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Book: Alligator Attack! by Walter Parks
Author Walter Parks

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Lost in the Wild - Wild and Too Wet Adventure Series by Ellie Crowe
Cool new adventure series for MG and YA readers - I love dark, swampy places with alligators and bad guys. I also would really love to help endangered animals, and bring attention to their fate. I'm sure you would too. In LOST IN THE WILD four teens are lost in the Florida Everglades, a dangerous place to be. When they come across a gang of poachers, they want to save the endangered animals. But can they even save themselves? [...]
Lost in the Wildness (Wildness and Wet Adventure) by Ellie Crowe
Megan longs to go into the mysterious Everglades. She knows a storm is coming. But she feels a short trip in an airboat would be just fine. It's not. When a storm destroys the airboat, twins Megan and Sydney and their young brother, Luke, are lost in the wild swamps of the Glades. With Adam, the Indian teenage guide from the campground, they try to find a way out. But there are dangerous animals in the Glades and even more [...]
A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West by Justin Bienvenue
There may be gun and bar fights but this isn't your daddies Western... A town has been seized by a ruthless outlaw. Matters become worse when he cuts a deal with a mysterious stranger. The outlaw receives enhanced abilities but in the process is cursed and sells his soul. It's up to Emerson to stop him. A valiant young man with his own personal demons. With the town by his side, he'll do whatever it takes to prevent it from [...]
Living The Big Sky Life - Urban Tales Of My Tortured Tenure In by DK King
"Living The Big Sky Life" is a clever memoir by DK King that will take you on a healing journey from the outside in - from the coastlines of Orange County, California, to the big sky resort town of Whitefish, Montana. In a written voice that can be described as nothing short of audacious - real, raw and irreverent - DK King portrays her powerful passage through the peaks and valleys of love and life on her quintessential [...]
Wild Hearts (The Wild Women Series, Book 4) by Sharon Ihle
Priscilla Stillbottom, a respectable rancher's daughter, dreamed of performing on the stage. But she never expected that fleeing an unwanted husband would make that dream come true. Or that she'd end up a star saloon singer in a rough-and-ready Colorado mining town. And she certainly never imagined Payton Cobb, the devilishly handsome saloon owner, whom she must outwit to hide not only her past, but a newly sparked hunger [...]
Run Wild, Run Free by Nancy Morse
Guilt over his wife's death while he was competing on the rodeo circuit seven years ago forced Hank Reardon to retreat to his ranch in the shadow of the Tetons. These days the former rodeo champion breeds horses and breaks wild mustangs, stubbornly clinging to his vow never to compete again. Assigned to photograph the annual mustang roundup, it's easy for photojournalist Kit Sloan to see that the hard-working, hard-roping [...]
MPISI and the GOLDEN HORN by Ken Tilbury
An exciting, fast moving adventure set in Africa. A family, forced to leave their farm in Zimbabwe by farm invaders, set out to start a deep-sea fishing business in Mozambique. They cross paths with a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to protect his diamond dealing and poaching of rhino and elephant for tusks and horns. During their efforts to help put a stop to this man and his poaching, they become targets when [...]
Wildcat (The Wild Women Series, Book 2) by Sharon Ihle
eBook newly edited and revised. While searching for her sister, Ann Marie Cannary discovers a crude mining town, a run-down cabin, and a fiercely independent creature known as Calamity Jane. No sooner does Annie step through the door than she's swept into a brawl and thrust into the arms of the most heartstopping man she's ever seen Lucky Luke McCanles, notorious gunman and gambler. To Luke, Annie looks as sweet as sugar [...]
Dangerous Animals In Africa - Interactive Quiz Book For Kids Aged 9 To 12 by Samantha Flores
Dangerous Animals in Africa is an interactive question book. It is designed for children from the age of 9 - 12. In this collection, children will explore some of the most dangerous creatures that grace Africa, while having the chance to learn some new facts about each of the different species. Parents will find that the information contained in the book will help to improve the knowledge their child has. In fact, children [...]
Wild Rose (The Wild Women Series, Book 3) by Sharon Ihle
Born beneath a wandering star, spirited Maxine McKain spent her girlhood roaming the mining towns of the California gold country. Then her freedom abruptly ends when she's lost in a bet at a San Francisco gambling saloon to seductive Dane del Cordobez. From the moment Dane saw Maxine, he was enchanted. Vowing to civilize his wild western rose, the amorous aristocrat pursues the elusive beauty from the breathtaking splendor of [...]
The Ghostly Adventures of Johnny the Squirrel by Wilbur McCarthy
With its rich history and legendary stories, most everybody has heard of the Okefenokee Swamp, but what about Johnny the Squirrel? The Ghostly Adventures of Johnny the Squirrel tells the story of an improbable trip through Lost Horse Trail, and in the process helps the reader experience the horror and excitement endured by Johnny, his cousin Rocky, and their family and friends.
Homed - Who's guilty - child or adult? (Crime Shorts Book 2) by Rosalind Minett
This is the second of the series, Crime Shorts. Number one was Oyster: a boy with potential. Here is number two, a short story that poses a question: who is at fault? If you like to puzzle over the rights and wrongs of a situation, you should enjoy this. It doesn't seem that a crime is imminent but narrators are not always reliable, any more than helpers always help. A boy has been found a home. Again. It is clear that it [...]
