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Book: The Boy with a Balloon for a Head by Brandon Rhiness
Author Brandon Rhiness

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Collectors of comic book superhero memorabilia as well as vintage pinback buttons are quite abundant in today's day and age. However, what both groups are often unaware of is the sheer abundance and variety of items that contain elements of both collectible types. This unique book dives headfirst into an often-unknown collection type that features pin-backs and badges that represent these iconic characters. Combining unique [...]
Pimping Indie Guide - Authors Platforms That Playoff! by Laurie Pailes-Lindeman
Pimping Indie Writers RIGHT - How to Build A Powerful Author Platform Without Going Broke Overview: If you want to earn a living as a professional independent writer, you have to start viewing writing for money as a PROFESSION not a HOBBY. Accordingly, you have to be both systematic and methodical in promoting YOURSELF as a BRAND.
The Forgotten Federation by Fiction Factory Incorporated
Four words changed the world: THE FEDERATION IS DEAD. It was the im-possible war the heroes of the Federation against the scourge of the planet Xenoe and their dictator, Goliaric. With the weaknesses of the Federation exposed, both sides crumbled. After Earth's heroes were dead, Ophelia Keating conquered the political podium, pushing her way into the Presidential chair and closer to world dominance. The new commander-in-chief [...]
Hyperforce II - Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs by Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Enemies All Around Them! A Team in Turmoil! Hyperforce accomplished much in its first year together. But now, with one of their most powerful members gone, the team must try to unravel the machinations of their foe, 'Mind Master.' But Mind Master is not the only threat they must face. Because a new foe (or is he a friend?) has risen from the sea and is seeking out the team of superheroes. But what does he actually want from [...]
The Indie Author's Guide to - Building a Great Book by Jo Michaels
Indie authors stress every day about formatting a book for print, formatting a book for digital, or self publishing their first book. The Indie Author's Guide is all about helping Indie authors self publish their work with little to no headache. The Indie Author's Guide to: Building a Great Book for Digital and Print is meant to be a pocket reference. Something you can pull out and have a look at any time you need a hand with [...]
Writing Book Blurbs and Synopses - How to sell your manuscript to publishers and your indie book to readers (Writer's Craft 19) by Rayne Hall
Do you want a synopsis that persuades agents to request the whole manuscript? Does your book need a description that entices Amazon customers click the 'Buy Now' button? This guide shows you step-by-step how to create six effective short forms for selling your manuscript to publishers and your indie-published book to readers: * The SYNOPSIS shows the novel's plot structure. You use it to communicate with industry [...]
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Do you want to publish a book on Amazon that reaches more readers and sells? Do you like writing but the thought of publishing scares you? If you don't know much about publishing, don't worry. We are going to start at the beginning. There are several Key elements to successful publishing: Your Commitment - There's an old saying "when your book is 90% written you are only half way there." Identifying your genre - Knowing your [...]
Doctor Leviathan volume #1 is a graphic novel consisting of issue #1 of the comic book called Doctor Leviathan, but also consist of the never before published issues #2 and issues #3. The first issue in this graphic novel was first published back in 2005 but issues #2 and #3 were never published until now within this graphic novel. Doctor Leviathan volume #1 takes place in the future where there are millions of super-powered [...]
The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf by Caldric Blackwell
Six-year-old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can't howl. Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full-moon ceremony, he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl. He learns a lot about howling during his journey, but more importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.
Blowing It! by Tim Popper
Blowing It! just might be the first book-length work of erotic fiction written by a real balloon fetishist; it follows married, middle-aged Henry and young, single Melanie as they pursue their separate pleasures through inflatable latex. But an accident of geography and an obscure Internet video pull them together. Can they resist the temptations of their mutual intimate secret?
Barney's Ballads & Blarney Volume I by Barney M
Barney is older than some of the rock formations in the Pyrenees. He has dedicated some of his twilight years in recording his experiences and opinions in illustrated rhyming verse. Often philosophical and humorous, he wastes no time in pointing the finger at those deserved of his satirical wit. Barney's Ballads & Blarney is a humorous road through what is right and what isn't, be it politics, religion or individual. No-one [...]
Sketchboy by Randy Briley
Hello. Thank you for looking at my book Sketchboy! It's very nice of you and I appreciate it. My name is Randy Briley and over the course of a long career as an artist, I have kept little slips of paper near me on which to doodle. In line at the store, at lunch, talking on the phone or even waiting at a stoplight were all prime opportunities to let the little characters in this book come alive on the page and say hello to me. [...]
Eastbound Sailing by Todd Foley
Meet Aiden Lawrence. He needs your help, but he doesn't know it. He needs companionship, but he doesn't want to be your friend. He doesn't know how to like himself, and he can't expose the truth of his past. You'll want to help him. Be patient with him. He's trying. Even if it pushes him to the brink of death, he'll keep trying. Aiden's a jaded young man struggling to reconcile with his past, present and future. When he goes [...]
