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Peter J Karlsson: Live Your Life Purpose: Holistic Awareness Practise [Holistic Perspective, Psychology]

free: 13. Nov to 17. Nov

Live Your Life Purpose This book is a richly illustrated step-by-step guide to personal development. It describes a sustainable approach to self-actualization. In order to become both achieved and fulfilled we need to learn how to balance different and often competing commitments, and solve paradoxical situations. A structured and flexible approach to self-actualization will lead to increased and sustainable levels of achievement and fulfillment in our lives. It takes deliberate practice and a holistic approach to reach and maintain high levels of mastery and wisdom. A holistic approach to [...]

Ken Montrose: Hauling it to the Curb: Cleaning up your life in early recovery [self-help, addiction]

free: 12. Nov to 16. Nov

This 160 page workbook helps newcomers explore their denial, deal with early recovery, and work the first five steps of AA/NA. In addition to practical advice and thought-provoking exercises, this book tells the story of Matt and Rachel, a young couple in early recovery. Some of us are born into a dump. Our parents have filled our homes with loads of emotional garbage. Every room holds memories of screaming arguments, or worse yet, stony silences. Every day we pretend we live in a normal home, and every day more garbage arrives. The stench of denial is stifling. We leave as soon as we can to [...]

Ken Montrose: My Favorite Character Defects [self-help, recovery]

free: 12. Nov to 16. Nov

My Favorite Character Defects is the second book written by Addiction. Addiction describes character defects he uses to keep addicted people addicted. He challenges the reader to recognize his tricks and stop abusing whatever it is they abuse: "Hello, it's me again, Addiction. As I said in my last book, being me has gotten too easy. There's no challenge anymore to getting and keeping people addicted. That's why I wrote My Plan to Ruin Your Life, where I showed you exactly how I planned to ruin your life. Some of you weren't paying attention, so I thought I'd let you see how I work. After all, [...]

Ken Montrose: My Plan to Ruin Your Life: The first workbook written by your addiction [self-help, recovery]

free: 12. Nov to 16. Nov

My Plan To Ruin Your Life is a workbook geared to help people struggling to see how their addiction controls them. The voice of the workbook is the reader's addiction. ADDICTION'S INTRODUCTION - Don't be mad, I'm here to improve your chances of staying sober. I wrote this workbook to tell you exactly how I plan to destroy your life, just to see if that would make the game a little more interesting. Just to be really fair I'll leave space for you to plan how you will defeat me. I'll walk you right up to the trap, show you all the slippery spots, and let you see what I'm using for bait. You do [...]

PC Zick: Behind the Curtain (Behind the Love Book 3) [contemporary romance, friends to lovers, women's fiction]

free: 12. Nov to 16. Nov

She wants to be a star. He wants her. Only a quest for stardom stands in the way. Lisa Williams has discovered a way to achieve her life-long goal of becoming a famous actress by bringing a reality television show to her hometown. Tommy Jackson despises the idea of exploiting the town and hates it even more when his editor assigns him to cover the show for a Tampa newspaper. Lisa and Tommy have known each other all their lives. Tommy even dated her baby sister, Susie back in high school. But he's not her type, and her values disturb him. Besides, when she returns to town, she comes with her [...]

RP Dahlke: A Dead Red Cadillac (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 1) [humorousmystery, AmazonBestSeller, pilot drug runners]

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

When her vintage Cadillac is found tail-fins up in a nearby lake, the police ask Lalla Bains why an elderly widowed piano teacher, who couldn't possibly see beyond the hood ornament, is found strapped in the driver's seat. All too soon, ex-model, aero-ag pilot, Lalla Bains will bounce from number one suspect to confidential informant in a bizarre murder case involving cross-dressers, drug running crop dusters and a crazy Chihuahua "Wise-cracking detectives--from the rank amateurs who somehow stumble into the practice of investigating, to the licensed professionals with their fancy gizmos and [...]

Thejendra BS: FINK!: The Mafia's Nightmare [ghost]

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

There is nothing worse than a brutal crime that remains unsolved for years. What can be more painful for the victims and their loved ones to see the perpetrators still roaming free from the tentacles of justice? But not anymore. There is someone in town now who can give solace to such victims. A new headache has now entered the underworld and that's not the police. Meet a mysterious private investigator with the strange powers to solve cases that have stumped the police for decades. A man who can handle baffling criminal cases that even the world's greatest detectives fail to make any [...]


free: 13. Nov to 17. Nov

David Dunlop is fifty-five years of age. He has left his wife of twenty-nine years and now sits before a dying fire in the dismal flat he has leased as a love nest to share with a young woman from the office. Why did he leave his wife? There was no valid reason. He had merely felt that his sex life had lost its energy, its fire, and the thrill which had been there with all those women in his younger days. He sits alone. His girlfriend is away for the week-end. But he has tired of her anyway. The novelty is gone, and so, he has realised, is much of the energy he once had. He sits alone and [...]

M.G. Hawking: Descent from Infinities, Secrets of the Ancient World [Adventure, Cosmology, Unexplained Mysteries]

free: 12. Nov to 14. Nov

Explore the mysterious origin of the Universe, the evidence of advanced civilizations of tremendous antiquity, and the possible lineage of their builders. The Hubble Telescope has revealed that there are more than two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. To put this in perspective, if you hold a single grain of sand at arm's length against the night sky, the tiny patch of sky it hides contains more than 100,000 galaxies not 100,000 stars, 100,000 galaxies. "The human mind is not capable of grasping the universe. We are like a little child entering a huge library. The walls are [...]

M.G. Hawking: Forbidden Secrets: Egypt, The Lost Knowledge [Ancient Mysteries, Adventure]

free: 10. Nov to 14. Nov

New Release: Explore the Lost Knowledge of the Antediluvian Civilization of Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago a small Neolithic community in the region of the lower Nile abruptly rose to create the most majestic and enduring civilization of history. The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrates advancements that have long eluded explanation. What long lost knowledge underlies the unprecedented technology, artistic creations, and cultural sophistication of Ancient Egypt? The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian tradition [...]

