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Daniel Buckley: ATLANTIS FROM NEITH AND SOLON FOR PLATO & FROST [Ancient History, Minoan Atlantis]

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Discover the origins of the Atlantis legend from the ancient prehistoric creator deity Neith.. Mother deity of the ancient world she arrived in Egypt from LIbya where she was the mother deity of the megalithic world and the tribes of LIbya who evolved and produced the aqualithic time periods.

Barton Jahn: The Cross in the Christian Life Volume 4: The Real Truth About God [Bible]

free: 24. Aug to 25. Aug

This is the fourth in a seven-book series.This book is a collection of short essays which are a blend of devotional and Christian apologetic topics...that can be read from front-to-back or from no particular order.Some of the questions discussed are:Where does the dichotomy of the two worldviews of self-sovereignty versus God-sovereignty come from?Where does the delicate balance of belief and unbelief come from?How could anyone other than God compose a life-script for the perfect person Jesus Christ that takes Him all the way to the cross?

Daniel Buckley: Paiawon Apollo the Sun God: 2017 EDITION [Minoans, Ancient history, Mesopotamia]

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Discover the origins of Paiawon Apollo the Sun god. Explore the journey from East to West of the ancient Archer god. On Crete the fusion of Eastern and Western thinking,cultures, Myths and Legends delivered the deity around the ancient Mediterranean world.

Daniel Buckley: Tour Of Sicily [Travel Guide, Culture]

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Hi thanks for calling by i have been writing for around ten years now. Writing and publishing E - Books, Short stories, Books , Blogs and articles on ancient history and travel. Having traveled to Italy and Greece for research for my work i have been able to write about the places and sites i have been lucky enough to see and hopefully it will encourage others to follow in my footsteps... Thanks for reading

Y I Lee: The Shadowed Valley [Fantasy, Gothic, Dark]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

In the Shadowed Valley, nothing is quite what it seems. What Celia faces here is worse than anything she experienced in the land of Dauthus. The evil residing in the valley messes with your mind.

Richard Turner: Fallen Star (Project Gauntlet Book 1) [miltary, thriller, aliens]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain James Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant David Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

Gloria Repp: Trapped (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 3) [Animals]

free: 23. Aug to 25. Aug

Pibbin the Treefrog hops into his most puzzling adventure! He can't solve it alone, so he heads up a team to figure out mystifying clues, search a booby-trapped tunnel, and rescue his squirrel-friend's little brother. ~Full-color illustrations, map, and reference color photos of frogs. ~An easy-to-read story for ages 7 and up. ~Also available as an audiobook.

Mike Markel: Victim Three: A Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery (Book 9) [police procedural, murder mystery, sexual assault]

free: 23. Aug to 25. Aug

When graduate student Cassandra Lyons is found stabbed behind the wheel of her car in her condo's garage, Detectives Seagate and Miner suspect her live-in boyfriend, Richard Harson. Only a week before, the police responded to a domestic-disturbance call at their condo. The shouting match had something to do with Richard's affair with his ex-girlfriend, as well as Cassandra's ongoing relationship with Will Nyland, a distinguished professor. Cassandra and Nyland had just returned from a professional conference, also attended by another graduate student, Beth Park. When a video shot in a hotel [...]

Serge Ant: She knew what to give [Erotica, Romance, Short love story]

free: 24. Aug

"I re-read this story every time I need to create a special mood for good sex," one of the readers wrote in confidence. Heroes of the story are mature people. They are well versed in classic sex, oral sex, and anal sex. When this is all mixed up with violent passion - there is a lot to learn! A touching and sensitive story of the two seeking for the spring of soul. Of the two having passed a significant part of their lives and being well aware of what they want... A romantic and sensual look at the question, which bothers each of us - what to do when the marriage flame has subsided and the [...]

Heather Cantrell: Forbidden Secrets: Egypt, The Lost Knowledge [Adventure, Ancient Mysteries, Occult Knowledge]

free: 23. Aug to 25. Aug

Explore the Lost Knowledge of the Antediluvian Civilization of Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago a small Neolithic community in the region of the lower Nile abruptly rose to create the most majestic and enduring civilization of history. The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrates advancements that have long eluded explanation. What long lost knowledge underlies the unprecedented technology, artistic creations, and cultural sophistication of Ancient Egypt? The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian tradition relates that in [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Save Me the Plums: My Gourmet Memoir | A Guide to the Book by Ruth Reichl [memoirs, cooking, culinary]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: Ruth Reichl's Save Me the Plums is a riveting account equal parts moving and gossipy of her decade-long stay in the high-stakes world of magazine publishing at Conde Nast during the golden age of print media. What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? Synopsis of the original book - Key takeaways from each chapter - Personal stories and details from Ruth's life and work - A look at the inner workings of [...]

M.G. Hawking: The Living Part of a Legend: Shambhala, A Village of Masters [Expedition Adventure, Ancient Legends, Esoteric Knowledge]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

Journey into the Great Range of the Himalaya to Explore the Knowledge and Secrets of a Legendary Hidden World... In this powerful first-hand account, explorer M.G. Hawking reveals the fabled landscapes and profound knowledge of a lost world. On an extended trek deep into the remote ice peaks of the Himalayas he chances on a village where he encounters extraordinary individuals introduced to him as "masters" and "adepts" possessed of knowledge and power virtually unknown to the Western world. Hawking's discovery marks the beginning of a series of extraordinary adventures and experiences; the [...]

Deepak Gupta: Average Mind | The Power of Nothing | 10 Principles To Beat Failure | 10 Principles To Love Yourself |: Sample Chapters Box Set [motivational, self help, personal development]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

From the Bestselling Author of 'The Power of Nothing' and '10 Principles to Beat Failure', the author has come up with the Sample Chapters Box Set of four popular books. 10 Principles To Love Yourself "At least love yourself before loving others" Most of the people waste their half of the life chasing the hoax dreams, pretending to be theirs. If you don't know who you are then you will never be able to know what you will become. Average Mind "Genius minds are born not created is simply an illusion for those who think they are not genius." "The world is not the wonder. It's the wonder which [...]

Deepak Gupta: She: She heals everything [girls books, poetry, literature]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

Review - "If you want to wander the whole beautiful universe then wander in the warm fierce veins of her heart, you would slave there forever." Perfect thought for alchemist "She." ~She wanted to change the hypocrisy thinking of the people. ~She wanted to change the scenario of the whole society. ~She wanted to terminate the agony in her soul. ~She wanted to censure the discriminated thoughts of the entire world. From the Author - S- She H- Heals - E- Everything - Faith is the strong base of the relationship. The relationship never exists without trust, to continue the relationship without [...]

