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Daniel Buckley: ATLANTIS FROM NEITH AND SOLON FOR PLATO & FROST [Minoan Atlantis, Ancient history]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

Discover the origins of the Atlantis legend from the ancient prehistoric creator deity Neith.. Mother deity of the ancient world she arrived in Egypt from LIbya where she was the mother deity of the megalithic world and the tribes of LIbya who evolved and produced the aqualithic time periods.

Daniel Green: Supernatural Wave of God's Presence: Receive Miracles from Heaven Every Day [Christian Nonfiction, Christian Living, Spiritual Growth]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

Discover how to ride the supernatural wave of God's presence and experience miracles from Heaven following you every day. Do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things as you learn how to follow God everywhere. You could even be used of God to become one of the catalysts that starts the next wave of God's presence around you and across the world. Start your journey today to experience Heaven's supernatural miracles chasing after you and those around you. Many Believers are looking for the next great movement of God like surfers who are always looking for the biggest most exhilarating wave [...]

Charles Frankhauser: Whose Boy Are You?: A Memoir of a Young Boy [Memoir Adventure, Poverty Survival, DIY Planning]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

"Whose Boy Are You?" is a poignant memoir of a young boy whose family life is shattered by his parents' unexpected and sudden divorce. After being shuffled around and living with different relatives, he lands in the care of an elderly-childless couple that are distant relatives unknown to the boy. Their guidance helps him when he needs it most and proves to be life changing. The memoir is both revealing and moving, inviting the reader to consider unforeseen events and long-term consequences of divorce on a child.

Aviva Gittle: Kitten & Butterfly: A story that helps you teach your child how to be a good friend. Perfect for ages 2-8. Full color illustrations. (Kitten and Friends Book 1) [Children’s, Picture]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can't fly and Butterfly can't chase his tail! Together, they find a way. Colorful illustrations hold your child's attention Enjoyable to read out loud - over and over again! Teaches children about diversity without preaching Weaves facts about butterflies into the story - Every book ends with a moral of the story - Paperback version includes free coloring pages - Praise for the "Kitten and Friends" series: "...shows children how to accept and work with each other's differences (and is not at all preachy in [...]

Gloria Repp: Trouble with Zee (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 6) [Children, Easy-to-read]

free: 19. Jul to 22. Jul

A hateful Captain . . . A chance for freedom, and a daring escape . . . But what should Pibbin do about Leeper, his pal? Leave him behind? Book 6 in TALES OF FRIENDSHIP BOG - ~A fast-paced adventure for ages 7 and up. ~Includes colorful illustrations, story map, and frog photographs.

Florence Osmund: They Called Me Margaret [literary fiction, family saga, indie author]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

2018 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree - Margaret Manning has spent the better part of her life conforming to the expectations of other people first her father, then her husband. To break from this tradition, she becomes a writer of cozy mysteries and is in the process of living out her dream of opening her own bookstore The Indie Book Nook featuring self-published authors. But when she perceives her husband is behaving similarly to some of the unscrupulous characters in her books, she fears that she will lose him or maybe even worse that she is losing her mind. While abandonment is nothing new to [...]

James Chapman: Cause For Dread (Phantom Lover Book 1) [romance suspense, romance fantasy, romance mystery]

free: 21. Jul

Join Cheryl MacMillan with her exploits in Book 1 of the Phantom Lover Series - After multiple deaths in her family, Cheryl gets lured to a strange house in an isolated, remote location, to explore it's secrets or to die doing so. She needs to discover quickly, what is causing the mysterious happenings at this house, before she loses her sanity, or her life. In Cheryl's quest for answers, one mystery continually eludes her, who exactly is the phantom lover?

Serge Ant: She knew what to give [erotica, women romantica, short love story]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

"I re-read this story every time I need to create a special mood for good sex," one of the readers wrote in confidence. Heroes of the story are mature people. They are well versed in classic sex, oral sex, and anal sex. When this is all mixed up with violent passion - there is a lot to learn! A touching and sensitive story of the two seeking for the spring of soul. Of the two having passed a significant part of their lives and being well aware of what they want... A romantic and sensual look at the question, which bothers each of us - what to do when the marriage flame has subsided and the [...]

Sasha Green: There are Only Two Rules for a Happy Life (How to become happy Book 1) [motivation, time-management, personal development]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

A person feels happy when his dreams come true, when he does his favorite thing. In order to make dreams come true you need to organize your life properly. Sometimes false desires are formed in our minds, and even if they are realized, it does not give us a sense of satisfaction. It's very important to understand what you really want. This book is about how without magic, esoterics and philosophy to get from life what you need. How to stop lying on the couch and embark on the path of self-realization. Compliance with only two simple rules will allow you to get rid of what was superfluous, and [...]