Tomson Cobb: Sakura Spark: A Jago Hale Thriller (Jago Hale Series Book 1) [Action Adventure]

free: 13. Nov to 15. Nov

Sakura Spark: An addictive spy thriller you won't put down till the end, then will leave you wanting more (Jago Hale Series Book 1) An action packed espionage story of revenge, where organized crime meets political corruption - Meet Jago Hale - Jago Hale, a freelance investigative journalist with a secret past of working for British Intelligence, whose wife was killed in mysterious circumstances, is drawn back into the clandestine world of international espionage. His job is to find a mole at the top of the political elite in London who is involved with a global criminal organization that [...]

Madhumita Mandal: The Invisible Me [Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy]

free: 11. Nov to 15. Nov

A knight faces one of the deadliest bloodsheds of his time. An African slave is trapped in the intrigues of a world that threatens his survival. A modern Indian girl struggles through her daily life often marooned amid passion, desire, and commitments. An aspiring CEO treads a path of hardship, lesser travelled by people. Though they all belong to different time zones, geographical boundaries, and gender - one element of mystery behaviour binds them that defy every boundary, culture, and norm. This secretive side is cunning enough to just change the face and occupy a new possessor. The [...]

James Chapman: Charmed Life: Inspirational Tale of Miraculous Survival [Inspirational Story, Incredible Survival, Great Escapes]

free: 11. Nov to 15. Nov

This is a story that needs to be told, it is a real life personal memoir of this author's miraculous survival. He has managed to escape from an incredible twenty six brushes with death during his life. Read about the close to death events that have plagued his life and how through it all, he has remained positive and totally optimistic. If you liked I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O'Farrell, then you will love this book too. A personal memoir of the many near-death experiences, that are demonstrating the fragility of life, and its preciousness.

Elizabeth Towne: Elizabeth Towne's Concentration Lessons [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Business]

free: 11. Nov to 15. Nov

ELIZABETH TOWNE'S CONCENTRATION LESSONS + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Focus... Successful people, those who get what they want in life, have it; failures, those who don't get what they want in life, don't. It's that simple! In this exclusive book, you'll learn the three different levels upon which focus is important and how to use them to get what you want in life, regardless of what that may be. If you've ever been the least bit confused about what's meant by [...]

Wally Brown: The Undercover Brothers: An Action and Adventure Story for 9-12 year olds

free: 12. Nov to 16. Nov

Life was about to get a lot more exciting for eleven year old Tyler Bowers. The junior detective and his new robot pal discover some suspicious activities in the small town of Jasper and they waste no time in using their impressive spying techniques. A tale of true friendship and a thrilling adventure with plenty of laughs along the way.

Joseph Warren Brown: The Back Porch Kids: The Blue Elephant [paranormal, adventure, the sixties]

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

Do you believe in Santa? Well, Joey does. He wants a bicycle for Christmas. Instead, he gets a blue elephant. But, sometimes Santa can be a little late on his deliveries. Based on a true story about a family living in poverty during the 1960's. Joey's father, a World War II Army Officer, is suffering from PTSD and is not able to work.

Christopher Lester: Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook: Delicious Electric Smoker Recipes, Tasty BBQ Sauces, Step-by-Step Techniques for Perfect Smoking [bbq recipes]

free: 14. Nov

The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook is an exhaustive guide to using your electric smoker effectively. Inside the BBQ recipe book you will find: WHAT IS AN ELECTRIC SMOKER . You will get acquainted with the possibilities, benefits, maintenance tips of electric smokers. KINDES OF WOOD . Each dish goes with its own kind of wood. EAT TASTY AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE . 50+ delicious recipes for any occasion or mood. THE MEALS LOOK DELICIOUS . Beautiful photos help you to choose the most mouth-watering dish. NOT ONLY MEAT. You will discover tasty recipes for different kinds of food. And you may find [...]

Dora Hiers: Where Wishes Live [Christian fiction, Christian romance, holiday romance]

free: 14. Nov

After ten years abroad, renowned chef Camille Tulane is back in the good ole USA. Good? Ha! The only sweet memories were her family's annual holiday pilgrimages to Tennessee and hanging out with the handsome Chase Kirkland. Now, her ambitious Italian boyfriend's proposal has her running scared. She has one month to prep their vacation house for sale, one month to give Antonio an answer. But she doesn't need that long. Not when Chase smiles at her like that Chase Kirkland regrets letting Camille fly away, but he couldn't clip her angel wings. She'd never be happy in small town Steepleview, and [...]

Teresa Moore: Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: More Than 50 Easy, Healthy Recipes Anyone Can Cook (Natural Food 100) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 13. Nov to 14. Nov

Discover Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: More Than 50 Easy, Healthy Recipes Anyone Can Cook Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Who is the "vegan" type of food? Absolutely everything! Vegan food is suitable for all age categories of a person, including newborns, and is also recommended for people suffering from [...]

Robert Thornhill: Lady Justice and the Vet [mystery, humor, military]

free: 10. Nov to 14. Nov

Ben Singleton, a Marine veteran, had returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was having difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Fate, coincidence, or something else thrust him right into the heart of some of Walt and Ox's most difficult cases. Our heroes find themselves knee-deep in trouble as they go undercover in a nursing home to smoke out practitioners of Medicaid fraud, meanwhile, Islamic terrorists with ties to the Taliban are plotting to attack one of Kansas City's most cherished institutions. Join Walt and his band of senior sidekicks on another emotional roller coaster ride [...]

Michael and Danny D'Agostino: NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!! [Humor, Humorous Fiction, Sci-fi Comedy]

free: 10. Nov to 14. Nov

Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. How is it possible? Why would NASA select a civilian, non-career astronaut for the mission? Obviously, living in a confined space for nineteen months for the journey to Mars, is one consideration. Another, his screening test results prove to be exceptional, better than all other candidates. And this is a man of grit and incredible courage. He accepts NASA's offer, seeing it as an opportunity to remake his [...]