Deepak Gupta: Wild Wife: Poetry and Prose [poetry books, contemporary Fiction, love poetry]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

From the #1 Bestselling Author of She . Sometimes few words and honest silence heal us as the bright sun does in the morning and snow white moon at night. Live under her hairs, feel her heart, crawls on her belly, drawn out the wilderness, love her attention, party hard with her, make eye contact with her, adore her everyday, appreciate her clothes, help to build her empire, beat the dance with her, laugh loud with her, understand her silence, reflect her soul, tighten her hairs, make coffee for her, live the dark nights and she will be your wild wife. Wild wife is the collection of over [...]

Deepak Gupta: Average Mind [motivational, self help, personal development]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

About the Book From the Bestselling Author of ' The Power of Nothing' and ' 10 Principles to Love Yourself ', the author has come up with the first book of mind series, Average Mind . "Genius minds are born not created is simply an illusion for those who think they are not genius." Average mind concept was much difficult for me to write and present my ideas in a well-defined manner. I was a bit concerned whether the readers will like the book or not. Coping up with my environment, I was much embarrassed with the people around me where everyone wants to become genius, leave their all [...]

Deepak Gupta: Skyfall: Your Heart Will Fall Too [science fiction, adventure, suspense and mystery]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

How far can a Dad go to save his family? How far you and I can go? It may be a hypothetical question but what you would do when things become much complicated than never happened before. We want to save everyone but sometimes God doesn't want to. David and his family lived in Snag, Canada, where snowfall prediction was the much-complicated than any other decision. They were the happy family with hate and love but one day God showed the dynamism they never expected. How God could much cruel to destroy and create the same world again. Why God is still not satisfied with us and wants a new [...]

Deepak Gupta: Broken With Love [poetry books, poetry, literature]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

You are Broken, but Beautiful. Dear Diary, You are the only one, Who know my feelings? I will give you new words everyday, But don't forget to give me the deep pain with Love. Your nails always remind me of tigress, Passionate and Fearless. This Diary is the blend of Broken Love Feelings. Are you broken with Love? Meet me, when you want to Live, I would show you mine World. Written with Broken heart and Pure Feelings.

Satoshi Miyazawa: Japan Travel Guide 2019: Discover Lesser Known Japan (like nowhere else) [Japan trip, Tokyo Travel]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

You will know the "Lesser-Known Japan" and will explore hidden spots, authentic restaurants, and genuine ryokans besides must-visit popular spots, through this ebook because it's written and organized by the Japanese traveler who loves Japan and travel, spending 3 years. Besides, you will have full benefits from the format digital book, like being able to jump to external useful websites quickly, know the location to visit instantly on google map app and move to internal relevant sections instinctively - those of which are not yet well managed in other travel ebooks. Also, you can acquire the [...]

Dan Parisson: Ruby Learns to Communicate: communicate with confidence, good manners, courtesy, support others [children's books, Social Situations, Nonfiction Family]

free: 24. Aug to 26. Aug

Next Book of a series of books about communication with confidence and good manners. In this story, our Ruby raccoon will learn to communicate in society and will receive essential life lessons. Communicate with your children, and then they will fill our lives with happy smiles and positive events.

Jeff S Thomson: Easy and Healthy Green Smoothies Recipe Book : Green Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Detoxify, Cleansing, Energizing, Immune Boosting Recipes with Benefits [Green smoothies recipes, Alkaline green smoothies]

free: 23. Aug to 27. Aug

Green Smoothies is the most promising health drink ever. Individuals who eat less green vegetables should include the green smoothies in their daily diet to cover all the nutrients. Green smoothies are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins. It is very helpful in reducing excessive weight and overcoming chronic illness like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, etc. Green Smoothies can be prepared in seconds. It can be called fast food by nature. Nowadays, people have added this in their daily diet. They are even teaching this habit to their children. It is recommended [...]

James Chapman: Live Longer: Essential Health Guide [Push Back Aging, Healthy Living, Loving Life]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

Nowadays due to the advances in medical science we are living longer than our ancestors would have lived. In the past living a longer life would have seemed out of reach for most people. But in our modern world although there are the possibilities to live longer many people do not know what they can do to prolong their lives. This book is an essential health guide for those who wish to gain that knowledge and utilize it in each day to overcome the affects of aging and add many years to their life expectancy. The information herein contains a set of insights that will help you to focus on all [...]

Owen Pitt: Six Inch Nail (The Essex Vigilante Book 1) [Thriller, Crime]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

Chelmsford, Essex; it's not the sort of place you'd normally associate with vigilantes and gangland killings, but, when self-confessed sociopath, Owen Thomson, witnesses the savage murder of one of his few remaining friends, it proves to be a turning point. Unable to go to the police, it is not long before he decides to balance the scales of justice by turning vigilante. But Owen's decision to avenge his friend sets in motion an unexpected, and wholly unwanted, train of events. Before long, the hunter finds that he has become the hunted and what follows becomes a nightmare game of cat and [...]

Joseph Veebe: Spicy Bone Broths: Healing with Spices and Herbs: Easy bone broth recipes (Essential Spices and Herbs Book 12) [healthy cooking, Healthy living]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

Bones contain large amounts of nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, phosphorous and many amino acids. The bone broth process extracts these nutrients out of the bone and into the broth so they can be easily digested and absorbed. Collagen and gelatin contained in bone broth have many benefits. Collagen is an important protein in the connectivity tissues in the human body. Loss of collagen can cause osteoporosis and skin wrinkles. Collagen and gelatin contain several important amino acids such as proline, arginine, glutamine and glycine. Bone broth has many health benefits [...]

James Chapman: HUMANITY Our Purpose [Meaning of Life, Why We're Here, Man's Ultimate Purpose]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

It all started with a tiny chemistry lab and a big explosion, after that event and a few billion years of evolution, humanity came into being. With initially only a small number of humans in existence, their obvious goal would be, how to survive, and to achieve this purpose they would need to fight, destroy and in some cases kill and eat any other creatures that were in their world. At the dawn of humanity, our sole purpose was to survive as individuals and to protect the survival of our species. 'I highly recommend this incredible book, which defines what we are, who we are, why we are here, [...]

Dr.Amschel Pseudonym: THE HOLY DOCTRINE OF LUCIFER [Self-help, Spiritual, Psychology]

free: 24. Aug

The problem of perception is the greatest problem in the whole philosophy. How can it be for the perceptual experience to transfer into an openness to the thought independent world? Is it that some personal experiences are themselves in their essence not an authentic representation of the relations to ordinary objects? Or in fact, they are not representing the relations to ordinary objects. Naive realism is a theory belonging to the philosophy of mind established as a common-sense theory of perception. It describes people's inclination to trust they see the social world "as it is" or as a [...]

