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Kristi Nielsen: Wrestling with Intimacy: A Young Adult Romance Novel [young adult humor]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

Wrestling with Intimacy revolves around topics that today's young adults face. Increasing numbers of young adults find themselves contemplating questions that their parent's generation either didn't experience or swept under the mat. In vitro births, sexual identity and the balance of education, career and other adult goals generate challenges for today's teens. Wrestling with Intimacy is filled with humour and exciting twists in the plot. Set in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia, an Asian teen meets a boy who has recently moved to the city from a small town. Her parents have expectations [...]

Kristi Nielsen: We Are a Family [childrens books, kids books]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

We are a Family explores family dynamics and the meaning of family. The book provides a healthy framework for sharing, cooperation, overcoming jealousy and caring for others in the family. We are a Family explores the dynamics of jealousy as new characters join the family. How will the new family member fit into the family? As the dog and new baby learn to understand one another and play together, new challenges come their way. Overcoming jealousy and learning cooperation, as the baby grows and becomes a toddler. The toddler and dog learn to expand their definition of family and learn to [...]

Anika Nielsen: Dinosaurs and Beyond: Save the Animals [vegan, kids books]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

A fun story about Eons-ago when the world was flat and dinosaurs roamed the world. The domestic animals had arrived on earth but the only dinosaur left was an aggressive carnivore who threatened their existence. His attempt to eat each of the domestic animals is met with failure as the domestic animals go to great length to escape his huge jaws. The amazing success of the domestic animals in saving themselves from being eaten is rewarded after the extinction of the dinosaurs, as the peacocks become animal rights activists. This book is a great book for introducing the importance of saving [...]


free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov

Explore the city of York from the Celtic bronze age up until it's rise in the Roman period when it was a Roman frontier fortress that would become the seat of power for Roman emperors. Constantine was crowned emperor in York and in Anglo Saxon times Edwin was crowned king of the English in Eforwic. Later kings would also have strong connections with the city of York during the middle ages and the periods of conflicts such as the viking raids and later wars of the roses...

DH Smith: Jack by the Hedge (Jack of All Trades Book 4) [mystery, standalone, Kindle Unlimited]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

Bricklaying in a park is not the pastoral interlude Jack hoped for. Possibilities of love with Liz, who runs the greenhouses, are thwarted by Ian, the bullying park manager, who has his own schemes afoot. Or there's Rose, Liz's sister, made homeless and sleeping secretly in the bowling green pavilion. But for the park workers, it's all hands on deck as they prepare for the coming of the Mayor. Until murder intervenes, with Jack too involved.

DANIEL BUCKLEY: PAIAWON APOLLO THE SUN GOD: NEW EDITION [Ancient History, Mesopotamia, Minoan World]

free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov


DANIEL BUCKLEY: Heaven Earth and Time [Ancient History, Minoan World]

free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov

A journey in time through the ancient world and it's earliest settlements covering the history of lands such as Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, Crete Malta and Sicily.

Elliott Baker: The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) [Pirates, Epic Historical Fantasy, Metaphysical adventure]

free: 21. Nov to 24. Nov

This award-winning first novel sails from France to Spain, Morocco and Egypt. A sword mistress will aid Rene and an ancient brother will oppose him. For a timeless hatred, blood is not the only payment. Death is but the least of life's penalties. Sold aboard a slave ship, Rene Gilbert must remember who he was in a previous lifetime to save those he loves in this one. A three-thousand-year-old vengeance waits. Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and The Mummy in this sweeping, swashbuckling tale. Kirkus Reviews The Sun God's Heir: Return, is an epic story, taking you into a time where [...]

P.C. Zick: Love on Board (Rivals in Love Book 2) [contemporary romance, sweet romance, women's fiction]

free: 20. Nov to 24. Nov

He worries he'll never find love. She fights to follow the career of her choosing. Flying across the Atlantic, love and careers collide. Rock Crandall returns to the Rival in Love series as he contemplates why he can't find a lasting relationship. Sabrina Holiday has never wanted to be anything but a pilot, but many obstacles stand in her way, including the handsome pilot who takes her for the flight attendant on his international trip to Paris. Sabrina manages to forgive Rock after a romantic dinner on the Seine, but the peace is short-lived when Rock attempts to control her career. They [...]

Chuck Boeheim: Void Birds [Science Fiction, First Contact, Space Fleet]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Lieutenant Yusmara is an unconventional starship pilot. She steers by rope and canvas, at least in metaphor. She's at the helm of the Gemini as something pulls onto a parallel course. They are beyond the edge of Human space, and no Human ship has yet encountered intelligent aliens. The crew of the Gemini prepares for a historic encounter in which Yusmara is uniquely suited to play a role. They have no idea how strange it is going to be. A new short story from the author of Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel.

Chuck Boeheim: The Ledger: The Tale of a Coroner and a Time Traveler [Science Fiction, Horror]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

The corpse showed up with an ax in its head and a map in its pocket. Chaucer had not been born yet, and crimes were common in London that year. But when Bartolomeo the Coroner found pages sewn in the victim's jacket, pages in Bartolomeo's own hand, he knew this wasn't one of the common crimes. A new short story from the author of Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel, and Interaction Region.

Brigitta Moon: Becoming Dawn Knight: A Dawn Knight Kindle Single (Dawn Knight Thriller Book 1) [suspense, kindle short story]

free: 22. Nov to 26. Nov

Waiting is difficult, but in this game of murder, waiting is the name of the game. Susie has a humdrum life working in an airport coffee shop, but it doesn't stop her from having big dreams. When the planes are grounded, life changes for her after she accepts a new job and a deal that puts her face to face with a serial killer. Who killed Shawn Davis? That's the question Susie has to answer if she wants a better paycheck. The jury has convicted Ian Little, although there are better-looking suspects. Now, she has to gather courage to get Ian Little, a convicted murderer, to tell her the truth [...]

Serge Ant: She knew what to give [Erotica, Short Love Stories, Romance]

free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov

"I re-read this story every time I need to create a special mood for good sex," one of the readers wrote in confidence. Heroes of the story are mature people. They are well versed in classic sex, oral sex, and anal sex. When this is all mixed up with violent passion - there is a lot to learn! A touching and sensitive story of the two seeking for the spring of soul. Of the two having passed a significant part of their lives and being well aware of what they want... A romantic and sensual look at the question, which bothers each of us - what to do when the marriage flame has subsided and the [...]