David DeLee: Blue Charlie Foxtrot: A Brice Bannon Sea Coast Adventure [sea adventure, action adventure, thriller]

free: 14. Nov to 15. Nov

The cop's say suicide, but Brice Bannon isn't buying it. Something about this case stinks worse than a dead fish at low tide. When retired Coast Guard Commander Brice Bannon looks into the apparent suicide of a war buddy, something doesn't sit well with him. As he digs deeper into the troubled young man's death, Bannon catches the attention of some shady characters. Who are they and what do they want with Bannon?

M.G. Hawking: Finding Shambhala: In The Valley of Supreme Masters [Adventure & Exploration, Unexplained Mysteries, Lost Knowledge]

free: 14. Nov to 15. Nov

Journey into the world of a profound legend through this unprecedented first-hand account to explore a reality that for millenniums has remained concealed under layers of myth and secrecy. Rarely has the world been so enduringly fascinated by an ancient legend as it has with the historically ubiquitous stories of Shambhala, the fabled hidden sanctuary of sages and mystic masters. Scholars relate that the scriptures of the 4000 year-old Zhang Zhung culture may be the earliest extant references to this mysterious realm, yet it is described in many ancient traditions; the pre-Buddhist B'on [...]

George Page: MONETALIA: The Guide to Achieve Financial Success (1) [books about success, make money fast]

free: 14. Nov to 15. Nov

This is a self-improvement, psychological book with the goal to improve your current financial situation. The book's title 'Monetalia' comes from the Latin term for money 'moneta'. Monetalia is divided into two parts - a psychological and a practical part. The author's goal behind this is to give the reader two perspectives. The first part, the psychological, discusses the details about the power of the mind on your current financial situation. However, the author believes that psychological advice without practical advice is completely useless. That's why the second part talks about useful [...]

J.J. Green: The Concordia Deception - A Space Colonization Epic Adventure (Space Colony One Book 1) [science fiction]

free: 13. Nov to 15. Nov

Sabotage at homecoming After a hundred and eighty years in deep space, the colony starship Nova Fortuna has reached its destination and long-awaited Arrival Day. Many have sacrificed everything for this moment. Leaving her life and family on Earth, genetic specialist Cariad has spent the trip in cryonic suspension, while colonist Ethan carries the hopes of six generations of volunteers who knew they would never see their final goal. A devastating attack on the new settlement forced Cariad and Ethan together, and now they must locate and defeat a deadly foe determined to sabotage humanity's [...]

Samantha Schwartz: Hoisin Recipes: A Cookbook Focusing on Dishes Using This Fragrant, Sweet & Savory Sauce [Asian Cooking]

free: 12. Nov to 15. Nov

Discover over 50 recipes where Hoisin Sauce is the quintessential ingredient in each dish. This sauce is the foundation of much of Chinese and Asian cuisine. Find dishes using Hoisin in poultry, beef, lamb, pork, seafood, noodles and vegetable dishes. It has become a go to ingredient beyond these traditional cuisines and it the highlight in every one of the recipes found in Hoisin Recipes. Hoisin sauce is a thick, fragrant sauce commonly used as a glaze for meat, an addition to stir fries, or as dipping sauce. The word hoisin is Chinese for seafood, but the sauce does not contain any seafood [...]

S M Mala: Bad Advice [romance, humour, contemporary]

free: 11. Nov to 15. Nov

Sometimes following your heart isn't the best advice... Ruby's having a problem looking for love. The divorced single mother needs someone to mend her heart. Scottie's avoiding any commitment, wanting to focus on his high flying career. But one party, a moment of madness, it all changes. Two people, with completely different views, find themselves colliding when it comes to love and life. Especially when they both have secrets they don't want the other to know about. And to make matters worse, they are drawn together by a serial killer seeking revenge on Samaritans! A romantic, sexy, black [...]

Karen Emilson: Where Children Run: A true child abuse story (Pischke Twins Book 1) [true story, memoir]

free: 13. Nov to 17. Nov

Twins David and Dennis Pischke's lives change forever when their father dies, and a man damaged by the war arrives at their farm near the isolated town of Moosehorn, Manitoba. Boleslaw Domko quickly works his way into their lives and their mother's bed. "Where Children Run" opens with one of their earliest memories the day Domko throws their infant stepsister against the wall. In this first-hand account, the Twins recall years of neglect, starvation, and enslavement; horrific beatings and candlelit nights spent in the nearby St. Thomas Lutheran Church. Neighbors intervene, but their efforts [...]

P. M. Steffen: The Profiler's Daughter (Sky Stone Thriller Series Book 1) [Female Sleuth]

free: 13. Nov to 17. Nov

A grisly murder. A six-year-old eyewitness. A gun from the grave. The Profiler's Daughter is a psychologically haunting thriller that combines murder mystery, love triangle, and family intrigue in one satisfying page burner. Sky Stone was born into the wealth and privilege of Boston's oldest Brahmin family but chooses instead to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father, legendary FBI profiler Monk Stone. In the chilly morning hours before the Boston Marathon, when a beautiful university student is found strangled and mutilated, her body left at the base of Heartbreak Hill, Sky returns [...]

Daisy Mae: Dating Daisy [Women's fiction, Humour, Romance]

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

Dating Daisy, by Daisy Mae What happens when you are recently divorced - and aged 52? Why - you try a little online dating of course! This book has been described as a cross between 'Sex in the City', and 'Bridget Jones' Diary!' Most people reading it have said that they laughed out loud! Daisy Mae has left her horrible marriage to ex-husband Voldemort. She bravely takes the plunge, chooses a dating site, writes her profile and uploads the photograph! Daisy has not had to think about dating for nearly three decades. The whole dating scene is intimidating. Read how she rises to the challenge [...]

Amanda Linehan: Ghost Coach: A Short Story [Ghost Story, Paranormal, Humorous]

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

Sarah hasn't been sleeping well. Turns out, she has a ghost in her house. But this ghost has a problem. And only Sarah can solve it.