Armoured by Matt Edwards
Armour can make a hero of even the most modest soul. Armoured is the tale of a 13 year boy named Linus who finds his life forever altered when he wakes from an accident to discover he is now sharing his body with a swarm of tiny sentient robots known as the Xerxes System. Follow Linus and his best friend Ray Ray as they struggle to come to terms with super powers and the vicious politics of high school. All the while still [...]
That Night This Night by Darren Worrow
Mike is a lost soul, surrounding himself with friends that are all out on a quest of drug fuelled mania; he recounts his life, the aging youth culture of the acid house raves and just how sad and lonely the aftermath has turned out to be. Terrible in matters of the heart he continues on his path of destruction, failing to accept that he is getting past it all. Only vaguely successful in his chosen art and hopeless at just [...]
Outcome, A Novel - There's more than a hurricane coming ... by Barbara Ebel
Diana and Peter Devlin are no ordinary couple. Their careers land them in the same tumultuous journey towards the same end result. Both the feisty pilot and astute anesthesiologist are needed for a major organ transplant while the donor and recipient's families become entwined and an unforgettable surgeon displays something other than his surgical knowledge.But Diana and Peter do far more than maneuver an airplane and [...]
Red Island (The Sgt. Reid Series) (Volume 1) by Lorne Oliver
Was it the nightmare that woke Reid or the phone ringing in the middle of the night that brought on the dream? Sgt. Reid of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police moved his family to Prince Edward Island, "The Gentle Island," to get away from violent crime and homicides. He had to get away from the nightmares and concentrate on his family before he lost them. It's a lovely place to live: The sound of the ocean crashing against [...]
First Chapters
First Chapters is a selection of sleeper gems by new and talented indie authors brought to you by eNovel Authors at Work ( In First Chapters you will discover Pete Barber's sweeping thriller, NanoStrike. The pages turn themselves. The Broken Saint by Mike Markel, is a police procedural that will knock your socks off and Hoodoo Money by Sharon Pennington, a romantic mystery set in New Orleans is so [...]
Dhampyr by Jordan Troche
ABOUT: The story takes place in modern day and follows two brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever. Their father was murdered by a secret Clan of Vampires called the Clan of Genesis. The leader is a Vampire named Sethos and he hid in the shadows of history and turned the greatest warriors and tyrants into powerful Vampire Lords. Achilles, Lancelot, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, and even Morgana are generals [...]
Nephlim by Jordan Troche
The world has fallen into a state of chaos and war. A group of Angels fell to earth to become mankind's new Gods and prove to their creator that they are superior to humans in every possible way. Their rule has been one of fear and nightmares, people cower by the mere mention of the Fallen. Just like their creator they wanted to make new life so they took human women and mated with them creating Nephlim. Beings that are half [...]
Shark & The Wolf - Predators and Prey by Daniel D. Shields
"Hybrid Animals and Humans Collide!" Pack your bags for the wild side and hang on tight. Escape into an exotic untamed world in this sci-fi adventure that has been called a cross between Gladiator, Planet of the Apes and The Hunger Games. In Las Vegas, Shaw, billionaire casino magnate and self proclaimed world's greatest showman, nears completion on the massive Serengeti Resort & Casino. Its amphitheater is being transformed [...]
Funny Cartoons For The Entire Family by Dan Rosandich
A total of 194 color and black and white single panel gag cartoons feature Dan's favorite cartoons from his archives. Many of these cartoons are inspired by real people and certain scenarios the cartoonist experienced which many readers might also be able to relate to. A majority of these cartoons have never appeared in hardcopy print anywhere and were created exclusively for this book. Cartoonist Dan Rosandich has [...]
NUN - The Awakening - Book One by Chad Morton
In the beginning, there was NUN, and from NUN came all things. NUN-The Awakening tells the story of the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods and their roles in the development of our world and its possible destruction. Follow the immortals of Ancient Egypt on a Journey of both magic and mystery with the fate of our world held in the balance. Could the key to the Earth's survival lie within the mind of a mortal? Can a man of science [...]
Pantheon by Jordan Troche
A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called Prometheus. His heart is a relic of the past that houses the soul of the Titan King Chronos. Once he was old enough Chronos began guiding Prometheus to kill his father and take over the company. He creates Bio Technology so humans can begin to become closer to perfection. He grows in power and once 60% of the [...]
The Fix (The Carolina Connections Series Book 1) by Sylvie Stewart
My life is a friggin' fairytale just not the kind any single girl would ever want to star in. Laney: Like any good heroine, I've got a few challenges to face. Getting my son to wear pants is one; dealing with my snoozefest of a job is another. Then there's the Beast, my freeloading brother who's worn a permanent dent in the couch at my new place. And no fairytale would be complete without a smoking hot prince, of course. Too [...]



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