Olivia Mason: Keto Meal Prep Easy Recipes: Save Your Time and Lose Weight with a 21-Day Keto Meal Plan that Works for You [Keto Diet]

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Do you really want to lose weight easily, save your time and money? Then keto meal prepping is just for you - read on! Th wh l nt f keto m l l nn ng s t m k ur l f s r . Once you get used to it and ll th r w rk s d n , y u n ust gr b or h t u your d l us m l , nd it won't r qu r n tr w rk r ff rt n ur rt! What will you discover in this cookbook? - Time-saving 21-day keto meal plan with net carbs calculated for your convenience; - 100+ delicious and simple low carb recipes for keto meal prep with cooking tips and nutrition facts for each recipe; - Useful tips for cooking with pleasure , [...]

Q. Zayne: Stranded-Dom & Curvy Peril Romance (Star Skull Duet Book 1) [erotic romance, enemies to lovers, Curvy & Alpha]

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Warning: For readers 18+ due to intimate content. This enemies-to-lovers romance is steamy and gritty. Dark desire. Compelling passion. Lethal danger. An orphaned college student hitches a fateful plane ride with a damaged bad boy who defies her expectations. He's older, hot as sin, and an arrogant a**hole. Rachel's on her way to get a forbidden relic that could save her sister's life. One catch: A twisted ritual that requires a rough man. Xavier has secrets, and enemies, that could get them both killed. But she needs the dirty bast*rd. This curvy and Alpha New Adult romance features: dark [...]

Nancy Wagaman: The Curious Dreamer's Dream Essentials: The All-in-One Dream Interpretation Book and Concise Dream Dictionary

free: 23. Aug to 24. Aug

Dream meaning is so powerful that one dream can change your life. Discover 11 keys to interpreting your own dreams in this book from the author of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary. With these practical tips, translation tools, and analysis techniques, you'll be free to explore your dreams and unlock their transformative power. Dream Interpretation Process: Follow a practical 4-step process to interpret and benefit from your dream. Symbolism Shortcuts: Discover common symbolism patterns pointing to dream meaning. Intuition as a Dream Translator: Learn how to recognize intuition and use [...]

Victoria Tyrsa: The story of a small tractor Ben (Adventures in the Berry Land Book 1) [farm adventures, kid's book]

free: 22. Aug to 24. Aug

This is a story about recovery, hope, and fulfillment of a dream. A little tractor Ben got broken, so it was sad, and it did not know what to expect... His master Tom in his sleep received an answer about the future where there was a place for his favorite tractor; it brought changes, new friends and the fulfillment of a dream. This book is the first one among "The Adventures in the Berry Land" series. These are fascinating stories with dozens of heroes. They will be interesting and useful for both boys and girls. This story brings goodness, joy, positive emotions to a child. It develops [...]

Brandon Rohrbaugh: Mermaid Cliff [Young adult]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

Secrets come to light in this supernatural mystery, sending one teen on a journey that will change his life - forever. Rockport is a small, seaside town. After the new girl's body is found beneath the iconic, Mermaid Cliff, a group of teens will hunt for the killer or become the next victim. The town is thrust into the national spotlight, forcing an investigation into the town's darkest secrets. The townspeople have always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. They have their own traditions and secrets. The most intriguing part of Rockport, however, is the Legend of Mermaid Cliff. It's not [...]

Paula Ottoni: The Girl of the Tower (Tornnis Trilogy Book 1)

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

A magic coming of age story for all those who enjoy an epic adventure quest, young adult fantasy and fairy tale retelling books. A BROKEN-HEARTED GIRL who finds her strength. A NOT VERY HEROIC PRINCE who can't decide between two sisters. A KING WHO HAS BEEN LYING TO HIS PEOPLE and will do everything in his power to keep the magic in the world. A GRUMPY WIZARD with mysterious reasons to partner up with a GOOD-HEARTED WARRIOR to go against the king and change a millennial tradition. ALLIANCES EMERGE AND ENEMY SIDES CLASH when for the first time magic is gone and the fate of Tornnis lies in the [...]

Dane Krauss: Mind Manipulation for Beginners: A Practical Guide to Hypnosis (Mind Improvement for Beginners Book 1) [how-to, self-help]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Mind Manipulation for Beginners will take you down a fascinating and intriguing path... ...into the world of hypnosis. You will learn the inner workings of the mind and how you can use it to vastly improve yourself. Inside you will discover: How to prime yourself up so that you can be at your most receptive state to overcome anxiety The top 12 hypnotic patterns and how you can use them so that you can get the most out of your hypnotherapy sessions The core language patterns and top 10 trigger words in hypnosis so that you can design your own [...]

J.P. Reedman: SECRET MARRIAGES: Edward IV, Eleanor & Elizabeth (The Falcon and the Sun: The House of York Book 2) [HISTORICAL, Medieval, royalty]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

Eleanor Talbot, newly widowed after the Battle of Blore Heath, meets Edward, Earl of March. It is a time of trials when the Lancastrians and Yorkists fight for supremacy...and the throne of England. The Talbots are staunch Lancastrians; Edward is the Son of York. The Battles of Mortimer's Cross and the bloodbath of Towton lead to Edward taking the crown. A secret marriage is hatched between the young King and Eleanor, but the "secret queen" is never announced to the Council. King Edward's womanising reaches new heights as, within a short time, his eye falls on another widowed beauty, [...]

Bernard Osei Annang: The African Dream: A Revolutionary Rebellion (A Historical Fiction based on The Anglo Ashanti Wars (1824-1901),British Colonization, and The First Country To Gain Independence In Africa -Ghana) [African history, african american, African war]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

They took everything from us; our families, our homes, and our dreams. But unfortunately, we survived. To them, they won the fourth Anglo Ashanti war, but to us, the war just began. My name is Bediako, the only son of my parents until I got to know that my two elder brothers died in the third Anglo Ashanti war, after which my mother followed the next year when I was only one year old. I have lived with my father ever since, but the rest of my family, I only know them by stories. All my life, I have lived in hiding with my father and few survivors of the third Anglo Ashanti war in a thick [...]

R. A. Seckler: Containment Zone [horror, zombie, dystopian]

free: 20. Aug to 24. Aug

October 12th, 2021. That was the day Death ceased her collection of souls. Instead of claiming people on the day of their death, Death has doomed human beings to remain trapped inside their decaying bodies until a sliver of the brain dubbed the "soul region" rots away. The government's only solution is to set up Containment Zones in each state to handle the burgeoning undead demographic. However, what were intended to be peaceful, country club settings for the deceased quickly fill above and beyond capacity, to the point that each Containment Zone more closely resembles a third world slum, [...]


free: 24. Aug to 25. Aug

This book will be a good helper for those who decided to cook pizza for the first time in their lives. The recipes it contains are simple enough to repeat. Exact adherence to the recommendations is guaranteed to provide a good result. You will not need any special furnaces or other devices. Everything you need you will find in your kitchen.

