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Book: Fluoride is a Poison and Damages Your Health! - How to Stop Poisoning You and Your Children by George J. McClelland
Author George J. McClelland

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Fluoride is a Poison and Damages Your Health! - How to Stop Poisoning You and Your Children by George J. McClelland might also like our reading suggestions below

Your Key to Good Health - The Amazing Endocrine System by Bette Dowdell
Anybody with health issues has an endocrine system in trouble. "A what system?" you ask. And you get to go to the head of the class for spotting the problem. Few of us know squat about the endocrine system. Oh, we may hear bits and pieces, but we don't have a clue how this intricate, amazingly complex system controls what happens to our health. But we need to because when our health goes south, the endocrine system is either [...]
Is Fluoride Killing You, Too? by Bette Dowdell
When Bette Dowdell moved to a city that fluoridated the water, she had no idea she had just drawn a target on her back. Well, actually she targeted her endocrine system--thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, bones, etc., etc., etc--the foundation for good health. For instance, fluoride whacks the thyroid hard, eliminating any chance of getting through the day with energy and style. While a brain full of oatmeal, a semi-bald [...]
Things You Need to Know About Your Thyroid - (but nobody tells you) by Bette Dowdell
Wondering What's Up With Your Thyroid? Half of all the people in the world have thyroid problems. You'd think with a problem that widespread, medicine would be Johnny-on-the-spot to diagnose and treat it, but you would be wrong. Medical schools don't seem to know how the thyroid works, and their teaching reflects that. Finding a doctor who understands the thyroid is hard. Very, very hard. Adding to the problem, thyroid tests [...]
Finding Hope - When Facing Serious Disease by Dr. Steven J. Sommer
When he almost lost his life in 2012, holistic medical practitioner Dr.Steven Sommer, became inspired and determined to share his experience andknowledge before his life was done. The result is this, his first book. In it,he shares his patients' and his own personal journey exploring how to defy theodds with Meditation as medicine, Lifestyle as therapy, Mind-body weaving,Epigenetics, Complementary therapies, Humor that heals, [...]
Didja Know? 365 Surprising & Important Health Facts by Bette Dowdell
Didja Know? 365 Surprising & Important Health Facts helps you in the hunt for health. You'll be amazed at how many of them apply to you-and equally amazed at how fixing these "little things" can improve your health. I learned these tips because I had to. A drunk driver took away my health a month before my first birthday, and I finally realized my health was up to me. Now I'm singing, dancing and carrying on at a great rate, [...]
ADHD Disorder - Growing Up Differently by Ronit Plotnik
Learning disabilities and ADHD belong to a group of difficulties that pose many hardships to children and adolescents in various areas. These problems are heightened especially when children and adolescents are required to adjust to social and learning environments. Even though they are not always overtly visible, these difficulties may cause unique mental and emotional states in children and adolescents, since emotional and [...]
The Mistruths About Disease - Ethnomedicine as Applied to the Misconceptions of Health by Keith Moreno
Regardless of where you may live, your life has been imperiled by medical ignorance. True health is only possible in a realm that dismisses the superstitions of an institution based on privilege and of course, the compartmentalization of stolen and misunderstood information. The Mistruths about Disease posits that the medical industry is actually the disease industry with no interest in health. Furthermore, its practices that [...]
Disease Myths by Baz Moreno
This book addresses the many questions about disease and how to appreciate its presence without fear. The author offers suggestions to avoid dis-ease and all the symptoms associated with processed foods. He explains ways to circumvent marketing and possible financial problems associated with medical costs.
The Ultimate Unification of Diet, Health and Disease by Walter Wood
Discover the one dietary truth that will enable you to kick-start your metabolism, live longer, look great, lose weight and achieve optimal health. Inspired by nature, defined by cutting-edge scientific research and fueled by everyday folks like yourself, this fascinating fat loss formula is destined to become your new best friend. From now on you can forget about fad diets, skip skimpy meals, cut calorie counting and embrace [...]
ADD, ADHD, Autism, OCD, and More! - An Informational Resource Guide by Michelle J. Bever
An Informational Resource Guide that gives you detailed answers to causes, tests available, explains the tests, options to try, resources available, and much more. This is the book you've been looking for and needing. I am the type of person who wants answers and this book gives detailed information on causes, tests available, options to try, and is a wealth of information. This is the book you've been waiting for and the [...]
Wait Until Tomorrow - A Daughter's Memoir by Pat MacEnulty
Like all mothers, mine had a set of maxims that she thought were important to impart to me: if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all (unless it's irresistibly funny); it's as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with a poor man (a nice idea in theory); if you want to commit suicide, wait until tomorrow (advice which has, it turns out, saved my life). Like many daughters of elderly parents, Pat [...]
Correcting Learning & Behavioral Disorders Naturally! by Michelle Bever
This book is about the journey a mother took to not settle for her child to be labeled and have to be on prescription drugs for the rest of his life. My son's learning and behavioral disorders I learned were related to symptoms his body was expressing. Prescription drugs acted like a bandade and after the bandade was worn for a while it fell off. When it fell off all of the bad behaviors and problems came back in full force. [...]
Katrina's Recovery from Mysterious Disease by Katrina Starzhynskaya
