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Book: The Marsh People by Valentine Williams
Author Valentine Williams

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Forager (Forager - A Dystopian Trilogy Book 1) by Peter R Stone
Over 50,000 Copies Downloaded/Sold to Date Award-Winning Finalist in the "Fiction: Science Fiction" category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards - Twenty-year-old Ethan Jones lives in a post-apocalyptic, oppressive society that terminates anyone with mutations caused by nuclear radiation in an effort to keep the human race pure. Because of that, he lives every day in fear for his life, for he has an incredible mutation that [...]
I Am Nine by Diane Major
As people across the world die from some incurable disease, Naomi a five year old girl who lives in England is torn from her parents. Naomi finds herself alone, growing up on a ship with strangers as she journeys across the sea into a new and very different future on the American coast. A future where a pack of great vicious dogs as well as cannibals roam the land . . . -
HAEVEN by Araminta Gunter
Fundamentalist forces have invaded the UK, the Government has collapsed, and parliament buildings have been destroyed. The Royal family have fled the country leaving behind chaos and destruction. Caught up in the horror of it all, Fabia and her family must leave London and look for somewhere safe to hide. With enemy forces sweeping across the land, is anywhere safe? The family manage to escape London and take refuge with [...]
Terminal Point (The Hunter Drune Series) by John Jason Lee
Some people daydream in their coffee break, dunk doughnuts or doodle. I worked out story lines. I'm not sure why. Maybe boredom, a desire for more excitement in my life - who knows. Anyway, one day I decided it was time to see if I could actually write. So here is my first novel: Terminal Point. It is the first in a proposed series, introducing Drune - a man scarred physically and emotionally by the death of his adoptive [...]
The Modest Proposal Institute - A YA Dystopian Novel by Paul James
Code Version: Can two school rivals save the Western world? Like many young men, Alexis dreams of adventure and being an adventurer, a Viking or a Pirate, or maybe just your movie-style heroic action man saving the Western world. He knows that he's going to do it by leading his new school, an offshore boarding school and university built by his grandfather and a retired engineer, to ever greater success. The only barrier he [...]
A Hunter's Blood - The Crimson Contracts (The Hunter Chronicles) by Kyle Robertson
A futuristic tale of how law enforcement works in a darker society This story tells of how the bounty hunters are at the top of the food chain, and what methods they use to capture the more elite criminals. The corporation Dyna-Techor experimented, and created the perfect humanoids. The seven creations turned on the scientists, and murdered them. The corporation wanted their prodigal experiments back. They contracted The [...]
Lake Of Sins - Escape by L. S. O'Dea
Trinity has one week to find her friend, or she'll be the next to go. When the harvest is over, tradition dictates that the weakest teens be culled from the camp. None of them are ever seen again. Last year, they took Trinity's only friend. She's spent every spare moment scouring the woods, searching for him. She's close to finding him, but the year is over. The harvest is done. She sneaks into the forest for one last attempt [...]
Feral - Touching The Untouchable by April Thomas
When Azura is just a small child, her family loses her in the Canadian Wilderness. Miraculously she survives by the maternal love of a wolf mother and her cubs. Years later Azura is discovered by a hunter and brought back to her family. They do their best to reform her however, there are aspects of her that remain wild.
The Knights of Nevertheless: Escape from the Shadows by R.A. McClure
LITERARY CLASSICS Award-winner Young Adult/New Adult - 2015 WORDS on WINGS Award! Epic Fantasy - In the enchanted time after time, Ava's two sons are on the cusp of manhood in a dystopian realm engulfed by darkness and shadows. Betrayal sparks their quest to seek the mythical lands of Menetoy. Ava's sons would be servants of Light rather than Darkness... or she'll die trying to deliver them to a better life. Will a world at [...]
Tails of My Rescue Dog by Dawn Starek
As a self-proclaimed "crazy cat lady", I never had any intentions of owning a dog and disrupting my feline household. Much to my own surprise, I found myself wanting a dog and decided to save a life by rescuing from a county shelter. Mindy was everything I wanted in a dog, but she had a tough life in her former home. Her behavioral quirks presented many challenges to this first-time dog owner (as well as her feline siblings). [...]
The Sweet Taste of Revenge by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz
It seems that during the last few months cannibalism in sports appears to have been in fashion. We can contribute to this topic with our story how cannibalism was used to ensure survival and salvation. People forget that there were periods during the 20th century where people resorted to cannibalism as a means of survival. The E-Story presented here deals with a very specific case of it during the height of terror under [...]
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus (The Peers of Beinan) by Laurel A. Rockefeller
What would you do if you knew your world was about to end? After science confirms the impending doom of planet A672E92 Quintus it falls to a team of negotiators to end the blood feuds between the two space-faring houses of Cashmarie and Xing-li. If they fail every man, woman, and child will most certainly die. As war rages on, two delegates assigned to the peace talks find romance tinged with the supernatural in a [...]
Stage 6 by Dylan James
There is no time to think, no time to plan. There is only time to act as it slowly approaches you, sniffing, scanning, and hunting. It knows you're there and it's only a matter of time before it finds you and begins to feast. Confronted with a shocking and horrific new world in which a contagious virus is suddenly transforming people into vicious predators, 17 year old Jack fights to lead his friends and family to safety. [...]