Sergii Murashchenko: How come my son is younger than my grandson or the effective advice for preservation of men's health [Aging]

free: 24. Aug to 25. Aug

Want to have long sex? Do you want to have a powerful potency and a long erection? Follow the author's proven methodology, and regardless of age, your excellent male power will please not only you! The author has composed a set of health-improving techniques, which are aimed at the improvement of health and rejuvenation from his personal experience. In particular, the methods of preserving men's health, selected on the basis of the long-term use, are described in detail. The high efficiency of these was proven by the personal example of the author, who at the age of 60, feels great, leads an [...]

Sea Caummisar: Verdict Realty #1: Judge. Jury. Torturer. Extreme Horror [kindle unlimited]

free: 24. Aug to 25. Aug

Meet Sly Verdict. A successful realtor with a special hobby. He follows a specific set of rules to aid in his serial killing hobby. If you ever buy or sell a house, beware of who might have a spare key to your home. Each chapter in this book demonstrates how Sly applies his 'rules' to his special hobby of killing people that he deems unworthy. The 'rules' are in place to keep his identity a secret. But when a member of a policeman's family goes missing, Sly's rules don't protect him as much as he thought they would. WARNING 18+. This book is full of blood and gore. Not for the faint of heart. [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Inspired by Art: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles Book 6) [Art Book, Museum Study, Masterpiece]

free: 23. Aug to 25. Aug

Inspired by Art: Rise to Power is a collection of art throughout the ages, around the story of David. This volume focuses on the decline of the House of Saul and David's rise to the throne. These amazing sculptures, paintings, etchings, and manuscripts inspired the author to write The David Chronicles, a series of three volumes, the first of which is Rise to Power, where she imagines the decline of the House of Saul and the rise of David. Besides being an artist and having worked as an architect, she taught art history, and this collection served as the basis for a research course analyzing [...]

Jerri Blair: Justice for the Black Knight [Coming of Age, Southern Literature]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

"Justice for the Black Knight" won the 2015 Beverley Hills Book Award for Best Legal Thriller. It was awarded the prestigious star by Kirkus Reviews which called it "...superbly crafted...intricately detailed...a must read story of relationships, prejudice and bravery, a vivid paeon for justice." Red City Review wrote that it "...quite astutely tackles the topic of racism, combining the best attributes of legal thrillers like 'The Firm' with the exploratory and contemplative tone of subtle but powerful works of literature like Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible Man." Clarion Reviews called it "...a [...]

J.S. Scott: Ethan's Mate (The Vampire Coalition Book 1) [Paranormal Romance, Free, One Click]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. If he has a problem...he solves it. If it's an evil problem...he kills it. But his uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her. Brianna Cole is weak, her life force fading away. She thinks she is suffering from a rare form of leukemia. Little does she knows that her illness is much more complicated. She's dying because she has not united with her [...]

Todd Matthews: Northern Knights: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Lord of Columbia Book 1) [magical realism]

free: 21. Aug to 25. Aug

The world's most powerful empire wants him dead... ...yet how far will the desire to achieve liberty push a brash college senior? Cain Riscattare just wanted to return to school, play ball, and enhance his element control ability never suspecting a military draft will derail his plans. Faced with the prospect of getting shipped off to fight a needless war under the imperial banner, Cain and his small group of friends resist, sparking a colonial uprising not seen in two decades. The revolution has begun, and Cain is number one on the world's global power's hitlist. Join readers who are talking [...]

Tomi Farrell: What to Kill For [romantic comedy, humor, comedy]

free: 22. Aug to 26. Aug

A single woman whose biological clock is ticking hunts for a husband in the "Land of Mr. Wrongs" also known as Los Angeles. "Fortunately," she gets kidnapped by a Mexican mobster. *** Shannon is just another single woman in Los Angeles who is desperate to find "The One." She is a pretty, decently-educated Episcopalian princess, and, "it appears," there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. What appears to be wrong is that her Prince Charming is ten years overdue, and more than fashionably late in making his appearance. Meanwhile, Shannon gets kidnapped by a Mexican mobster from one of the [...]

J.P. Reedman: Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice [REINCARNATION]

free: 22. Aug to 26. Aug

SACRED KING, a historical fantasy novella about King Richard III, the battle of Bosworth, and its aftermath. In August, 1485, King Richard III rides on the hunt in Bestwood Park, near Nottingham, and sees a disturbing vision, a man being killed in ritualistic manner, his blood given to the hungry Land. Riding into Leicester with his army several days later, eager to face the invading Henry Tudor and defend his crown, he encounters yet more disturbing omens...the old woman Agnes Black upon Bow Bridge, who prophecies his head will strike the stone upon his return from the field. On the day of [...]

JR Stevens: Recipes for Gout Relief: Low Purine Recipes that Reduce Uric Acid [Cookbooks]

free: 22. Aug to 26. Aug

What is is a form of arthritis. It is caused because the body either makes too much uric acid or it cannot excrete it from the body in large enough quantities. Uric acid is a by product of purines being broken down by the body's digestive and waste system , which in turn breaks down and builds up body and food tissues through food intake. Generally the uric acid is dissolved in the blood and also flushed out through the kidneys. The uric deposits then move to the extremities of the body causing an inflammatory reaction in and around the tendon areas. This inflammatory reaction is [...]

M.G. Hawking: The Himalayan Masters, Doorway to Power: The Journals of Explorer M.G. Hawking [Spiritual Adventure, Secret Knowledge, Personal Growth]

free: 24. Aug to 27. Aug

Explore the Esoteric Knowledge of the Great Himalayan Masters. For thousands of years the largely inaccessible inner region of the Himalayan Range has been known in esoteric literature as the Great White Island, and has inspired countless stories and legends of the existence of a concealed sanctuary of wise and powerful masters. On an extended trek into a closed area of that vast wilderness, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced on a remarkable discovery. In an isolated valley surrounded by vast snowfields and towering ice peaks he encountered a beautiful small village, referred to by its residents [...]

Charles Frankhauser: Miss Williams [Memoir, MotivationalEncouragement, Naval Adventure]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

A ten year old boy realizes the decision he is forced to make will affect the remainder of his life -- a true story.

