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Charles Frankhauser: Slush Pile Inspector [Literary Agent, Book Publishing, Campaign Humor]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

Slush Pile Inspector is fiction based on the adventures of the founder of Buster's Literary Ink & Paper Works in Savannah, Georgia. Forced into joining the publishing industry by a motivational speaker in biker bars, Buster Scooper finds his way into Presidential politics and takes a secret job working in the basement of a major New York City publisher.

B. Roman: The Crystal Clipper (The Moon Singer Book 1) [young adult, paranormal fantasy, time travel]

free: 15. Jun to 19. Jun

Deaf teen David Nickerson's life is in crisis. His mother has died in a car crash and his sister Sally, now confined to a wheelchair, has mysteriously disappeared. Desperate to find her, David experiments with sacred crystals and accidentally conjures the supernatural ship, Moon Singer, which transports him through time and space on a magical, fantastic journey. The people David encounters all have a connection to him, their lives destined to intertwine. Strangely, in this other world, David finds he can hear for the first time in years. This gift foretells his destiny: to explore the [...]

Libre Paley: Opening the Rose (Calyx series Book 2)  EROTICA 

free: 18. Jun to 22. Jun

A second time means twice the temptation Charlotte Vallent receives a letter from Mrs Konya, formidable mistress of 'The Estate', inviting her to return to that daydream mill of pleasure, a place committed to fulfilling a woman's sexual fantasies. Any woman. And pretty much any fantasy. Now Charlotte has a choice to make. It has taken her a year to shake off the memories of her previous visit and her participation in the Calyx Programme. But has she recovered from the gorgeous Grigori, her nocturnal watcher, helper, protector and, for one incredible night, her lover? Will he be there for her [...]

Heather Cantrell: Descent from Infinities, Secrets of the Ancient World [Cosmology, Prehistoric Civilizations, Adventure]

free: 17. Jun to 18. Jun

Explore the mysterious origin of the Universe, the evidence of advanced civilizations of tremendous antiquity, and the possible lineage of their builders. The Hubble Telescope has revealed that there are more than two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. To put this in perspective, if you hold a single grain of sand at arm's length against the night sky, the tiny patch of sky it hides contains more than 100,000 galaxies not 100,000 stars, 100,000 galaxies. "The human mind is not capable of grasping the universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are [...]

M.G. Hawking: Secrets of the Ancient World, Shangri-La: The Himalayan Journals of M.G. Hawking [Ancient Mysteries, Exploration Discovery, Lost Civilization]

free: 16. Jun to 18. Jun

Explore the first modern account of the reality of an extraordinary secret that has endured from the very threshold of history, the Fabled Lost World of Shangri-La. Depicted in the novel Lost Horizon (Hilton, 1933), the concept for Shangri-La was inspired by the accounts and descriptions of Shambhala that are so prevalent in the ancient wisdom traditions of cultures throughout the Himalayan regions of Asia and beyond. Scholars relate that the 4000 year-old scriptures of the pre-Tibetan Zhang Zhung culture are the earliest extant references to this mysterious realm, yet it is represented in a [...]

Susan Elliott: He Hath Called Us to Glory: A Study of II Peter [Christian Living, Ladies Bible Class, Bible Study]

free: 15. Jun to 19. Jun

In a time of persecution, unlike anything the church had ever seen or would see again, the Apostle Peter writes to encourage Christians to stand strong in the faith. Begin a study that will both uplift and challenge you to rededicate yourself to Christ. He Hath Called Us to Glory brings to light the valuable lessons, the Apostle Peter wrote to the early church, and what they mean for your life today. Why not begin a study that will help you grow stronger, and ignite your zeal for God? Get your copy of He Hath Called Us to Glory today! He Hath Called Us to Glory is great for personal Bible [...]

Brendan Fawn: Pineapple Cookbook: Pineapple Recipe Book with Delicious Homemade Pineapple Recipes (Pineapple Wonders 2)

free: 16. Jun to 20. Jun

In this pineapple cookbook, you will find exceptional pineapple recipes for your breakfast, dinner or supper. This pineapple recipe book will inspire you to discover the colorful world of pineapple cooking! For your satisfaction, pineapple cookbook includes: 50 delicious pineapple recipes Pineapple based diet and basic ideas how to prepare exotic pineapple dishes Pineapple based recipes with simple , but still healthy ingredients Pineapple recipes and fruit recipes with colorful images and much more Always remember! Your health should be your number one priority and the investment in your [...]

Emma Liam: Francisco The Angry Fugu: Bedtime Story Picture Book (Ages 3-8). Teach Kids About Anger Management, Choices and Consequences. [mental health, social/emotional competencies, school resources]

free: 17. Jun to 21. Jun

Francisco The Angry Fugu The book is required for any children who become hysterical quickly. Anger ... Being angry is normal! But what happens we do not control our anger? How does this affect us? Our lives would be easier if we learned to experience our emotions. Anger can be expressed in different ways. Often, though, it comes out as aggression which can break loose and affect others, too. Francisco Fugu will help you learn to recognize the emotion of anger. He will tell you how to control anger. When he grows up, he begins to feel omnipotent. Even huge tunas become afraid of him. [...]

Emilia Kinsey: Let's cook Moldavian: over 40 mmm....delicious recipes [cook book, slow & fast]

free: 17. Jun to 21. Jun

Dear readers, this book will take you to the world of Moldavian cuisine and the traditions of these formidable people. This is a guide to another world of cooking. Those who like to try something new and advance beyond the limitations of cooking, this is a book for you. It will help you gain a new level of taste of traditional dishes transmitted for years ...

Emma Sheppard: The Reaper's Contract (The Beast King Chronicles Book 1) [Fantasy Romance, Heroine Romance]

free: 18. Jun to 22. Jun

A fantasy tale of romance and suspense, a young heroine must overcome a forced secret marriage to a dashing lord in order to survive under the rule of a mad king. Lady Kylia Sampson is young, beautiful, and harbors a deep resentment towards the man who is bound to protect her. Lord Luke Elgin has his own secrets to protect, and no time for an impetuous young woman while the kingdom falls into civil war. Finding themselves being masterfully manipulated by the realm's greatest threat, the beauty and the warrior are thrown together in a battle to save their lives, and the kingdom. Will Kylia and [...]