Jan Zwol: BUSINESS: Billionaires mindset: Millionaire habits book - Get the entrepreneurial mindset from the best entrepreneurs of the world from millionaire habits ... little secret (Habits Successful People 1) [business adventures, business starting]

free: 17. Jul to 21. Jul

"Anyone even a novice entrepreneur needs a decent dose of inspiration and knowledge." -- Adam G. (entrepreneur, businessman with experience in online business) In this publication, you will find stories of 3 billionaires who in their lives have achieved above-average achievements in the business arena. And in addition, you will learn what you should do to achieve even similar results in business. Here they are: Cho Tak Wong Japanese, a billionaire who started his business career from an early age. Get to know his amazing story that begins with the fact that Cao did not have at the beginning [...]

M.G. Hawking: Forbidden Secrets: Egypt, The Lost Knowledge [Adventure, Ancient Mysteries, Occult Studies]

free: 21. Jul to 22. Jul

Explore the Lost Knowledge of the Antediluvian Civilization of Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago a small Neolithic community in the region of the lower Nile abruptly rose to create the most majestic and enduring civilization of history. The ascension of Ancient Egypt to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrates advancements that have long eluded explanation. What long lost knowledge underlies the unprecedented technology, artistic creations, and cultural sophistication of Ancient Egypt? The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian tradition relates that in [...]

M.G. Hawking: Legends of the Mystic Masters, Secrets of the Ancient World [Adventure, Lost Knowledge, Body/Mind/Spirit]

free: 21. Jul to 22. Jul

Discover the Legends and Knowledge of the Great Masters Explore the secrets underlying one of the greatest of all ancient legends, the existence of highly enlightened masters, revealing knowledge that for long millenniums has remained hidden in myth and silence. On an extended journey into an extremely remote region of the world, explorer M.G. Hawking encountered a beautiful small village where he had the privilege of meeting extraordinary men and women introduced to him as "masters" and "sages" possessed of knowledge and abilities virtually unknown to the Western world. The groundbreaking [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for America's Future | A Guide to the Book by Pete Buttigieg [politics, memoir, non-fiction]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: In Shortest Way Home, Democratic presidential ticket candidate and South Bend mayor, Pete Buttigieg puts his training in literature to good use, telling the rousing story of his city's transformation, which provides the background to his own growth through education, consulting, military deployment, and love. Click "Buy Now with 1-Click" to own your copy today! What does this ZIP Reads Summary Include? [...]

Wallace D. Wattles: Unity with the Things You Want: A Mega-Lesson in Constructive Science [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Success]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

Core Article Length: 4,834 Words UNITY WITH THE THINGS YOU WANT + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! More than likely you've read or heard about the power of desire to bring you what you want. The truth is that desire, in and of itself, has no power to bring you what you want. In this exclusive, special enhanced version of Unity with the Things You Want by Wallace D. Wattles, you'll learn what desire really is, what power it really has, and what'll really bring you and the [...]

Brendan Fawn: Pineapple Recipes: Homemade & Tasty Pineapple Cookbook for a Healthy Living (Pineapple Wonders 4)

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

This pineapple recipe book, contains interesting homemade pineapple recipes for you and your family. It will inspire you to discover the colorful world of pineapple recipes and pineapple cooking! For your satisfaction, pineapple cookbook includes: Delicious pineapple recipes Basic ideas how to prepare exotic pineapple dishes - Pineapple based recipes with simple , but still healthy ingredients Pineapple recipes and fruit recipes with colorful images, recipe index and much more - Always remember! Your health should be your number one priority and the investment in your health is the best gift [...]

Brendan Fawn: Pineapple Desserts: Pineapple Cookbook with Simple & Delicious Homemade Pineapple Recipes for the Whole Family (Delicious Pineapple Desserts 1)

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

This pineapple recipe book, contains interesting homemade pineapple desserts for you and your family. It will inspire you to discover the colorful world of pineapple recipes and pineapple cooking! For your satisfaction, pineapple cookbook includes: Delicious pineapple dessert recipes Basic ideas how to prepare exotic and sweet pineapple dishes Pineapple based recipes with simple , but still healthy ingredients Pineapple recipes and fruit recipes with colorful images, recipe index and much more - Always remember! Your health should be your number one priority and the investment in your health [...]