Markus Matthews: A Bounty with Strings: Book one in the Bounty series [Urban Fantasy, Superhero]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

It's been six years since the Hamilton Hurricane patrolled the skies above Hamilton, Ontario. The thirty-three-year-old once used his elemental powers of Air and Lightning to protect the city from natural disasters, super villains, and criminals. Unfortunately, crime fighting didn't pay the bills, so he hung up his spandex. Now known as bounty hunter Zack Stevens, he spends his time hunting monsters for money. While on the trail of a wanted Earth elemental, Zack finds he's not the only one interested in the job. A Werepanther, a crazy vampire, a Mr. Hyde-type creature, and a blue-skinned [...]

Partituki: The Amazing Partituki & Friends. The First Adventure [Children's Fiction, Action and Adventure, Picture Book]

free: 21. Nov to 24. Nov

A great adventure book that teaches a good lesson of being nice, making friends, and working as a team. Partituki and his friends (Lillycorn, Maxpanda, Funnydino and Sussiephant) will have to combine their super powers and work together to beat the Hungrydragon. This book has a bunch of vibrant and colorful illustrations that your children will love. The letters are large and the story line is catchy. A very sweet bedtime story gift book for your youngsters or toddlers. The book is full of short sentences, interesting pictures, lots of basic words that will be great for a child. It does a [...]

Lorraine Margaret: Garden of Lilies [Fantasy Historical Romance, Steamy Romance, Enemies to Lovers]

free: 22. Nov to 25. Nov

You fantasised about Christian Grey and dreamed of Gideon Cross, now meet a romantic hero unlike any who has gone before... Can an idealistic, headstrong little princess really find true love with the leader of her greatest enemies? In Bodhadia, there has been a savage eleven-year war between the authoritarian Niron and the freedom-loving Temujis, led by the tempestuous Johnny. To Johnny's amazement, the Niron present him with Princess Irisa, as a gesture of surrender. He is stunned by his intense empathy for the idealistic little princess with the enormous, terrified sapphire eyes. When [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Stillness is the Key: A Guide to the Book by Ryan Holiday [self-help, self-improvement]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at]zipreads[dot]co with any questions or concerns. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Ryan Holiday distills ancient wisdom to reveal how slowing down can oil the wheels of personal and professional success in his instant New York Times [...]

M.G. Hawking: Forbidden Secrets: Egypt, The Lost Knowledge [Adventure, Ancient Mysteries, Occult Knowledge]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Explore the Lost Knowledge of the Antediluvian Civilization of Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago a small Neolithic community in the region of the lower Nile abruptly rose to create the most majestic and enduring civilization of history. The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrates advancements that have long eluded explanation. What long lost knowledge underlies the unprecedented technology, artistic creations, and cultural sophistication of Ancient Egypt? The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian tradition relates that in [...]

Johanna Fassbender: The Prediabetes Cookbook: Eating For Prediabetes - Eat Your Way Back To Health [Health and Wellness]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Were you recently diagnosed with prediabetes? This diagnosis can be scary, but I encourage you to turn this fear into resolve by taking some action steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The great news is that a 2014 study by the National Institutes of Health concluded that prediabetes can in fact be reversed through wholesome food choices and exercise. So take control of your prediabetes instead of letting it control you. Making small changes, such as planning your meals or eating differently can have a huge impact on your life. Use this cookbook as a guide for taking some concrete action [...]

Yuuki Haneda: Tormino's [SLice of Life, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult]

free: 22. Nov to 26. Nov

Miles Sonatas' parents approved for him to get a part-time job during his final years of high school, but he soon learns the family restaurant he works at is anything but normal. He is immediately welcomed by his co-workers, and oddly enough, finds himself accepting of their quirks. Such as the lazy manager, Cyrus who calls everyone by their last name and sits in his closet of an office all day. Or the chefs, Shasta, who is very protective of his kitchen, and Sierra, who has a song stuck in her head. Then there are the other servers, Anita, who is searching for her soulmate, Oliver, a [...]

Chariss K. Walker: The Retreat [inspirational, women's studies, survival]

free: 21. Nov to 22. Nov

Looking for answers and desperate for change, Amanda goes on an awe-inspiring spirit quest in the Jemez Mountains. While in that remote location, she meets a wolf, a bear, a hawk, and a swarm of bees. These surprising personal totems lead Amanda to eye-opening and much-needed answers. Magically imbued with a desire to live again, Amanda understands where her path detoured. This heartwarming, magical realism adventure could be any one of us facing personal tragedy - whether the crisis is death, divorce, or loss. Follow Amanda's inspiring steps to recovery as they lead to healing. Enjoy the [...]

Michael Kouly: Forget Happiness: Seven Steps to a Fulfilled Life (The Self-Leadership Series Book 4) [self help, depression & anxiety]

free: 20. Nov to 22. Nov

We live in the most comfortable and exciting time in history, and yet stress, anxiety, depression, suffering , and inner emptiness are greater than ever before, even among the rich and successful. Happiness has become a tired buzzword. An increasing number of self-help books idealize and promise it, yet it remains frustratingly elusive. This book asks you to stop looking for happiness because happiness cannot be found on its own. Happiness is an outcome, a result, a consequence of living a life of fulfillment. When you align your life with your true self and feel fulfilled, deep happiness, [...]

Aaron Adams: Where is Your Dinosaur: Teach your child to clean up toys [Cute dinosaur book for kids 3-5 year old with short funny bedtime story. Cleaning books for kids, dinosaur adventure] [children's book, Short stories]

free: 20. Nov to 22. Nov

Do you have toys all over your house? And you do not like it, but you do not know how to teach a child to clean up toys? This cleaning book for kids with dinosaur adventure will help teach your child to clean up toys and don't to leave them scattered throughout the house. Introducing Dinko a friendly dinosaur belonging to little Jack. Join Dinko as he tries to make his way home, back to his toybox. Jack often forgets to tidy up his toys and on this occasion, he loses his favorite dinosaur. Does Dinko find his way back home? Does he make it safely away from Tyler the tiger and all the various [...]

Allie Gail: Pickle Licker: A Quirky Christmas Novella [Romantic Comedy, Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

He had it. I wanted it. And that's how it ended up in my mouth. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, will you? I'm not talking about that! All I did was give it a little lick. Okay, fine, I may have shoved the whole thing in my face. Not my finest moment, but hey, the guy deserved it. At least now Saul Stryker knows I exist. Why is he always hanging around here anyway? Smelling like bottled sin, looking way too hot while he casually raids my fridge. Just because his business partner is my roommate, Stryker acts like he owns the place. Well, he can't just help himself to whatever he wants, [...]