Gina Crawford: Sugar Detox: Sugar Detox for Beginners - A QUICK START GUIDE to Bust Sugar Cravings, Stop Sugar Addiction, Increase Energy and Lose Weight with the Sugar Detox Diet, Sugar Free Recipes Included [Non Fiction, Health]

free: 16. Jun to 18. Jun

Sugar Detox for Beginners - Ready for a sugar detox that will end your sugar addiction for life? With Sugar Detox for Beginners you're going to discover the best, most effective way to detox your body from the harmful effects of sugar. Are you ready to jump into a sugar detox and tame your sugar cravings? Is your body desperately in need of a sugar detox? Are you tired of letting your sugar addiction control you? Sugar Detox for Beginners - A Quick Start Guide to Bust Sugar Cravings, Increase Energy and Lose Weight with the Sugar Detox Diet is a no-fluff, to-the-point mini-guide that is [...]

Gina Crawford: DASH Diet: The DASH Diet FAST TRACK Power Pack! - DASH Diet for Beginners & DASH Diet Recipes for Fast, Natural Weight Loss & Lower Blood Pressure (Low-Fat, ... Cholesterol) (Dash Diet series Book 3) [Non Fiction]

free: 16. Jun to 18. Jun

DASH Diet FAST TRACK Power Pack! - DASH Diet for Beginners & 30 MINUTE DASH Diet Recipes - A perfect match! The ultimate DASH diet power-pack for great health and weight loss! The DASH diet is a lifelong well-balanced approach to healthy eating promoted by the National Institutes of Health that is based on nutrient-rich whole foods. This fast track power pack will teach you everything you need to know about the DASH diet and how to successfully apply it to your life in order to lose weight while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. The DASH diet will make you a health magnet! U.S.News and [...]

David Scholes: Daughter of the High Lords and other Speculative Fiction Stories [David Scholes]

free: 16. Jun to 18. Jun

The book comprises a collection of some 14 science fiction and science fantasy short stories. In "Task Force to Earth XXX" heli-carrier forces from an Earth dominated by Greater Britain are able to re-enter a parallel Earth for the first time in the 30 years since that alternate reality was subjected to alien invasion. "Trathh - Return to Empire" continues the Trathh story arc as the mighty Trathh returns to his part of the Universe to find the oppressive Empire in the midst of a life and death struggle against an even more malevolent enemy. "Daughter of the High Lords", pits the High Lord [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Apart from Love (Still Life with Memories Bundle Book 1) [Literary fiction, Masterpiece]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

Apart from Love is not your typical love story. All-consuming, heart-wrenching, and dark, it is a family saga that starts when Ben returns to meet his father, Lenny, and his new wife, Anita. It is then that he discovers a family secret. How will they find a path out of conflicts, out of isolation, from guilt to forgiveness? My Own Voice ("As told by Anita"): Ten years ago, Anita started an affair with Lenny, in spite of knowing that he was married and that his wife was succumbing to a mysterious disease. Now married to him and carrying his child, how can she compete with Natasha's shadow and [...]

TM Gregg: The Tower, the Monster, and the Tree [horror, mystery, supernatural]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

Walingford is a place rife with dark history and dirty secrets, and where Dr. Patrick Denny, renowned fiction writer, has returned to the profession he had forsaken years before--psychiatry. To the astonishment of his long-time girlfriend and ambitious literary agent, Helen Olssen, Patrick abruptly moves them from the glamor and excitement of the big city to the quaint, little backwater, abandoning a lucrative writing career from which they both profited. Manipulating his way into a job at Everston Psychiatric Hospital, or Foreverston as the more lucid patients call it, the overconfident and [...]

J.S Scott: Release!: A Walker Brothers Novel (The Walker Brothers Book 1) [Limited Time Free, Contemporary Romance, HEA]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

Author Note: Although this series is loosely connected to The Billionaire's Obsession series, it stands alone and can be read without reading The Billionaire's Obsession series. But this is a steamy alpha billionaire romance, so skip it if you dislike sensual romance and explicit language. *** Includes The Billionaire's Obsession ( complete Simon & Kara's story) as a bonus*** Trace and Eva's story: My name is Eva Morales, and I was one step away from being homeless when Trace Walker came into my life. I want to hate him because of my past, but I end up making what I consider a "devil's [...]

Rhonda Smiley: Asper [Young Adult fantasy, coming of age, action adventure]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

16-year-old sorceress Milla loses everything in an instant--her father, her home, her life as she knows it--over a sacred scroll that can merge Asper with Earth. Ignited by grief, she sets out for vengeance, but discovers she's no match for the murderous queen who seeks to rule both worlds. Determined, Milla flees through a portal to Earth where she can master her craft without being hunted and return for the kill. While there, she bonds with 17-year-old Parker who, despite his conniving ex-girlfriend, believes in her. But when a spell her father cast to bury her memories begins to wane, [...]

Nancy N Wilson: WOW! You Look Fantastic: Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life [healthy diet, weight loss, healthy body]

free: 14. Jun to 18. Jun

Are you on-edge and out of shape? Discover a simple approach to get your mind and body back into their prime. Do you feel like your eating habits are beyond your control? Do you struggle with weight gain and energy loss as you age? Are you tired of chasing after the newest diet fads and workout gurus? Author Nancy N. Wilson has spent years researching and writing about proven healthy practices. After successfully applying her findings to her own lifestyle, she's here to share her most effective techniques for lasting results. WOW! You Look Fantastic! Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life [...]

stella branch: Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook: Top 33 Easy Meals For You How To Lose Weight Complete Snacks And Dinner Menu Guide To The Keto Lifestyle (Lifestyle of KETO) [weIGHT WATCHERS]

free: 18. Jun to 19. Jun

The Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook is the ultimate book to obtain a healthy keto lifestyle with the best selections of recipes, meals, nutritional information and more! The Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook includes everything you need on the Keto diet. Your Keto lifestyle has never been so easy with the Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook. The Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook is the best collection of recipes for keeping up with the Keto diet. The Essential Recipes Keto Diet Cookbook is the only book that fills the needs of every Keto kitchen with: Simple Ingredients with less [...]

Arwen Chandler: Remnant: The Clans of Arcadia [dragon fantasy, fantasy romance, epic fantasy]

free: 15. Jun to 19. Jun

Caught up in a tide of dark magic sweeping across Arcadia one man risks everything to build a new life for himself, his clan, and forbidden love... The future stands on a dagger's edge, but that dagger is constantly turning, and only Karn can choose what lies ahead for the people of Arcadia. With dark magic sweeping across the land and slashing at the clans like sharpened dragon's talons, death seeks those who resist. But Karn Elohite has emerged... --wielder of magic, dragon born, and son of a seventh daughter. Can Karn save Arcadia when all hope seems lost? Will he accept his fate as a [...]

