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Book: The Fundamentals of Mixology - The Art of the Cóctelier by Eric Helin-Hultquist
Author Eric Helin-Hultquist

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The Fundamentals of Mixology - The Art of the Cóctelier by Eric Helin-Hultquist might also like our reading suggestions below

Anita Margarita 52 - With Enough Margaritas, You Can Do Anything!
Hola Baby, My name is Anita Margarita. I'm an author and mixologist that loves everything about margaritas! My belief is that you can do anything with enough margaritas. That is why I wrote this recipe book filled with 52 margarita cocktails. Why 52? One for every week of the year. This book is intended for the margarita lovers all over the world. My inspiration came from trying out all of those cocktails in establishments [...]
Vodka and Limelight - Story of a Bartender by Yuri Kagan
VODKA & LIMELIGHT - What might seem like fantasy to the average reader is reality to Yuri Kagan, or at least it was when he was living the dream life in San Francisco's Castro District bartending at one of the area's hottest spots. Welcome to the Castro everyone thinks they know, but they really don't. "Vodka & Limelight" is a coming of age, fictitious memoir comprised of short stories that offer an inside look at the [...]
The Mobster's Daughter's Cookbook by Judy Giannotti and Julie Ann Mally
Have you ever wondered just what is on the table of a crime boss family? What delicious dishes do they serve to family and friends? Written by a true Mobster's Daughter, Judy Giannotti, along with her own daughter, this book is a collection of recipes traditionally prepared for her own family and her father's crime boss syndicate friends. Enjoy authentic Italian dishes, such as, Lasagna, Linguine with Clam Sauce, Lobster with [...]
Rum & Red Peppers - 80 Caribbean, Armenian, Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Recipes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Rum & Red Peppers features 80 easy-to-follow recipes, illustrated with 164 full-colour photographs. Classic, inspired, and brand new creations by Wayne Gerard Trotman and Sherrie Trotman that reflect the traditional cuisines and rich cultural diversity of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, Armenia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Traditional recipes include Caribbean Chicken Stew, Callaloo, Rice & Peas, Sorrel, Black [...]
Mixed Media Art - Living Your Passion by Cindy Adkins
AMAZON BESTSELLER, Kindle, Mixed Media Bestselling author and gallery artist Cindy Adkins offers an exciting look at mixed media art. If you are a mixed media artist or have ever wanted to become one, then the inspiration in this book could be just what you need to enhance your artistic journey. It includes descriptions of projects that will keep you busy exploring your own creativity. Learn where you can obtain materials; [...]
Species Contour - sci fi adventure by Peter Andra
In a wonderful galaxy, rich in planets and life, humans have found a new home. Still, they are not welcome but tolerated only because not one of the other five advanced species in the galaxy wields such strength and power that is the humans by birthright as evolution has given the future to the human race and they are violent and merciless with their inheritance. Yet even humans tire of war, and so have allowed the galaxy to [...]
The Book Eclectic (A Book Of Original Poetry) by Roger Harrison
"The Book Eclectic" is a book of twenty-one original poems that touch a range of emotions. I wrote most of them just after my Mom passed away from her battle with cancer. They may make you laugh and they may make you cry. The poems are about love lost and love found about Spirituality and about depression. The hardest part was reliving all of the feelings writing them brought back. But it was also a great release for my [...]
History of Christmases Past by Suzi Love
History of Christmases Past is a large collection of historical information about the traditions of Christmas through the centuries, including the religious aspects, decorations, games, food and plays. There are many pages of images, either religious or village based, that show how people of all social classes celebrated Christmas in various countries around the world, especially in the European countries where the traditions [...]
A Fair To Die For by Radine Trees Nehring
It's October, craft fair season in the Ozarks, and Carrie and Henry are helping their friend Shirley sell her quilts and Baby Cuddlys at the War Eagle Craft Fair. After a mysterious cousin with ties to drug dealers appears, danger stalks the fair. When Carrie is abducted by killers following a breakfast at War Eagle Mill, she's afraid she won't escape, because though her aim in life has always been to help others out of [...]
The Return of the Key by Alisha Nurse
16 year old Eliza Aurelio grapples with her mixed race identity amid rising racial tensions on her little island. For their safety, Eliza's grandfather sends her and her grandmother to a quiet town in Southwest England to stay with a relative. But this otherwise quiet town has been turned upside down by people mysteriously disappearing. Eliza eventually encounters a magical but dangerous realm accessible through a doorway in [...]
Boxed Set - The Coach House and Daughters by Florence Osmund
Each book in this two-book series is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. The Coach House - When Marie discovers the extent of her husband's involvement in 1940s Chicago underground activities, she gives up what had appeared to be the perfect life a good job, a loving husband, and the promise of starting a family. In her pursuit of a new life, fate draws her to Kansas where she finds refuge in a coach house apartment tucked away [...]
The Illusion of Time by Saiba Cassone
Dare to explore the actual reality of world events. "Freedom is the opposite of what they are telling us to do!" Tita Saiba Cassone has been writing since she was a young woman. Tita started with poetry then later got into writing about the world and current events. In The Illusion of Time, Tita condenses modern history and the human condition into a concise and easy to read book. A book worth reading many times, it will [...]