Kimberly Hansan: Thanksgiving Cookbook: Special Holiday Recipes

free: 14. Nov to 18. Nov

Every year, Americans open their homes to friend and family with a great feast. It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of a bountiful harvest and of the preceding year. Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday as well. The Thanksgiving Cookbook focuses on all but the turkey, from cocktails to desserts, and side dishes galore, you'll find over 50 great recipes to choose. Reduce your stress and impress your family by cooking a new dish for this years Thanksgiving holiday festivities. Grab your [...]

 ebooks which will soon be available for free

Jennifer Tate: Keto Bread Cookbook: Easy & Delicious Recipes for Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo, Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets [keto recipes, low carb cookbook]

free: 15. Nov

Are you on a keto diet and love bread? No problem! In this Keto Bread Cookbook , you will find your favorite bread recipes and remain faithful to low-carb nutrition . Cooks and nutritionists have developed a food system where you can eat your favorite dishes and, at the same time, get all the benefits of a diet. The cookbook includes low-carb bread recipes for: Ketogenic bread Ketogenic muffins Ketogenic buns & bagels Ketogenic crackers Ketogenic breadsticks You can enjoy these bread recipes in low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, and grain-free diets as well. You can cook fragrant bread or muffins [...]

Adele Baker: Keto in Five: Trustworthy Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 70+ Low-Carb High-Fat Ketogenic Recipes. (keto in 5, 5 ingredient keto, 5 ingredient ketogenic cookbook)

free: 15. Nov to 16. Nov

Are you looking for easy Keto recipes that fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule? Look no further than The Keto in Five , where you'll find nutritious, flavorful, low carb ketogenic recipes that will easily transform into mouth-watering meals for rapid weight loss. This book offers: 5-ingredient recipes that are going to make life easier Keto Breakfast, Lunch, Main and Side dishes, which are full of flavor and healthy fats Simple dinner ideas, low carb desserts, chicken, beef and other fantastic recipes Special chapters for soups and salads lovers Drinks, Shakes & Smoothies that are both [...]

Amber Chellings: Contact, Three True Encounters [Adventure, Extraterrestrial Encounters, Ancient Mysteries]

free: 15. Nov to 16. Nov

While in a remote region of the Himalayas, explorer M.G. Hawking and his companions experience three encounters with individuals they believe to be the true "star beings" of ancient legends. Explore these extraordinary encounters and the profound knowledge they reveal. The creation stories of cultures worldwide relate that their progenitors came from the stars or the heavens. Ancient Egyptian texts speak of their "bringers of knowledge" coming from Orion and Sirius. Native Americans recount that their antecedents were the "Sky People" or "Star People." Throughout South America there exists a [...]

Teresa Moore: The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook: Over 100 Simple, Quick And Delicious Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipes For Beginner (Natural Food Book 102) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 15. Nov to 16. Nov

Discover The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook: Over 100 Simple, Quick And Delicious Gluten Free Slow Cooker Recipes For Beginner Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Deliciously Gluten-Free combines knowledge for healthy living and passion for tasty food to bring you 50 delectable, easy-to-make, and family-friendly [...]

Teresa Moore: The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook: Over 200 Easy Gluten Free Recipes for Every Meal (Natural Food Book 103) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 15. Nov to 16. Nov

Discover The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook: Over 200 Easy Gluten Free Recipes for Every Meal Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Deliciously Gluten-Free combines knowledge for healthy living and passion for tasty food to bring you 50 delectable, easy-to-make, and family-friendly gluten-free recipes. Deliciously [...]

David Scholes: Essential Reading in Science Fiction [David Scholes, Science Fantasy]

free: 15. Nov to 17. Nov

The book contains a huge variety of short science fiction stories running almost the full gamut of the genre. In Battle at Time's End Fate clashes with the successor to Time's Guardian. The child of an alien shapeshifter father and Earth mother is of considerable importance to human history in The Shifter Child. In Star Ravagers impossibly alien life forms seek to consume our Sun, while in Final Revenge the rape of future humanity is avenged. An extradimensional visitor seeks to help an Earth besieged by both aliens and alien gods in A Long Way From Home. While to the advanced inhabitants of [...]

J. W. Greyson: Noah's Gym Buddy: A Dirty Tale (Noah's Tale Book 1)  EROTICA 

free: 15. Nov to 19. Nov

Noah is about to fall for the last person he would expect. Noah is promiscuous and hungry for some action after he meets his trainer. He will not stop until he seduces a guy twice his size, able to break Noah in halves if provoked. Noah entered the brightly lit room in the gym. Everything was unfamiliar and intimidating. His trainer Jason is a big, muscled guy, other people in the gym are full of themselves. Noah tried to focus on his goal but quickly got distracted by Jason and realized he was falling for his trainer. A short and steamy story containing graphic scenes and language. This [...]

Uvi Poznansky: The Edge of Revolt (The David Chronicles Book 3) [Historical Fiction, Court Intrigue, Must Read]

free: 15. Nov to 19. Nov

The last thing David expects is that his beloved son will topple him from the throne. The betrayal threatens not only his life but also his legacy. Coming back to power will put Absalom in danger. Is David ready for his next move? For now, he remains silent, even as Amnon rapes Tamar, even as Absalom lures Amnon to his death. In families other than his, such crimes may be concealed. But when they occur in the king's family, they affect matters of the state and force him to escape. Will he finds a way to quell the revolt and come back to the City of David? This is a standalone novel as well as [...]

Christopher Scott: Beyond Female Infertility: Real Reasons You Are Not Pregnant Yet! [trying to conceive, Labour Room]

free: 15. Nov to 19. Nov

Infertility can be a big challenge and while you are trying to fix it you would come across a lot of symptoms that tend to look like you are already pregnant. A lot of sypmtoms such as poor egg quality , low ovarian reserve would prevent you from getting pregnant naturally . Any woman struggling with infertility would need to look at important things such as menstrual cycle, medication, fallopian tubes etc This book ( Beyond Female Infertility ) explains obstacles such endometriosis, ovulation problems, use of lubrications, age, uterus fibriods, poor oral health etc. It gives you a breakdown [...]