Dan Lawton: Operation Salazar [Noir, Organized Crime, Conspiracy]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

The walls have secrets. Secrets that are beyond Marco Salazar's wildest, most unfathomable, deadliest dreams. Those walls belong to a 1941 Victorian in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Boston. Uncovering the secrets threatens to unravel a whole new world that has its own set of rules, and the players who loom in the shadows are ruthless, with its net stretching even wider than Marco could have ever imagined. But with his father's life at stake after a false imprisonment, Marco is out of options. But Marco has no idea what he's in for. Someone is watching. And as he learns, some [...]

Carlos Aleman: As Happy As Ling [family drama, multi ethnic, spiritual]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

International Latino Book Award Category Finalist - "Aleman has written an exceptional story..." The Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "I have to read this novel again! It's surreal and passionate and disturbing and irresistible." The Latina Book Club - Alex and Cara pack their belongings and stuff them in the back seat of an old Hyundai and set off for Miami to spend time with their uncle, Diego. Together, they experience a summer of discovery, love and redemption as well as the meaning of life.

Darrell Case: Deadly Justice [Thriller, mystery, Suspense]

free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov

A ruthless killer is stalking the women of Washington D.C. 18 bodies have been recovered from the Potomac River weighted down with concrete blocks. The serial killer is Jerald Robbins the President of the United States. The Secret Service has no idea they are protecting a monster. From the Oval office Robbins establishes a network of assassins across America and sends them forth to execute anyone he deems unworthy of living. FBI Director Tony Steel assigns Agent Alison Stevens to the case. Dogged by the memories of her murdered family, Alison is fleeing her own demons. During the [...]

Stephanie Kane: A Perfect Eye [crime fiction, thriller, art crime books]

free: 21. Nov to 23. Nov

Some are born with a perfect palate, others with perfect pitch. Lily Sparks was born with a perfect eye. As Conservator of Paintings at the Denver Art Museum, she uses her keen visual powers to restore masterpieces and detect what's authentic and what is not. When the museum's billionaire benefactor is brutally murdered and Lily is dragged into the case, the grisly tableau stuns her: it's the human embodiment of the museum's prized landscape by famed Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte. Lily comes to believe the Caillebotte was forged and the killer is a painter the art world spurned. But this [...]

Odin Odin: How To Meditate Properly: How To Relieve Stress, To Get Over Anxiety Attack, Depression And Sadness Using The Balance Of Yin And Yang Energies [to overcome depression, increase personal strength, chakra healing]

free: 21. Nov to 23. Nov

PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES. Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) - This meditation is for beginners, as well as for those who are engaged in yoga, esoteric science, or healing. This a simple daily exercise to help you to relieve stress and tiredness, to relieve anxiety, to get rid of depression naturally without medicine and doctors, to balance the Yin & Yang energies. A balance of Yin & Yang energies - is a quick way to stay young, [...]

Margaret Lynette Sharp: Romance, 50's Style (Romance in the 1950's Book 1) [sweet romance]

free: 22. Nov to 24. Nov

Like nostalgia? Here's a couple of enthralling tales set in the Australia of the 1950's. First: 'Whatever it Takes'. While studying in London, Australian-born Lisa falls in love with fellow trainee teacher Liam. Can their fledgling relationship withstand the strain of Lisa's return to Sydney, which throws her into the path of her former lover? Second: 'Sisters and Rivals'. After struggling to deal with a string of broken relationships caused by the flirtations (and more) of her sister Tessa, Linda hopes that, with Tessa now engaged, she is secure in the love of her boyfriend Harry. Will Tessa [...]

RACHAEL E. PARK: Healthy Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 81 Easy Delicious Recipes - Low Carb, Weight Loss, and Healthy Living [mediterranean diet recipes, mediterranean diet menu]

free: 22. Nov to 24. Nov

Have you ever considered following the Mediterranean diet but weren't sure where to start? Are you health-conscious and want to prevent chronic disease? Are you interested in following a well-balanced diet? If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, this guide would be the perfect kitchen companion for you. In this Healthy Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, you will find the best healthy, easy-to-make recipes that will allow you to accomplish the goals mentioned above. With a wide range of Healthy recipes featuring appetizing photos, comprehensive instructions, and simple ingredient [...]

L.J. Simpson: Across Enemy Space [Science Fiction, Space War, Space Opera]

free: 22. Nov to 24. Nov

The Alliance and the Combine have been at war for decades, fighting a battle of attrition in a conflict that knows no end. Now, aided by a mole at the very top of the Alliance chain of command, the Combine has stolen the initiative, outmaneuvering the Alliance fleet and thrusting ever deeper into Alliance territory. Newly promoted General Torrance, Commander in Chief, Alliance Air and Ground Forces, is charged with stemming the tide - halting the string of defeats and checking the enemy's advance into the Alliance heartland. But before he can take the fight to the enemy, he must first do [...]

Judith Pratt: Siljeea Magic [Magical Realism, Young Adule]

free: 22. Nov to 24. Nov

Most people see nothing but trees and grass in the woodlands lining superhighways. But Andrea sees small people, who call themselves the Bokaaj. She is the 13-year-old hero of Siljeea Magic, a fantasy novel that pits affluent 21 st Century culture against a world of spells, wisdom, and power struggles. Erau, who is close to her age and about four feet tall (with seven toes) teaches Andrea to hunt, scramble up trees, and sense the approach of angry Bokaaj elders who wish her dead. Despite this, she must save the Bokaaj, and their shaman the Siljeea, from the bulldozers of development. But it's [...]

Anna Mocikat: Shadow City [Post-apocalyptic Science-Fiction, Dark Fantasy]

free: 21. Nov to 24. Nov

"This exciting mashup of horror and action-adventure tropes is sure to have readers tuning in for the next installment." - Publishers Weekly Los Angeles is an apocalyptic wasteland. The few survivors of a horrific catastrophe live under the constant threat of radiation, mutated creatures, and worse... lurking in the shadows. In the ruins of the deserted city, the scavengers Jean and Louis come across a nameless stranger and bring him to the only safe zone, once known as Hollywood. What's left of society is divided among different factions; mistrust, brute force, and anarchy rule every day's [...]