Homosexuality IS? 4 dimension by Saiba Cassone
For many years my passion was poetry and prose and wrote many of them, after I began writing my feelings and thoughts in a philosophical way in addition with metaphysical style. In general my writings express contradiction to the establishment and conditional world that we live in. I always will continue to write it's an inspiration from a higher dimension which is alive with creativity... The e book The illusion of time is [...]
Fifty Egg Timer Short Stories by Richard Bunning
This is a collection of 50 mixed genre flash fiction stories. These are all of between 600 and 1000 words, short enough to be considered as flash fiction. They vary in genre from Romance to Science Fiction, and from the banal to serious in their scope. The idea of the title is that it should suggest that each story can be read in the time it takes for an egg to boil, or for the bus to arrive, or even to get through the [...]
The Crucial Time of Being a Woman by Saiba Cassone
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's been a long journey from my birthplace in Ethiopia with Italian parents. My father was in Mussolini's army. They returned to Italy when I was three years old, and I grew up near Florence. I came to the United States at age twenty. My journey may be considered contrary to the usual religious teachings based on blind faith. In my writings, I have portrayed the universal struggles [...]
WHEN THE ROSES BLOOM by Alfred James Phillips
Could a white family living in the South in the 1940s honor their Negro friends' last request by adopting their son after the child's parents are killed in a fiery automobile accident? And was this the child that was promised to Eunice Miller or was her out-of-body experience not really a visit to heaven after all, but only a dream? Experience the drama, suspense and humor of this wondrous and exciting wholesome family story [...]
Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite by Lianne Simon
From the heart of an intersex teen, one who must ultimately choose male or female--family or true love--comes the story of a deeply emotional and perilous journey home. This is a young adult novel unlike any other--an authentic portrayal of the issues faced by a child growing up with a sexually ambiguous body. Jameson can be like other boys after minor surgery and a few years on testosterone Well, at least that's what his [...]
You're the Reason Mommy Drinks by Brandon Rhiness
You're the Reason Mommy Drinks is a "children's" book written by Brandon Rhiness. Hilarious illustrations and scenarios in a quick, easy read that every mother will relate to (and new mothers will find out what they're in for!) The book is presented as a children's book, but is aimed at an adult audience. Each page contains great artwork and a hilarious story told in rhyme. You're sure to find it very entertaining! It will [...]
From His Perspective by Lisa Keeble
'A genuinely laugh out loud book' that starts with a big bang...actually it starts with THE Big Bang. It's a unique blend of humour, fantasy and history - think Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams and you'll get the general idea. From His Perspective is the story of The Boss and his hapless PA, Norbert, who work together, with their team, overseeing the Factory, better known to us as Planet Earth. If it hadn't been for an [...]
Catfish Trailer Park by Roger Harrison
"Catfish Trailer Park And Other Southern Tales" is a book of three original stories from Mississippi Author Roger Harrison. "Catfish Trailer Park" is the story of four women who live in Wiggins, Mississippi in a trailer park and work at a Diner in the outskirts of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The story tells what happens when a new waitress is hired and of some of their adventures. "The Dark Seam' is a tale of a man who lives in [...]
Light up Your Soul - Healing from Anxiety and Depression Through Art by Alex K
Are you a teenager or in your twenties, feeling stuck in life, suffering from anxiety and depression, or even having suicidal thoughts? Are you ready to find a way out of this darkness and get up in the morning with a zest for life, shine in your light, and experience true happiness, but don't know how and where to start? Then this book is for you. Alex K will teach you in a creative and fun way to release any hurt and pain [...]
Even Exchange - A Mysterious story of love, marriage, mixed with magic and fantasy by M.A. Courtney
You will meet a young woman heartbroken from a love affair moves to a new town. She befriends a mysterious woman who has magical powers and helps the young woman to have what her heart wants. She learns magic has a price and can be dangerous and always with an even exchange. How she must decide if magic is worth dabbling in.
Chewed Confessions by Cheryl Kirwan
What if each piece of discarded gum could tell the story of how it got there? Chewed Confessions, a series of thought-provoking linked short stories by Cheryl Kirwan, uses this inventive supposition to share a variety of human experiences, as related by the animated stick of gum that traveled with each person on a given day. From this intimate vantage, these humorous, heartfelt stories together explore a broad spectrum of [...]
The First Sires (The Canticles Mythos Series Book 1) by Matthew R.R. Morrese
In the Canticles Mythos Series, the myths and legends of the Realms of Aegis are brought to life through literature and illustration. Here, you will follow the twelve races, as they were in the Age of Origin, to delve deep into their cultures, join them on their adventures, and fight by their side in the greatest battles of their times! This is the New Face of High-Fantasy.
ARIA - Left Luggage (Volume 1) by Geoff Nelder
Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia Today, Jack caught a bug at work. He catches a bus home. By the time he disembarks in the desert town of Rosamond, all the other passengers and the driver have fuzzy heads. Jack had caught an amnesia bug, and it's infectious. Imagine the ramifications: The passengers arrive home, infecting family; some shop en route infecting everyone they meet. The bus driver receives more passengers [...]



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