Sun God's Game (GameLit/LitRPG) - Level One - Euryale's Maze (The Wildlings of Belangmore Book 1) by Arwen Chandler
What would you risk for a new life? Born a have-not into a divided Earth, Faydra Morrison does what she can to survive. However, living in a society plagued by Interface addiction and ruled by Ranger Corps means much more than scrounging for food for survival. As resources thin around the globe, the elites have turned to the colonization of Belangmore; a planet promised to be the salvation of mankind. However, passage on the [...]
Kill Code - A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel by Clive Fleury
WHEN THE OCEANS RISE...THE TRUTH DROWNS It's the year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun's heat is deadly and the ocean rises higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can't survive for long. Hogan Duran was a good man once. He was a cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn't save his partner from a bullet. Now [...]
TRIBES by Mia Frances
Alex is taking her sisters and their kids to her camp in the Adirondacks when the unthinkable happens. The country is being attacked and they must seek immediate shelter. Greeted by guns and bullets when they try to find refuge, they hide in a cave to avoid the fallout. When her sisters leave to look for their husbands, Alex is left to care for the kids. It's a 35-mile hike to her camp through villages that have become [...]
A Tempest In Texas by Larry Landgraf
Many people have told me "Into Autumn" would make a great movie, so I took it upon myself to write the screenplay. "A Tempest in Texas" is the result. "Into Autumn" is the first installment of my Four Seasons Series. Not sure if you want to get into a four-book series when you know little about what the story is about? "A Tempest in Texas" covers only the first half of the book, but will give you the gist of what you might [...]
The City of God (Aethos Book 1) by Brett Stadelmann
"The illustrious city of God, whether in this temporal stage on its pilgrim's progress among the wicked, and living by faith, or established in yonder eternal habitation which it now patiently awaits..." -Saint Augustine, Treatise on the city of God - It was the Breath of God, and to the people of the City it was the core of their world. It warmed their homes and their hearts, it sustained them and strengthened them, and it [...]
Ablution - The Beginning by Michael A. O'Riley
A darkness has risen from the depths of the Earth. Grabbing hold of susceptible souls, which is anyone that lacks, or has lost sight of their basic human decency. Turning them into nearly mindless beings that have one objective, the extinction of mankind. The only defense against this dark threat are the chosen few and the supernatural guardians sent here to serve them. Ablution launches us into a dystopian environment like [...]
Aleave and The Dwellers (Aleave's Journeys) by Michelle Eddington
This is the story of a girl named Aleave, the tale of her journey through life. Aleave's mother and father were from two different worlds. She was born and raised in Red Hell, where she worked as a housecleaner, serving the Red Devil himself. Aleave was deserted by her own mother when she was only ten years old; the woman threw Aleave away like a piece of garbage, hoping to save her own life instead. Aleave fell from Red Hell [...]
Princess Anyu Returns (The Peers of Beinan Book 3) by Laurel A. Rockefeller
With planet Beinan firmly under the control of the vicious Lord Yelu Princess Anyu flees Beinan for the distant and hostile planet D425E25 Tertius, a world known to its natives as "Earth." But more than just the toxic atmosphere and brutal New England winter awaits the young princess as she finds she is not the only Beinarian living among Earth humans. What strange terrors await Princess Anyu on that hostile world and what [...]
The Dancing Seers - Book Two in the Story of the City of Heritage. by Chris Edmonds
After the city of Heritage had been burned down to ashes, Beatha felt forced to use her mysterious gift and listen to the voice of her lost sister. Fortunately for all concerned, Trinity's words helped the reluctant, young seer lead their now-homeless people over the Unscalable Mountains to the freedom of the plains beyond. The Violites were greatly changed by these staggering events. As part of their search for some way [...]
Dead Rich by T. H. Rahman
The horror of fighting zombies becomes a reality in the outskirts of Albany, New - York where Bo Reynolds finds himself thrown into a perilous situation. He must struggle - to survive within post-apocalyptic surroundings and its population of zombies - while enduring through long odds and overwhelming obstacles threatening his very - existence. During this time, a beautiful young woman named Lynn frees Bo from danger. [...]
Ruin - Dystopian Trilogy (Unbelief Series Book 2) by C. B. Stone
What happens when your eyes are opened to truth? I dream that night of walking through the ruins. Strangely, I'm barefoot. Yet the snow beneath my feet doesn't feel cold, I don't even feel cold. Somehow though, I'm going the right way, I know I am. I'm not sure how I know... it's just a knowing I feel deep down in my bones. Sinna has stumbled into a world unlike any she's ever known. Her eyes have been opened and there's no [...]
City of Skies (The Shadowislands Saga Book 1) by Farah Cook
Praise for City of Skies: "Very exciting story. Well written, and a book I did not want to put down" - Reviewer Bruce - "A must read for anyone who likes Vikings and fast paced adventure." - Reviewer Cynthia Daniel - "Haven't been this hooked in a series since the Mortal Instruments." - Reviewer Dandelo - "If you like dystopian books you will love this!" - Reviewer Debbie ONE GIRL. A DEADLY QUEST. AN EPIC JOURNEY. Nora Hunt [...]



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