JB Wocoski: Dead Man’s Shift: Deadwood Chronicles Book 2 [Young Adult, Science Fiction]

free: 15. Nov to 19. Nov

50 More Strange Sci-fi and Fantasy Twisted Tales to warp your mind between moments of time. Add in strange weirdness and horror to this collection of flash fiction short stories to help you escape your mundane existence and discover new possible realities.

Barton Jahn: The Cross in the End-Times [apologetics, eschatology]

free: 16. Nov

One of the key biblical doctrines that still has not made a full recovery from the Middle Ages of history is the concept of a divinely planned and guided challenge of adversity contained within a God-composed journey of faith, which beneficially separates the believer from debilitating self-sovereignty. The Christian church must experience some portion of Daniel's seven-year tribulation. This viewpoint does not adversely affect our blessed hope, or undermine the doctrine of imminence at any time of an immediate rapture of the church, or call into question the purity of God's love for us [...]

Barton Jahn: The Christian Church in the Last Days [theology, eschatology]

free: 16. Nov

Fidelity to Jesus Christ that produces a lifelong commitment to willing service starts with our response to God's divine love. Divine love captures our hearts and minds that will motivate us to climb any mountain, cross any sea, endure any hardship, and embrace any sacrifice for a Person and a purpose greater than ourselves. The Christian church in the last days will rise to the level of Christ-like character as the light of the world God intended all along. But some issues must be confronted and resolved before we get there. Preparation for our calling involves the age-old formula of a [...]

Barton Jahn: The High Standards of God for End-Times Christians [theology, inspirational]

free: 16. Nov

One of the themes that is hidden just below the surface of the lives of the people of faith in the Bible, which is clearly apparent once you see it, is that God wants to write the scripts and screenplays of our lives (Phil. 2:13). People like Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David in the Old Testament, and Peter and Paul in the New Testament, put all of their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and even their lives on the line to follow the plans of God for them. This makes the Christian life the most uniquely challenging journey imaginable. A God-composed journey of faith is integral and [...]

Julie Arduini: Engaged: Surrendering the Future (Surrendering Time Book 3) [Christian Romance, Inspirational Romance, Kindle Unlimited]

free: 16. Nov to 17. Nov

The Surrendering Time series is an entertaining yet reflective adventure to the Adirondack Mountains. Each book takes an element of time (past, present, future) and explores through flawed and humorous characters what a surrender journey looks like. In ENGAGED, Trish Maxwell's back in Speculator Falls with egg on her face and a lot of apologies to make. She left the mountain town for her dream job in New York City, only to come back unemployed. With no prospects, she works at her family's department store and makes amends as she finds a new passion creating window displays for Adirondack [...]

R J Francis: The Fallen Mender (Principality Book 3) [Steampunk, Fantasy]

free: 16. Nov to 18. Nov

Assassins are on their way, Prince Jaimin has been told in a dream. But the royals are not the only ones in danger: a fourteen-year-old Destaurian rebel has risked her life to warn the Arrans of an imminent attack by a mysterious, fire-wielding army. One war is not yet over, and another looks set to begin. Despite the new threats, Elaina cannot afford to wait in Arra any longer. She must begin her mission: to rescue Princess Eleonora from a desert prison, and then to turn the ruthless Destaurian king to the light.Jaimin, Alessa, Elaina and Makias lead an expedition across the wild eastern [...]

Aviva Gittle: Kitten & Butterfly: A story that helps you teach your child how to be a good friend. Perfect for ages 2-8. Full color illustrations. (Kitten and Friends Book 1) [Children’s, Diversity]

free: 16. Nov to 18. Nov

2017 LA Book Festival Honorable Mention 5-Star Readers' Favorite "5-Stars: Aviva Gittle tells a charming tale that kids will love ... The illustrations by Tekla Huszar are beautiful, colorful and eye catching." -Samantha Gregory for Readers' Favorite Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can't fly and Butterfly can't chase his tail! Together, they find a way. The first book in the Kitten and Friends series, Kitten & Butterfly is a story of friendship and acceptance. You and your little ones will love snuggling up with the cutest, friendliest, [...]

Aviva Gittle: Gatito y Mariposa: (Spanish Version of Kitten & Butterfly. Great for bilingual learning.) (Gatito y amigos n 1) (Spanish Edition) [Children’s, Diversity]

free: 16. Nov to 18. Nov

Gatito y Mariposa quieren ser amigos, pero, que juegos podran jugar juntos? Gatito no puede volar y Mariposa no tiene una cola para corretear! Juntos, encuentran una manera. El primer libro en la serie Gatito y amigos es una historia de amistad y aceptacion. A usted y a sus pequenos les encantara acurrucarse con el gatito mas simpatico, amigable, tierno y querendon del mundo! *** Incluye Gratis un Libro para Colorear! *** (version para imprimir) The English version, Kitten & Butterfly, received 5-stars from Readers' Favorite! A great opportunity for a bilingual experience. Perfect for [...]

Keefe R.D: Royal Arcanum (The Royal Arcanum Book 1) [Magical realism, Urban fantasy, Young adult]

free: 16. Nov to 18. Nov

Royals have secret, as much as anyone else's. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen the white hair girl who has been haunted her dreams is coming to reality as their so-called distant relative Sylvia Elle who acts all strange and mysterious. Meanwhile, everyone in the small town of Bisbee are welcoming a new detective Chantel Herron who later becomes co-worker to Cathy's dad. A sudden circumstance has caused her mom to coma after unknown demons are failed to kidnap her. At that hard time, [...]

John Fahey: Arrival: An Immigrant Story [Memoir]

free: 16. Nov to 20. Nov

A young gay man becomes a research scientist wanting to find cures for diseases, tormented by memories of his teenage years, nightmares, facial scars, fearing his shaking means he will have a short life. His father violently rejected him. His grandfather loved him. This book follows the book Survival, about his childhood and teenage years.

