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Book: Angel of Hope & Lily - featuring Monsieur Jac Couture by Lily Amis
Author Lily Amis

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Inside the Secret World of Angels by Alvin Avery
Inside the Secret World of Angels is Alvin Avery's fourth book about angels. It has 100, color illustrations. Avery explains how angels, fourth dimension beings, manifest, morph and move in the third-dimension world of people. Using a journalistic style, the author answers the basic who, what, when and where questions when describing manifestations. Interwoven in this 'manifestation story' are events pertaining to Alvin [...]
Because of the Secret by Ashlee North
Synopsis: Brimming with expectation and anticipation, Because of the Secret will take you on a journey with six young people whose lives are changed forever after one unexpected night. The implications of the incident they all played a part in and the outcomes of the event will engulf them, plague them, and mould them into people they never thought they would be. The events of that night rip them to shreds, and in trying to [...]
Gabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora
In the space of time it takes for a driver to lose control of an automobile, Bo's wife is taken from him. It appears he will be forever lost in a world of grief. Immersing himself in work and the care of his young children seems the only sensible solution until life takes an unexpected turn. Gabby is an Angel of God, sent to help people. In Bo she finds a willing partner to her endeavors, although all he desires is for his [...]
The Truth about Angels, Part I by Alvin Avery
The Truth about Angels, Part I, is Alvin's second book about angels. It has 84 illustrations. Avery explains how angels, fourth dimensional beings, manifest, morph and move in the third-dimension world of people. Using a journalistic style, the author answers the basic who, what, when and where questions when describing manifestations. Interwoven in this 'manifestation story' are events pertaining to Alvin Avery's personal [...]
Cafe Birds - The Magpie's Secret (The Cafe Birds Book 3) by Alicia Hope
Book three in the Cafe Birds series. For best enjoyment, the books in this series should be read in sequence. Five women friends calling themselves the Cafe Birds meet regularly to share the ups and downs of life, love, and bird ownership over skinny and not-so-skinny cappuccinos and cake. At their third gathering, the cafe birds are gobsmacked to hear of Nita's new friend, 'Dump Man', Grace hides a nasty bruise under her [...]
Journal of an Eyewitness by Ken Klopper
A WEALTHY MAN. A TROUBLED TIME. AN ANGEL'S HELP. A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION A story set in Biblical times about a boy born into a wealthy and successful family of merchants, and a world where money can buy almost anything. A family with influence, beauty, and acceptance in the community, but unable to overcome the hurdles that the boy has to face. Guided by the entries in his daily journal and his loyal friend and mentor, Ambriel, [...]
Lessons from my Guardian Angel by Alvin Avery
Lessons from my Guardian Angel, written immediately after Zion, the Holy City of God and Armageddon--the fate of the lofty nation and beyond, is Alvin Avery's first book about angels. The book contains 152 lessons, a table of contents, and an appendix. Lessons from my Guardian Angel explains how angels manifested in the past and how they appear today. The first third of the book cites the Bible to support angelic [...]
No More Anger - Hope for an Out-of-Control Mom by Kathy Collard Miller
How can I have hurt my own child? Why am I so angry at my husband? *What is it like to be in the heart and mind of an out of control mother? *What is it like to hate yourself so much that you plan to take your own life? *What is it like to believe God has given up on you and there is no hope? *What is it like to see the emotional and physical pain you're inflicting on your child? The rest of the story ... *You'll also learn [...]
Children's Book - Sammie Snail Does Not Want a Shell by Jenny Baker
Sammie Snail has a problem - his Shell. It's too heavy, too hot and not that much fun. Especially during a day in the sun. Sammie decides he has had enough. He wants out. Out of the confinements of his shell, to become a free snail! But little does he know how wrong he would turn out to be... Join Sammie and his friends on a wild adventure that will teach you that sometimes, even the things we don't really appreciate and take [...]
A Twin's Redemption - A Story of Hope by Yassy F
A passage through time: a dark secret has been revealed. What would two twins do at that age? What life would they live? "It was our first day of kindergarten. I clutched my sister Angelica's hand, squeezing it tightly. She was gripping mine even harder. My sister and I were not typical four-year-olds. We viewed ourselves more on par at least in life lessons with tenth graders" "I still didn't get it. It's impossible to solve [...]
Angel by Cyma Rizwaan Khan
Destined to spend his life in captivity, 22-year old Angel secretly dreams of murdering his tormentors, especially Ty - the arrogant stranger who holds his reins - literally. Ty, who has consistently pushed his conscience so far back he thought it would never resurface. Enter Angel - subdued, unhappy and downright stubborn - and Ty begins to unravel in the strangest fashion.Why does he feel for Angel something he never [...]
Florence by Julie Smith
This book is a short story for children about a friendly angel called Florence she is very clever and helps out in all kinds of situations And makes friends with children that need help with joining in games and being friendly and helpful to every one she meets bringing out the best in them. She is guided by an older angel helping her to be the best that she can. I enjoyed writing this book my first and my friends have all [...]
Belakane - The Origin of The Secret Keeper Curse (The Secret Keeper Series Book 0) by Angela Carling
Belakane lives during the terrifying age of the Salem Witch trials. And, unlike the women around her, she actually is a witch. When Belakane's magic gets her best friend Martha accused of witchcraft, the powerful sorceress creates a risky enchantment to protect what's left of the small group of friends who hide her secret. Will Belakane's power save her friends or will it be the demise of all she holds dear?