Brendan Fawn: Spiralizer Recipes: Spiralizer Cookbook with Keto & Paleo Friendly, Low-Carb, and Delicious Meat & Fish Spiralized Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle (Spiralize Everything 4)

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

This spiralizer cookbook includes various meat & fish spiralizer recipes. Fourth edition of the cookbook will inspire you to prepare interesting spiralized vegetable recipes with meat and fish. With this spiralizer recipe book you will: - Enjoy inspiralized fish & meat recipes - - Learn how to prepare delicious inspiralized meals - - Cook spiralized dishes for a whole family - - Start healthy spiralized diet - Please note! Two options of the Paperback Spiralizing Cookbook are available: Black and white version - Full-color edition - Simply press See all formats and editions above the price. [...]

Brendan Fawn: Pineapple Recipes: Pineapple Cookbook with Delicious & Delectable Fish & Meat Pineapple Dishes (Pineapple Wonders 5)

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

This pineapple recipe book, contains interesting fish and meat pineapple recipes for you and your family. It will inspire you to discover the colorful world of pineapple recipes and pineapple cooking! For your satisfaction, pineapple cookbook includes: Delicious fish & meat pineapple recipes Basic ideas how to prepare exotic pineapple dishes - Pineapple based recipes with simple , but still healthy ingredients Pineapple recipes and fruit recipes with colorful images, recipe index and much more - Always remember! Your health should be your number one priority and the investment in your health [...]

Sergii Murashchenko: How come my son is younger than my grandson or the effective advice for preservation of men's health [Aging, good erection]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

Want to have long sex? Do you want to have a powerful potency and a long erection? Follow the author's proven methodology, and regardless of age, your excellent male power will please not only you! The author has composed a set of health-improving techniques, which are aimed at the improvement of health and rejuvenation from his personal experience. In particular, the methods of preserving men's health, selected on the basis of the long-term use, are described in detail. The high efficiency of these was proven by the personal example of the author, who at the age of 60, feels great, leads an [...]

K. J. McGillick: Three: Deception Love Murder (A Path of Deception and Betrayal Book 1) [pschological thriller, financial thriller, organized crime]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

Inviting a stranger into your home can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your life can turn deadly. How would you feel if you discovered your murder was meticulously planned by someone you loved? You didn't know how or when or even why. All you could do was wait. Emma had it all. Or did she? When her lover's car is found burned and abandoned in another state and paintings worth millions go missing the police come asking some hard questions. Was he kidnapped, and was Emma in on this art heist? What she discovers upends her world completely. Jude White, a man she intended to marry, had [...]

Bozena Zawisz: Strong Within: The Christian Woman's Guidebook for Nurturing Self-Love and Personal Power [christian nonfiction, female empowerment, spiritual]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

An Inspirational Guidebook for Nourishing Self-Love and Inner Strength, from Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist in Biblical Counseling (1 st Ed.) ___ "(Author's) acuity in understanding the challenges women face and presenting solutions using Biblical teachings was masterful..." Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review ___ Are there times YOU find yourself experiencing: Wishing your thoughts and feelings were considered more by others; Wishing your relationships were marked by a fairer distribution of work-load/leisure time; Feeling resentful of others' expectations; Or, would simply like to experience [...]

Robert E. Kearns: Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity [Literature, Mystery, Speculative Fiction]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

A work of Literary Fiction, Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity is inspired by the mythical island of Hy Brasil, said to have existed off the west coast of Ireland. The novel takes place in Dublin, Waterford and Hy Brasil. Kearns examines the relationship between past and present then delves into themes of life, death and continuance in a story with beautiful prose that's composed in his own unique and wonderful style. An advanced society, Hy Brasil is faced with pending catastrophe and Olan is determined to endure. Archaeological discoveries throw light on a civilization beforehand confined to [...]

Tiffany Shelton: Gluten-Free Baking: Perfect Gluten Free Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Muffins and other Gluten Intolerance Recipes for Healthy Eating. Essential Cookbook for Beginners to Avoid Celiac Disease

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

Gluten-Free Baking - Recipes for all your gluten-free cake and bake needs! Living gluten-free doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your favorite baked goods. In fact, each of the more than 55 easy-to-make recipes found in this book is the result of passion to take the everyday comfort foods we each hold dear and reinvent them so that they're not only acceptable gluten-free substitutes for old favorites, but are so delightfully flavorful that you won't even notice anything is missing. Baking is an art as well as a science. My heartfelt mission in writing this book is to provide you with a whole [...]