Ali Gunn: The Career Killer (DCI Mabey Book 1) [crime]

free: 20. Nov to 24. Nov

A public body dump, an invisible killer. When young women are murdered and their bodies posed like marionettes in tourist hotspots around London without a single witness seeing the killer come and go, the case ought to go to a detective with decades of experience investigating serial murder. Instead, newbie DCI Elsie Mabey lands the case, bringing with her a ragtag team of misfits and rejects. Rather than the Met's finest, they're the "not quite fired" of London policing. She faces an impossible task: finding an invisible killer while fighting her own invisible illness. What everyone is [...]

J. Dietrich: The Christmas Gift [Holiday, humor]

free: 22. Nov to 25. Nov

Filled with simple and amusing illustrations, this charming story of a man looking for the perfect Christmas present for his wife will immerse the reader in the spirit and romance of the season. After missing out on the "must have" gift of the year, battling unruly mall crowds, and bartering with a riddling elf, he is left with nothing but a mysterious gift wrapped box he can't get open. But with the help of some Christmas magic he realizes he's had the perfect gift all along. The same gift that is within us all: "The best gift to give; the best give to receive." The Christmas Gift.

Lorraine Margaret: Samsara [Romantic Suspense, Angel Romance, Women's Fiction]

free: 22. Nov to 25. Nov

Rays of golden light shine from his ocean blue eyes but is he a gift from God or is she even crazier than she thought? Ailith returns to the small town where she was viciously gang raped, intent on revenge. She is in the forest, stalking her first victim, when she meets Ryan, an angelically beautiful man. Everywhere he goes the sun appears to follow, creating an ethereal halo around his exquisite head. Ailith is captivated by his raw sensuality and disturbed by her intense attraction to him. His very existence threatens her mission as the conflict begins between good and evil, rebirth and [...]

Ronan Farrell: A Time to Deceive (The Wanderer Chronicles) [Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Alien Contact]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

This detailed, innovative novel has depth, originality and a lifetime of experience and forensic expertise behind it. Including some dark undertones and humour, it crosses several genres. Its developing contemporary story of love and unfolding secrets will intrigue and appeal to a wide adult audience. Plots intertwine and lives inevitably cross as a tale of national and global subterfuge is gradually revealed. Bradley Warren a time worn, used car salesman, keeps a low profile concealing his deepest secrets, the least of which is the cadaver in his freezer. He needs to move on, to cover his [...]

Pat Bailey: Passive Income: Proven Passive Income Techniques: Make Money Without Putting In The Daily Work (Passive Income, Passive Income Ideas, Passive Income Freedom, ... Income 2019, Make Money Online Book 1) [non fiction, investing, self help]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Passive Income: Proven Passive Income Techniques and Make Money Without Putting In The Daily Work This book contains proven steps and strategies on 9 different passive income techniques and how you can start working on as soon as you finish reading this book. Included in this book are how-to's, tips and tricks, and the exact formula you need to get started TODAY. Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside... Passive Income Success Stories From Those Who Made It Many Different Ways How To Make Passive Income in 2019 How to Choose the Best Technique For You Passive Income Ideas That Require Zero [...]

Christina McMullen: All the Nothing We've Done: A Short Story [Literary Fiction, Magical Realism]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Chevelle Falsetto has died, struck down by the Number 48 bus. The very bus she should have been riding to work. Now, instead of explaining to her boss why she's late, Chevelle finds herself explaining to Saint Peter why she's early.

Nadina Boun: 21 Ways To Boost Your Confidence (Get Your Life And Relationships Back On Track Book 1) [Selfhelp, Selfesteem]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

21 simple, applicable, practical, easy ways to help you boost your confidence today. This is not a theoretical book, but a short call to action and part of a self development and personal growth book series. Because when you've got confidence, you can do anything.

Tomi Farrell: What to Kill For [comedy, romantic comedy, humor]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

A single woman whose biological clock is ticking hunts for a husband in the "Land of Mr. Wrongs" also known as Los Angeles. "Fortunately," she gets kidnapped by a Mexican mobster. *** Shannon is just another single woman in Los Angeles who is desperate to find "The One." She is a pretty, decently-educated Episcopalian princess, and, "it appears," there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. What appears to be wrong is that her Prince Charming is ten years overdue, and more than fashionably late in making his appearance. Meanwhile, Shannon gets kidnapped by a Mexican mobster from one of the [...]

Shannen Colton: Between the Light and Dark [Fantasy, Young Adult]

free: 22. Nov to 26. Nov

How well do you know your enemies? The light and dark elves have warred against each other longer than anyone can remember that's why Elysia, princess of the light elves, is only allowed outside after nightfall once a year. This year, a grim surprise awaits her after the Harvest Sunset. Taken from her escort by a host of goblins, Elysia finds herself dragged away from her homecity and blighted with an ailment that will rob her of her life within a week. Her only hope is to put her trust in her mysterious rescuer, an elf who claims he can provide her with an antidote, but it comes in the hands [...]

siva rama krishna kotra: Across the river ...Under the bridge....: (Romance, Psychology And Investigation)  EROTICA 

free: 20. Nov to 24. Nov

Dazzle Penkins is a twenty six years old girl and the daughter of Thomas Penkins who is owner of a conglomerate which comprises six profitable companies the turnover of all of which is thirty six thousand crores per year and profit is three thousand crores per year. She received a phone call from her father while she was in USA requesting her to come to India immediately saying that there is a very important matter needs to be discussed with her. But by the time she reached India her father died with a heart attack making her not only shocked, bewildered and distressed but also a major [...]

 ebooks which will soon be available for free

J. S. Lome: Toothless Jim: A Childrens Pirate-Treasure Adventure (The Longfellow Adventures Book 2) [Middle Grade]

free: 23. Nov

When a Crowd of Strangers Calls you Captain . . . Sixteen-year old Miles is born with a desire for battle and forced to wash dishes . . . But when wild and dangerous Toothless Jim washes ashore, Miles finds himself captain of a crew loyal to Longfellow Jim. Touting new talents, he is handed the weight of the dangerous mission to uncover Marco Polo's mythical silver. If Miles can't find a way to steal the treasure and connive with the other buccaneers, the ancient treasure will fall into the hands of the terrible tyrant, Telescope Jim who rules the South Seas in wrathful power.

Anna Maynard: My Every Breath: A memoir of love, loss and hope [Non Fiction, Respiratory]

free: 23. Nov

". . . there is so much more to the incredible life that unfolds between the pages of this inspiring and fascinating memoir." - Readers' Favorite - The compelling story of a woman's lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis and her astonishing resilience despite a double lung transplant and a senseless murder.Anna Maynard was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was six months old, at a time when average life expectancy for children afflicted with the genetic disorder was only fourteen years. Throughout her tumultuous childhood, Anna found for a life of normalcy and despite the death of her [...]