Katrina's Recovery from Mysterious Disease ~ Kiss your Lyme, CFS, Fibromyalgia and other "invisible" illnesses Good-Bye exposes the disturbing truth about the silent epidemic that Lyme Disease has become. It is a skin-crawling, goose bump-provoking medical memoir about Katrina?s journey from a devastating neurological and autoimmune disease to a full recovery. Discover this entertaining, infectious, true story about an [...]
The Symbiont Factor - How the Gut Bacteria Microbiome Redefines Health, Disease and Humanity by Dr. Richard Matthews, DC DACNB FACFN
The study of the human microbiome has revealed the most revolutionary concept ever discovered in health sciences: Our gut bacteria, brain and immune system are in constant communication, each influencing the others. While this new reality should have completely changed the practice of healthcare, instead it has had little to no utilization. Our gut bacteria provide the "missing link" between nutrition, mental health, [...]
Acid Reflux Relief - Natural Remedies by Summer Accardo
Written By Amazon's #1 Best Seller Author and Registered Nurse, Summer Accardo, RN *** Review By Rosanne G. Incredible Book Filled With Remarkable Tips The simple tips in this book worked remarkably well for my acid - reflux! I never thought I would get relief from my acid reflux because - I've had it for years. I was resigned to the fact that I would just have - to "live with it," because none of the treatments that I tried [...]
Help, Bette! - Answers to Health Questions From Hurting People by Bette Dowdell
Help, Bette! contains my answers to seventeen questions asked by subscribers to my weekly e-mails on a wide range of health problems. For instance, thyroid, kidney disease, dry eye, statin drugs and diabetes, why antidepressants are a bad idea, etc. My goal is to provide the scientifically-correct, easy to act on, information people need to understand and take control of their health. Who has more to gain from your good [...]
When the Sun was Mine by Darlene Jones
Her dream was to go to university. Instead she's in a nursing home hunting a killer. When high school graduate, Brittany Wright, gets a job cleaning at Happy Hearts nursing home, she is terrified of old lady Flo and desperately wishes she could be in college instead. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Brittany discovers that Flo, who may or may not have Alzheimer's, is in grave danger. But, from whom and why? As [...]
Vortexes by Holly Barbo
"[feels] like an action adventure movie!" Buy this fantastic tale now! A Dystopian Urban Fantasy The resistance needed an opportunity. The hurricane provided the distraction they hoped for. With very little time and a need for total secrecy, he can't help the woman in the cage... until he learns who she is. Can they escape in the allotted time? Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando's country. A totalitarian regime with [...]
Mama Is Still Here! by Norris Lee Roberts Jr.
Mama Is Still Here! Is a true story of an educated and accomplished African-American woman who was raised in the state of Mississippi between the 1940's and 1960's. Daisy, a wife, mother, and everyone's favorite sister, aunt, and friend, is admired for her swagger and confidence. But she finds her life spiraling out of control because of impaired memory lapses due to Alzheimer's disease. The devastating diagnosis crushed [...]
A Health Coach's Guide to Heart Health - 11 Steps to a Healthy Heart by Ramona Fasula, MBA, CHHC
Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in this country. It is a disease that is largely preventable. The problem is that most people don't know what to do to prevent it. In this simple, easy-to-follow book, I boiled down all the statistics and facts into a sort of manual for heart health. Instead of simply saying "eat a healthy diet," I explain simply and concisely what that means. By following the diet [...]
ADHD The Shiny Nickel Survivors Guide by Laurie Pailes-Lindeman
Life of an adult with ADHD is nothing short of movie credits flashing through your brain over and over. Now Imagine how difficult that could be to live with every day. This book is to show how everyone is involved in the process of finding a balance between your life and theirs. At the end of the movie you get to walk out of the theater. People living with ADHD do not. Understand, love and support the person as a family.
Airborne - The Infected by Joan L Sample
With Ebola in the forefront of the news since its Outbreak in 2014, People are more cautious when they travel some travel has been banned. People arriving from trips overseas are being check for symptoms of Ebola at the airports. Doctors' offices in areas where Ebola was once never heard of now have posters notifying people of the signs and symptoms of the infection. Many that have never thought of this deadly disease have [...]
Surrounded By Madness - A Memoir of Mental Illness and Family Secrets by Rachel Pruchno, Ph.D.
"What was the likelihood my adopted daughter would have my father's hazel eyes and my mother's mental illness?" In this fiercely candid memoir, Dr. Pruchno, a scientist widely acclaimed for her research on mental illness and families, shows how mental illness threatened to destroy her own family. Not once, but twice. As a child, she didn't understand her mother's episodes of crippling sadness or whirlwind activity. As a [...]
A Life of Hope by Graham Peterson
A Life of Hope is a book written for people who have discovered that they have contracted the sexually transmitted disease Herpes. There are many books out there written by medical professionals who can tell you all the medical details with regards to this common STI. But none of those books, written by these doctors and other professionals, can tell you how you will feel, how it will affect you psychologically and how to [...]
I'm Hooked on You by Eddie Cruz
This book is about the damages that cigarette smoking does to a person, while at the same time it is a motivational book to help you quit smoking It contains factual information about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. The cover has a double meaning. A person can be hooked on cigarettes as cigarettes can be hooked on a person via nicotine intake. As a former smoker who smoked for 22 years before I kicked the habit 8 years [...]



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