A Tale of Survival - From War Ravaged Europe to the Promise of America by Thomas Kando
Tom Kando is born at the epicenter of the world's greatest war. In Hungary, his family survives the holocaust, the nazi and soviet occupations, the bombs, the genocide, and starvation. They escape from Budapest to Paris, living in abject poverty as war refugees. The boy roams the streets, subways and slums, encountering violence and dangerous people. Tom and his family keep moving, gypsy-like, from country to country, [...]
Angel and the Cowboy by Celia Yeary
He needs a wife... Because the sheriff summons him, U.S. Marshal Max Garrison rides to town. He resents learning he must supervise a young man just out of prison who will work at his ranch for a time. But when he meets the beautiful young woman who owns the teashop, he knows his trip is not wasted. Max decides she's the one for him. She faces another lonely Christmas... Daniella Sommers lives alone above the book and teashop [...]
The Summer Called Angel - A story of hope on the journey through prematurity by Sola Olu
"My journey to motherhood began with a siren flashing, horn-blaring ride to the emergency room of a hospital. Within a day, everything I had imagined for the birth of my child changed." In June of 2004, graduate student Sola Olu was expecting. She was primed to receive a hard-won graduate degree from DePaul University. And, she was entering the third trimester of pregnancy with her first child. Amid the shimmering expectancy, [...]
Featherlight - Hope rekindled by Antje Doehring
Less is more! Paolo had declared. Following which the school heartthrob had dumped her. Since then, Jasmine had wanted only one thing: to become thinner and to be more attractive. When her family sat down for lunch, Jasmine only pretended to eat. She secretly threw most of her food away. She hoped to lose weight with the help of an Internet forum called the "PorcelainGirls". Soon after, becomes close friends with the [...]
No Going Back by Petie McCarty
...a cozy mystery with a touch of romantic suspense from the Mystery Angel Romance series -- with an angel hidden in every book. It's up to you to figure out the angel's identity... Kellen Brand's inheritance turns out to be a whopper -- one dilapidated farm in West Virginia and one guardian angel! Since Kellen is convinced no sane woman would choose to live in Riverside, she vows to sell her farm and quick. Her handsome and [...]
Divine Avenger by Marcel Andre Acosta
Even from the shadows, Justicia Adamante has long been at the front lines of conflict. No matter where magical trouble occurs in Empyrea, their Divine Avenger, Avalon has risen to the challenge, and emerged victorious. He has brought order to Empyrea, and safeguarded the Human World, Midgard, from magical threats, though at the cost of their once-steadfast alliance. But now, an ancient enemy, long thought dead, has returned, [...]
The Little Book of Angel Quotations by Alvin Avery
Another title for The Little Book of Angel Quotations could be, Easy, Easy, Easy! I filled this little, power-punching book with the best of the best. The BEST quotes about angels from two of my angel books, Lessons from my Guardian Angel and The Truth about Angels, Part I; quotes from the King James Version of the Bible; and citations from articles I wrote. The Little Book contains the BEST 'golden nuggets' of advice that [...]
Gunna Dan - an angel for everyone by Patrick Moloney
This is a remarkable story. A newly retired schoolteacher goes to live in the countryside in the County of Clare in western Ireland. There he meets and gets to know a recent immigrant, an enigmatic character by the name of Gunna Dan. The hapless and helpless visitor begs to be told what life is all about in his new adopted abode and what it is that gives meaning and purpose to our existence here on planet Earth. What follows [...]
Peter Holt Is A Hottie (Lindly Brandt Book 2) by Aften Brook Szymanski
Lindly Brandt is best friends with the crustiest kid in fourth grade, Peter Holt. When her secret crush takes Peter under his wing. Peter starts wearing Ronin's old clothes and he isn't using glasses. Is Ronin taking over as Peter's best friend? And why is Christy Babcock asking so many questions about Peter? What does it mean for Lindly when things change?
Angel on Fire (Angel Investigations) by Jacquie Johnson
All Angela wants is to understand why her father, security specialist Mac McKenzie, dropped dead on a sidewalk in Boston. Instead, she is thrust into the midst of an international conspiracy when she discovers that her father was working on a classified project at the time of his death. Now, the FBI, a terrorist and a killer have her in their sights. Former Navy SEAL turned undercover operative, Chase Romero thinks his boss [...]
Angel of the Apocalypse by Magnus Hansen
Angel of the Apocalypse is the story of the Rapture and Tribulation, as told by two opposing viewpoints: 1. A pastor in Colorado 2. The Antichrist A terrible disease descends upon the world, decimating millions of people. No one knows where the disease originated from, until a pale man in a pinstripe suit appears on the news. The man explains that the Tribulation has started, and God will wipe out the entire population of the [...]
Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul by Linda Hays-Gibbs
An Angel ignites passion in his heart but can this black Soul ever really love her? John Monroe had done unspeakable evil in his miserable life. He thought nothing of the order to kill this woman until his eyes feasted on her beauty. He was stunned by his reaction to her. Rachael dared to dream of a love, nothing could stop. She had to find out if the man in her dreams was real. She would learn to control her strange powers. [...]



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