MARTIN LUNDQVIST: The Divine Sedition (The Divine Zetan Trilogy Book 2) [science fiction, Revolution, Supernatural powers]

free: 18. Jun to 20. Jun

Guided by her prophetical visions, Keila takes on the oppressive Terran Council. But can the source of her visions be trusted? The Divine Sedition takes place in the year 2872 and follows young Martian rebel Keila Eisenstein in her fight against the oppressive Terran Council. In a vision, Keila realizes that to reach her goal to free her people, she first has to liberate the asteroid colony Eden from the tyrant Abraham Goldstein. She succeeds and takes control over Eden. Having gained control over Eden, Keila fakes her own death to fool the Terran Council officer assigned to detain her, Rear [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide | A Guide to the Book by Anthony William [health, alternative medicine, nutrition]

free: 18. Jun to 20. Jun

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Medical Medium Anthony William strikes again with his fifth bestselling book in the Medical Medium Series. Learn how celery juice is the miracle cure for all your mystery ailments! Click "Buy Now with 1-Click" to own your copy today! What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? Synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways from each chapter - The science behind celery juice and the human body - A guide to [...]

Joseph Veebe: Beginner's Guide to Cooking with Spices (Essential Spices and Herbs Book 9) [healthy cooking, healthy eating]

free: 16. Jun to 20. Jun

Have you ever wondered how to cook with spices? Learn about the many benefits of spices and how to cook with them! Spices and herbs have numerous health benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties - Find out how to start using spices as seasoning and health ingredient. Includes sample recipes Beginner's guide to cooking with spices is an introductory book that explains the history, various uses and their medicinal properties and health benefits. The book details how they may be easily incorporated in everyday cooking. The book will cover the [...]

Tony Mase: The 7 Biggest Mistakes Wallace D. Wattles Readers Make and How to Avoid Them [Nonfiction, Self-Help, New Thought]

free: 16. Jun to 20. Jun

Core Article Length: 5,853 Words THE 7 BIGGEST MISTAKES WALLACE D. WATTLES READERS MAKE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! There are seven big mistakes readers of the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, make. Any one of those mistakes, in and of themselves, is enough to prevent you from getting all you can from Mr. Wattles' writings or, quite frankly, anything at all. Combined, [...]

Wallace D. Wattles: Wallace D. Wattles' Money Lessons (Wallace D. Wattles' & Elizabeth Towne's Money Lessons Book 1) [Nonfiction, Business]

free: 16. Jun to 20. Jun

WALLACE D. WATTLES' MONEY LESSONS + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Some of the best stuff Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, ever wrote about money is contained in three articles he wrote as part of his Lessons in Constructive Science series, which was first published in Elizabeth Towne's The Nautilus, the leading new thought magazine of its day. In this exclusive book, Tony Mase, a serious student of the works [...]

Donna L Lewis: Toxic to Transformed 100 Words of Life to Renew the Mind: A Verbal & Emotional Abuse Recovery Devotional [help for depression, bible study depression, spiritual help anxiety]

free: 16. Jun to 20. Jun

BREAK FREE! Does it sometimes feel like you're trapped in a cage, pinned down by debilitating anxiety and depression? Have you been told you suffer from Complex PTSD? There are few things people go through that can match the devastation of toxic narcissistic verbal and emotional abuse. It demolishes personal boundaries, self-worth and the ability to engage with life giving relationships. Possibly worst of all, dreams are devastated along with the God given potential inside. A FRESH START! What if I told you about a new beginning? All it takes is a single outstretched hand of faith and you [...]

Jackson Crawford: Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection of Over 50 Recipes [Cooking, Nutella Cookbook]

free: 18. Jun to 21. Jun

* The Ultimate Nutella Guide! * Nutella is one of the most desired delicious spreads and desserts gaining popularity since its creation in the 1940s. We have collected 50 of the most delicious and best selling recipes from around the world! Not just spread or topping uses but actual recipes including Nutella. Nutella for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. For any and every occasion. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless. Enjoy! Take a peak at a few of the recipes inside! Nutella Brownies - Nutella Baklava - Nutella Biscotti - Nutella Eggnog - Nutella Cookies - Nutella Hot [...]

Emma Liam: How Zico The Giraffe Ended Up With a Long Neck: Bedtime Story Picture Book (Ages 3-7). Teach your kids to accept yourself and others as they are. [mental health, social/emotional competencies, children fiction book]

free: 18. Jun to 21. Jun

How Zico The Giraffe ended Up With a Long Neck Have you ever wondered why a giraffe has such a long neck? You might say to reach the leaves high in the trees. Perhaps this is the right answer. But Zico lives in town with his friend Kevin and wears a blue bow tie. It turns out that a giraffe's neck is so long because of getting into mischief and behaving badly - all for the love of hot cookies. Don't you believe that? If not, you don't understand anything about giraffes. Zico is a very funny giraffe. Sometimes even a little gloomy. Be careful if you are reading this story to your child at [...]

Oliver Phipps: Bane of the Innocent [Historical fiction, Civil War, Action adventure]

free: 17. Jun to 21. Jun

"There's no reason for them to shoot us; we ain't anyone" - Sammy, Bane of the Innocent. Two young boys become unlikely companions during the fall of Atlanta. Sammy and Ben somehow find themselves, and each other, in the rapidly changing and chaotic environment of the war torn Georgia City. As the siege ends and the fall begins in late August and early September of 1864, the Confederate troops begin to move out and Union forces cautiously move into the city. Ben and Sammy simply struggle to survive, but in the process they develop a friendship that will prove more important than either one [...]

Lizz Lund: Juicy Jersey: Humorous Cozy Mystery - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes (Mina Kitchen Cozy Comedy Series Book 5) [beach mystery]

free: 18. Jun to 22. Jun

Grab the latest funny fiction in the Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery series! More cozy comedy! More murders! Summertime, and the living is umm--not as easy as Mina had hoped. But, she finally has a full-time job, working alongside her new boyfriend, Jack (that is, Chef Jacque, when they're at Squirrel Run Acres.) That's good, right? Except that poor Mina and Jack have been working together a lot lately--specifically fourteen hour shifts in a sizzling kitchen--for months. When tempers flare hotter than fat on a fire, Jack steps up and splurges for a romantic get-away to Cape May Point, New Jersey. [...]

