their own while others try to slander or disown him entirely. No American can ignore him. In my novel, Death in the Moonlight, Abraham Lincoln's "A house divided" speech is witnessed by August Dietrich, a reporter [...]
Snakes in the Swamp - Commentary on the First 100 Days by Don Storch
A concise, insightful commentary on Donald J. Trump's first 100 days as President of the United States. Storch has nailed this period with precision, highlighting events and Trump's accomplishments despite the backlash from the opposition, as well as from his own party. Told in a unique style, Storch explores the bold moves as Trump forges ahead, regardless of the negative press, vowing to keep the promises he has made to the [...]
The Reparations of Bill Clinton by J.C. Shannon
Join Bill Clinton and Checkers, President Nixon's faithful dog, as Bill tries to escape Political Purgatory at the height of the Monica scandal. Together they navigate the seven rooms of Political Pitfalls to try and salvage Bill's tarnished Presidency. A humorous book, featuring over 300 colorful political personalities, within 169 colored pages. Being conservative has never been so Natty!
Frankenstein Goes to Washington - 2020 by Charles Frankhauser
A reporter interviews Max von Frankenstein during a question and answer session to learn if Max intends to run for The White House in the 2020 election. Slick Sam, known by his associates as Scam Man, plans to manage the campaign. Max von Frankenstein was assembled from body parts by a German doctor that fled to a castle in Peru after the Second World War. Max's thoughts and actions are controlled by a set of Artificial [...]
Winning Political Campaigns - A Comprehensive Guide to Electoral Success by William S. Bike
Winning Political Campaigns: A Comprehensive Guide to Electoral Success, by William S. Bike is a comprehensive handbook for planning, organizing, and executing a successful campaign for elective office. Written in an easy-to-use format, the book is designed for both novice campaigners and experienced workers. Winning Political Campaigns covers everything from advertising to building alliances, proper business practices, [...]



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