M.G. Hawking: Three Magical Beings of Light , A Short Story of a Most Unusual Encounter: For Children and Middle Grade [Children/Middle Grade, Fantasy Adventure, Humor]

free: 23. Nov to 24. Nov

A Magical Short Story for Kids and Adults. This engaging, fantastical romp will have you and your children laughing out loud, and you'll love the chance to believe in magic again, for in this story magic is not an illusion but something we all possess. Whimsical and richly entertaining from the opening scene to the unexpected conclusion, this short story takes you to a marvelous place and will resound in your heart long after the last note has been struck. Author's Note: I have been asked to take the occasion provided by the 2019 edition of this short story to provide some background. The [...]

Sergii Murashchenko: How come my son is younger than my grandson or the effective advice for preservation of men's health [Aging]

free: 23. Nov to 24. Nov

Want to have long sex? Do you want to have a powerful potency and a long erection? Follow the author's proven methodology, and regardless of age, your excellent male power will please not only you! The author has composed a set of health-improving techniques, which are aimed at the improvement of health and rejuvenation from his personal experience. In particular, the methods of preserving men's health, selected on the basis of the long-term use, are described in detail. The high efficiency of these was proven by the personal example of the author, who at the age of 60, feels great, leads an [...]


free: 23. Nov to 24. Nov

This book will be a good helper for those who decided to cook pizza for the first time in their lives. The recipes it contains are simple enough to repeat. Exact adherence to the recommendations is guaranteed to provide a good result. You will not need any special furnaces or other devices. Everything you need you will find in your kitchen.

Mark Bacera: I'm an Alien Vampire and I'm Proud of It!: A book for kids growing up in multi-cultured homes (Ace the Alien Vampire 1) [children's, Family, FIction]

free: 23. Nov to 25. Nov

Discover the Joys and Difficulties of growing up in a multi-cultured Household Ace the Alien has grown up struggling with his identity. He's not just any alien, he's an Alien-Vampire growing up in the Vampire-town of Shadyville. Not only that, but he seems to be the only half-Vampire kid in town.What kind of difficulties do Ace encounter?-Different skin tones-Different languages-Even different food preferencesBut being different isn't always bad. Come see how Ace deals with the difficulties and also the many joys and benefits to growing up in a multi-cultured household!Free coloring pages [...]

Odin Odin: The Chakra System - 21 Chakras: Most Complete Chakras Map - Description 21 Chakras, Names In Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic Tradition, Organs, Diseases, List Of Character Features [chakra information, learning about chakras, chakra books]

free: 23. Nov to 25. Nov

PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES. Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) - This is the complete chakras map: 21 chakras, chakra name - as they are known in Hinduism, Shamanism, the Slavic tradition. This is an excellent description of the chakras for beginners. Inside you will find a link to online chakra test, and you can follow free chakra test. In the chakra system description you receive the chakra locations, the possibility and chakra [...]

Jenna Wolfe Ph.D.: The Tapestry of Reality, Threads of Consciousness [Consciousness Studies, Paranormal Abilities]

free: 23. Nov to 26. Nov

New Release. "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of the existence of consciousness. The mind is the matrix of all matter." Max Planck, originator of Quantum Mechanics, Nobel Laureate. We perceive, conceptualize, and interact with what we call "reality" through our consciousness, and consciousness is the mystery of mysteries. Consciousness is the thing most directly known to us, and, in the assessment of scholars, from philosophers to physicists, it is the only thing directly known to us. The vast tapestry of the energy-matter "reality" that surrounds us seems far less mysterious, [...]

P.C. Zick: Minty's Kiss (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 1) [contemporary romance, sweet romance, holiday romance]

free: 23. Nov to 27. Nov

A childhood crush and a lost kitten combine for one sweet Christmas romance in the Smoky Mountains. When Molly retreats to North Carolina with Gracie, her ten-year-old daughter, she's surprised to find her childhood crush, Nick, still living in the area. Recovering from a divorce, Molly only wants to carve out a peaceful and happy existence for Gracie in a place where Molly always felt safe as a child. The morning after her return, Nick, more handsome than she remembered, shows up at her cabin where she spent her childhood vacations. The flush of first love surprises Molly, and Nick is [...]

Hina Siddiqui: Multidimensional Success: How to Make It Your Way of Life [Self Helt, Non Fiction, Mind, body, spirit]

free: 23. Nov to 27. Nov

Life is too precious. Why waste it in misery & pain? Let's live it to the maximum. Expect Big Changes, if you carefully read & follow this Guidebook. In this Quick Read You will learn how to attain real happiness & success in all domains of Life. This guide will help you transform in a positive way so that you could translate your life into a meaningful journey filled with true delight & peace. I am currently living the LIFE OF MY DREAMS and this book is the extract of what I applied on myself to make a life which I would never trade for anything in this world. This Book is just for you if [...]

Hesper Huffam: Dickon's Tudor Christmas Carol [humour, ghosts, Tudors]

free: 23. Nov to 27. Nov

It's Christmas Eve. Henry VII lies abed, after a hard day counting money ... After bedtime visits from "Mummy" Beaufort, and bidding a fond goodnight to Groat - his pet monkey- Henry's plans for another frugal Christmas and a 'taxing' New Year go awry when he is visited in the night by four spirits demanding he change his ways. First is the ghost of William Stanley, minus a head. Second, Richard III, whom Henry defeated at Bosworth, demanding he stops slandering his reputation. Next, 'the pretender' Perkin Warbeck, confusing him and making him doubt...and, last of all, a strangely familiar, [...]

B. Roman: Before The Boy: The Prequel To The Moon Singer Trilogy [paranormal fantasy, family drama]

free: 23. Nov to 27. Nov

Even in death, a mother guides her son through triumph and tragedy to his true destiny. Billie Nickerson must accept her own mortality as the only way her son will receive the intuitive gifts he was born to inherit, to save her family - and perhaps the world - from a disastrous fate. But learning that she has died too soon creates a Karmic crisis, as Billie tries to escape the afterlife and return to her loved ones. In this prequel to The Moon Singer Trilogy (The Crystal Clipper, The War Chamber, The Wind Rose) we learn the uncanny circumstances that that made Billie's son, David, become a [...]