Julie Bower: Air Fryer Cookbook: The Best 75 Quick and Easy Recipes for Everyday Cooking [two 2019 cooker, fryer oven recipes]

free: 18. Jun to 22. Jun

Do you want to make great recipes for you and family using an Air Fryer? Have you recently bought an Air Fryer Cooker and don't know how to make the tastiest and healthiest meals? Looking for some quick and easy recipes with real-life ingredients? Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full Color. Choose the best for you - Filled with beautiful pictures, this book is a great collection of delicious weekday meals of 75 simple well-tested Air Fryer Recipes. In this Air Fryer Cookbook, you will find: 75 no-fuss meals with options for vegetarians - Step-by-step [...]

Alexis Ryan: Professor's Pet - Mature and Young Lesbian Desires: Lesbian Teacher and Student Oral Seduction (The Mature Lesbian Fantasy Series)  EROTICA 

free: 17. Jun to 18. Jun

Fulfilling Her Mature Lesbian Fantasy Anna spends most of her time fantasizing about her hot lesbian teacher, Ms. Barrett. A chance encounter with her hot teacher at a poetry club meeting is the right time for Anna to fulfill her sexy fantasy! Submitting to Her Hot Lesbian Professor One night may not be enough for her first time, but will Katie's boyfriend stand in the way? Alexis Ryan - Erotic Author Read this and all of Alexis Ryan's first time lesbian, lesbian teacher and student adult stories. All available on the Amazon Kindle Store for immediate download and reading. Enjoy! NSFW Adult [...]

 ebooks which will soon be available for free

J.J. Green: Generation (Shadows of the Void Space Opera Serial Book 1) [science fiction, space battles]

free: 19. Jun

Kickass sci-fi heroine versus deadly aliens. Growing up as a Martian on Earth has left Jas Harrington solitary, quick-tempered, and with zero tolerance for fools. All plus points when working as chief security officer aboard prospecting starships. Jas' latest berth is aboard the Galathea , which trawls the reaches of the galaxy seeking precious minerals and rare resources. She thinks it's a routine trip. She's wrong. An inspection of a far-flung planet leaves Jas suspicious that there's more to the place than meets the eye. If only she could convince the captain of the need for caution, but [...]

Adele Baker: Keto Ice Cream: Homemade Keto-Friendly Ice Creams, Frozen Dessert Recipes and Healthy Low Carb Treats for Ketogenic, Paleo, and Diabetic Diets (keto dessert book, easy ketogenic desserts)

free: 19. Jun to 20. Jun

You really love ice cream, but diet makes you abandon it? Forget this. Extremely salubrious and health-giving Keto ice cream recipes - exclusively for you Summer is just around the corner and, obviously, you hunger for ice cream! As a rule, all that brings pleasure - is harmful to health. All you need - healthy low carb desserts for Ketogenic, Paleo, and Diabetic Diets! Among a wide variety of Keto ice cream recipe books, this book stands out in that it thinks not only about what you consume, but also about how you look, about your health, about how you feel. The author Adele Baker organizes [...]

Gloria Westwood: Sexual Gymnastics: Intimate Fitness, How to Use Ben Wa Balls, Perfume With Pheromones, Girls Have their Own Secrets [womens sexual health, women's reproductive health, kegel exercises]

free: 19. Jun to 20. Jun

This thought-provoking book by author Gloria Westwood was written specifically with women in mind. It is directed at women that may be struggling to maintain a satisfying sex life or mothers who recently gave birth and are dealing with the way their body has physically changed. Using a practical perspective, it examines how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles through a variety of techniques such as Kegel exercise and using Ben Wa Balls. It also discusses the benefits of using perfume with pheromones and understanding one's own worth. This is a must read for any woman hoping to spice up their [...]

Olivia Gupta: Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: 50 Traditional Indian Dishes Made Quick and Easy

free: 19. Jun to 20. Jun

Clean the dust from your Electric Pressure Cooker and let's start cooking mouth-watering meals! Get invaluable experience of cooking delicious Indian meals in your Instant Pot and start to cook tasty homemade stews and braises. This cookbook is dedicated to the delicious traditions of Indian cuisine. Many people are too afraid to try Indian recipes as they feel that it will be too complicated for them, but fear not! Anybody can make an Indian dish with the right ingredients. I have created these recipes with beginners in mind so anyone can learn and enjoy the delicious Indian food. Instant [...]

M.G. Hawking: Mystic Wisdom of the Masters, The Esoteric Knowledge of Great Adepts: 2019 Edition [Spiritual Adventure, Occult Studies]

free: 19. Jun to 23. Jun

Explore the Most Refined and Powerful Knowledge of the Ages. You are invited to take an unprecedented journey into two legendary worlds to explore ancient wisdom capable of conveying extraordinary perceptive abilities and creative powers. Revealed in this book is knowledge offering the illumination and techniques necessary to create a superlative life, but of which very few have a full appreciation or understanding. Sweeping in an immense arc across South Asia is the Great Himalayan Range, an uninterrupted 1,500 mile long crescent of mountains with over 110 peaks rising to elevations of [...]

Wally Brown: Big Laughs For Little Kids: Funny Jokes for Children ages 5-7 [kids jokes, children jokes, kids humor]

free: 19. Jun to 23. Jun

BIG LAUGHS FOR LITTLE KIDS is a kids joke book for 5 -7 year olds containing lots of hilarious age appropriate jokes accompanied by equally hilarious cartoons. it includes some brilliant knock knock jokes too. A great way to encourage kids to read and keep their interest. Ideal for road trips. Inside you will find a clear uncluttered design. This kids joke book is lovingly illustrated with detailed cartoons that provide a visual aid to some children who may otherwise lose interest with simply reading line after line of jokes. Warning: Sore bellies and painful sides have been reported by [...]

Gloria Repp: The Mystery of the Indian Carvings [Middle Grade, Christian]

free: 19. Jun to 23. Jun

Julie, a young and troubled teen, dreads spending her summer on a Canadian island with unknown relatives. But she's intrigued when her uncle sends an older teen, Stan, to pick her up in his boat. Even better, she meets a wonderful dog who doesn't seem to mind listening to her. Julie's hopes for happiness begin to rise, but stolen artifacts and the tricks of her spiteful cousin threaten to drag her into a disaster. She can't help wondering: does God care?

