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Book: Under Ether (one act play) by Harutyun Mackoushian

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A Unicorn's Book of Threesome Sex Stories (BDSM Romance 4) by J.R. Luxor
A Unicorn's Book of Threesome Sex Stories is the fourth in a series by J.R. Luxor, following BDSM Romance, How One Man Recruited and Trained a sub, Wearing His Collar, the View from Below and Submissives Caught on Camera. These volumes follow the lives of four couples living in the San Francisco Bay Area who practice BDSM sex. The four men conceived the idea of the group and sought out females with submissive, exhibitionistic [...]
Life of Riley - Volume One - Plus Bonus Episode by Kristiene Gray
Unsurprisingly, the "Life of Riley" is about Riley; Riley Buckland. Riley is a bit of a "naughty girl", a very free spirit. Off to university at the age of 19 she is looking to extend her sexual adventures and on her first night there she has a one night stand and enjoys the seediness, but it lacks what she is after. A few days later, Riley ventures into sex shop, buys some handcuffs and lets her boyfriend use them with her, [...]
Who Stole Jack's Axe? - A play script for primary level students by Kamon Therrien
Who Stole Jack's Axe? is a play for students of primary level. I wrote it and I did it with students I was working with this year. Fantastic! The play is fun, it has lots of characters in it that all came from famous stories; The Wimpy Kid, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sherlock Holmes, the East Witch and many more. The cast is balanced in proportions of boys, girls, long and short text to memorize. I did it with students from [...]
The Zodiac by Soliel De Bella
My husband and I signed the expensive two year contract. Health exams and vaccinations in hand. We were about to embark on a whole different level of night life and experimentation. My heart pounding I could hardly wait to enter the black coded door into an eccentric world of voyeurism ,bondage and privilege.
Suicide Survivors Tell You The Truth About Suicide - Near-Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors by John J. Graden
Suicide Survivors Share Jaw Dropping Stories of their Near-death Experiences FROM THE AUTHOR: These are suicide survivor profiles taken directly from media interviews. These are not stories from the author, but from the actual survivors. What they describe is what they experienced. The goal was to reveal what actually happens in suicide as told by survivors in their own words. Learn First-Hand What Happens When Someone Makes [...]
Multiple Sclerosis Mission Remission - Healing MS Against All Odds by Steven Fox, Ph.D.
This book describes the chronology of events that led up to getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Fox describes in depth the family dynamics and child abuse he believes laid the foundation for being susceptible to getting MS. It is a detailed look at how a psychologist constructed a treatment and personal approach that sent Multiple Sclerosis into remission. The many medical approaches are described in depth. [...]
Inside The Zodiac (Book 2) by Soliel De Bella
Welcome back,now that you have gone into the Zodiac I am sure you had fun in all the rooms and sexual romps galore. But who is Mr. Lilth exactly? I took a strange turn in this book and went completely paranormal with it simply because it's fun and leads to another book. Why not?. Lexie overhears Mr.Lilth in the hall of their hotel room and he looks very odd, not only that she cannot shake how she feels around him an odd [...]
Running from Myself by Mary Lee Tiernan
"He's here, he's here!" Carey Nollard bolted upright in her bed gasping for breath. Once again her 'voice' warned her of impending danger and pushed her to "Move! Hide!" as breaking glass tinkled on the floor below. Carey never minded hearing a voice which protected her when danger lurked - until she moved to the town of Glendowns and the voice emerged as a personality separate from herself. She began losing fragments of time [...]
Pleasure House (Pleasure House Tales) by Scarlet Darkwood
Want to step into a world where the forbidden is applauded? Those who buck societal rules land in The House, an insane asylum where inmates live in daily fear. When Rose is sent to The House by her well-meaning parents for treatment of what they think is inappropriate behavior, she thinks her life is over. Once admitted, she learns an astounding truth. There is a special side of The House where residents unleash the same [...]
Boudicca - A Play in Three Acts (The Legendary Women of World History) by Laurel A. Rockefeller
As the western world fell to Rome's mighty legions, one woman dared fight for English liberty. Adapted from the creative non-fiction biography "Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni," Boudicca tells the story of ancient Britain's greatest and most legendary ruler in a format accessible to readers of all ages and productions of all budgets. Production notes include detailed historical information on costuming and suggestions [...]
Wearing His Collar the View from Below (BDSM Romance Book 2) by J.R. Luxor
Wearing His Collar - The View From Below chronicles four guys who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The group was established and is based on an interest in BDSM. The individuals have quirks and preferences and different boundaries but they share common traits. The men want to indulge their desire to be the dominant partner over a submissive female, a sub. They fancy themselves Doms, prefer rough sex and enjoy watching each [...]
The Bad Wife by Madelene Martin
Hannah is a 20-something, hard working woman trapped in a boring, sexless marriage. As she grows increasingly dissatisfied, her sex drive demands more, and Hannah longs to experience new things. The problem is, her husband isn't passionate about anything, and that includes sex. Frustrated with her lacklustre love-life, she turns to her male co-workers for fun and flirtation, longing to feel sexy again. And finally giving into [...]