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Quick Start Guide: A Simple, Step-by-Step Formula for Using Wallace D. Wattles' Principles to Create Wealth, Health, Success, Happiness, ... Quick Start & Advanced Vision Book 1) [Nonfiction, Self-Help]

free: 24. Nov to 28. Nov

WALLACE D. WATTLES QUICK START GUIDE + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! The Wallace D. Wattles Quick Start Guide is designed to help you begin creating wealth, health, success, happiness, and love in your life using Wallace D. Wattles' principles... starting today! To sweeten the deal, a free bonus has even been added to this book! As a thank you for downloading this book, inside you'll receive free access to the author's "Constructive Science 101: 3 Keys to Getting What [...]

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Productivity Acceleration Guide: How to Compress Time and Accomplish in One Day What It Takes Everyone Around You Two Days, Three Days, Five Days, or Even Ten Days to Accomplish [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Time Management]

free: 24. Nov to 28. Nov

WALLACE D. WATTLES PRODUCTIVITY ACCELERATION GUIDE - UPDATED EDITION + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! Based on the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, and the author's many years of personal experience implementing them, the Wallace D. Wattles Productivity Acceleration Guide will help you compress time and accomplish in one day what it now takes you two days, three days, five days, or even ten days to accomplish. To sweeten the [...]

J.A. Kalis: Wrath Of The Jaguar Man (The Curse Of Inca Gold Book 2) [suspense thriller, action treasure hunting, international adventure]

free: 25. Nov

Non-stop action. An enthralling treasure hunting adventure with a tinge of romance. A high-octane thriller full of unexpected twists and turns that will take you on a roller coaster ride of mystery and edge-of-your-seat suspense into the heart of the Amazon jungle, to Paris and harsh, semi-arid plains of south western Spain. When Didier embarks on a quest to recover a priceless artefact, he gets entangled in more than he has bargained for. Meanwhile, the ruthless treasure hunters resolve to go back to the ancient ruins hidden deep in the Amazon jungle with the aim of finding other intact [...]

Odin Odin: Why The Gods Do Not Hear Us - Practices: Psychic Protection Guide, Energetic Protection Book, How To Strengthen Aura, To Activate The Ability, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself (Free Bonuses) [workbook self help, psychic powers, chakras for beginners]

free: 25. Nov to 26. Nov

PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES! Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) This workbook is the ideal training for beginners and for experienced yogis, healers, esoterics and those who are involved in the divers technique of desires execution, who want to fulfill their potential; to attract money and luck; to be defended against psychic attacks; to increase immunity; to get rid of chronic fatigue, stresses, depression and other negative [...]

Edward D. Tigger: The Vegetarian Cookbook: 60 Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for the whole Family [vegetarian cooking]

free: 25. Nov to 27. Nov

Mari Dichyan: With a Loving Ghost on Our Side (Gay Romance Book 1) [Bisexual Romance, Gay Fiction]

free: 25. Nov to 27. Nov

Annette is a ghost of the benevolent type. She spends her days pining after the man she had been planning on marrying before her untimely demise. Unfortunately, the man is troubled, blaming himself for her death and using it as an excuse not to love again. This friendly ghost is not about to let that happen. Brian is a sexy doctor with a heavy weight on his heart. Ever since his lovely fiance died, he has not had it in him to continue to live life to its fullest, afraid of being hurt by loss again. Not even the unknown meddling of his former fiance's ghostly presence is enough to revive this [...]

C.C. Bolick: Run Don't Think (The Agency Book 1) [paranormal, vampire, teen romance]

free: 26. Nov to 28. Nov

One hundred thousand dollars. A government agency on their trail. Two teens are about to learn their world will never be safe again. In this thrill ride, Angel and Skip go on the run after learning her dad works for a government agency. One of his deadliest enemies is out for blood and Angel could be his next victim. The teens must fight to stay alive as their road trip finds them running from cops and dodging undercover agents. No one is safe from the man with glowing eyes that only Angel can see. Angel has no idea her dad's agency monitors people with special powers or that she's been on [...]

Levan Chaganava: Pele’s Virtual Game [Fairy Tales, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi]

free: 26. Nov to 30. Nov

Lizz Lund: #1 Bundle of Fun - Humorous Cozy Mysteries - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes: Kitchen Addiction! + Christmas Bizarre - Books 1 + 2 [mystery series, humorous fiction, vampire humor]

free: 26. Nov to 30. Nov

Alix Lee: True Tales of a Traveller Volume One: The Long Way Home & Other Stories [Non-fiction, budget travel]

free: 26. Nov to 30. Nov

The True Tales of a Traveller series of short stories and novellas consists of several dozen real-life travellers' tales covering three and a half decades. Although presented in a short story format for reading convenience, these stories are not fiction. Apart from some of the characters' names, which have been changed to protect their identities, everything in these stories is true. These stories do not all fit neatly into the 'travel story' genre, although some will indeed meet most readers' expectations in this regard. Others are simply adventures - or misadventures - that happen to have [...]

Mr. Mr. Mintz: Easy Christmas Origami. Fun Christmas Story,12 Projects, Easy-to-follow Instructions (Dover Origami Papercraft Book Book 2) [Papercrafts Origami]

free: 27. Nov

Revel in the joy of Christmas and spread the holiday cheer with this amazing origami storybook and kit! Are you on the lookout for imaginative ways to help your kids express their natural creativity and sate their endless curiosity? Do you want to discover an exciting, inexpensive way to develop critical skills without relying on screens? If yes, then keep reading. Easy Christmas Origami is a special kit that was designed to be an inexpensive alternative to the paper book. It consists of an engaging Christmas story and contains a link in the book to download awesome templates for free so you [...]

Marcin Klinkosz: Jump Over It: Build Self Confidence and Stop Procrastinating [Self-Improvement, Motivation, Motivational Business Management]

free: 27. Nov to 28. Nov

National Bestseller! How to stop procrastinating like a champ. In a certain sense, we are all athletes. We have our arena where we want to become superstars. It might be sales, trading, transactions worth millions or writing books that will become bestsellers. Unfortunately, it's us that decide never to enter this arena at all. We are piling up countless "buts" and great reasons why we should stay exactly where we are and don't take any risk by chasing our dreams. It's us that are throwing our goals and dreams into drawers and letting them gather dust. Once you're adult, you have no coach who [...]