John A. Autero: The Scorpion [suspense, adventure]

free: 16. Nov to 20. Nov

You watch the TV news every night and think you know what's going on think again. Three friends innocently stumble upon government information that describes a top-secret underwater excavation site and refinery that processes a newly discovered source of energy. The friends are determined to reveal the truth about the facility to the American public and stop the flow of misinformation being dispensed by corrupt authorities within the United States Government. They realize that just because something is legal doesn't mean it's right. "The Scorpion is a Thriller on steroids!"

Linda Rae Sande: The Conundrum of a Clerk (The Widowers of the Aristocracy Book 3) [historical romance, Regency, sweet and steamy]

free: 16. Nov to 20. Nov

Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many. Phaedrus When widower and bank clerk Theodore Streater discovers his late mother was not only the headmistress of Warwick's Grammar and Finishing School, but also its owner, he's in need of someone to run the rather lucrative enterprise. He turns to the woman who helped him regain his position at the bank after he lost an arm fighting in Belgium. His best friend's wife, Elizabeth Bennett-Jones, Viscountess Bostwick, still runs her charity, Finding Work for the Wounded. She is sure there's an applicant who would be perfect [...]

S M Mala: The Problem of Getting Rich Quik ... part one [romance, humour, contemporary]

free: 16. Nov to 20. Nov

When you're single and in need of hot love, both emotionally and physically, you think your options are limited. It's just one glimmer of hope that could turn it all around, even if it involves falling back into bed with the trickiest bastard of them all, Richard Hayden-Quik, a man with a reputation of being a stud muffin on Viagra. It was only six years before Lily spotted Richard, a successful film director, her aim to get Rich Quik - seduced by his looks, charm and the size of his wallet. Even her best friend Dominic knows it won't be easy especially as Richard's super bitch PA, Rosana, [...]

Teresa Moore: The Simply Vegetarian Cookbook: Top 50 Fresh And Delicious, Easy And Quick Recipes To Help You Start Vegetarian Diet Lifestyle (Natural Food Book 101) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 17. Nov to 18. Nov

The Simply Vegetarian Cookbook: Top 50 Fresh And Delicious, Easy And Quick Recipes To Help You Start Vegetarian Diet Lifestyle Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Erroneous are those who think that a satisfying and tasty vegetarian meal does not exist, and that the vegetarian menu is boring and monotonous. In fact, [...]

Adele Baker: Keto Meal Plan: Beginners Guide To A Ketogenic Diet & Lose Weight In 30-Day Cooking Delicious Recipes (keto meal plans, ketogenic diet meal plan, keto meal plan 2018, keto meal plan recipes)

free: 17. Nov to 18. Nov

Transform your Body with The Keto Meal Plan This Beginners Guide To A Ketogenic Diet contains a 30-day keto meal plan as a comprehensive guide to high-fat living that's different from the rest. The Book aims to help get you started on your way should you be new to the low carb diet, or if you are just off it for a while and in need of a specific plan to help you along the way. With the strategies and recipes you'll find here, you can end food obsession, cravings, and restrictions through sound nutrition practices and delicious whole food meals so that you can get the weight and health you [...]


free: 17. Nov to 18. Nov

This book will be a good helper for those who decided to cook pizza for the first time in their lives. The recipes it contains are simple enough to repeat. Exact adherence to the recommendations is guaranteed to provide a good result. You will not need any special furnaces or other devices. Everything you need you will find in your kitchen.

Teresa Moore: Pie Recipes: 50+ Simple & Delicious Pie Recipes for the Perfect Dessert (Healthy Food Book 26) [Non Fiction, How to, Cookbook]

free: 17. Nov to 19. Nov

Pie Recipes: 50+ Simple & Delicious Pie Recipes for the Perfect Dessert Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Of the dishes prepared from dough, take first place - pies. The lingering existence of pies as a favorite food is largely due not only to their high taste values, but also to the fact that they have proved to be a convenient form of concentrated nutrition. Differences between pies and the type of dough overlap. They can be closed, or deaf, when the dough surrounds the filling from all sides; semi-closed, or latticed, when the [...]

Teresa Moore: Pie Cookbook: 50 Great Pie Recipes for an Easiest Way to Bake Pie at Home (Healthy Food Book 28) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 17. Nov to 19. Nov

Pie Cookbook: 50 Great Pie Recipes for an Easiest Way to Bake Pie at Home Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. A warm, fragrant cake is a symbol of home comfort and hospitality. This book contains the most complete collection of recipes for all kinds of pies and pies, large and small, sweet and salty, with vegetables and cereals, meat and poultry, fish and seafood, fruit and berries. Everything depends on your desire and availability of food in the refrigerator. And the helpful recommendations of our author will help you prepare your [...]

Juliana Stevens: Her Secret Friend (Paragon Series Book 1) [Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance]

free: 17. Nov to 20. Nov

Kaya James doesn't think like every other culmin. In her cold world, she is not looking to get married. Her overbearing mother has other plans...and so does an unexpected secret admirer. Men are not romantic, at least that's what Kaya always thought. But the gifts keep coming and for the first time, she is wrapped up in the idea of romance. With each note received more enthralling than the next, and a little help from the Paragons watching from afar, Kaya's heart may not be as safe from love as she once believed. (This is first in a series, but the story is standalone)

S.J. Cook: The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners: 21-Day Keto Meal Plan for Beginners With Easy Recipes for Your Body (Keto Diet for Dummies: Keto Diet For Weight Loss: What is the Keto Diet) [keto for beginners, keto for dummies, keto cookbook]

free: 17. Nov to 21. Nov

Discover the simple secret to The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners! S.J. Cook brings an entirely new approach to achieving health, healing, weight loss, and happiness through a keto-adapted lifestyle with The Keto Diet: The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners. The Keto Diet for Beginners, will help you gain energy, lose weight, improve your health, and turn you into the ultimate fat-burning machine all without restricting or even counting calories. You'll have all the tools you need to fall in love with your body. In this Book, You Will Get: - A Proven Main 14-Day Meal Plan or a 14-day keto diet [...]

