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Book: Hyperforce II - Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs by Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

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Hyperforce II - Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs by Ralph L. Angelo Jr. might also like our reading suggestions below

The Forgotten Federation by Fiction Factory Incorporated
Four words changed the world: THE FEDERATION IS DEAD. It was the im-possible war the heroes of the Federation against the scourge of the planet Xenoe and their dictator, Goliaric. With the weaknesses of the Federation exposed, both sides crumbled. After Earth's heroes were dead, Ophelia Keating conquered the political podium, pushing her way into the Presidential chair and closer to world dominance. The new commander-in-chief [...]
Comic Book Superhero Collectible Pin-Back Buttons and Badges of the 1940s-1960s by Jonathon Jones
Collectors of comic book superhero memorabilia as well as vintage pinback buttons are quite abundant in today's day and age. However, what both groups are often unaware of is the sheer abundance and variety of items that contain elements of both collectible types. This unique book dives headfirst into an often-unknown collection type that features pin-backs and badges that represent these iconic characters. Combining unique [...]
Misfits #1 by Brandon Rhiness
MISFITS is the story of a ragtag, disorganized superhero team trying to get its act together. This is proving to be difficult when they spend more time at the bar than they do fighting crime. Things get worse for the Misfits when their most powerful member, Demonman, leaves the team to pursue a regular life. Meanwhile, Demonman has troubles of his own. This whole "regular life" thing is more difficult than he anticipated. [...]
The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man - (Episodes 1-10) by Aaron Aaronson
If a poll was taken, who would be crowned the greatest superhero of all time? Would it maybe be Superman? Possibly Batman? It could be any number of the contenders who have populated the superhero stage. Well, I do believe it would surprise the reader to learn that the winner of that contest would actually be Man-Man, Defender of Man, and it would surprise the reader because Man-Man is, without any doubt, the absolute worst [...]
Shark & The Wolf - Predators and Prey by Daniel D. Shields
"Hybrid Animals and Humans Collide!" Pack your bags for the wild side and hang on tight. Escape into an exotic untamed world in this sci-fi adventure that has been called a cross between Gladiator, Planet of the Apes and The Hunger Games. In Las Vegas, Shaw, billionaire casino magnate and self proclaimed world's greatest showman, nears completion on the massive Serengeti Resort & Casino. Its amphitheater is being transformed [...]
Cursed Heroes, The Ones Called Hackers by William D Ollivierre
Cursed by God himself theses poor souls must forever wonder the universe in bodies that are forever aging. Turning their curse into a strength they fight, fight against every power in this universe to protect those that cannot protect themselves. With the knowledge of the ages, they use their advance technology, knowledge, and power to protect all that need it. Fighting with everything they have, single handedly taking on [...]
The Boy with a Balloon for a Head by Brandon Rhiness
The rumor mill in a small town begins to turn when a strange boy and his family move to the neighborhood. The balloon boy seems harmless...but what are his intentions? All three issues of The Boy with a Balloon for a Head collected in one volume. The sweet, yet incredibly bleak story will stay with you for a long time.
The League of Superheroes by Sai Sumanth Chava
The League of Superheroes is ready to wipe out crime and criminals. But will they be successful in saving their country from the crime which is being over spread in their country? Find that out by reading this book which is action and adventure packed. Send your suggestions and comments to
Project: Hero by Rick L. Phillips
An old homeless man is found lying in the gutter, dead from old age. They discover that he was once the World War Ii superhero called Flag-waver. Daniel Urich, a wealthy retired superhero, wants to make sure nothing like this happens to the currently active superheroes and finds a way to help them. But a threat from the past comes to the present and now this loosely gathered team of heroes must stand up to it.
Skull - Drug Users by Brandon Rhiness
Skull, a deranged vigilante with a skull mask, has found a new way to wage the war on drugs: kill all drug users to eliminate the demand for the product. Writer Brandon Rhiness created Skull when he was 13. Years later, Brandon has attempted to keep that adolescent, teenage boy mentality, but still make it extremely violent. He has succeeded. Massachusetts artist Brian Bicknell did the amazing artwork and Texas letterer Chris [...]
Doctor Leviathan volume #1 is a graphic novel consisting of issue #1 of the comic book called Doctor Leviathan, but also consist of the never before published issues #2 and issues #3. The first issue in this graphic novel was first published back in 2005 but issues #2 and #3 were never published until now within this graphic novel. Doctor Leviathan volume #1 takes place in the future where there are millions of super-powered [...]
Archie The Friendly Spider - Archie Looks For A Friend by J W Paris
Short Stories ideal for bedtime ( Childrens Fiction ) These children's stories make ideal bedtime reading, taking around 10-15 mins each to read. The subject matter of these kids fiction books help to alleviate the fear of spiders by portraying Archie as a non-scary character, and someone who through his adventures encounters and overcomes the same fears and apprehensions, that most children go through in their young lives. [...]
Auxiliary Hero Corps 1 (Superheroes of the Hero Union Corps) by Charles Eugene Anderson