David Brown: PUPPY TRAINING BOOK: HOW TO CHOOSE AND TRAIN YOUR DOG (puppy sleep training, dog books for adults, dog lessons, dog intelligence, dog facts) [puppy training books, dog training books, dog cognition]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

If u r lr d a dog wn r or r th nk ng b ut g tt ng a puppy, this is ur gu d t ll -r n bl d g ownership. If u'r l k most pet owners, you treat ur f ur-l gg d fr nd a v lu d m mb r of th f m l wh nj the full run of th h u wh h is wh good b h v r m rt nt. Tr n ng ur dog th f r t step n h lth nt r t n, gu d n nd bu ld ng a tr ng relationship b tw n ur dog and perhaps th wh l f m l . Knowing h w t tr n ur d g m seem daunting, ll ft r w t h ng Y uTub v d . There are m l steps u can t k t d t t rt m l m nt ng techniques nd m k training rt of ur r ut n w th ur dog. Tr n ng ur puppy n t t d ff ult it w [...]

John Vance: Touched Back [Mystery, Thriller, Political]

free: 20. Jul to 21. Jul

The murder of a football coach affects not only his university but also the White House, which counts as alums the president, First Lady (the coach's step sister) and other members of the administration. Another alumnus, Daniel Wells a Silver Star recipient while serving in Iraq and currently head of a veteran's organization is also caught up in these events. Who and how many are responsible for the coach's and several additional and related killings in the Washington area--and is Wells also a target? And just how closely related is the First Lady to these events? Fifteen years earlier Wells [...]

Dan Parisson: Monster and Sam: Book on parents love. Great for teaching emotions, recognizing and accepting the value of rest, Baby Books, Kids Books, Ages 3 5, Picture Book, Bedtime stories [children's books, Toddler Bedtime, Dreaming Books]

free: 19. Jul to 21. Jul

Playtime is the most fun part of the day, but we must learn when to play and when to get our rest! Sometimes the hardest thing for little ones to do is put down their toys and get ready for rest and bed. Playing is so much fun, why do we have to stop? Well, getting your healthy rest is what will give you the energy to play again in the morning! Many children need to learn this lesson and Tomorrow Sam can play again is the perfect tale of a child who just wants to play, who meets a friendly little Monster named Mido who teaches him the value of rest!

Uvi Poznansky: Inspired by Art: A Peek at Bathsheba (The David Chronicles Book 7) [Art Book, Court Intrigue, Masterpiece]

free: 19. Jul to 21. Jul

Inspired by Art: A Peek at Bathsheba is a collection of art throughout the ages, around the story of David. This volume focuses on the most torrid love affair ever told: David's forbidden love affair with Bathsheba and his attempt to cover it up. These amazing sculptures, paintings, etchings, and manuscripts inspired the author to write The David Chronicles, a series of three volumes, the second of which is A Peek at Bathsheba, where she imagines the love affair and the ensuing scandal. Besides being an artist and having worked as an architect, she taught art history, and this collection [...]

Kresten Forsman: I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS: A Paranormal Suspense Novella [Haunted mansion, Autism, Games and gambling]

free: 19. Jul to 21. Jul

When a troubled young family is hired to become the caretakers of a luxurious villa in a remote part of the country, they think that their future finally looks bright. They quickly learn, however, that their new home is anything but ordinary when a message mysteriously appears on a wall promising them a reward if the perform a simple act.

J.P. Reedman: Blood of Roses: Edward IV and Towton (The Falcon and The Sun: The House of York Book 1) [HISTORICAL, Warfare, Medieval]

free: 17. Jul to 21. Jul

Richard Duke of York lies dead outside the walls of Sandal Castle, lured to his death by false talk of a Christmas truce. His second son Edmund, aged just seventeen, is murdered by Butcher Clifford, his blood staining the cobbles of Wakefield bridge outside the chapel where he had vainly sought sanctuary. The House of York has fallen...but not for long. The Lancastrian army of Margaret of Anjou has reaped the whirlwind with the treacherous slaughter at Wakefield. Edward of March, Duke Richard's heir, is coming after them, tall, handsome, young and a fearsome warrior...and he wants vengeance [...]

J.P. Reedman: A Dance Through Time [time travel, Romance, fantasy]

free: 17. Jul to 21. Jul

Isabella Lawrence is a photographer in modern day London. Her specialty is photographing old buildings prior to their restoration. One night she goes on a shoot in a derelict theatre. As she takes her shots in the auditorium, she suddenly realises someone else, someone unknown, is in the building with her. Panicking, she runs out onto the stage--and the rotted boards crumble beneath her feet, hurling her down, down, down... into the past into the body of of a jobbing Victorian actress called Arabella Lorne. Arabella is asked to marry the mysterious brooding landowner, Sir Augustus Stannion--a [...]