Ian Patrick: Devil Dealing (The Ryder Quartet Book 1) [assassination, vigilante justice]

free: 18. Nov

Tough cops dealing with out-of-control crime. A sinister criminal. Police corruption. A shattering police procedural in one of the murder capitals of the world.

Teresa Moore: The Slow Cooker Baking Cookbook: 50 Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes for Pizza, Cakes, Pies and More for Every Day (Quick and Easy Natural Food Book 69) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 18. Nov to 20. Nov

Discover The Slow Cooker Baking Cookbook: 50 Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes for Pizza, Cakes, Pies and More for Every Day Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Slow Cooker is an indispensable household appliance in the kitchen. Slow Cooker greatly simplifies the process of baking, shortens the [...]

Teresa Moore: Gluten Free Recipes Cookbook: Over 201 Easy, Delicious and Budget Friendly Recipes for Eating Well and Feeling Great (Quisk and Easy Natural Food Book 59) [Non Fiction]

free: 18. Nov to 20. Nov

Discover Gluten Free Recipes Cookbook: Over 201 Easy, Delicious and Budget Friendly Recipes for Eating Well and Feeling Great Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! A gluten-free diet is a diet that involves the complete exclusion of food containing gluten. Author Teresa Moore will popularly and clearly explain how to [...]

Christine Ellis: Feel the Feelings and the Love Will Follow: 33 Good Feelings Meditations to Attract and Grow Love (Dating, Relationships) (The Feel Good Library)

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

Feel the feelings you will feel when you have your beloved and the love will come! This is not a "how to" relationship book though or how to find a relationship - not in the practical sense. It will not talk about dating, how to build a relationship, how to communicate, or any other practical skills. What it will talk about: feelings . More precisely, good feelings. How would you feel if you were, right now, in a relationship with your beloved? If you had their hand in your hand? You might say, for example, blissful , or tender , or safe . By focusing on and cultivating those feelings, you [...]

Maria Ellis: Monkey Bandit Eats with a Spoon (A toddler spoon self feeding story for fussy eaters) (Monkey Bandit Funny Children's Books Series for Babies and Toddlers Ages 0 - 4) [kids book]

free: 18. Nov to 22. Nov

Fussy, picky, moody toddler when it comes to feeding? Won't eat by himself? No spoon self feeding? Take a look at Monkey Bandit! Do you have a toddler who will not eat by himself - or hates using a spoon? Then you will like the story of Monkey Bandit who learns to eat with a spoon! Monkey Bandit does not like feeding himself with a spoon. He is a picky eater... maybe... but he does like yummy soup. He tries to eat some with one finger, but that does not work. Next, he tries grabbing a handful of soup... that does not work. When he tries slurping the soup from the bowl, he burns himself and [...]

Petty Penn: Obsessed Beyond Insanity: The other woman [marriage fiction, romance fiction, women's fiction]

free: 19. Nov

A woman willing to do anything for her husband questions her decision to keep the fire burning. Introducing another woman into their relationship, quickly becomes one of their biggest mistakes. She is far from a social butterfly, but love-driven and open to pleasing her man. As for her husband, he's a definitely a lady's man who is ready to spread his love. A dramatic fatal attraction that will send someone packing with a broken heart.

PC Zick: A Merry Mountain Christmas (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 4) [contemporary romance, sweet romance, holiday romance]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

First love returns to the Smoky Mountains with a little help from a rescue dog named Chester. Fran is adjusting after her husband's death when her first love comes back to town upsetting her family and leading her to an inspiration. Fran first fell in love with Michael as a teenager. When he broke her heart, she married Carl and lived a happy life for more than thirty years until Carl died tragically. Just when she's becoming fed up with the well-meaning, yet tiresome comments about Carl's death, her first love returns and stirs long-forgotten emotions. You'll love this sweet Christmas tale [...]

Alexis Wilder: Screw Up (Tinseltown Temptress Book 1)  EROTICA 

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

A desperate writer must learn to embrace her inner bombshell when she lands a covert job as the world's first celebrity sex reporter. Join Cassie as she navigates troubled relationships, props up failing investments, and tries to keep her secret job screwing movie stars for TFP.mag as the infamous Tinseltown Temptress under wraps. What's an ardent fangirl to do?

S.D. Reeves: A Glimpse of Fantasy: 8th and Pine and other stories [short stories, urban fantasy]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

A Glimpse of Fantasy is view, three steps into the mind of author S.D. Reeves. At times comical, at times gritty. Always, imaginative. Sit awhile in the dreamscape of "Pretty as a Picture," or enjoy the comical fantasy of "Wurm Food." And when it is all said and done, take a last ride to the dark future of "8th and Pine." It's spectacular darkness, and shaded light. Interview with the Author Q - Why write Glimpse, why publish a small collection of flash fictio? A -It is hard to tell what you are buying when you get a book. Sure, retailers usually offer the first few chapters free, and that's [...]

Ken Montrose: AArdvarks: A Daily Recovery Message Novella [fiction, self-help]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

AArdvarks tells the story of young people struggling to stay clean and sober. Originally published as a daily blog, each chapter ends with a thought for the day. For example, nineteen year old Ann traded her body for cocaine. The message for the day we meet her reads: "Today I will remember some things can't be sold without taxing your soul." Other members include a young man known affectionately as "The Emu from CMU" (Carnegie-Mellon University). He wants to save the world, but has spent the previous year drinking away his frustration. James the son of a Kenyan father and a British mother, [...]

Ken Montrose: Home Groupies [fiction, self-help, recovery]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

"Today I will combine skepticism with optimism in my search for a happier truth." Home Groupies is a 'thought for the day' book in the form of a novella. Rather than being spoken by a disembodied voice, the daily messages arise from the lives of flesh and blood characters. They struggle with their own issues as they deal with their friend Sharon's battle with cancer. "Today I will accept sometimes I am powerless over that which is most precious and painful." David, a fifty-something, bipolar, entrepreneur. David cheats on his third wife with a 'newbie' half his age who is pregnant by her [...]