He wanted a job, but instead, he became a superhero. The world is plagued with villains, and the Auxiliary Hero Corps is assigned to help protect the city. Val Vega is new to the corps, but he's willing to skirt the rules to protect those in his care. His hopes of protecting those around him are dashed when his best friend is killed by an ancient super villain foe. Auxiliary Hero Corps is Charles Eugene Anderson's first book [...]
Pantheon by Jordan Troche
A futuristic world brought to ruin by Artificial Intelligence machines. The leader of the machines is a being called Prometheus. His heart is a relic of the past that houses the soul of the Titan King Chronos. Once he was old enough Chronos began guiding Prometheus to kill his father and take over the company. He creates Bio Technology so humans can begin to become closer to perfection. He grows in power and once 60% of the [...]
The Man Called X - Eye of the Storm (Phantastic Stories) by La'Ron Readus
THE BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE OF HEROES! On the streets of Detroit, Michigan, well-known scientist and researcher John Wilson is reported missing - kidnapped in the dead of night - with the only clues of his possible condition being a luxury car purchased in his name blown to bits on a major street in the heart of the city. Such a case could only be trusted in the hands of one man. Detective Thomas Millcrowe is hands down the [...]
AVAM - Avenging America by Veronica DeTerre
AVAM is about the Vengers, a group of dedicated heroes who abduct criminals and terrorists through the use of their incredible inventions and dispense long overdue justice by means of Flictor. They live in a plush underground compound located beneath the mansion of their leader and his daughter. A series of fast paced events and insightful conversations on Islam and other topics will hold the reader's interest. A thread of [...]
AMERICA IN THE 21st CENTURY - For Better Or Worse (Book 1) by Kathleen Babbitt, D.Sc.
Telling it like it is and like it was. Not for people who avoid the truth and rely on disinformation, who need happy endings and Pollyanna stories about America. Instead, this book is for people who want the unvarnished unmitigated truth about America's past and present, for better or for worse. So it is controversial. Our American Democracy has changed in the 21st century.
Justice in America - How it Works - How it Fails by Russell F. Moran
From Kirkus Review - The goddess of justice is blind and deaf and very often dumb according to this savvy critique of the American legal system. Moran, a lawyer, journalist and founding editor of The New York Jury Verdict Reporter, knows firsthand the problems that plague American jurisprudence, and isn't afraid to point fingers. Topping his rogue's gallery are "incompetent idiots" on the bench, including justices of the [...]
Ghoul Squad #1 by Brandon Rhiness
Writer Brandon Rhiness presents GHOUL SQUAD! Varney, a proud, but idiotic, vampire puts together a team of "monsters" and sets up shop in Transylvania to fight supernatural evil. In this first issue, the Ghoul Squad matches wits with a werewolf. Pencils & Inks by Carlos Trigo. Colors by Nick O'Gorman. Letters by Chris Johnson. Brandon Rhiness & Adam Storoschuk created Ghoul Squad. The book contains great artwork from Spanish [...]
Dhampyr by Jordan Troche
ABOUT: The story takes place in modern day and follows two brothers Alkade and Isaac, the sons of the first Vampire ever. Their father was murdered by a secret Clan of Vampires called the Clan of Genesis. The leader is a Vampire named Sethos and he hid in the shadows of history and turned the greatest warriors and tyrants into powerful Vampire Lords. Achilles, Lancelot, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, and even Morgana are generals [...]
The Great Science Fiction Trivia Quiz Book! Trivia Questions From The World Of Sci-Fi In The Visual Media by Kevin Given
Here it is! A look at trivia from every science fiction film ever made! What real creature inspired the monster in the "Alien" film series? What was the first Science Fiction film ever made? What classic Science Fiction film inspired Gene Roddenberry to create "Star Trek?" What Japanese film inspired George Lucas to do Star Wars? The answers to these and many other Science Fiction trivia questions await! Buy it today!
Ron El's Comic Book Trivia (Volume 6) (Ron El's Trivia Series) by Ron Glick
Covering everything from the Golden Age's first masked superheroine to the modern era's New 52, this series continues to set forth the incredible and near infinite history of the comic book medium. As if over 500 questions in previous volumes were not enough, here are another 100+ questions to prove that there is still more you need to know if you seek to become the ultimate overlord of geekdom!
Stargirl - And So It Begins (Volume 1) by Brandon Rhiness
This volume collects the first 4 issues of Stargirl, the space adventure story of Lasha Trinity and her canine companion, Rover. The story is set in the future after the Earth is no longer habitable and the human race lives in a ring-shaped space station that orbits the Earth. Stargirl tells the story of Lasha Trinity and her dog, Rover, and the adventures they get into after the Earth ring-station is destroyed and the human [...]
America's Heroes - Untold Stories of Honor, Courage and Sacrifice by Scot King, J. Jackson Owensby, J.D, Tynan
Beneficiary of being allowed to live in the greatest nation that has ever existed, the American citizen enjoys individual rights and freedom unmatched in the world. These rights and freedom are guaranteed to the American citizen by the most unique document in history, the Constitution of the United States of America. These rights and freedoms have been guarded and protected by veterans of the United States Army, Navy, [...]
Nephlim by Jordan Troche
The world has fallen into a state of chaos and war. A group of Angels fell to earth to become mankind's new Gods and prove to their creator that they are superior to humans in every possible way. Their rule has been one of fear and nightmares, people cower by the mere mention of the Fallen. Just like their creator they wanted to make new life so they took human women and mated with them creating Nephlim. Beings that are half [...]



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