Dmitri Dancheyev: The Miraculous Toy: This fairy tale is for children and adults. An English language version. [Fairy Tale Fantasy, Paranormal, Children's Tales]

free: 24. Aug to 28. Aug

An ordinary boy has the fortune of hearing a story about a magical fairy and her miracles. Is it a dream or is it reality?

 ebooks which will soon be available for free

Richard Baker: The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide And Cookbook: Destroy Inflammation, Heal The Immune System And Restore Your Health

free: 25. Aug to 26. Aug

With the Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide And Cookbook you will reduce inflammation naturally, lose weight and naturally heal your entire body. You will also naturally heal and improve condintions that are caused by inflammation including, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, food allergies, gastrointestinal distress, and more. The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide And Cookbook explains: What is inflammation , how it is caused and how to END it FOR GOOD What is anti-inflammatory diet and how to use it effectively How to prepare for the anti-inflammatory diet and what to [...]

Jamie Chan: Python Workbook: Learn Python in one day and Learn It Well (Workbook with Questions, Solutions and Projects) (Learn Coding Fast Workbook 1) [Computer and Technology, Programming]

free: 25. Aug to 26. Aug

Python Workbook for Beginners with Hands-On Projects Are you looking for a hands-on approach to learn Python fast? Or perhaps you have just completed a Python course and are looking for practice questions to test your Python skills. Do you have problems with some Python concepts and are looking for a workbook to provide you with more questions and solutions to learn from? This workbook is for you. This book is designed to be the accompanying workbook for the book "Learn Python In One Day and Learn It Well (2nd Edition)" by the same author. It can also be used as a standalone workbook for you [...]

Gina Crawford: Mediterranean Diet: 30 MINUTE Mediterranean Diet Cookbook with 80 Mediterranean Diet Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Increase Energy & Prevent Disease ... (Mediterranean Diet & Cookbook Series 2) [Non Fiction]

free: 25. Aug to 26. Aug

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook - The "Gold Standard" way of eating for a long and healthy life! This complete Mediterranean diet cookbook has everything you need! Inside you'll find 80 quick and easy 30 MINUTE recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... PLUS delicious salad recipes, side dishes, snacks, dressings, dips and sauces. The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest, most well-respected and scientifically documented diet in the world. The Mayo Clinic called it a "heart-healthy diet." The recipes included in this Mediterranean diet cookbook are authentic Mediterranean diet recipes that are [...]

Gina Crawford: DASH Diet: 50 Top DASH Diet Recipes - 30 MINUTE DASH Diet Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Fast & Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes (Low Sodium, Low Fat, Low Cholesterol) [Non Fiction]

free: 25. Aug to 26. Aug

DASH Diet Recipes - 30 MINUTE DASH diet recipes that will drastically improve your health and your weight! *A complete book of DASH diet recipes that includes nutritional information for each of the top 50 DASH diet recipes! The DASH diet is a lifelong well-balanced approach to healthy eating promoted by the National Institutes of Health that is based on nutrient-rich whole foods. This book will teach you exactly how to reach and maintain a healthy weight while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Change your food - Change your life! U.S.News and World Report chose the DASH diet as the [...]

Gray Fitzgerald: The Bible Confronts the Bible: A God of Compassion and Peace Emerges [Faith journey, Spiritual]

free: 25. Aug to 27. Aug

THE BIBLE IS TRUE --- AND CONTRADICTORY Those of us following Jesus know that the Bible is our guide to God and to life. Without it, we are lost. However, at some level, many of us also know that not all of the Bible is holy and not all of it is the word of God. Probably though, we can't articulate how both of these realities are true. For example, how is our faith one of peace when much of the Bible is violent and portrays a warring, genocidal, vengeful God? Similarly, as people of faith, how do we understand the problematic issues of slavery, racism, and ethnic cleansing in the Bible? Given [...]

Maud Jackson: Thirty paths to delight: Easy marijuana dessert recipes to boost your passion and brighten your mood (Medical Marijuana recipes,Marijuana desserts) [non-fiction]

free: 25. Aug to 27. Aug

It's true! Marijuana certainly works as an aphrodisiac and is known to increase libido. The dessert recipes that we have included in this eBook are not simply delicious, they can also potentially enhance your sexual life. It's also worth mentioning that marijuana does not impair sexual function,so it's a win-win.

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Productivity Acceleration Guide: How to Compress Time and Accomplish in One Day What It Takes Everyone Around You Two Days, Three Days, Five Days, or Even Ten Days to Accomplish [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Time Management]

free: 25. Aug to 29. Aug

WALLACE D. WATTLES PRODUCTIVITY ACCELERATION GUIDE - UPDATED EDITION + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! Based on the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, and the author's many years of personal experience implementing them, the Wallace D. Wattles Productivity Acceleration Guide will help you compress time and accomplish in one day what it now takes you two days, three days, five days, or even ten days to accomplish. To sweeten the [...]

Nicole James: The Easy 5 Ingredient Ketogenic Cookbook: Save Time Making Delicious 5 Ingredient Keto Meals While Improving Health and Losing Weight (Five Ingredient Keto Cookbook Book 2) [food]

free: 25. Aug to 29. Aug

It takes 5 ingredients (or less!) to enjoy delicious keto meals and lose weight! Do you want to lose weight, and be healthier without wasting half your day preparing meals, and shelling out a fortune on fancy ingredients? If the answer is yes, THEN THIS 5 INGREDIENT KETO COOKBOOK IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU! Finding the time to prepare keto recipes can be difficult, especially for anyone with a busy schedule. Nicole James shares her favorite stress-free keto meals that anyone can find the time to make, in the 5 Ingredient Ketogenic Cookbook . With over a hundred recipes that require no more than [...]

Nicole James: Vegetarian Keto Cookbook For Beginners: Learn To Cook Flavorful Keto-Vegetarian Meals For Massive Health and Weight Loss Benefits [Vegan]

free: 25. Aug to 29. Aug

Why is this the best NEW vegetarian ketogenic cookbook for beginners? If you're ready to break through those unshakeable pounds and reveal the dream body inside yourself, then it's time for the vegetarian ketogenic diet. Are you ready to work out less, eat delicious vegetarian keto food and finally see amazing results? As much as it sounds too good to be true, millions of people have already harnessed the power of keto to lose more weight faster, and keep it off. We wouldn't make these bold claims if they hadn't already worked for us. Keto is a proven science diet to help reduce inflammation [...]

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Quick Start Guide: A Simple, Step-by-Step Formula for Using Wallace D. Wattles' Principles to Create Wealth, Health, Success, Happiness, ... Quick Start & Advanced Vision Book 1) [Nonfiction, Self-Help]

free: 25. Aug to 29. Aug

WALLACE D. WATTLES QUICK START GUIDE + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! The Wallace D. Wattles Quick Start Guide is designed to help you begin creating wealth, health, success, happiness, and love in your life using Wallace D. Wattles' principles... starting today! To sweeten the deal, a free bonus has even been added to this book! As a thank you for downloading this book, inside you'll receive free access to the author's "Constructive Science 101: 3 Keys to Getting What [...]