Odin Odin: Healing Mantra - Creating The Channel With Gods: Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Shiva Mantra - Mantra For Happiness, Peace, Prosperity (Daily Mantra, How To Build A Bond With God, Free Bonuses) [happiness peace prosperity]

free: 27. Nov to 29. Nov

PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES. Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) There are two interconnected practices. In the first practice - with the help of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra you turn out the channel with God - with Lord Shiva, and with the second - you develop the INTERNAL ATTENTION. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful mantras of the Vedic era. It is called the great and magic: it protects [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement | A Guide to the Book by Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey [non-fiction, metoo, feminism]

free: 27. Nov to 01. Dec

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. ZIP Reads is wholly responsible for this content and is not associated with the original author in any way. If you are the author, publisher, or representative of the original work, please contact info[at]zipreads[dot]co with any questions or concerns. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey are a dynamite team who opened a can of worms that can never be resealed. Money, power, sexism, and assault meet level-headed [...]

P.C. Zick: Jingle Bell Love [contemporary romance, steamy romance, holiday romance]

free: 28. Nov to 29. Nov

Rick Yuzzi: The Twelve Days of Christmas [Christian Fiction, Heartwarming]

free: 28. Nov to 29. Nov

Brett Riley had a plan to escape Christmas. A road trip to Vegas. He thought it would be the perfect way to avoid painful memories he associated with the holiday--a pain that had grown as the years passed, especially now that he was retired from the military and living alone. Brett hadn't anticipated meeting Grace on the first day of his trip, an intriguing hitchhiker he picked up in a rest stop, who over the next twelve days would help him come to terms with his past and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Tiffany Shelton: College Cookbook: Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes for Every Student.Gain Energy While Enjoying Delicious Meals [Healthy Recipes]

free: 28. Nov to 29. Nov

Aaron Adams: A Day at the ZOO: Bedtime story books for 3 - 5 years. [Animal books for kindergarten. Hidden picture books. Best kid picture books. Baby zoo animals. Top children's book list] (What's this 2) [Short stories]

free: 28. Nov to 30. Nov

Take a look, bonus inside for you! Looking for a book with a cute bedtime story and colorfull picture? The book will not only help your baby fall asleep but will acquaint him with different colors, animals from the zoo. At the zoo, there is always lots to see. Come on everybody just follow me. We are going to have fun and play a game. Can you tell me which animal is not the same? ... Beautifully illustrated throughout. For young readers aged 3-5 years. Teaches children to be observant and teaches them about the varying species of animals in their world. Written in an easy to read rhyming [...]

David Lowe: Blow It Up: 21 Ways Your Startup Can Shake Up An Industry And Change The World [Small Business, Entrepreneurship]

free: 28. Nov to 02. Dec

90% of startups fail. Launching a business is unbelievably tough. Blow It Up is a new type of startup book showing you how to launch a business, grow it and then sell it. Few books focus on the full life cycle of a startup. This is the exception. Entrepreneur David Lowe shows how we can launch a business in a foreign country, fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it. The British/American maverick has written his own rules for success and Blow It Up contains many frank anecdotes that perfectly encapsulate the entrepreneurial spirit. Highlights include: - Getting a deal with the Los Angeles [...]

Diane Holiday: Love in Hiding (Love Beyond Danger Book 1) [romantic suspense, romance, contemporary romance]

free: 28. Nov to 02. Dec

With her life at risk, Sarah Cooper must hang up her ballet shoes... ...And assume a new identity on a horse ranch in rural Maryland. Mucking stalls is a far cry from center stage, and the ranch's so-called "horse whisperer" is the complete opposite of the men she's used to. He's stubborn, sullen, and sexy. Unfortunately, he's also suspicious... Of her . Bruce Murphy trusts his horses, and since the new ranch hand showed up, they've been skittish. Sarah's trouble, and Bruce wants her gone before he loses anyone else he cares about. She challenges him until he can't decide if he should kiss or [...]

Anne Joyce: Arid [science fiction, post apocalyptic]

free: 29. Nov

"This is a must read novel for anyone who enjoys a good post-apocalyptic story."- Author Anthony Avina "I look forward to reading more by this author."- Amy Shannon "I believe readers that enjoy dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories would appreciate this book"-Jeyran Main When the water's all gone, what will you do to survive? It's the distant future. The earth is scourged by nuclear warfare and natural resources have become scarce.To top it all off, the country is overtaken by wealthy moguls who dominate the water [...]

Byron Fortin: Through the Psyche of Ambrosia: Part I (Worlds Beyond Scripture Book 1) [Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction]

free: 29. Nov

Raised by his Mothers on the principles of the Goddess, but not one to believe, Ambrosia longs for the day when he can free himself of faith completely. Rituals of invocation, tales of reincarnation, dimensional coalescence, spirits and the astral plane... he never felt or saw anything during these teachings, and certainly nothing that he would consider proof of the lore, which brought him to the logical conclusion that there is truly nothing else out there--merely works of fiction. Yet all things change when Mona, a family friend he's never met before, offers to grant his wish and take him [...]

Byron Fortin: Through the Psyche of Ambrosia: Part II (Worlds Beyond Scripture Book 2) [Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction]

free: 29. Nov

Journey with Ambrosia through an evening of fantastical ravishments as the residents of The Nebula celebrate their most sacred of days, Samhain, in this second installment of the Worlds Beyond Scripture series. Can the seductive Regina solve the riddle of the mystifying written words that haunt Ambrosia and echo through his soul, or will the night of thinnest veil propel him further down the spiral of madness to a complete breakdown of his reality? The runes foretell a choice to be made... Will it be his Star shine, or Summer love that wins out these passions to completely hold his heart in [...]

Serena Lane Ferrari: Saving Tally: An Adventure into the Great Pacific Plastic Patch (Save The Planet Books - Book 2) [Kids]

free: 29. Nov to 30. Nov

Tally is a curious little turtle with a talent for getting into trouble. Her best friend Ara is a wise and strong lobster . The most dangerous part of the ocean is about to shock Tally and Ara and make them realise that their underwater world isn't always charming. Will they be able to escape the danger? An engaging book that addresses the issue of plastic pollution and how it impacts our oceans and sea life. "When we protect our Planet we're protecting our future! Saving Tally makes children understand that they can do something - even if it's very small - to help take care of our oceans ." [...]