Wendy Goldstein Davis: Mind Girl [magical realism, urban fantasy, new age fiction]

free: 19. Jun to 23. Jun

Meet Ava Parker - schoolkid, beloved daughter, reluctant alien. Ava has replicated lots of humans - or game pieces, as she calls them - and pretended to be all kinds of people. Now, she's honed her human camouflage talents to a T and hopes to be the longest-running human in her planet's favorite game. Even her parents and best friend have no idea what she really is. Ava knows the only reality that exists is planet Tarvana's tyrannical realm of thought. But this latest life is a real game-changer. For the first time, Ava, from Tarvana's lowest thought-caste, is loved. And even though she [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love | A Guide to the Book by Dani Shapiro [motivational]

free: 19. Jun to 23. Jun

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Dani Shapiro heroically shares the most harrowing discovery to date in her fourth memoir. A poignant reflection on the origins of life and love, her singular tale strikes a trembling narrative for the thousand others still searching for the right words. What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? Synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways from each chapter - Guide to the Key Players - A detailed [...]

Josh Andrews: Just Grill It: Ultimate Barbecue Cookbook - 100+ Meat Recipes: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Hamburger and many other Grilling Ideas [Recipe Book, Nonfiction]

free: 20. Jun to 21. Jun

Ultimate edition of grilling smoke recipes. This cookbook contains over 100 recipes for all tastes and wishes: pork chop recipes, ground beef recipes, steak, chicken recipes, salmon recipes, shrimp recipes and hamburger recipes. Easy bbq recipes will satisfy even the most exacting shef. So stop reading, heat up your grill and let's cook!

Peter Bridgford: Where Eagles Dare Not Perch [Historical Fiction]

free: 20. Jun to 21. Jun

"A remarkable Civil War tale about Northern characters fighting for their own freedom as they seek revenge." -KIRKUS REVIEWS Zachary Webster was an innocent Maine farm boy before becoming a sharpshooter, but the violence of the Civil War battlefields has turned him into a natural killer. While home on his unit's month-long furlough, he murders the man he believes has stolen his beloved. In doing so, he sets into motion three intensely dark journeys his own as a soldier returning to a brutal and hopeless war; his sweetheart's as she seeks absolution; and the brother of the murdered man, whose [...]

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff: LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS, Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good! ~: Heaven on Earth! [LivingtheLife of Miracles, The DivineUnlimitedLife, Free E*Book]

free: 20. Jun to 22. Jun

"Living The Miracle Consciousness" is more than just about miracles, and living in the Kingdom of Bliss all the time... uniting with all the Divine and Universal Forces for manifesting a limitless world of good. It is about entering Highest Levels of the Truth of your very own being, and recovering all the glory, wholeness, unity, peace, power and splendor of the Divine Soul within. Living the Miracle Consciousness offers a Spiritual Paradigm for evolving humanity...a way to live in the Highest State of communion with the Divine Source of Limitless Love, Light and Fulfillment all of the time. [...]

Sky Boss: Gerald's House: MMMF Romance  EROTICA 

free: 20. Jun to 24. Jun

On his Gap Year away from Australia Alex meets SEXY BIG DADDY Andy and the two quickly develop a steamy emotional connection. But what neither man expects is the sparks that begin to flare between Alex and Gerald, Andy's arrogant straight tenant. As Alex and Gerald's relationship smoulders away, Gerald and his girlfriend have to confront some tricky questions about their own open relationship. 25K words

Maria Ellis: Monkey Bandit and the Naughty Ball: (Rules and Discipline for Kids) (Monkey Bandit Funny Children's Books for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4) [kids books, books for kids]

free: 20. Jun to 24. Jun

Do you have a toddler who is ever so slightly tempted to bend the rules at home every once in a while (all for a "good" reason, of course)? Then you will like the story of Monkey Bandit and the naughty ball! Monkey Bandit, much like any toddler, forgets about the rules. He knows he cannot play with a ball inside the house, but are bending over the ball or touching it with one finger considered "playing with the ball"? This colorfully illustrated, funny children's story will make babies and toddlers giggle at the misadventures of Monkey Bandit. But, as a powerful teaching tool, it allows [...]

Paris Singer: The Sky Drifter [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure]

free: 20. Jun to 24. Jun

A dark secret lurks aboard the Sky Drifter... Seven is a popular student, gifted in strategy and the brutal sport of Sphere. Wandering the vastness of space, his home is the Sky Drifter: an academy for the best students in the universe. With his friends, Iris and Pi, Seven takes on rivals and visits planets for exploration and competition. Everything is the way Seven likes it, until he sees a mysterious girl who reveals a secret that brings everything he thought he knew crashing down around him. A secret that will rip him from his reality into a dark new world. Will Seven be able to escape [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of The Mueller Report [american politics, political report, justice]

free: 20. Jun to 24. Jun

Tiffany Shelton: College Cookbook: Healthy, Budget-Friendly Recipes for Every Student | Gain Energy While Enjoying Delicious Meals [Healthy Recipes]

free: 21. Jun to 22. Jun

Gain Energy, Save Your Time and Feel Great with this Ultimate College Cookbook! Students don't usually spend much time in the kitchen. But we've got your back. This book will give you an abundance of ideas for meals to eat that are delicious, easy to make, and give you the energy you need. Inside this easy cookbook for girls and guys you'll find: simplest principles of cooking , main techniques, storage rules, and tips on how to make the cooking process enjoyable quick and easy recipes that can be made in the toaster oven, microwave, or slow cooker list of basic ingredients and equipment to [...]

Kaitlyn Donnelly: Keto Sweet Treats Cookbook: Easy Ketogenic Desserts, Low Carb Snacks, Treats & Fat Bomb Recipes (best keto dessert recipes)

free: 21. Jun to 22. Jun

Boost Your Energy with Keto Sweet Treats What do you think when you hear the phrases "fat bomb" or "sweet treats"? Most likely it frightens you, especially if you are struggling with excess weight or just trying to keep fit. But do not be afraid, some fats can even be beneficial (e.g., coconut cream, coconut butter, coconut oil, cream cheese). That's the main point when including keto desserts or snacks in your ketogenic (keto) meal plan. For your satisfaction, Keto Sweet Treats Cookbook includes: Over 100 delicious recipes of sweet low carb treats, snacks, fat bombs to help you enjoy the [...]