Jonathan Doue: Beets: The Ultimate Recipe Guide! [Cookbook, Vegetables]

free: 17. Jul to 21. Jul

** The Ultimate Beet Recipe Guide ** We have collected 25 of the most delicious and best selling Beet recipes from around the world! Why are Beets the ultimate super food and why should you introduce them into your diet? Here are 6 quick reasons. Enjoy! - Health Benefits - 1. Beets are nature's Viagra - Seriously. One of the first known uses of beets was by the ancient Romans, who used them medicinally as an aphrodisiac. And that's not just urban legend - science backs it up. Beets contain high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. 2. Beets are [...]

Chris Lowry: Super Secret Space Mission: A Sci Fi Comedy [science fiction, adventure]

free: 17. Jul to 21. Jul

In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, a hitchhiking cowboy and the motormouth city slicker that picks him up accidentally get shot into outer space to take back Earth's super secret defense ship, the LUCAS from alien invaders. These fish ain't just out of water, they're up in space and getting it all wrong trying to do the right thing. They accidentally stumble across one of America's biggest secrets. There's a Space Force dedicated to protecting the planet from intergalactic threats. The largest and only star ship in the fleet, The Lucas is off trajectory and headed back to earth after a [...]

Minghao Huang: The Art Of Life: How To Live A Happy And Meaningful Life (The Art Of Life Series: Being, Seeing, Doing, Routinizing, Transforming Book 1) [Self help, Spiritual transformation, Personal development]

free: 19. Jul to 22. Jul

The Art Of Life: A Small Book That Can Change Your Life! Please Don't Miss The Chance! A Simple, Elegant, and Beautiful Pattern Help You Live A Happy And Meaningful Life! Out of Tao, One is born; Out of One, Two; Out of Two, Three; Out of Three, the Created Universe. - Tao Te Ching, Chapter 42 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over waters. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. - Bible, Genesis 1:1~3 - The art of life is of essential [...]

L.J. Simpson: The Blunt End of the Service [Science Fiction, Science Fiction Adventure, Science Fiction Crime]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

With a little more drive and ambition, Chuck Poulson might have found himself serving as first officer aboard a hyper liner. By the same token, if Cadet Penelope Parker had accepted the amorous advances of the notorious Commander Dickens, she might well have been posted to the Cromwell, the latest Type 53 destroyer. But with things as they stand, Chuck and Penny find themselves serving together aboard the half derelict space station Orbital One, alongside a motley crew of 'misfits, slackers and has-beens'. And that would have been that, but their neatly ordered world is suddenly turned upside [...]

Hareesh Jayanthi: hero [Family, Immigrants]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

India has always been a special place. A place of the mythical, the mystical and the legends. Ramesh did not concern himself with such things though. That is, until his mediocre life became too much for him and he returned to the village in India where he was born. There he would embark on an extraordinary journey that would take him to places he could never have imagined. In the village he becomes a legend. He becomes hero.

js scott: Dearest Stalker: Part 1 [Free Romantic Reads, Steamy Romance, Must Read]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker? I'm not the type of woman who actually inspires passion in any guy, much less one who makes it a habit to watch me because he's obsessed. I'm a curvy, plain Jane. I like my chips, chocolate, and junk food, and it definitely shows. I'm an educated geek who would rather have my nose in a computer instead of a fashion magazine. But none of those things seem to matter to Stalker. He sees something in me that I don't see in myself, and I don't know why. I'm terrified, yet I'm inexplicably intrigued. I'm cautious by nature, but something [...]

Julie Bower: Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: The Best 75 Simple and Easy Recipes for Everyday Cooking: Essential Guide for Air-Fryer Newbies [fryer oven recipes]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

Are you a beginner cook looking for some easy to make, yet delicious meals? Want to treat your family, friends, or yourself to tasty, crunchy meals? Did you know that the air fryer can turn out to be your best kitchen companion? In this guide, "Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners" , you will find the answers to all of your burning questions regarding setting up and cooking with your new Air Fryer. You will learn what an Air Fryer is and how to navigate the various settings like temperature and time adjustment. This guide includes a collection of the Top 75 Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners that [...]

