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Book: Blue Hydrangeas - an Alzheimer's love story by Marianne Sciucco
Author Marianne Sciucco

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Clothed and Confused - Comedic Moments in Caregiving and Caregiver Bloopers by Angela H. Holmes
Caregiving has made me a little crazy. My friends and family call me a closet comedian.Sometimes I really think that I am on a low-budget reality show titled Clothed and Confused. Seeing the comedy in even the worst of situations helps me cope. I love my mom, but at times I accidentally say things aloud that get me in trouble. Some days, I feel like yelling, "I'm a caregiver, get me out of here!" I'm sharing my comedic [...]
Wait Until Tomorrow - A Daughter's Memoir by Pat MacEnulty
Like all mothers, mine had a set of maxims that she thought were important to impart to me: if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all (unless it's irresistibly funny); it's as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with a poor man (a nice idea in theory); if you want to commit suicide, wait until tomorrow (advice which has, it turns out, saved my life). Like many daughters of elderly parents, Pat [...]
What They Don't Tell You About Alzheimer's by Robert Bernstein
An informative memoir about a son taking care of a mother with Alzheimer's Disease. The story is told in a manner that educates and focuses the reader on the insidious nature of adult mental dysfunction, while at the same time offering useful insights and advice on the responsibilities of caregiving. Alzheimer's and its evil brain-robbing cousins are a scourge that rip our loved ones from us piece by piece. When the disease [...]
Role Reversal - How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Aging Parents by Iris Waichler
Designed to help caregivers understand how to cope with and overcome the overwhelming challenges that arise while caregiving for a loved one especially an aging parent Role Reversal is a comprehensive guide to navigating the enormous daily challenges faced by caregivers. In these pages, Waichler blends her personal experience caring for her beloved father with her forty years of expertise as a patient advocate and clinical [...]
Real Life Solutions to Help Care for Aging Parents by Tonia Boterf
We are never quite prepared for the day when our parents show their age more obviously and can not do as much as they used to. Perhaps your first realization of major changes in your parent s health or independent living abilities is when you get an emergency call. It can be a shock that leaves you wondering what to do and what s best for everyone. I ve experienced this situation, and I had to learn a great deal about caring [...]
Mama Is Still Here! by Norris Lee Roberts Jr.
Mama Is Still Here! Is a true story of an educated and accomplished African-American woman who was raised in the state of Mississippi between the 1940's and 1960's. Daisy, a wife, mother, and everyone's favorite sister, aunt, and friend, is admired for her swagger and confidence. But she finds her life spiraling out of control because of impaired memory lapses due to Alzheimer's disease. The devastating diagnosis crushed [...]
The Scent of Revenge - Book Two of the Patterns Series by Russell F. Moran
The Scent of Revenge - Someone sprays a substance in your face. Instantly you lose your memory and show symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Terrorists call the substance The Scent of Revenge. The early attacks focused on women young, prominent women. Then, someone pours The Scent of Revenge into the water supply of a cruise ship. Soon, most of the passengers wander around aimlessly. Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to [...]
REVERSING ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA BREAKTROUGH - 172 Proven Recipes for Overcoming Brain Fog by George J. McClelland
REVERSING DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE BREAKTROUGH - 172 Proven recipes for Overcoming Brain Fog - Due to his father's stage 2 Alzheimer's disease, Alexander Lynch located Dr. Ron Goldman who was researching Alzheimer's disease, and hired him to find a cure. Together with knowledge, a theory and research, they developed a method of curing the disease. After only 21 days on the special diet they formulated, Alexander's [...]
Watching From Above - A Care Giver's Story by Eugene T. Bernascone
My wife and I have been in love with each other since 1961. I recall all the happy and wonderful times we've had. As we both got older, she developed Alzheimer's. Not too long after that, she suffered a stroke and was completely bedridden. I was her primary caregiver for over twelve years. I made sure she was as comfortable as possible until her passing three years ago. She taught me what true love really is. It is that love [...]
Anti-Aging Diet Secret - All Natural Method For Anti-Aging Cure To Maintain Your Youth by Seho Song
A Proven, Step-By-Step Anti-Aging Diet Secret To Maintain Your Youth Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $1.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You'll about to discover how to manage the aging process and maintain youthfulness. It does not take expensive dermatological treatments and cosmetic surgery to stay looking young and healthy. If you only pay attention [...]
Love That Lasts - 7 Essential Habits to Maintain Love, Respect & Passion In Your Marriage For A Lifetime (One New Habit) by Grace Stevens
If you want your relationship to continue to grow in passion and respect, connection and intimacy over the years - then this book is for you. Stop listening to the people who say that it's "normal" for relationships to deteriorate over time and for passion to disappear - it's simply not true! What is the secret to relationships that flourish, versus those that flounder and wither away from neglect? Is it a matter of [...]
Crimson Clouds by Claude Nougat
Romance the second time around. A passionate search for self by a man who has just retired from a brilliant career, a desperate effort by his wife to save their 20-year marriage: a life with no love is a life wasted. Robert is at a crossroads. Just retired from his career at the United Nations, he is a top level manager who could work as a high-level consultant or pursue his childhood dream of becoming an artist. He chooses [...]