Jennifer Oakley Denslow: An Ignorance of Means [Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, French Historical Fiction]

free: 21. Jun to 23. Jun

In 18th century France, women had few choices and little chance to shape their destiny. Within these limits, Catherine Drummond dreams of a marriage as supportive and tender as that of her parents, but on her wedding night her new husband relates his own vision. Catherine's desire for sweet domesticity is crushed when Robert Picard reveals himself to be a man of his time, and assumes he will have the freedom to cavort without censure among the pantheon of women he has always kept. She is trapped in the gilded cage of the chateau Lac d'Or. Catherine attempts to escape only to be cast into a [...]

Phoebe Darqueling: No Rest for the Wicked (Mistress of None Book 1) [Gaslamp Fantasy, Steampunk, Paranormal]

free: 21. Jun to 23. Jun

"A skillfully woven, amusing mystery, reminiscent of Steve Martin and Chevy Chase." - Authors Reading Other people just think they're "haunted by the past." In Vi's case, it's true. Clairvoyant Viola Thorne wants to forget about her days of grifting and running errands for ghosts. The problem? Playing it safe is dull. So when a dead stranger begs for her help, Vi jumps at the chance to dust off her hustling skills. The unlikely companions are soon tangling with bandits, cheating at cards, and loving every minute. Then she finds out who referred him, and Vi has to face both a past and [...]

J.S Scott: Ethan's Mate (The Vampire Coalition Book 1) [Paranormal Romance, Love, HEA]

free: 21. Jun to 25. Jun

Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. If he has a problem...he solves it. If it's an evil problem...he kills it. But his uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her. Brianna Cole is weak, her life force fading away. She thinks she is suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Little does she knows that her illness is much more complicated. She's dying because she has not united with her [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Coma Confidential (Ash Suspense Thrillers with a Dash of Romance Book 1) [Medical Thriller, Must Read]

free: 21. Jun to 25. Jun

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Music of Us comes a thrilling and poignant new novel:Ash finds herself in the ER diagnosed with coma. She has no memory of what has happened to her, but what she can do--despite what everyone around her might think--is listen to the conversations of her visitors. One of them is the man who raped her. For Ash, there is little time to gather clues: blackouts are happening not only in the hospital but throughout California. The Russian hackers who are intent on sabotaging the power grid are trying to blackmail her boyfriend, Michael, into helping [...]

Cal Y. Pygia: Bottoms Up: An Erotic Reader: Volume XIII: Wilder Things [erotica, LGBT, short stories]

free: 22. Jun

A companion volume to Wild Things (Vol. XII of Bottoms Up: An Erotic Reader), Wilder Things also explores explores the sexuality, sex interests, and sexual lives of the sex-obsessed younger generation, affectionately called. here, Wilder Things. Whether you yourself are a Wilder Thing or just want to recall how things were back in the day, when you were a Wilder Thing, Wilder Things is just just what you're looking for. Read it, love it, and, please, review it!

michael stewart: The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Cookbook to a High-Low, Low-Carb Keto Life | Completely New 14-Day Meal Plan [WEIGHT WATCHERS]

free: 22. Jun to 23. Jun

"This is amazing the Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners and an wonderful way to lose weight! The recipes are amazing. Michael has put together recipes that are delicious, beautifully displayed and easy to follow as promised." - Stella Branch, Keto Diet Expert "This Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners deserved to become the bestseller." - Alex Zizi, CrossFit Expert Success on The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners is achieved by following its high-fat, low-carb principles which means you need Keto recipes that are easy, fast and enjoyable. In The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners you'll find: easy [...]

Edward D. Tigger: The Vegetarian Cookbook: 60 Easy and Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for the whole Family [vegetarian cooking, vegetarian soup]

free: 22. Jun to 26. Jun

Bill Percy: Climbing the Coliseum (Monastery Valley Book 1) [Mystery, Psychological]

free: 23. Jun

"A light, breezy thriller, but its tale of a troubled man acting as a father to an equally troubled girl has exceptional dramatic impact." - Kirkus Reviews It's the rugged Monastery Valley of Montana. High on the cliff called the Coliseum stands a man, deciding whether to live or die. In the valley below, Grace Ellonson, fourteen, will be abandoned by her mother. Where has Grace's mother gone, and why has she left her daughter behind? A rancher will be seduced into a racist and anti-government conspiracy who's leading the conspiracy and what are his plans? Depressed psychologist Ed Northrup [...]

Gina Crawford: Sugar Detox: Sugar Detox for Beginners 2 for 1 FAST TRACK Power Pack! - A Sugar Detox Diet Box Set for Fast Weight Loss & an End to Sugar Addiction for ... (Sugar Detox & Sugar Free Recipes) [Non Fiction]

free: 23. Jun to 25. Jun

SUGAR DETOX FAST TRACK POWER PACK! - Sugar Detox for Beginners & Sugar Free Recipes together! Sugar detox box set - Fast track your way to weight loss & great health Ready for a sugar detox that will end your sugar cravings and sugar addiction for life? Is your body desperately in need of a sugar detox? With the Sugar Detox for Beginners Box Set you're going to discover the best, most effective way to detox your body from the harmful effects of sugar AND how to end your sugar cravings and sugar addiction for life! How Sugar Detox for Beginners can save your life Statistics say that the [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of the Universe | A Guide to the Book by Steven Strogatz [science, mathematics, nonfiction]

free: 23. Jun to 27. Jun

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Author and mathematician Steven Strogatz shares a deep secret he has discovered - that calculus is the primary operating code of the universe! He shows you how every expression of nature that you see can be broken down into a set of differential equations. Once you understand how calculus runs the cosmos, the universe will open up to you in unimaginable ways! Click "Buy Now with 1-Click" to own your copy [...]

Jessica Adams: The Underground Toy Society Saves Peggy [children's book, picture book, bedtime story]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

Peggy remembers a time when she was the only baby doll in the house. Janice loved Peggy so much, but as all little girls do, Janice grew up. Peggy was passed down to Janice's two daughters, Jessica and Jennifer. Peggy had to learn to share her time with other toys. After the two girls grew up, and Janice passed away, Peggy was forgotten. What will happen to Peggy? How will she ever find children to love her again?

Jessica Adams: The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive [children's book, picture book, bedtime story]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

The Underground Toy Society helps toys find new homes. Sometimes finding new homes is not easy. When Murry Mole takes a wrong turn and digs a tunnel to a toy store, they thought the toy bin would help toys find homes easier and faster. However, only new toys were allowed in the toy bin. How will forgotten toys find a home in time for Christmas?