S M Mala: Barking Maddy's Puppy Love [romance, contemporary, humour]

free: 18. Jul to 22. Jul

Wagging her tail with delight and dressed in a puppy suit, Maddy Berkeley wants to do good in the world. She works for free at the local children's hospice, and one of her best friends is Dora, aged twelve, who resides there from time to time. Her friend Pearl is suffering from post-natal depression and her other pal, Ted is constantly suffering from bad girlfriend choice, except for his current one who has a twin called Stan. Maddy is barking about Stanley Franks and more importantly, his dog Phyllis, who she has adopted without Stan's consent. As much as she tries, Stan isn't sitting up and [...]

David Scholes: TRATHH and other science fiction stories [David Scholes, Science Fantasy]

free: 21. Jul to 23. Jul

The book comprises a collection of 21 science fiction short stories. The main story Trathh is based on a story arc pod cast on the Beam Me Up Pod cast site during 2012 and 2013. A powerful alien prisoner, innocent of all charges against him, survives the crash landing of his prison star ship on Earth only to be hunted by the Earth military. In The Young Old War the ineffectual middles passively tolerate a world wide trend of increasing violence against the elderly by roaming feral youthpaks. In Nerdforce the meetings behind closed doors of a small group of nerds can have consequences beyond [...]

yesenia chavan: Meditation: Meditation for Beginners - How to Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Depression and Return to a State of Inner Peace and Happiness (How to Meditate, ... for Beginners, Mindfulness Book 1) [Non Fiction, Self-Help, Spirituality]

free: 21. Jul to 23. Jul

Meditation for Beginners - Learn how meditation can transform your life TODAY! A 'meditation for beginners' guide that will give you life-long peace and happiness. A regular meditation habit can make you healthier, happier and more successful than ever! This book will teach you exactly how to calm your mind, release tension and "let go" in a way that will change your life forever! Meditation isn't about chanting, crystals or playing with an eagle feather. It is a scientifically proven way of taking control of your life by taking control of your mind. With Meditation for Beginners - How to [...]

Phyllis Goode: How to Clean Up in Dirty Books: Write erotica as a side job [how to write, romance]

free: 19. Jul to 23. Jul

A simple guide to make a killing in writing erotic stories - Have you ever considered writing a book, but don't have a topic, don't have a story line, and just aren't sure what to write about? How about writing about sex? Shh. It's a dirty little secret but erotica is one of the best selling categories on Amazon and it's an easy way to get started to add some cash to your writing. A ton of big name authors started out writing under pen names, so you can too. This simple, easy to follow guide is designed for any author to create, write and publish a new revenue stream to their business, and [...]

Merav Gamliel Boschan: MOZZI PRESENTS: MY FRIENDS HELP PEOPLE: Dog Stories for Kids Teaching About Giving (Kids rhyme series, Book 3) (VALUES FOR A GOOD LIFE SERIES) [Kids dog books, Children's Books]

free: 19. Jul to 23. Jul

The most comprehensive children's book about Service and Therapy Dogs. The third book in the series shares values for a good life and delves into the power of giving and empowering others. This book stars Mozzi introducing his dog friends, who lovingly and with sensitivity help the humans around them, both children and adults, overcome their difficulties and fears. Giving and mutual cooperation help characters experience great joy, optimism, and other positive emotions which will also resonate with readers. Like the other books in the kids nursery rhymes series, the verses, delightful [...]

Steven W. White: New World: a Frontier Fantasy Novel (Tales of the New World Book 1) [historical fiction, fantasy adventure, folklore]

free: 19. Jul to 23. Jul

Across the sea lies a newly discovered continent, a world whose forests and beasts are unknown to the recorded memory of elves, dwarves, or men. In this land called Mira, the brutal sacking of a young colony links the fates of two opposite characters: a twelve-year-old printer's son named Simon Jones and his long-lost uncle Tiberius Bogg, one of Mira's legendary mountain men. Simon is small, but smart; scared but determined. Bogg is fast as a splintercat and stealthy as a hidebehind. Together, they turn the tables and pursue their attackers (a cruel knight and his soldiers from the old [...]

William Bahl: Investing for Beginners [Nonfiction, money management]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

Getting ready to invest or just want to know more? Avoid the easy mistakes of investing with this beginners guide to investing. Offering practical, straightforward advice that is easy to understand and engaging, this book will give you what you need to start investing. Inside you will find: 1) Why you should invest - 2) Types of investment - 3) Why some investments fail - 4) Common Investment Packages - 5) Taxes and investments - And so much more... Start investing (in yourself) today for a financially secure tomorrow!