M.D. Dalrymple: Holiday Pay (Men In Uniform Book 4) [holiday romance, police romance, christmas romance]

free: 29. Nov to 30. Nov

Ready for some hot holiday action and handcuffs? Christmas should be the loveliest time of year, but the drunken antics of the local Councilman are causing trouble for the boys in blue. Officer Jaden Sinacore had already arrested the Councilman several times, but the man knew enough powerful people to walk every time. So when he pulls duty for the Holiday Festival, Officer Sinacore dreaded another encounter with the man. Instead, he has a chance meeting with a stunning red-headed city worker handing him a hot coffee. He spends the rest of his duty keeping the peace and keeping up with Jena. [...]

Jerri Blair: Justice for the Black Knight [Historical fiction, Coming of Age, Racial Justice]

free: 29. Nov to 30. Nov

"Justice for the Black Knight" won the 2015 Beverley Hills Book Award for Best Legal Thriller. It was awarded the prestigious star by Kirkus Reviews which called it "...superbly crafted...intricately detailed...a must read story of relationships, prejudice and bravery, a vivid paeon for justice." Red City Review wrote that it "...quite astutely tackles the topic of racism, combining the best attributes of legal thrillers like 'The Firm' with the exploratory and contemplative tone of subtle but powerful works of literature like Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible Man." Clarion Reviews called it "...a [...]

Joseph Mark Brewer: The Gangster's Son - A Shig Sato Mystery (The Shig Sato Mysteries Book 1) [Thriller, Suspense]

free: 29. Nov to 02. Dec

A Tokyo back alley is no place to die. Beautiful young Kimi Yamada is murdered. The crime grabs headlines. But will she get justice? All Tokyo Police Inspector Shig Sato wants is to work one last case before mandatory retirement ends his career. After three years in exile with the nation's Security Police protecting diplomats and VIPs, he's back doing what he does best - solving crimes. His team begins investigating Kimi's murder. But right away, Sato discovers his family's long-held secret ties to a criminal dynasty could set Kimi's killer free. And there's nothing he can do. Or is there? [...]

Joseph Mark Brewer: Tokyo Summer [Mystery, Thriller, Suspense]

free: 29. Nov to 02. Dec

Kevin Bradley: Bully Boys [thriller, mystery, suspense]

free: 29. Nov to 03. Dec

Dave Dobson: Flames Over Frosthelm [Fantasy, Buddy Cop, Humor]

free: 29. Nov to 03. Dec

An Investigation Gone Awry Sometimes, your case takes a left turn. Or three or four. Marten Mingenstern and Boog Eggstrom are provisional inspectors, fresh out of Inquisitor's Guild training and eager to prove themselves. Assigned the mundane task of tracking down stolen jewels, they instead uncover a mysterious cult set on destroying the city. After a thief explodes, they earn the enmity of a vicious noble, the Chief Inquisitor gets bought off and goes rogue, they are seized by barbarians, and they are sentenced to death at least a couple of times. In a final, frantic race with prophecy, [...]

Tomi Farrell: The Lucky Winner (The Lucky Series Book 1) [young adult, crime thriller]

free: 29. Nov to 03. Dec

A mind-bending mystery that takes you on a thrilling journey with a dash of humor! *** Can you die of boredom? Sitting in her small den, surrounded by nothing that she can legitimately call "civilization" in a small town in North Dakota, that is the question that frequently crosses Ella's mind. Like a typical teenager, she longs for a life she doesn't have, dreaming of the extravagant world of Hollywood stars. But when her mother's extraordinary luck makes her wish come true, it doesn't take long for her to desperately want to take back that wish. As strange events begin to transpire, she [...]

Odin Odin: Stopping The Internal Dialogue: Simple Way To Stop Negative Self-Talk, How To Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts, How To Remove Negative Self Talk (Emotions And Thoughts, How To Remove Negative Thinking) [positive thinking, stop negative thoughts]

free: 30. Nov to 01. Dec

J. Roshni: The Hedgehog Trail [Middle Grade Novel, Animal story, Adventure]

free: 30. Nov to 01. Dec

Edward Evans: Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners: Master Your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Basics with Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes Anyone Will Love [instant pot cookbooks, instant pot recipes, pressure cooker recipes]

free: 30. Nov to 04. Dec

Do you have an Instant Pot set up in the kitchen, but have no idea how to master all its functions? Do you want to enjoy quick, healthy, and effortless recipes using the most straightforward cooking appliance ever? Then this Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Beginners will guide you on how to make the most of your new kitchen assistant! The Instant Pot is a convenient cooking tool for overworked singles and busy moms who need to be able to put a hot meal on the table quickly and in just a couple of simple steps. Using an Instant Pot can reduce your cooking time by 70 percent! [...]

Gloria Repp: The Story Shell (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 2) [Children]

free: 01. Dec to 02. Dec

Pibbin the treefrog's adventures continue! Gaffer's wonderful story shell has disappeared. Is there a thief in Friendship Bog? It's up to Pibbin to track down those tracks, find the shell, and solve the mystery . . . alone! Book 2 in TALES OF FRIENDSHIP BOG. ~Color illustrations, map, and reference frog photos. ~An easy-to-read adventure for ages 7 and up. ~Also available as paperback and audiobook.

Serena Lane Ferrari: The Hidden Spaceship: An Adventure Into Environmental Awareness (Save The Planet Books) [Children, Kids]

free: 01. Dec to 02. Dec

When Amelia and Noah stumble across a spaceship, an out-of-this-world adventure begins! The friends have a very special mission - to help save the Earth's ecosystem . They must go on a daunting journey to another planet, find a treasure chest and complete their quest. What secret does the treasure chest hold? " This emerging author is so passionate about the future of our planet that you can't help but be drawn into her stories and totally inspired! The Hidden Spaceship is full of excitement, bravery and, above all, a really important message for the young reader to take home." Lor Bingham, [...]

Odin Odin: Energetic & Psychic Protection: How To Protect From Psychic Attack, Enemies, Manipulators & Negative Energy (Psychic Protection For Beginners, Chakras Protection, Free Bonuses) [protect from enemies, protect from manipulators]

free: 01. Dec to 03. Dec

PRACTICES FOR PSYCHIC & ENERGETIC PROTECTION: HOW TO STRENGTHEN AURA & TO ACTIVATE THE ABILITY. Download Your Copy Now! LIMITED TIME BONUSES. Buy VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" (Sale) This technique is for everyday spiritual protection. It helps to soothe and protect the chakras from negative influences, overstimulation, or oppression, as well as teach you how to protect from psychic & energetic attack the easiest way. This practice needs to be used in all situations for "protection": when there are a lot of unknown people around when the tense [...]

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Advanced Vision Guide [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Success]

free: 01. Dec to 05. Dec

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