Janiece Adams: The Funny Foods Best Friends [children's book, picture book, bedtime story]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

Peppsie the Pizza is losing all hope of ever finding a friend. He goes out and searches, but can't find anyone to be his friend. Will Peppsie the Pizza ever figure out how to make a friend?

Emma Cross: Green Smoothies : for healthy lifestile [Vegan Cooking, Low fat Diets, Low fat cooking]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

Do you like smoothies? Do you like GREEN SMOOTHIES? Fresh and healthy smoothies are important parts of weight loss programs. In this nice book Emma Cross propose you tips and tricks on how to make you perfect drink, how to make quick and easy smoothie recipes at home. Bright recipes of Green Smoothies will help you make amazing smoothies for you friends. Tasty smoothies recipes for weight loss, for health and energy, fresh smoothies for detoxing. If you are a Green smoothie lover , you need to have this great and useful book!.

Zoe M. McCarthy: The Invisible Woman in a Red Dress (Twisty Creek Book 1) [Christian Romance, southern rural family, clean contemporary love]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

Candace Parks lives a passionless life in Richmond, Virginia. The computer programmer returns to the empty family home in the Blue Ridge Mountains to evaluate her job, faith, and boyfriend. Her high school crush, star football player and prom king Trigg Alderman, is in Twisty Creek visiting his grandmother who lives next door to Candace's family home. He doesn't recognize her at first and remembers little about her. He's not alone. Candace's rekindled attraction to Trigg adds unexpected complications to finding her passions. Sorting her life out? How about nothing of the sort!

Robert Thornhill: Lady Justice and the Living Trust [mystery, humor]

free: 24. Jun to 28. Jun

On his deathbed, the ninety-year-old former bookkeeper for the Kansas City mafia names Walt as the successor trustee on his Living Trust. An unsuspecting Walt soon discovers that his duties include keeping an eye on the heirs who must complete some very specific tasks before claiming their inheritance. When things start to go south, Walt soon learns that the heirs will resort to anything, including murder, to get their hands on their grandfather's money.

Alexis Ryan: Uninhibited An Explicit Lesbian Experience: First Time Lesbian Girl-on-Girl Sex (First Time Lesbian Seduction Series)  EROTICA 

free: 25. Jun to 26. Jun

Katie's First Time: Hot Lesbian Sex Acting on her bi curious urges, Katie finally takes the plunge and fulfills her lesbian fantasy by hooking up with sexy, androgynous Alex for a night of steamy girl on girl action! All inhibitions are thrown out when femme Katie can't get enough of butch Alex - and vice versa! One Night Stand - or More? One night may not be enough for her first time, but will Katie's boyfriend stand in the way? Alexis Ryan - Erotic Author Read this and all of Alexis Ryan's lesbian, first time lezbian experience, bi curious adult stories. All available on the Amazon Kindle [...]

J.S. Strickland: Straight Guys Go Hard Gay: The Ultimate First-Time Collection (The Straight to Gay Boy Series)  EROTICA 

free: 25. Jun to 26. Jun

All your favorite J.S. Strickland titles in one collection! Poker Night - First Time Going Gay: Submitting to My Gay Fantasy Locked Out - Straight Guy Goes Gay: My First Time Gay Sex Late on Rent - My First Time Going Gay: Secret Interracial Gay Desires New Year's Eve Party - Markus Goes Straight to Gay Hard Basic Training - First Time Gay Threesome J.S. Strickland - Erotic Author NSFW Adult audiences only Not safe for work

Miik Yu Suk: Escape Beyond the Barriers [Science Fiction, Aliens, Individualism]

free: 25. Jun to 29. Jun

Sailor flees her home to avoid an attack by gang members. She stashes herself in the garage of her neighbor, Timi, who invents equipment at a military black site and who also tinkers in his garage. One of the gang members, Rocky, tracks her into the garage, so Sailor hazards her chances with Timi's invisibility device still under development instead of contending with the gang's violence. Rather than become invisible, Sailor transports to a world, Notia, in another universe, but Rocky pursues her there. The ruler or caretaker for that territory, Slick, dips into the minds of all living [...]

Grace Risata: Mowed: An Erotic BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) Comedy Romance  EROTICA 

free: 25. Jun to 29. Jun

Curvy girl Pepper is accustomed to flying under everyone's radar. Being a big girl hasn't led to many dates or exciting adventures. All of that was about to change. Through the small-town rumor mill, Pepper learns her old teenage crush just moved back to town. Jason was the star quarterback, prom king, and also Pepper's neighbor from across the street. One day he sees Pepper out mowing the lawn and makes her an offer of no-strings attached, no-holds barred sex that has the potential to benefit them both. Nothing quite turns out the way either of them thought it would. Click to look inside and [...]

J.L. Myers: Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden [paranormal romance, historical romance]

free: 26. Jun to 28. Jun

Think you know the story behind Lucifer's fall from grace? Think again... Before Earth there was Heaven, a place of immortality and subservience where angels existed to watch the world transform. Until one angel changed everything. Stripped of his essence, flesh replaced light, and the weight of Lucifer's new wings bore down on him like a burden...until he saw her. By his side since the dawn of time, Gabriel was Lucifer's closest companion in brilliant light. But seeing her in the flesh changed him. Lucifer can't look away. And not because she's perfection personified. Beyond Gabriel's [...]

Lizz Lund: #1 Bundle of Fun - Humorous Cozy Mysteries - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes: Kitchen Addiction! + Christmas Bizarre - Books 1 + 2 (Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery Series - Bundle)

free: 26. Jun to 30. Jun

TWO funny Mina Kitchen mysteries for the price of ONE? BOGO! 2 COZY COMEDY 5-STAR MYSTERIES! KITCHEN ADDICTION: Amazon "Vine Voice" 5-star review ** CHRISTMAS BIZARRE: "Reader's Favorite" 5-star review! If you're looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, chatty animals (in the guise of pets) -- and recipes -- look no further. Lund's cozy mystery series - Books 1 & 2 - are hilarious light hearted mysteries that blend delightful characters and great dialogue with a dash of thrillers and suspense. These cozy comedy capers whip up frothy fiction that's sure to amuse Kindle readers. [...]