Barton Jahn: Debugging Housing Design & Construction Volume 5 E-Book Edition: Practical Aspects of Housing Construction Management [architecture]

free: 26. Aug to 27. Aug

This is volume 5 in a 5-book series...the E-Book version of Volume 3 Practical Aspects of Housing Construction Management...taken from my 4-book series Debugging Housing Design & Construction. For architects, interior designers, builders, project managers, subcontractors, and tradespersons...these books represent the "low-hanging fruit" of the database of housing constructions problems and mistakes...illustrated for proactive prevention during the design phase...and as checklist items to resolve ahead-of-time during the construction. Upfront foreknowledge is the first step. Preventing one or [...]

Dylan Pitston: Good Night Big Little Bear: Bedtime, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Ages 3-8, Baby Books, Kids Book, Story Book [children's books, Children's Baby Animals, Dreaming Books]

free: 26. Aug to 27. Aug

Good Night Big Little Bear is the story of a curious little bear and his loving mother who teaches him the value of sleep and how important it is to get a good rest and wake up refreshed. Big little Bear desperately wants to be grown up and do all the things Mama Bear can do, but Mama bear has to teach him that he will learn these things in time, and it is important to obey her and take her advice on what will be best for him.

Olivia Mason: Keto Bread Cookbook of Your Dream: Making Low Carb Bread the Right Way [Keto Diet]

free: 26. Aug to 27. Aug

Marianne Sciucco: Swim Season [#YA, Young Adult Fiction, Sports Fiction]

free: 27. Aug to 29. Aug

Darcy Laurent: Courting Miss Colborne [regency romance, historical romance, romance]

free: 27. Aug to 31. Aug

Gertrude J Chapman: Aspiring Author Write Your Book Generate Income Leave A Legacy: Where Do I Start [writing tips, passive income, ebook marketing strategies]

free: 28. Aug

Feeling overwhelmed? Wanting to write a book but not knowing where to start? Money problems? Trying to find a way to supplement your income due to a layoff and cut in pay? Lack of confidence? Not showing your brilliance thinking there is too much competition in the marketplace. This book covers tips for the aspiring author. It teaches how to select your ideal audience, how to arrange vital steps to create your 1st successful book and how to position your book to reach more readers. There are 63,000 Google searches every second of every day of people searching for information that you already [...]

Olivia Mason: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide for Beginners: Reduce Inflammation Naturally, Boost Your Immune System with the Right Foods and Change Your Life Easily [Cookbook, Inflammation Diet]

free: 28. Aug to 29. Aug

Anthony Evans: Electric Smoker Cookbook: 25 Quick and Easy Electric Grill Recipes to Smoke and Grill Just Everything, Ultimate BBQ Cookbook for Outdoor and Indoor Cooking [bbq recipe cookbook]

free: 28. Aug to 29. Aug

The Barbecue Bible for Smoking Meat, Poultry & Seafood If you decided to try yourself in smoking meal cooking, you need a reliable step-by-step guide about how to cook such kind of meals. Just imagine that with the help of this cookbook guide you will cook any smoking meal like a BOSS! The Electric Smoker is a special kitchen appliance which brought a lot of changes in our home cooking culture. Using such kind of cooker you can get perfectly smoked pork of beef meat, delicious poultry and mouth-watering fish with no stress. Buying this Electric Smoker Cookbook you'll receive brand new healthy [...]

Marie K. Jeth: Element. Flame of Elisar [fantasy & sorcery, action & adventure, schemes & love]

free: 28. Aug to 31. Aug

Aurora Gayle: Supernatural Women [thriller, horror, paranormal]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

J.S. Scott: Dearest Stalker: Part 1 [Short Reads, Free, Contemporary Romance]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker? I'm not the type of woman who actually inspires passion in any guy, much less one who makes it a habit to watch me because he's obsessed. I'm a curvy, plain Jane. I like my chips, chocolate, and junk food, and it definitely shows. I'm an educated geek who would rather have my nose in a computer instead of a fashion magazine. But none of those things seem to matter to Stalker. He sees something in me that I don't see in myself, and I don't know why. I'm terrified, yet I'm inexplicably intrigued. I'm cautious by nature, but something [...]

Michael C. Sahd: Assassin Marked (The DuFonte Chronicles Book 1) [fiction, space, science fiction]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

An interplanetary crime syndicate. A debt, long overdue. An assassin gone rogue. Love. Revenge. Betrayal. Although he knows it will mean the end of his relationship with both the Crime Syndicate and his long-time lover, Captain Victoria Maruska, Damian can't let sleeping dogs lie. After overcoming his captain's well-intended efforts to hold him back, Damian sets off to exact his revenge on the man who had once left him to die on the barren wastelands of Earth. . . . Victoria may not know where to look, but she knows she has to find him. Following Damian's disappearance and the [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Leaving the Witness [non-fiction, religious, memoir]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Rising T.E.: Manga Guide: Warrior Legend Character Profiles Vol.1 | Guide | Manga artwork | Character book | Illustration | Artbook| Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen (Warrior Legend Manga series) [art book, manga comic characters]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Welcome to the Warrior Legend Universe! As a guidebook or if you just want to find yourself deeper into the world of Warrior Legend universe or just a curious manga reader willing to get your mind into a new universe, then this is the book you need! In this short but rich guidebook, you'll get a great insight of what the characters from Warrior Legend series are about and also learn more about the world and the origins of this fictional universe. With this book, you'll learn more about the surrounding of the manga story! I'm sure you will learn to enjoy the characters and the story of Warrior [...]

Rising T.E.: Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter I -Wonders of Life- | Book Volume 1 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen (Warrior Legend Manga series) [action adventure, manga comic, drama thirller]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Welcome to the Warrior Legend Manga series! A tale beyond your own! The world is soon about to see a change, a big change! Experience the Legend yourself today! This book is part 1 of 3! The plot for 1-3: In this still young world, one person is set aside since birth, taken care of by the monks, but grows up in the shadows of his own town. Years later as an adult, he has grown stronger than the monks ever expected! Why is he so unique from others, is to be answered! Now he teaches some soldiers with the skill, the ability just known as "Attribute." This man, Ozias, like many other soldiers [...]

Rising T.E.: 10 Simple Steps to Manga and Comics - From Idea and Creation to Self Publicity | How to Create your own Manga / Comic Book for Beginners | Start Sell Manga Books, Comics, and Webcomics right away [how to manga, acvice]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Want to become a publishing Manga or Comic artist? With this simple book, you'll have the answer at your fingertip on how to create your manga to publishing it! In this book, you'll get the easy guidance, tips and a complete the step-by-step guide with images for how you can grow your idea into a manga or comic and actually publish it to the market. Either you are a beginner or at a more advanced level, this book will give you the knowledge for how you should pursue with your upcoming projects. Since you have the passion and what it takes to become a Mangaka or a Comicbook artist then this is [...]