Catherine de Valois - A Play in Three Acts (The Legendary Women of World History Book 2) by Laurel A. Rockefeller
War made her queen of England. Her love for a Welshman made her immortal. Adapted from the narrative biography of the same name, Catherine de Valois tells the story of one of the 15th century's most fascinating queens, taking audiences beyond Henry V and Agincourt to discover the real woman you thought you knew from Shakespeare's "Henry V."
Close to the Edge - Volume One by Kristiene Gray
Veronica "Vee" Close is still a young woman when she inherits a well established BDSM club from an aunt, who was well known to a group of Veronica's school friends as "Cool Aunt Roni". The group had somewhat drifted apart after college and graduation. But now in their mid-to-late twenties, the group come back together to accompany Vee as she is shown the ropes, so to speak! "Seeing the Edge" is the first books in a trilogy [...]
Soldier, Please Don't Die by Renee Lewiston
A true story and must read for the soldier considering suicide. This book provides real-world reasons why suicide is never the right choice, including the devastating effects on those you leave behind. Its goal is to give hope and pull someone back from the brink - to live until another day when things will look better.
Beyond Decency by Aita Choya
Collection of short sexual fantasy stories inspired by real events. Written by a Zimbabwean woman. Be warned, these stories are Jaw-Dropping, Dick-Raising and Pussy-Wetting, with a Zest of humour! Featuring; SPIT ROAST: Part 1 to 3. I was reunited with 2 former schoolmates, 10 years on. Brace yourself for what happened when I was alone with the two men in my house. We were tipsy, friendly and rather horny. No regrets! Great [...]
Queen's Quest by Suz deMello
Janus is a planet that lacks both tilt and spin. Its Shadowlands is the pewter band of dusk dividing the violently hot Lightside of the planet from its Darkside, which is imprisoned by eternal night. Birth rates on the planet are low and indiscriminate mating and menage sex are encouraged. Audryn, Queen of Shadow, has reached that time in her life when she must choose a king to rule with her or fail to bear an heir, casting [...]
Taken by Storm - Storm Book II by Steven Paul Germane'
They say money can buy you happiness and anything else you wanted. I'd settle for just being normal and live like other normal people lived. However, that was impossible when you were the son of a hotel magnate who was a multimillionaire and one of three identical triplets, except for eye color. I was the prized possession that everyone wanted. And no matter who they were, if they came in contact with me, they wanted me any [...]
Mind Hurdles - Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United States by LL Kross
Kids love and are challenged by Mind Hurdles: Having Fun with States & Capitals in the United State - Interactive Quiz Book. Its interactive multiple-choice format not only makes it a favorite among books for children, but it is also a wonderfully fun game that painlessly shows your child which capital belongs with each state. What does interactive mean? While it is multiple-choice, it is vastly improved over the typical [...]
The Sexual Misadventures of Primmie Darling - Books One to Six by Viva Jones
Eighteen consecutive sexy stories set in the heart of the British government, which poke gentle fun at politicians, public figures and celebrities. When Primmie Darling starts working as PA to the wife of the British Prime Minister, she finds her sexual horizons widening to include politicians, celebrities, sports stars, public figures and even Russian oligarchs. But all Primmie really wants is love, and as she explores the [...]
Menage A' Trois by Ca$anova
Chris is a high tech lawyer that practices in divorce law. He meets a lovely lady by the name of Maria that needs his help. His two lusty sex addiction secretaries come in the picture and tries to seduce him while he is dealing with the case with Maria. Maria then falls for him and he has to juggle the women around so he doesn't get caught by Maria with whom he also falls for her. There's a lot of sex going on in his office [...]
Intimate Acts with Strangers (An Erotobiography - A true story of sex for money ... and love) by Bessie James
"Intimate Acts with Strangers" (359 pages) is an "erotobiography" -- a graphic, sexual memoir of "Bessie", a middle-class, married woman with children living in Billings, Montana. Bessie, like many women, has a long-standing fascination with what makes some sex workers irresistible to men. At thirty-five, she decides to find out if she could have sex with strangers for money and fulfill their erotic fantasies. She moves from [...]
Notes to Self by Avery Sawyer
Two climbed up. Two fell down. One woke up. Robin Saunders is a high school sophomore with an awesome best friend, a hard-working single mom, and a complicated relationship with a sweet guy named Reno. She's coasting along, trying to get through yet another tedious year of high school, when Em suggests something daring. They live in Florida-- tourist central--and Emily wants to sneak into a theme park after midnight and see [...]
Notes From The Other Side Of The Mountain by J. Allen Whitt
By turns tender, gritty, and poignant, Gary Reed's tale of love in a time of war follows him from the quiet security of a mountain village in the Southwest, through the destruction and carnage he witnesses onboard an aircraft carrier operating off Vietnam, and as he returns to the mountains he loves, where he hopes to recover from his traumatic experiences and restore meaning to his life by reuniting with Kristina Preston, [...]
The Beast (The Verge Book 1) by Alex Bobrov
"In this fractious thriller, Bobrov effectively conjures the viewpoints of Nick's personalities, offering detailed vignettes with psychological insights." - Kirkus Review - When parallel dimensions collide, four different people end up sharing one body. The adventure that follows shows that even the worst among them can be redeemed. Nick Glaude views himself as an ordinary person. The most interesting thing that has happened [...]



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