The Rescue by Carolyn Reardon Neuman
THE RESCUE is a memoir that chronicles, with a dose of humor, the experience of rescuing a dog who was close to death. This particular dog returned the favor and was pivotal in rescuing me, a year later, from the very same condition. The story is based on Cape Cod, where I have lived for 22 years with my husband and daughter. We are a typical middle class family, balancing work and the rigors of raising a teenage daughter. I [...]
No Alligators in Sight by Kirsten B. Feldman
In this coming of age novel, Lettie and Bert squeak by in a tiny town on Cape Cod, one parent an alcoholic and the other absent. After a string of bad decisions on Lettie's part, their father ships them to their barely remembered mother for the summer, where they will learn hard lessons about themselves, their family, and their future by way of the Florida swamp. Throughout Lettie keeps her biting humor flowing, her [...]
The Poison We Drink by Carol McClain
Twenty-four-year-old hairdresser Torie Sullivan has given up on life. When her boyfriend betrays her, she careens her car into a ditch in a drunken fury. After paramedic Adam Benedict rescues Torie from her mangled car, he learns she's the middle school bully who brutalized him. A week later, he discovers she lives in a lean-to in Hookskill Nature Preserve. Despite his hatred, his innate compassion won't allow him to leave [...]
The Fruits of the Spirit for Family Caregivers by Angela H. Holmes
The purpose of this book is to show you that God gave you a fruit basket full of attributes as a Christian caregiver to dementia sufferers. These attributes equip you as a Christian caregiver to endure the worst of days with a sense of knowing that God is with you throughout your day. You can apply one or many of these attributes to any given situation and turn it into a positive. I'm not sugar-coating caregiving. It's a very [...]
Wintertide - A Novel by Debra Doxer
When college sophomore, Daniel Hiller, reluctantly returned home to Cape Cod for the holidays, he never planned on rekindling old friendships. He had easily left his life behind, and he never looked back. But back at home, after a year and a half away, unexpected nostalgia finds him once again in the company of old friends. On a night out together, one of those friends commits a heinous crime. When Daniel witnesses that [...]
Married in the Nick of Nine by Alretha Thomas
Cassandra Whitmore is facing yet another Valentine's Day alone. Her love life is as dry as the Sharpie pen she uses to mark an even more dreadful day on her calendar her upcoming 30th birthday. Driven by the maddening ticking of her biological clock, Cassandra is determined to meet, fall in love with, and marry "The One" within nine months. When Cassandra accompanies her cousin to a night club, her Type-A quest to meet a man [...]
Stairway to My Heart by Marion Marchetto
Stairway To My Heart is the first book of a family saga - The Bridgewater Chronicles - that will ultimately be a series of four or five books. As a reader who enjoys books in a series, I thought it would be fun to create my own American Dynasty. Folks who liked North and South, or are fans of the PBS Series Downton Abbey are enjoying this book. The idea for The Bridgewater Chronicles came to me in early 2010 - this first book [...]
When the Sun was Mine by Darlene Jones
Her dream was to go to university. Instead she's in a nursing home hunting a killer. When high school graduate, Brittany Wright, gets a job cleaning at Happy Hearts nursing home, she is terrified of old lady Flo and desperately wishes she could be in college instead. An unlikely friendship develops between the two. Brittany discovers that Flo, who may or may not have Alzheimer's, is in grave danger. But, from whom and why? As [...]
The Unexpected Life of Carnegie Lane by Virginia Higgins
WHO WOULD YOU BECOME IF LIFE GAVE YOU A SECOND CHANCE? What would you do if your world was turned upside down? If the things that defined who you were as a person were stripped from you, leaving nothing more than an empty shell of forgotten dreams and regret, for the road never taken? Carnegie Lane found herself in that very situation when her husband left her for a younger woman. She runs away from the comfort of her trendy [...]
The Sexless Marriage Fix - Rescuing a Sexless Marriage and Making It All It Can Be Using This Empowering Integrative Approach by Robert M. Fleisher
The Sexless Marriage Fix, by doctors Robert Fleisher and Roberta Foss-Morgan, is the book that gets everyone talking about a problem no one is talking about: sexless marriage. Unfortunately, it's an intimate problem that is nearing epidemic proportions. But what many don't realize is that there are real solutions, and it all begins with a blood test! In this eye-opening book, the authors reveal: ?the true causes of the [...]
Moragh, Holly's Ghost by Maggie Tideswell
Moragh, Holly's Ghost was the first book I started writing and is now my second novel to be published. When I started writing Moragh, Holly', it was called An Absolute Bargain and it was a nauseatingly soppy love story. Over the twenty odd years it took me to finish - I wrote 6 other novels in that time too! - it grew into a paranormal romance. It is set in Cape Town, South Africa in real time. It is Holly and Joshua's story. [...]
Aging is Preventable by Walter Parks
The unraveling of our genes by the Human Genome Project and follow on findings clearly showed the causes aging and gave us clues of how to prevent aging. We know that there are two principal causes of aging: the shortening of the telomere genes at the ends of our chromosomes each time a cell divides to replace itself and the decrease in hormone levels as we age. A series of tests have proved that we can slow, and eventually [...]
Even Exchange - A Mysterious story of love, marriage, mixed with magic and fantasy by M.A. Courtney
You will meet a young woman heartbroken from a love affair moves to a new town. She befriends a mysterious woman who has magical powers and helps the young woman to have what her heart wants. She learns magic has a price and can be dangerous and always with an even exchange. How she must decide if magic is worth dabbling in.



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