Rising T.E.: Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter II -Old Traveler- | Book Volume 2 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen (Warrior Legend Manga series) [action adventure, manga comic, drama thirller]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Welcome to the Warrior Legend Manga series! A tale beyond your own! The world is soon about to see a change, a big change! Experience the Legend yourself today! This book is part 1 of 3! The plot for 1-3: In this still young world, one person is set aside since birth, taken care of by the monks, but grows up in the shadows of his own town. Years later as an adult, he has grown stronger than the monks ever expected! Why is he so unique from others, is to be answered! Now he teaches some soldiers with the skill, the ability just known as "Attribute." This man, Ozias, like many other soldiers [...]

Rising T.E.: Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter III -The Antagonist- | Book Volume 3 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen (Warrior Legend Manga series) [action adventure, horor dystopian, drama thirller]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Welcome to the Warrior Legend Manga series! A tale beyond your own! The world is soon about to see a change, a big change! Experience the Legend yourself today! This book is part 1 of 3! The plot for 1-3: In this still young world, one person is set aside since birth, taken care of by the monks, but grows up in the shadows of his own town. Years later as an adult, he has grown stronger than the monks ever expected! Why is he so unique from others, is to be answered! Now he teaches some soldiers with the skill, the ability just known as "Attribute." This man, Ozias, like many other soldiers [...]

Rising T.E.: Manga: Warrior Legend Chapter IV -Salvation- | Book Volume 4 | Manga | Comic | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Fiction | Shonen | Mystery (Warrior Legend Manga series) [action adventure, horor dystopian, drama thirller]

free: 28. Aug to 01. Sep

Plot WL Chapter IV: After the war and the scary and horrible events in the last chapter, Ozias finds himself to confronted about the events that occurred. And why he didn't wasn't killed.. was he suppose to? This situation brings him to prison with another Outsider as himself! By the time he gets to know this guy, there is more trouble coming to Augo! Chapter introduction: Right after the big losses in the conflict between Augo and Vista, few men returned and most of them had injuries and experienced things they never thought possible. No one can be prepared for the unexpected! What will [...]

Dan Parisson: Ruby Learns to Wait [children's books, Manners, Social Situations]

free: 29. Aug to 30. Aug

Dan Parisson: Monster and Sam: Book on parents love. Great for teaching emotions, recognizing and accepting the value of rest, Baby Books, Kids Books, Ages 3 5, Picture Book, Bedtime stories [children's books, Social Situations, Dreaming Books]

free: 29. Aug to 30. Aug

Playtime is the most fun part of the day, but we must learn when to play and when to get our rest! Sometimes the hardest thing for little ones to do is put down their toys and get ready for rest and bed. Playing is so much fun, why do we have to stop? Well, getting your healthy rest is what will give you the energy to play again in the morning! Many children need to learn this lesson and Tomorrow Sam can play again is the perfect tale of a child who just wants to play, who meets a friendly little Monster named Mido who teaches him the value of rest!

Chariss K Walker: Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series Book 2) [new orleans books, supernatural suspense]

free: 29. Aug to 30. Aug

Crescent City is the second book in An Alec Winter Series. You can read the entire series in one download ASIN: B07GB92GJ7 Some see Alec Winters as a breathtaking, amazing angel, a savior. Others see him as a mind-blowing nightmare, the most terrifying demon their minds could ever conjure. Alec Winters roams the gritty streets of New Orleans as hero and protector of the innocent while he annihilates wicked evil-doers in this very dark-fiction, vengeance-driven 4-book thriller series. Or you can read the entire series in one download in An Alec Winters Series Complete, Books 1-4, ASIN: [...]

Noah Johnson: Jasper's amazing jungle adventures [elephants, bedtime stories, childrens books]

free: 29. Aug to 31. Aug

The elephant is the largest animal in the jungle, but when you are a little elephant, everything around you seems huge. The baby elephant Jasper goes on his first independent journey, makes interesting discoveries, faces fear, and finds his dream. An unexpected company pushes the elephant to the dream realization, and all together they spend a busy summer with games, talking around the campfire and getting to know the whole elephant family.This story with cheerful illustrations and racy dialogues will be a perfect gift for a young traveler or family as a whole.

Tomi Farrell: The Lucky Winner (The Lucky Series Book 1) [young adult mystery, crime thriller]

free: 29. Aug to 02. Sep

A mind-bending mystery that takes you on a thrilling journey with a dash of humor! *** Can you die of boredom? Sitting in her small den, surrounded by nothing that she can legitimately call "civilization" in a small town in North Dakota, that is the question that frequently crosses Ella's mind. Like a typical teenager, she longs for a life she doesn't have, dreaming of the extravagant world of Hollywood stars. But when her mother's extraordinary luck makes her wish come true, it doesn't take long for her to desperately want to take back that wish. As strange events begin to transpire, she [...]

Angela White: The Survivors (Life After War Book 1) [nuclear war, post apocalyptic, epic fantasy]

free: 29. Aug to 02. Sep

Post-Apocalyptic Survival "War was uglier than we'd imagined. The Draft was reinstated, taking our men and boys. Within days, stores had nothing on the shelves; people began to starve. Hospitals closed due to lack of space and medicine. Police stopped answering calls, stopping coming to work at all. Topside production faded; communications became spotty. Then the power went off...and it didn't come back on." The fall of society triggered a hard, new life where survival became the only focus. We shunned each other and the old ways, killing anyone who was different. We reverted to primitive [...]

Paul Joseph: Infinity Machine (Through the Fold Book 4) [aliens, cyborg, time travel]

free: 30. Aug

Sally's job as UN Space Commissioner gets quite interesting when a ship full of time-displaced people is discovered in the Atlantic. This also enables Sally to lead an all important peace mission to Baltan. The cold war with Baltan is finally showing signs of ending with the return of Mercy Collins, and Sally spends a year on the city trying to forge a new relationship with Earth. But now her associate commissioner arrives with a new problem. New Ontario, a planet Sally has visited before, is suddenly becoming important again. The cruel "masters" who rule the planet have apparently been [...]

Kat Kinney: Dyrwolf [young adult, fantasy, paranormal]

free: 30. Aug to 31. Aug

Lea Wylder has spent so long training to kill dyrwolves that now one is stalking her in her sleep. In the harsh, unforgiving forests of the north, shape-shifting dyrwolves have enslaved the sole human city for hundreds of miles, driving survivors up into the mountains. When Lea tracks a shifter and finds him caught in a trap, she's convinced he's the white wolf from her dreams. Not that it matters. He's one of them. And they're at war. But as Lea pulls back the bowstring, Henrik shifts to human and begs her not to shoot. By name. But how could he possibly know her? She was rescued from the [...]

