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Book: Celtic Knot Coloring Book by Nathalie Thompson
Author Nathalie Thompson

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Everyone spends those last few weeks of December trying to come up with the perfect New Year's resolution. Yet, everyone spends those first few weeks of January ignoring those resolutions and slipping back into our old habits. Really, you never have to wait for that time of year in order to start making resolutions to change your life and change your thought habits - especially when it's about reducing stress; something [...]
Peacemaker - An Adult Coloring Book by Angela E. Powell
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Peacemaker - an Adult Coloring Book (Volume 3) by Angela E. Powell
Coloring Books for Adults are incredibly popular right now, and for good reason. Therapists have been using coloring as a form of art therapy to help people reduce stress and improve self-esteem. In "PEACEMAKER Vol 3" you'll discover 34 detailed designs that will help you relax as you transform each black and white page into a beautiful masterpiece. Each image is printed on one side of the page so you don't have to worry [...]
Peacemaker - An Adult Coloring Book (Volume 2) by Angela E. Powell
Coloring Books for Adults are incredibly popular right now and for good reason. Therapists have been using coloring as a form of art therapy to help people reduce stress and improve self-esteem. In "PEACEMAKER Vol 2" you'll discover 34 detailed designs that will help you relax as you transform each black and white page into a beautiful masterpiece. Each image is printed on one side of the page so you don't have to worry about [...]
ROOK AND RAVEN - The Celtic Kingdom (The Celtic Kingdom Trilogy Book 1) by Julie Harvey Delcourt
He's an earl turned spy and assassin. She's the woman he jilted years ago. When he returns to England with evil and magically corrupted Viking priests on his heels bent on murder and theft, Rook realizes his more dangerous challenge may be winning back the woman he still loves; Jessamy Powers. Hell bent on keeping her safe from a secret she never even knew she held, chaos and blood follow their every step. But, she isn't the [...]
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Discover exactly how to control your thoughts, feelings and emotions to relieve stress, anxiety and depression and have more joyful and fulfilled life with S. Jones's Best-Selling Mindfulness Bundle! Regularly feel stressed, emotionally drained, tired and disappointed with what life brings you? Experience anxiety and irritable mood for no reason? Binge and overeat when you're stressed, unhappy or overwhelmed? If you answered [...]
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Love Your Fear - A Quick Self-Help Guide to Managing Anxiety by Joel Schueler
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Depression - 22 Ways They Don't Want You to Know to Naturally Cure Depression for The Rest of Your Life by Sarah Jones
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Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Book for Grown-ups (Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Books Volume 1) by Alison Galvan
Re-discover your creativity! Designed for adults, this quirky colouring book with 44 cartoons on single sided medium weight non-perforated pages to eliminate the concerns of bleed through, takes you back to the days of crayons and coloured pencils. Rainbows and unicorns are replaced with decidedly more grown-up themes, and a dash of wicked humour. Let's face it, the belief that art is only for kids, or retirees just doesn't [...]
10-Minute Mindfulness - 71 Habits for Living in the Present Moment by SJ Scott & Barrie Davenport
Hate the negativity that often surrounds you? Feel stressed or anxious? Overwhelmed by our hectic, fast-paced modern society? These issues are often the direct result of as vicious cycle known as "unconscious living." You can be unconscious about your lifestyle choices, habits, and thoughts. You can be unconscious about your true values, life priorities, and deeper longings. And you're unconscious about living in the present [...]
Stress-Less Book I - Proven Methods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for a More Relaxed and Healthy Life by Marie Thomas
Want to know how to stop anxiety or panic attacks in their tracks? Want to sleep better? Want to alleviate or minimize your everyday stressors? You are on your way! This book has proven techniques to reduce or alleviate stress and anxiety from your life. It has been estimated that 75 - 90% of all ailments, illnesses and dis-ease are due to stress. Stress and anxiety are a reality for most people. It is unavoidable in certain [...]
Starving Your Fears - From Panic to Peace in 10 Easy Steps by Joyce E Logan
How does one starve their fears away? That's exactly what you'll learn in this powerful, easy-read due to the author's ability to get to the heart of your fears and help you to melt them away by not feeding them! "I've been your human "Guinea pig" and know what works. The methods I'll share with you will save you years of research and money!" Joyce E. Logan, Ph.D.The author suffered with severe panic attacks and agoraphobia [...]
QUANTUM SELF HYPNOSIS STRESS FREE NOW - Hypnosis Script & Inductions Included! by Jo Ana Starr, PhD
Quantum Self Hypnosis Stress Free Now is a book specifically written to prepare the reader to create his own Stress Free Now Self Hypnosis session easily and inexpensively. This book includes tips and tricks on how to create a great, effective Self Hypnosis session, complete with recording equipment/software suggestions, 2 Master Hypnosis Inductions, a Stress Free Now Self Hypnosis script, and a free bonus to readers that [...]
Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Book of Erotica (Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Books Volume 6) by Alison Galvan
Want an adult coloring book with a little bit of spice, a little bit of zing and a whole lotta love? The Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Book of Erotica is all of that and more! Author Alison Galvan shares her passion for laughter and love with lovers of all colours and stripes. No judgement, just tickle your ribs crazy cartoons for you to colour on your own, with friends, lovers or simply anyone with an open heart, an open mind [...]
ABC BOOK - Alphabet - Activity Book Coloring by Valerii Titov
My first ABC BOOK : Alphabet letters from A to Z: Alphabet book animals for 2-5 years My First Animal ABC Coloring Book: An Early Learning Activity Book for Toddlers and Preschool Kids to Learn the English Alphabet letters from A to Z This book will help your child study the Alphabet in a fun and cognitive way! Learn the ABC and read funny stories about the letters. Write letters and point informative sketches about the [...]
The Art of Focus - How To Eliminate Stress, Boost Your Confidence, And Reach Your Goals by Art S. Lieberman
Do you want to reduce stress, build confidence, and reach your goals? Do you want to get moving with the most easy go-to Ideas ever? Are you ready to focus on what matters... easily? Have you wanted to change the way you think for a while, but didn't know where to start? Are you tired of getting stuck and not knowing what to do do next? If you want more out of your own life quickly - you need to read The Art Of Focus - as [...]
Keltoi by Terence Clay
Keltoi Since the beginning of man, an ancient civilization have been roaming the earth and living in secrecy. Any human bitten by a Kadzait wolf, it is told, will become a werewolf; a hunter and devourer of human flesh. Faolan, once a Celtic warrior and leader of an ancient British tribe, has become the champion of the Kadzait people. For centuries he has tried to protect them from Quinlan, once his brother in arms. Bitten [...]
The Impact of the Human Stress Response - The Biologic Origins of Human Stress by Mary Wingo, Ph.D.
"The Impact of the Human Stress Response: The biological origins and solutions to human stress" is a humanitarian work intended to educate the public world-wide about the true costs of preventable human stress. It is priced so that most people in most communities can access this information affordably. Millions of lives are lost and trillions of dollars are wasted every year because of our preventable exposure to modern [...]
An Amazing World of Horses - A Fine art Coloring Book for all Ages by Samantha Covington
A Fine Art Coloring Book for all Ages. These lightly rendered illustrations of beautiful horses, running free, rearing, jumping, frolicking and just being amazing. Show horses, work horses, frisky horses. All ages and skill levels will delight in the detail of this first of many volumes. A perfect gift for any aspiring Equestrian! NOTE: There is now a revised edition of this coloring book with more pages & activities- be sure [...]
Stress-Less Book II - Specific Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Health, Balance and Clarity by Marie Thomas
Do you need a stress-less life? Are you looking for ways to minimize and/or alleviate stress and anxiety? This book contains over 30 breathing exercises and meditations to calm the mind and relax the body. The goal of this book is to provide you with information regarding correct breathing for better health, the concept of deep breathing and the essentials of meditation. Also, an explanation of prana or Life Force Energy is [...]
Stress Management - Leading To Success by B. Hiriyappa
Stress is a common for all skilled and unskilled employees and individuals. When you read Stress Management : Leading To Success. You can know the stress, types of stress and reasons for stress and willing to learn how to cope with stress management techniques to manage stress at work place, home, public and everywhere. When you know the managing stress skills, it results that improve the performance, productivity and [...]
Verses of Athine (The Daughter of Ares Chronicles) by Shannon McRoberts
Take what you know about mythology and throw it out the window... Do you have any idea what Zeus, Odin, Pandora's Box, Atlantis, Machu Picchu, Hera, Nike, Dragons, Vlad, Clones*, and Vampires have in common? Athine does! The Daughter of Ares Chronicles follows Athine as she uncovers the secrets of her destiny while interacting with key figures from many mythologies. Athine is not your ordinary immortal born goddess. Learn of [...]
Introvert Dreams - A Coloring Book Journey by Andre Sólo
90 Colorable Pages Introvert Dreams is a new kind of coloring book that tells an enchanting story. Dedicated to anyone who has ever felt the need for quiet, Introvert Dreams tells the story of a girl and her cat as they slip into the pages of a magic book. Lost in a beautiful dream world, they seek a legendary star with the power to grant wishes. Along the way they will visit forgotten places, stunning landscapes and more [...]



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