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Book: Peace and Positivity A Motivational Experience by Annie M. Johnson
Author Annie M. Johnson

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Become Contagious - Unleash the Power of Positive Energy! (Lifestyle Transformation Series) by Shawn Burr
Become Contagious is a powerful collection of ideas that allows you to use your mind to harness the power of positive energy. Once you learn the principles, and following a few simple rules, you will learn how to unleash an extraordinary lifestyle by eliminating negativity, developing an inner happiness, and embracing the world at a different level. What you will learn about: Positive Energy Addiction: (It's a Good Thing) [...]
Think Positive, Speak Positive, Act Positive - A 3-Step Strategy to Embrace Positivity and Change Your Life by Aditi Agarwal
This motivational self help book reveals a 3-step strategy to embrace positivity in life. It emphasizes the role of positive thinking, affirmations or the spoken word, and positive actions in attaining self esteem and success. This book can be used as a handbook or a reference book to achieve success through a positive mental attitude. The book describes specific techniques, principles, and exercises to develop a positive [...]
527 Quotes for Entrepreneurs - Providing Inspiration, Motivation and Reflection by Ged Cusack
Entrepreneurs! Are you sick of ploughing through quotes that aren't relevant for you? Like all entrepreneurs you only have the same 52 weeks in a year and the same 7 days in a week! This book is tailored for your entrepreneur mind-set. 527 quotes that have been individually chosen for their relevance to you. Divided into eleven categories: Education, Knowledge and Training Health, Mind Body and Spirit Success and Failure [...]
Mindful Clarity For Solutions - Finding Effective Attitudes by G. Thomas Stewart
This book contains short informative essays about finding effective attitudes for more clear solutions . Finding ways to get a quick attitude change and simple clear reminders that can help you with clear resolutions to practical problems which tend to preoccupy our thinking. At the last part are some fictional stories about attitude change.The essays contain messages and reminders of how to keep your positive thinking [...]
Success Mindset in 5 Steps - Live a full and happy life, reach your goals, and achieve success in both your personal life and business. (Start Your Own ...
Now included: 30 minutes to greater success worksheet! Winning routines to start and end your day. Success is the result of effective habits and routines. Enhance your routines and skyrocket your success. Questions to answer to gain a better understanding of your routines. Live a full and happy life, reach your goals, and achieve success in both your personal life and business. If we are unhappy from the inside, it will be [...]
Motivation is the Key - 365 Quotes to Inspire You by Frann Leach
This collection of inspirational quotes aims to provide some motivation, particularly when you're feeling less than enthusiastic. I've spent years collecting good quotes to live by that are a cut above the average. Having reached the magic number 365, the real work began: marrying each little piece of inspiration with an equally inspiring image. The result is offered here: a quote of the day for every day of the year (barring [...]
How To Get Rich With Positive Thinking - Learn How To Make Money Planting Ideas Using 9 Simple Steps by Stephany Minor
Do you want to unlock the certain ways to get rich? Look no further! In our society many live from paycheck to paycheck frustrated and tired out. Others no longer want to remain today's economical statistic being unemployed. Some need to break free struggling to make extra money while several fail as an entrepreneurs or have a straggling business. How To Get Rich With Positive Thinking: Learn How To Make Money Planting Ideas [...]
Time Illusion for STAR by Crystal Mary Lindsey
EYES MEET AND HEARTS IGNITE. Star Tripodi, a headstrong, and a sensationally beautiful young woman has her heart full of intoxicating future dreams. This wild female believes herself beyond reproof from any authority, and that includes God. Gorgeously attractive Doctor Blain Conway, a neurosurgeon, and new to town, becomes enchanted with Star at his first encounter. Abruptly all comes crashing down on Star one fateful day [...]
Compass Season - Find Your Bearings Through Nature's Inspiration by J. Bragstad
A Nature book to relax to. A nature book before bed. An adult nature books to relieve stress. A book club nature book. Wonderful essays about the northern landscape. Applicable to everyday life. Written by a former counselor and canoe guide who knows how to navigate both the personal and the world of wilderness. "What a spectacular companion to any morning." "Beautifully written. I know I will find myself coming back to this [...]
House of Shadows - Secrets Never Die by Crystal Mary Lindsey
Louisiana 1902. Mariah Kingsford FLEES her Opera stardom in New Orleans to break-free from a loathsome pursuer. Arriving back at her North Carolina plantation, she is astonished by its state of disaster, while even more alarming are the disturbing secrets, it now harbors. Mysterious, nightly occurrences with ghostly horse riders spiral out of control - and far beyond Mariah's understanding. Newfound friends Colonel Jeb Craven [...]
1000 Reasons to get rich by Ursache Nicolae-Alexandru
Change your life now and start making money with this short motivational book where you can find all the reasons you need to get rich. You can read it every day to stay motivated or just when you feel discouraged or when you want some extra motivation. Because most have some reasons to get rich but not enough to get started or not enough to continue this book may be the best tool you can use. 1. To have a lot of money - 2.To [...]
Unemployed, no kidding by Nataša Mulec
A lot of young educated people were or still are facing unemployment. Being without a job is really hard and staying positive is even harder. But we have to learn how to cope with this situation by ourselves. I decided to write an eBook about coping with unemployment, because I believe my observations and experiences are going to help you. I had to add some satire to it, because during this period, situation was so hopeless, [...]