Peter Simon: Context [scifi, nde, romance]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is it to be human? What is existence? What does it feel like to control the human species? These are some of the questions that the characters in this book unintentionally come to answer. At first glance this book appears to be like every other science fiction story: A hero leaves his home behind so that he can protect the one he loves from an enemy that means to exterminate the human race. There is even the heroine that remains behind and does her part for the cause. While the hero suffers loss on the alien battlefields, the heroine is [...]

James Chapman: Get What You Want Right Now!: Transform Your Life [A Better Life, Everything You Want, Do It Now!]

free: 20. Jul to 24. Jul

There is no secret to getting what you want in life, millions of people, who are just like you, are doing it every day. You are living in the 'can have, will have' society and the only restrictions on getting what you want are in your mind. Once you have removed the obstacles and barriers that your mind has put in your way, you will get all that you want, but always remember you have to be prepared to receive it. The majority of books about getting what you want in your life, are either filled with loads of philosophical statements about life goals and achievements, or they are telling you to [...]

Tony Mase: How Things Come to You: 3 Real-Life Case Studies Showing You How Things Come to You When You're Thinking and Acting in Wallace D. Wattles' Certain Way... Whether You Know It or Not! [Nonfiction, Self-Help, New Thought]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

Core Case Studies Length: 5,337 Words HOW THINGS COME TO YOU + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! In this exclusive book, Tony Mase, a serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles, who's best known for his classic masterpiece The Science of Getting Rich, shares with you three firsthand experiences, "case studies" if you will, illustrative of the most interesting and unusual ways things come to you when you're thinking and acting in accordance with Wallace D. Wattles' [...]

Lizz Lund: #3 Bundle of Fun - Humorous Cozy Mysteries - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes: Perfectly Pickled + Juicy Jersey - Books 4 + 5 (Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery Series - Bundle) [summer read, humorous fiction, funny detective]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

TWO funny Mina Kitchen mysteries for the price of ONE? BOGO! COZY COMEDY MYSTERIES X 2! WITH 5-STAR REVIEWS! PERFECTLY PICKLED and JUICY JERSEY! If you're looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, chatty animals (in the guise of pets) -- and recipes -- look no further. Lund's cozy mystery series - Books 4 & 5 - are hilarious light hearted mysteries that blend delightful characters and great dialogue with a dash of thrillers and suspense. These cozy comedy capers whip up frothy fiction that's sure to amuse Kindle readers. BONUS! Chock full of delightful surprises, both mysteries [...]

Chris Lowry: ASSET - an Action Thriller: a Brill Winger Thriller [action packed, page turner, spy thriller series]

free: 21. Jul to 25. Jul

It ain't easy being a spy. It sounded fun at first. Just listen. Pay attention. Make note of who comes to the house. Who stops by. And a poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks gets a chance to travel the world with the girl he loves. But her do-gooder ways can get them in trouble. When she volunteers them to help at a refugee camp in South Africa, they're protected by her father's reputation. Until rebels show up and all hell breaks loose. Now his adventure in a new world takes a deadly turn and drives him into a nightmare. He can give in and give up or dig deep and fight to become the [...]

Alexis Ryan: Professor's Pet - Mature and Young Lesbian Desires: Lesbian Teacher and Student Oral Seduction (The Mature Lesbian Fantasy Series)  EROTICA 

free: 21. Jul to 23. Jul

Fulfilling Her Mature Lesbian Fantasy Anna spends most of her time fantasizing about her hot lesbian teacher, Ms. Barrett. A chance encounter with her hot teacher at a poetry club meeting is the right time for Anna to fulfill her sexy fantasy! Submitting to Her Hot Lesbian Professor One night may not be enough for her first time, but will Katie's boyfriend stand in the way? Alexis Ryan - Erotic Author Read this and all of Alexis Ryan's first time lesbian, lesbian teacher and student adult stories. All available on the Amazon Kindle Store for immediate download and reading. Enjoy! NSFW Adult [...]

J.S. Scott: Secret Desires Of The Counselor (The Pleasure Of His Punishment)  EROTICA 

free: 19. Jul to 23. Jul

It was her thirtieth birthday and defense attorney Hannah Rowan had looked forward to enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home with her favorite book and something she didn't have to cook for dinner...until she discovered that her best friend "crazy Cindy" had planned a birthday surprise for her that left her driving thirty miles outside of town to retrieve her "surprise" birthday gift. Hannah wasn't in for any normal surprise. Her gift was one that shocked her. Her secret desire had been discovered and she was in for more than she had ever imagined. Ryan Brenner was astonished when he opened [...]