Animals Don't Blush by David R. Gross
The confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers is a region of the USA steeped in the history of the northern upper plains nomadic tribes, fur traders and the mountain men. I joined a veterinary practice there in 1960, directly out of veterinary school. Our clients included townspeople, river valley farmers, high prairie dry land wheat farmers and ranchers, and North Dakota Badlands ranchers, the later doing their best [...]
Thunderhead - A Novel of the Historic American West, Book Two by B. A. Braxton
Thunderhead - Books One, Two, and Three - The American West, especially between 1865 and the turn of the century, was an unforgiving and brutal place to be. Tempers flared as men continued to fight the Civil War on their own terms long after it had been decided. Meanwhile, natives, such as the Lakota Sioux, continued to resist being dispelled from their homelands. The Thunderhead trilogy is a historically accurate approach to [...]
Stop and Think About Guns in Your Life-Childhood by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz
This is a unique form of memoir which focuses exclusively on specific events during a lifetime that exposed the writer to various types of firearms and weapons in a whole gamut of situations that took place in many different parts of the world. The author, draws almost exclusively on his own experiences. He is neither a gun collector nor gun enthusiast, and has never served in any military or armed forces of any kind. The [...]
Mail-Order Mate by Louella Nelson
From best-selling author and award-winning writing instructor Louella Nelson, a tale of romance, deception, and danger in the wilds of Alaska - Mail-Order Mate. "Nelson is clearly a master storyteller." -Blake Likins, Middletown, CT. "...Each chapter resonates with emotion. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next." -Michele Khoury, Newport Beach, CA. In a desperate bid for happiness, Sue Ann Blackburn gets a grip on [...]
Thunderhead - A Novel of the Historic American West, Book One by B. A. Braxton
Thunderhead - Books One, Two, and Three - The American West, especially between 1865 and the turn of the century, was an unforgiving and brutal place to be. Tempers flared as men continued to fight the Civil War on their own terms long after it had been decided. Meanwhile, natives, such as the Lakota Sioux, continued to resist being dispelled from their homelands. The Thunderhead trilogy is a historically accurate approach to [...]
Rip-Roaring Rockies by John Robert McCauley
A Sandy-like storm slammed the Colorado Rockies in 1976 causing massive death and destruction. This is a nature-gone-awry story. Come ride the range with lasso-toting Trevor and Stella as they take the reader on a journey through the storm-ravaged Colorado landscape. Their desperation is made grimmer as they deal with the reality of survival and the gruesome wrath of nature.
Wildlife Heroes - The Story of Joy and George Adamson by Jack L. Roberts
On March 3, 1980, the world woke up to shocking news. Animal rights activist Joy Adamson was found dead near her camp in Kenya, a country in East Africa. The first reports of Joy's death were both shocking and frightening. Newspapers around the world said Joy had been attacked by a lion - by an animal she loved most in the world. But those reports later proved to be wrong! What doctors discovered was even more shocking. They [...]
Grizzly by Charles Fetters
Grizzly After years of being baited with a cocktail of raspberries, growth hormones, and human body parts by a young and unscrupulous hunting guide. These wild bears grow to a monstrous size and no longer understand their actual role in the natural world. The largest male begins to wonder through the Northern sections of the park, terrorizing any human he meets. The smell of human has for the past six years meant raspberries. [...]
Dear Earth - A Love Letter from Spring Hollow by Radine Trees Nehring
It was to be just a weekend retreat, the cabin Radine Trees Nehring and her husband, John, built with their own hands on the land they bought in the Arkansas Ozarks. All they wanted was a once-a-week refuge from the stress and trials of life in the big city one hundred miles away. But the air, the forest, and the wildlife in the place they named Spring Hollow had a haunting magic they could never quite leave behind when they [...]
A Kid's Guide to Kenya by Jack L. Roberts
A Kid's Guide to Kenya takes young readers (ages 9-12) on an exciting adventure to the African country of Kenya. Dramatic, full-color photographs of the people, the places, and the wildlife of Kenya enhance every page in this informational text, designed for recreational reading as well as a resource for in-school writing assignments and geography projects.
Chocolate Legs by Roland Cheek
Chocolate Legs - Sweet Mother Savage Killer? Her story begins as an Ursid Shirley Temple, a cute blond phenom amid the real-life Shangri-la of Glacier National Park's most scenic mountain valley. In time, however, the curtsying knockout zoomed to National Velvet-style celebrity, demanding more from fans than admiring glances and the flashing bulbs of paparazzi cameras. It was those Garbo-sized demands and an ever-growing [...]
Reluctant Date by Sheila Claydon
In a rut, and with her love life at an all time low, Claire Harris makes a New Year's resolution to join an Internet dating agency. Her challenge is twelve dates or twelve months, whichever comes first, unless she is lucky enough to meet Mister Right along the way. On her final date, and convinced that only frogs are left in the dating pool, she is relieved that it's nearly over...until she meets enigmatic American, Daniel [...]
The Complete Wild Series (Emily Hunter Series) by Lane Hart
Part I - Wild About You: The Strange Life of Emily Hunter Imagine learning the man you love has kept a life changing secret from you. In part one of this fun and fast-action paranormal romance, Emily Hunter thought her life was as normal and boring as it could possibly get. Little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down. After sharing her own surprising news, Emily has to learn how to cope with her [...]



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