Go For It! - Motivating Christians To Do God's Will by Jeremy G. Woods
I wrote this book after I saw people interested in missions and ministry give up on their goal of being on the mission field or in the ministry. I realized that there are few books actually encouraging people to go follow their goals. There are many books about fulfilling the Great Commission, but there are few books encouraging those already called but not yet going to the mission field or working in the ministry. Also, I [...]
I Will Not Give Up... Not Today... Life Is A Journey by Linda Nance
Life is a journey. There are times that the path is smooth and well traveled and others it seems steep and difficult...but if we do not give up, there is so much more that awaits us. I love to paint paths that lead to ?... I hope they will lead to where we need to go in life. I hope there is love, hope, happiness, and wonderful new things that await us at the end. I want to look for and find the beauty in life and find love [...]
Sunny Beam (The Holy Lion) by L.A. Ramsey
Sunny Beam, a seemingly ordinary girl, discovers she possesses an extraordinary gift from God. This gift uproots her from all with which she is familiar when she is compelled to use it. Faced with a decision of two distinctively different paths in life she anguishes over her choices, enticed by the dark stranger who just happens to appear at the perfect time. Will Sunny go the way of fame and fortune, using her gift to [...]
Thank You 1095 - Take the Thank You Challenge! by Connie Ruth Christiansen
Thank You 1095 -- Take The Thank You Challenge! by Inspirational Author and Speaker Connie Ruth Christiansen TAKE THE CHALLENGE! For One Year, Take a Few Minutes Each Day 1) Read a short inspirational 2) Record 3 new things you are thankful for, in the space provided on each page At the end of 365 days, look back on 1,095 reasons to be grateful! It's Easy! It's Fun! It Will Change Your Life!
Age Should Never Be An Excuse For Not Succeeding by Chris Vaca
I originally wrote this book after I lost my mortgage business because of the great housing crash, losing just about everything I had at the age of 57. Even though things are much better these days, a book with such a topic will always be needed. Whether you have lost a job or a business, you need to know that there is a way back no matter what your situation might be. People need to know that comeback stories do exist, and [...]
The Wake Up and Dream Challenge by Dr. Barbara Lavi
The Wake Up and Dream Challenge is more than a self-help book. Using vivid stories Dr. Barbara Lavi, clinical psychologist, shows how clients charted their way to happy more fulfilling lives. At any age, rich or poor, healthy or physically challenged, this book will start you on a path to transform your life. Originally, the author's intent was to write a self-help book about the innovative techniques she developed over the [...]
Universe and us in 30 minutes - A romantic history (Knowledge & Inspiration in 30 minutes) by Anil Deshpande
Knowledge is one of the most effective self motivators. Our own story and that of our Universe is full of excitement, wonder & romance. A story which brings message of humility, harmony and happiness. One life is not adequate to know all about our world. This is a carefully synthesized account of story spanning 13.70 billion years. It takes only 30 minutes to read and know. How could one ever not know our own history and that [...]
ABUSE BEATEN - From VICTIM to VICTOR by Crystal Mary Lindsey
Statistics show the numbers of abuse are rising around the world. Are YOU or someone that you know a victim of violence? Or, perhaps you see someone you believe may be heading in this unhappy direction. Abuse has become a pandemic like a disease and is rapidly spreading, even to Christian homes. In the lines of this book, you will read about a Christian woman who fell into this trap of deception. The signs were there from the [...]
I've Said It All Before by Mario Colao
This book, might be about me. But at the end, it's really about you. It's about all the lies, and excuses, and nonsense we all tell ourselves to keep things from being too scary, even when we're totally unhappy. This isn't just about self-help or motivation (even though it's those things too.) Nope, it's about something more. It's me getting as personal as I possibly can in order to show you that you're not alone. And no [...]
How to Create Wealth? The 10 Commandments of Wealth Creation by Gervais Birangui
May 2013 one of the most powerful e-booklet will be available on Kindle /Amazon for $3.59. It's the resume of the most popular and powerful books on Wealth and Success Achievement. As I've been a student of Wealth and Success Achievement for the past five years,I have resumed for you All this information outline in "The10 Commandments of Wealth Creation " that you Must follow if you ever want to achieve the highest level of [...]
The Power Of Mistake by Binami Eva-Uku
Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Yes; the oldest and only true opinion, a wonderful councillor and an extra ordinary strategist (Jesus Christ) came out of that city. Up until now, a lot of people do not see mistake as something that can empower you. Making mistakes is part of being human, hence a mistake made can be learnt from. This book is an exposition to the positives behind making mistakes and is particularly [...]
Embrace Your Destiny - 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve! by Sandra Dawes
Sandra Dawes shares her story of how her father's death impacted her life and started her journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. The loss of her father magnified all of the areas of her life that she had neglected. After years of self-pity, anger, and resentment, Sandra grew tired of living a mediocre life and began the work to make changes. The lessons learned as well as tips and tools to help the reader with his or [...]
My Faith Brought Me Back by Teresa Ware Moody
The Author takes you through her path of struggles that tested her every emotion. She reminds you that through faith and a willingness to cope with the loss of a loved one, how God will lead you right back to Him.This Magnificent book is a must have to your collection. Prepare your minds to be intrigued and your hearts to find a peace that only God can give you.



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