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Book: The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn - The story of Trixie the unicorn who lost her little horn! by Tim Zak
Author Tim Zak

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The Unicorn That Lost Her Horn - The story of Trixie the unicorn who lost her little horn! by Tim Zak might also like our reading suggestions below

10 little frogs off to school (Nursery rhymes) by Simona Molino
10 colourful froggies on their first day at school listen intently to their teacher,but distractions get in the way! A spider web, a fish to chase...The lesson is over, and they happily return to their pond to play and swim. "10 little frogs off to school"is an easy-to-read nursery rhyme, full of funny bright pictures, both for toddlers and children.
The Sea Otter Pup and Her Mother - The Story of Mother (Animal Cute Pies) by Po Lo Paul Chan
*** For all the mothers in this world *** *** Beautifully oil painted! *** On the beautiful California Coast, a baby sea otter is born. She is cute and innocent, not sure of what lies ahead of her in the future. She has a lot to learn. She has many challenges to face. And she will have to understand, she cannot rely on her mother all the time... This picture book focuses on the facts of sea otter habitats and life, which are [...]
Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup! (and Other Children's Rhymes) by J. Kaylin
"Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup!" is a book which is very rare. It is a book with which no one can compare to any other good Zam Zoodle Oop Boop Soup book that is so rare. This book is aimed at an audience of children between the ages of 3 and 10. It can be enjoyed by pre-readers as well as beginning and intermediate readers. Above all, people of all ages will enjoy this fun and inspirational book of children's poetry by author and [...]
35 Weird, Cute & Dangerous Animals - A Kids Fun Facts and Picture Book by R. E. Knight
**FREE** Get my brand new Picture E-Book about DOLPHINS when you pick up "35 Weird, Cute & Dangerous Animals TODAY! This is a Limited Time Offer... Among the wonderful things in the world are the other creatures that share this world with us. There are many interesting things about animals - unique body parts, seemingly peculiar behavior and many others. Learning about them can be fun, but it doesn't stop with that. As we [...]
Bedtime Storybook - A book of stories for children by May J. Panayi
Bedtime Storybook is a book of short stories for parents to read to their children at bedtime. It is for the approximate age range of five to eight years old, though some children outside that age bracket at either end will still enjoy the stories. It begins with the rather unusual story, The Adventure of Panpuss the cat, which is the longest story in the book, and features as the cover picture. It is the story of a real life [...]
Pancakes on Sunday by Karin Cox
Hannah, Daniel, and Madeline just LOVE pancakes. They love them so much that they eat them every Sunday. Crazy curly ones, round ones, rabbit-shaped ones all sorts and all shapes of pancakes are on the menu. This simple rhyming picture book is both fun and engaging, and the bright illustrations are sure to raise a smile. Perfect for kids who love to read, and for parents who love to read with them.
The Little Truck Knew It Could by Darren Cox
A little red pickup truck named Rusty made a deal with one of the meanest pickup truck named Max on the pulling game. If Rusty wants to win, he will have to learn to believe in himself. An all inspiring story that will inspire children over and over again. This book includes great artwork. Print Length: 24 pages Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing (April 2, 2015) Publication Date: April 2, 2015 Sold by: [...]
Abigail, Queen of Natronia - A Fairy Tale by Darrell Case
Over 114,000 read Abigail Queen of Natronia Adelaide Voices Literary Award for Short Story finalist for 2018 - From the moment Abigail is born, it is clear that any beauty she possesses must be on the inside. Abigail's face and body are deformed, so much so that the nurses cover her so she won't frighten the other patients. Bullied in school and shunned by the people of her village, Abigail nevertheless sees the good in life. [...]
Sommerville holidays too - Three delightful cute-meet holiday tales by Vicki Batman
Love blossoms in the small town of Sommerville in these heartwarming holiday tales, filled with fun and forever possibilities. The Great Fruitcake Bake-off: When five-time baking champion Samantha Greene teams up with new neighbor, Dixon Roberts, for The Great Fruitcake Bake-off, they discover baking a prize-winning entry is complicated, bad guys are plotting to take the crown, and first prize isn't just about a ribbon. [...]
Lonely Rizph by Liberty Dendron
Have you ever felt so lonely, even when you have friends? Most children experience this kind of feeling when they have everything. Our friend, Rizpah, the fairy also felt the same, feeling so lonely, so lazy and so bored. However, she is unaware of the fact that the world around her is surrounded by beautiful and lovable friends. An inspirational story with beautiful pictures and simple words. 29 pages Publication Date [...]
Arm Pits? by Xavia McCloud
Have you ever contemplated the question: why do we have arm pits? From the curious mind of an inquisitive little boy; a complex question arises. As he is certain of the function of his other various limbs and body parts, he looks to his mother to give him a logical explanation for the purpose of arm pits. I know I use my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my nose to smell, but Mommy there's just one thing, what it's used for, [...]
Why Me? by Darren Cox
One day there was a cow named Joe. Joe lived on a farm that had everything nice barns to sleep in and all the hay him and his friends can eat also Joe had a small pasture to himself were he had nice green grass and also a creek full of clean water ran down the middle of the pasture Joe was the luckiest cow on the farm Live near by the farm was a green snake name Sam. Sam saw how Joe life is so great so great that Sam was [...]
The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Black and White - Illustrated Book by Sybrina Durant