Ken Montrose: Dancing with Rachel [fiction, psychological fiction, thriller]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

Two very different narrators voice the novella Dancing with Rachel. Voices torment the first narrator, David an ex-football player just trying to make a life for himself. He calls his auditory hallucinations "The Chorus." They have names and even personalities. While naive staff members claim the voices aren't real, David knows otherwise. He can hear The Chorus clearly. He can point to where they are coming from. How could they not be real? Taylor, the other narrator and David's therapist, struggles to stay sober and fight off depression while his wife lies in a coma. He bounces between his [...]

Charles Frankhauser: Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas [general readership, historical romance, hardship survival]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

Flamboyant Captain Alberto Dicer was a garlic picker in Madrid, a girl's playmate in a garden, a thief of a silver spoon, a soldier of Spain, a cook on a galleon, a pirate aboard El Dreadful, and a prisoner at St. Augustine, Florida during the reign of King Phillip II of Spain. Alberto learns how to fire a cannon, cook Spanish rice, duel, sail, and plunder galleons of the King's Treasure Fleet.

S M Mala: To Love Thy Neighbour [romance, humour, contemporary]

free: 19. Nov to 23. Nov

Differences are inconsequential; only love matters. Another milestone reached and Esme feels her age. No amount of anti-aging serum can cover that. But mostly, she feels alone. Two businesses, a son and a former mother in law don't seem to alleviate it. A decade without someone in her life is taking its toll. Though she has secret liaisons a few times a year, she can't tell anyone about. That would be far too problematic. Esme's starting to give up hope that there's someone for her, somewhere. Leon believes his new home will be a fresh start for him and his five-year-old daughter, Mali. A [...]

PC Zick: Minty's Kiss (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 1) [contemporary romance, sweet romance, holiday romance]

free: 20. Nov to 22. Nov

A childhood crush and a lost kitten combine for one sweet Christmas romance in the Smoky Mountains. When Molly retreats to North Carolina with Gracie, her ten-year-old daughter, she's surprised to find her childhood crush, Nick, still living in the area. Recovering from a divorce, Molly only wants to carve out a peaceful and happy existence for Gracie in a place where Molly always felt safe as a child. The morning after her return, Nick, more handsome than she remembered, shows up at her cabin where she spent her childhood vacations. The flush of first love surprises Molly, and Nick is [...]

EM Kaplan: Unmasked (Rise of the Masks Book 1) [Fantasy, Adventure, Magic]

free: 20. Nov to 24. Nov

Mel can sense the blood beating through your veins. She can count the moments between heartbeats to tell when you are lying. She can make herself stronger, heal small wounds, and manipulate light to change her appearance. She is a Mask a cloaked and imposing arbitrator, revered and feared by all. Ott is a hunter from the frozen north who's tracking the horrifying monsters that have come up through the ground. Blessed by easy charm and good looks, Ott is used to the attention of females, but, gods above, he is knocked flat by the kiss of the ethereal woman he rescues. How could she possibly be [...]

William Kallisto: Emotional Intelligence: Improve Your EQ and Interpersonal Skills, Use Techniques Included (Social Skills, Relationships, Self Development) [Personal Development]

free: 20. Nov to 24. Nov

Unlock the secret of highly successful and well-grounded people in this ultimate guide to emotional intelligence! Today's world is fast-paced, competitive and chaotic. We haven't evolved emotionally to take on this new reality of things, and our mental and emotional health is left in the dust to play catch-up. Most of us haven't learned how to deal with our emotions and those of other people, leaving us frustrated with them. It is one thing to know what EQ is, but using it is another different matter, one that many authors overlook. Emotional Intelligence guide gets rid of the filler and [...]

Cathleen Townsend: Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie [Fantasy, fairy tales, dragons]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

Explore twelve tales of Faerie, and discover its paradox--both close and inaccessible--peopled with heroes, rogues, and ciphers. A modern dragon who desires more than mere gold, A troll who longs for the kiss of sunlight on his skin, Pixies who won't let breaking-and-entering deter them from their just revenge, A gargoyle who yearns to safeguard not only a church but a young girl as well, And a woman who bargains for Faerie help only to be confronted with a cost that is more than she can bear to pay. Come join them.

Ryan Okerlund: The Phase Transition (Rise of the Gray Order Book 1) [Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, shapeshifter]

free: 21. Nov to 25. Nov

For millennia humanity has fought against the notion of magic. Superstition and irrational fear have slowly been replaced with reason and logic. Our species entered the twenty-first century with only the slightest trappings of our former, peasant selves. This was our downfall. For science and magic are merely transitory fluctuations our planet has experienced a thousand times in its history. As has happened in the past, so must happen again. As the Phase sweeps over the earth, America is lost in chaos. Electricity and gunpowder become useless, and anarchy rules. From amongst this pandemonium [...]

Teresa Moore: The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: Top 50 Delicious and Simple Recipes For Your Air Fryer (Delicious Recipes Book 4) [Non Fiction, How to]

free: 22. Nov to 23. Nov

Discover The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: Top 50 Delicious and Simple Recipes For Your Air Fryer Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier! Today only, get this Kindle book. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device. Read for free on Kindle Unlimited AND get a FREE BONUS e-book! This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals! Products deep air fryer, aesthetic in appearance and tasty, because of this they are quite popular. Nevertheless, modern medicine believes that their excessive consumption (like any [...]

D.J. Shelton: 101 Brand-New Quotes, One-liners and Short Jokes: A Collection of Over 101 Humor Materials You Won't Find Anywhere (QOSJSeries Book 1)

free: 22. Nov to 24. Nov

First and foremost, you won't find those cliched internet stuff. Everything here is new and original. You get materials on INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM, BUSINESS, MONEY, GOVERNMENT, POLITICS, MARRIAGE, LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, SEX, ADVICE, MOTIVATION, SUCCESS, ALCOHOL, AND many more. Its not just humor alone, as some materials express hard facts of life. All materials are short and straight to the punchline. No fillers and unnecessary wordiness . Now you have the materials to spice up that boring and staid social media post, speech, write-up etc. This book is ideal for young adults, proper adults, and the [...]

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