S.J. Cook: Keto Breakfast Cookbook: Easy, Healthy, Low Carb Keto Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day (Easy Keto Cookbook, Easy Keto Recipes) [Cooking, Non Fiction]

free: 26. Jun to 30. Jun

Do you like to maybe lose a few extra pounds without putting too much effort into it? Or would you simply like to improve your overall health? Keto diet is a popular weight loss strategy, but you don't have to stick to it for the sole purpose of losing weight. This ration has enough other benefits. The keto diet is demanding, harsh and aimed at rapid weight loss. ***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you*** This is a keto cookbook , which contains a lot of easy keto breakfasts ideas: Keto Toast With Butter and Jam [...]

Gloria Repp: Catch a Robber (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 4) [Children, Easy-to-read, Adventure]

free: 26. Jun to 30. Jun

A treasured necklace--stolen. A good friend--jailed. The rabbit tribe--outraged. And Pibbin dares to follow the robber's trail into Shadow Swamp. Skitter the Lizard, Pibbin's friend, has been jailed by the rabbits. He is sure that Skitter didn't take their necklace, but the rabbits demand proof! When they suspect that Skitter's cousin is the thief, Pibbin, Leeper, and Nisk set off to track her down. The trail leads them toward Shadow Swamp and into a strange land of super-sized creatures. They're far from Friendship Bog, and Pibbin is hoping they won't run into the monster of Shadow Swamp. [...]

Christine Ellis: The Happiness Switch: How to Transform Anxiety, Depression and Other Negative Moods by Focusing On and Cultivating Good Feelings [self help depression, self help book, self help happiness]

free: 26. Jun to 30. Jun

Don't you wish you had a switch that you could just push to "make you happy"? As it turns out, you actually do! Are you struggling with your moods? Anxiety? A generalized anxiety disorder? A bipolar disorder? Depression, even? Do you feel easily overwhelmed by emotions - even run over by them? Do you have the feeling of " When it's good, it's really good! But when it's bad... O-M-G! "? Do you have a history of fighting depression, anxiety, depression AND anxiety, bipolar, bipolar depression, PTSD, mood disorders, mental health disorders and other "labels" (as I call them)? Perhaps all your [...]

Jack Beal: Emit: A Modern Myth [Science Fiction, Metaphysical, Folklore Mythology]

free: 27. Jun to 28. Jun

"'Once upon a times ' are flawed from the start." -Jack Beal A deafening explosion. A shining metal disc crashed into a cornfield. A mysterious little girl with a cryptic mission. Longing to be like the heroes in his storybooks, Robbie Flynn embarks on a quest he hopes will lead him to his missing father. But nothing is as it seems. As the moments of this mythic journey divide and intertwine, Robbie is faced with an extraordinary realization: not all paths always lead ahead.

R. L. Mosz: Connections: Five Stories Celebrating Renewal & Redemption [literary fiction, inspirational fiction, family life]

free: 27. Jun to 29. Jun

Connections: Five Stories Celebrating Renewal and Redemption Connections is a collection of thought-provoking stories that explore addiction, domestic violence, serious illness, and environmental destruction. Golden Boy Despite a promising future, Tony Kolinski drops out of medical school and hits the skids. A Touch of Evil Having survived a disastrous marriage, physicist Dr. Damon Devereaux struggles to recover from an infected physical wound and a shattered soul. Hardship House Katie and Danny purchase their Craftsman dream house, but soon thereafter he is diagnosed with a serious medical [...]

Andrew Wolfendon: Fishermen's Court [Psychological Thriller, Suspense Thriller]

free: 27. Jun to 29. Jun

"An exciting, fresh new voice in a thoughtful crime thriller. Perfect for fans of Jessica Knoll and Liane Moriarty." - Best Thrillers Finn Carroll is a failed artist living a marginal existence in his dead parents' home. So why would a team of killers want to murder him and frame it as a suicide? Finn survives the encounter to discover the killers have left behind a "suicide note" detailing a dark incident from Finn's past no one could possibly know about. Finn escapes to Musqasset Island, his former home, to seek refuge with an old friend, but soon realizes he has trapped himself on the [...]

Sky Boss: Taboo MM Erotica Bundle: Forbidden Gay Older Younger Stories  EROTICA 

free: 27. Jun to 01. Jul

These titillating tales are designed to get you excited and all of them pack a hot and sexy punch. There's plenty of contemporary Man of the House action, some forbidden holiday vacation action and a little bit of historical Ireland for your pleasure. This sexy box set contains the following 5 short stories to get you hot and sweaty ;-) 1 When She's Not at Home... 2 While the Woman's Away 3 It's a Sin 4 Bali Vacation 5 Man of the House Swimming Coach Bonus Story: The Builder 23K words total

michael stewart: Simply Keto: Your Essential 21-Day Full Plan to Lose Weight and Gain Energy, with 125+ Low-Carb Recipes [cookbook, WEIGHT WATCHERS]

free: 29. Jun to 30. Jun

If you are tired of the excess weight and the feeling of depression will not let go. If you feel insecure and shy about your body. If you constantly limit yourself to food and painful training does not help. If you do not know what to choose from a huge number of fashionable diets and complex methods of losing weight. If you want fast results and stable and tasty food. Then Simply Keto: Your Essential 21-Day Full Plan especially for you. The ketogenic diet is a modern low-carb diet with high fat intake. The fast result with good nutrition. By following the keto diet you can lose up to 20 [...]

James Lynn Page: How Astrology Works: A Professional Stargazer Speaks Out! [Sun signs, Horoscopes]

free: 29. Jun to 30. Jun

'Can't put the book down! Written incredibly well: articulate, readable, often wry and very funny, with scrupulous attention to detail. Marvellous!' - Melanie Reinhart (author of 'Chiron and the Healing Journey') THE SECRET TO HOW ASTROLOGY REALLY WORKS IS REVEALED! Are you curious about how astrology works? Here's what world renowned American astrologer Alan Oken said about this book: 'In his highly comprehensive text on the mechanism of astrology, James Lynn Page has done a wonderful job of synthesis. In this respect, he has brought together the opinions, and perspectives of various ancient [...]

Joshua Rutherford: Kinghood (The Fourpointe Chronicles Book 1) [Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy]

free: 30. Jun

From birth, Prince Jameson has been groomed to reign. On the heels of a victory against a barbarian force, he is welcomed home as a savior. His father toasts his impending marriage to the daughter of a key ally. Everything is in place for the young monarch-in-waiting. Yet all is not what it seems in Arcporte Castle. In the shadows, barons speak of usurping their sovereign. Kings doubt their alliances on the eve of signing a treaty. And one royal is much more than the man he claims to be. In the midst of this mystery and intrigue, a throne is challenged. Kin Saliswater, having ruled their [...]

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