"Durant's story is slyly whimsical as she builds up the world of Marbryn, a world where there are many wonders, but also threats to the existence of Blue's tribe." - Jack Magnus From Reader's Favorite. "The Blue Unicorn...reads like old time fairy tales...where life and death choices are made..." - From Fundinmental As The Eyes See It Blog - "The gentle reminders of the importance of acceptance and maintaining a sense of self [...]
A Father's Wish - the Tale of King Big Bear the Fat by Christine Corretti
Children and adults will enjoy this touching tale of fatherly love and the fulfillment that a family brings to one's life. "A Father's Wish: the Tale of King Bear the Fat" portrays emotional complexities the author believes animals feel for their loved ones. The story also presents the reader with a world where nature is able to thrive because of kindness and understanding. The world of King Big Bear is also a magical one, [...]
Alphabet Rhymes - Ants in Fancy Pants by Barbara Fox
Saying words and rhyming them with other words if fun to do so, in Alphabet Rhymes you will meet a goat who wants to vote, a mouse who is cleaning her house, a giraffe who likes to laugh and of course, ants who are wearing fancy pants. They and other words like zipper, cup, even rain are featured in twenty-six easy rhymes from A to Z. The rhymes are fun to say and easy to memorize, even sing and the illustrations are cute and [...]
Pearl for Unicorn by Kseniya Malakhova
You never know what to expect ahead. It happens that an unordinary trip turns into amazing and even magic trip. Such a story happened to 12 year - old girl whose name is Alyonka. Everything was started in an ordinary way: the girl came to a village on holiday to visit her granny. The village was located in a picturesque place: there was a small clean lake behind which the thick and powerful Big wood grew. But unfortunately, [...]
Fairy Dust - Bedtime Tale #1 by WJ Scott
'A wonderful start to this fantasy adventure. A FINALIST and highly recommended.' The Wishing Shelf Book Awards UK 6-8 yrs. Mischief and magic. Tinkers and fairies. Do you believe in magic? Farran Sherwin cupped a hand to his ear and said, "I can't hear you. Do you believe in fairies?" The hall erupted into chaos as children sprang out of their seats, spilling popcorn under their feet as they yelled, "Yes!" The tinker [...]
Brian Brown Bear and the Strange Horrid Smell by Edinaldo E. Santo
"What is this smell?" asked Dad. "It is just the wind blowing in your direction, honey," replied Mum. DOES BRIAN CARE? Definitely not, but should he? Brian Brown Bear doesn't want to bathe, brush his teeth or wash his hands. He is only interested in watching his favourite TV programs and playing with his toys. His odour is not going unnoticed, though, and it is attracting unwelcome visitors during the night. Critters who [...]
For the Love of Chocolate and Company - A very much loved and lucky cat and her companions by Roxanne Bermeo Regalado
This book is about my beloved pet cat named Chocolate and her companions. I am inspired to write this book because I love my pet cat Chocolate. She is very cute and she's got lots of companions to keep her happy. This book is for all cat lovers and animal lovers out there. It took me about one to two months to write this book since I have another job in addition to being an author. I came up with this title as this is the [...]
The Blue Baboon in the Big Balloon by Sarah and Steven Mostyn
Oh, what adventures they have! Meet Harold the blue baboon. He has tea at half past three every afternoon. In his big balloon, Harold takes flight with a cast of delightful friends, as they soar off on a quest to explore outer space. Harold's traveling companions include a troll named Dwight who wears red tights and fights with a feisty orange mite; Holly and Molly, prancing raccoons that live on the moon; and their friend [...]
Small Folk Rhymes - Part 2 - Fun + Activities (Small Folk Tales) by Christine Larsen
Small readers of my books receive a great deal of pleasure from my rhymes and cute stories about animals and creatures that share our world. Now I have added to their enjoyment of the learning experience by adding a Part 2 to the Small Folk Rymes eBook, focussing on fun and activities to stimulate and provide joy as a small mind grows and is challenged to learn more about our wonderful world.
Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales) by Christine Larsen
An original and quirky collection of poems and short stories for wee small folk - to capture and enhance their own wondrously fertile imaginations. Is there a loving 'out loud' reader somewhere for each of those smalls who have not yet begun their path to becoming a book lover, able to read to themselves? To this special reader, Christine says - "Please share the honour with me of creating another special bookworm, no matter [...]
Isadorn the Unicorn and the Sloppy Dragon by Angela Castillo
What's a frustrated unicorn to do? Dunfer the Dragon has just moved into the cave next door, and Isadorn's perfect world has been turned upside down. Not only does he make growling noises all day and night, he's just burned down her favorite rosebush! Can Isadorn figure out how to talk to Dunfer about her problems? Or will her magical unicorn world be ruined forever? Includes tips to help children learn about healthy [...]
Bedtime Stories! Old Owl's Folktales and Fairy Tales for Children - Folklore and Legends about Animals by Alice Cussler
Inspiring and educational folktales for your kids, enhanced by 30 vibrant, colorful illustrations. Children's author Alice Cussler is pleased to present her new book: "Bedtime Stories! Old Owl's Folktales and Fairy Tales for Children: Folklore and Legends about Animals" Every country and every culture has a story about how the animals came to live among men or how they got to look a certain way. While we know that these are [...]
WAIT FOR KATE by Ayala Saar
SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! We try and try, and just don't seem to succeed. Then we see others succeeding, and that makes us feel worse! So it can be tempting just to give up. Kate the little bird is having a hard time learning how to fly. Her brother and sister both learned how, but not Kate! She really wants to fly and see the world from the sky, but it all seems too hard. Will she give up, or keep trying? [...]



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