Gloria Repp: The Story Shell (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 2) [Animals]

free: 30. Aug to 31. Aug

Pibbin the treefrog's adventures continue! Gaffer's wonderful story shell has disappeared. Is there a thief in Friendship Bog? It's up to Pibbin to track down those tracks, find the shell, and solve the mystery . . . alone! Book 2 in TALES OF FRIENDSHIP BOG. ~Color illustrations, map, and reference frog photos. ~An easy-to-read adventure for ages 7 and up. ~Also available as paperback and audiobook.

Robert E. Kearns: A Midnight Call to Monto [Short Story, Historical Fiction, Dark Fiction]

free: 30. Aug to 31. Aug

Charles and Bertie are friends from University. When Charles hosts Bertie for a week, he's surprised when pal suggests they pay a visit to Monto-Dublin's notorious Red Light district. What happens after is something you'll have to read to find out.

Paul Joseph: Homesick [space travel, aliens, wormholes]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

Paul Joseph: Web of Life (Through The Fold Book 2) [military science fiction, aliens, thriller]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

Sally Buds had scarcely arrived on Earth before she is called back into service. She is, of course, Earth's only real expert on the evil Masters on New Ontario, but now there may be trouble coming from this side of the fold! A Japanese ship representing the Asian Economic Alliance is now heading towards the fold and UN Command fears that they may be trying to forge an alliance with the Masters. This time Sally's crew includes a battalion of soldiers armed with deadly weapons. But, as before, the mission turns out to be different than expected. Trapped and a realm that makes no logical sense [...]

Paul Joseph: Splashdown (Through The Fold Book 3) [artificial intelligence, space travel, time travel]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

Sally's life on Earth becomes boring when she turns to politics, but not for long. As UN space commissioner, Sally finds herself presiding over the aftermath of Earth's first colonial war. Baltan City, Earth's greatest achievement, tries to declare independence, which creates a violent and polarizing conflict. In the midst of this new cold war, an Earth ship from the future is entering the system and appears to be approaching Baltan. Sally and Ian must call a truce with the colonists long enough to investigate. The ill-fated mission launched 20 years after the day Sally Buds sets foot on [...]

Paul Joseph: Window in the Sky (Through the Fold Book 6) [alternate history, military science fiction, time travel]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

With a lasting peace established between Earth and Baltan mediated by the growing alliance with the mysterious Szzzyyyxx, a new chapter in human history begins. But in the midst of this, the Szzzyyyxx Mother requests Sally's help with a mystery. Two Szzzyyyxx vessels have disappeared in the far reaches of their space. Sally and Ian plan a controversial rescue mission with the first of a new line of experimental ships. They arrive in the region to discover a fold that doesn't appear to go anywhere. On closer inspection, however, they find evidence of a black hole and a strange world that [...]

J.S. Scott: A Dangerous Bargain (The Sentinels Book 1) [Limited Time, FREE]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

The first book in The Sentinels Series, a paranormal romance by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author J.S. Scott. 27 year old Kat Larson is haunted by demons. Literally. And how was she to know that there was more than one type of demon? The Evils want to destroy her soul, while billionaire Sentinel, Zachary Winston, claims that he wants to protect her. Kat opts for Zach's protection...but it doesn't come without a price. It requires a bargain...and what he suggests surprises poor Kat almost as much as the fact that demons really do exist. Why would the handsome billionaire want to make [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Twisted [Masterpiece]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

Come into a dark, strange world, where everything is firmly rooted in the familiar except for some quirky detail that twists the yarn, and takes it for a spin in an unexpected direction. So prepare yourself: keep the lights on. If you like to read a horror anthology in the strain of Edgar Allan Poe, or if you like to witness the battle between the devil and God, you will enjoy outwitting the devil in this book. As befitting a dark fantasy, it is a woman--or rather, her ghost--who finds a way to outwit him.

Paul Joseph: Romo's Journey [Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Mars]

free: 30. Aug to 03. Sep

Gloria Repp: The Mystery of the Indian Carvings [Middle Grade, Christian]

free: 31. Aug

Julie, a young and troubled teen, dreads spending her summer on a Canadian island with unknown relatives. But she's intrigued when her uncle sends an older teen, Stan, to pick her up in his boat. Even better, she meets a wonderful dog who doesn't seem to mind listening to her. Julie's hopes for happiness begin to rise, but stolen artifacts and the tricks of her spiteful cousin threaten to drag her into a disaster. She can't help wondering: does God care?

Edoardo Russo: Mediterranean Diet: Recipes for every day. The Complete Guide for a healthy life. [Non-Fiction, healthy meals,mediterranean diet, Cookbook]

free: 31. Aug to 01. Sep

Mediterranean Diet by Edoardo Russo - Best health meals, full of delicacy and perfect for a healthy life Life is better when enjoying great meals and exploring recipes you have never had before. We have prepared the best recipes book that will guide you towards achieving the lavish life with great meals as you have been admiring. Cooking your own meals at home has never been this efficient and of greater benefit to your health. To live a healthy life you need to take a balanced diet every day if not in every meal. Mediterranean Diet is one of the best healthy meal guide which besides being [...]

Joseph Veebe: Anti-Cancer Curries: Healing with Spices and Herbs: 30 Curry Recipes to Fight Cancer and Improve Health (Essential Spices and Herbs Book 10) [herbs and spices, turmeric, cancer book]

free: 31. Aug to 04. Sep

Foods that Fight Cancer, Cancer Fighting Spices and Herbs, Anti-cancer Curry Recipes American Cancer Society estimates that that half of cancer incidents may be prevented through lifestyles, and diet changes. . Find out foods that help fight or slow down cancer. Learn how to cook them incorporating anti-cancer spices and herbs. . There are several foods that are known to have anti-cancer properties either directly or indirectly. Some of these have properties that inhibit cancer cell growth while others have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to overall health. Many [...]

Tony Mase: Wallace D. Wattles Advanced Vision Guide: How to Fine-Tune Your Vision to Get What You Want in the Shortest Possible Time with the Least Amount of Effort ... Quick Start & Advanced Vision Book 2) [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Success]

free: 01. Sep to 05. Sep

WALLACE D. WATTLES ADVANCED VISION GUIDE + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Based on the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, and picking up where the author's Wallace D. Wattles Quick Start Guide leaves off on the subject, the Wallace D. Wattles Advanced Vision Guide will help you fine-tune your vision to get what you want in the shortest possible time with the least amount of effort. To sweeten the [...]

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