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Olivia Mason: 90 Easy Instant Pot Recipes: Your Healthy Food Options for Losing Weight [Healthy recipes]

free: 22. Jul to 23. Jul

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art! No time-consuming, delicious and light meals for lunches, dinners and breakfasts at home every single day? Yes, that's possible! What will you discover in this cookbook ? 90 delicious, effortless, healthy instant pot recipes; Clear step-by-step instructions; Useful tips for cooking in the instant pot. If you have just bought an instant pot and don't know where to start, our healthy instant pot cookbook will guide you through it all . The book is a great cooking aid not only for beginners , but for experienced users as well. You will [...]

Alexis Ryan: My Pillow Princess - Lesbian Oral Pleasures: Older Woman Younger Girl Oral Desires (The Lesbian Oral Submission Series)  EROTICA 

free: 22. Jul to 24. Jul

Bored Housewife With a Secret Claudia knew something was missing from her perfect life with her perfect husband, Trent. She couldn't help but remember her first time with a women back in college and how she missed that special time. Bi Curious to Oral Submission An unexpected work trip for her husband and a new young, pretty massage therapist might give her the opportunity to find out! Alexis Ryan - Erotic Author Read this and all of Alexis Ryan's oral submission, young and mature, steamy adult stories. All available on the Amazon Kindle Store for immediate download and reading. Enjoy! NSFW [...]

Kevin Bradley: The Transamerica Cell: A fast-paced, gripping, action adventure. Shocking and thrilling. The ending will take your breath away. [mystery, suspense]

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

The San Diego police have murdered an innocent man. A young woman witnesses the brutal event. Now she must run for her life. But if only things were that simple. All is not what it seems to be. Maddie Millar is desperately trying to keep ahead of her pursuers. But who exactly are they? And why are the FBI so concerned? This is a thriller like no other. The plot twists and turns as the story unfolds. If you like to keep guessing, then this is a story for you. This is a novel in the acclaimed Hedge & Cole thriller series. Cole is a tough, ex-military man. He's the sort of person that trouble [...]

Nadishka Aloysius: Ronan's Dinosaur: The Tale of an Unlikely Friendship that Changes a Boy's Life (Chapter Book suitable for ages 7 - 9)

free: 22. Jul to 26. Jul

*** MATCHBOOK OFFER - Purchase a PAPERBACK and get the ebook FREE*** " This was a sweet and engaging tale for kids! very reminiscent of the Micheal Morpurgo books. The protagonist Ronan is a shy, timid child who, through the help of his dinosaur friend Scoot, learns how to be brave. The writing is clever, funny and fast paced. A thoroughly enjoyable read." - Thilani Samarasinghe (author) Do you love DINOSAURS? Do you wish you could actually meet one? Go on a journey of discovery to an exotic place and share the joys and fears of a young boy who was lucky enough to do just that... Ronan is [...]

Jennifer Tate: Mediterranean Cookbook for Healthy Lifestyle: 70 Easy Recipes for Eating and Feeling Well Every Day, 7-Day Meal Plan (Tasty and Healthy 2) [mediterranean recipes, heart healthy diet]

free: 23. Jul

The book contains a terrific collection of useful recipes and nutritious foods that contribute to your health and longevity. The Mediterranean diet helps maintain your weight in normal, and the body in shape. The professional nutritionist conducted careful culinary research and included in the book necessary Mediterranean Salads Mediterranean Poultry & Meat dishes Mediterranean Seafood dishes Mediterranean Soups Mediterranean Drinks Mediterranean Desserts & Sweets Mediterranean Vegetable meals Pasta recipes Mediterranean Bread & Pizza recipes with countless health benefits that will please [...]

stella branch: Keto Diet: The Essential Healthy Guide to Ketogenic Lifestyle, 100+ Delicious High-Fat Recipes & New 14-day Challenge [cookbook, weight watchers]

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

Congratulations, if you are reading this means you have taken the first step to change your lifestyle.Success on Keto Diet: The Essential Healthy Guide is achieved by following its high-fat, low-carb principles which means you need Keto recipes that are easy, fast and enjoyable.In Keto Diet: The Essential Healthy Guide you'll find: easy recipes that use best and healthy ingredients are fully fat keto compliant, and include nutritional information (with macros) delicious and exclusive authentic keto and vegetarian recipes from around the world best selected everyday Keto Diet recipes for [...]

James Evans: Religion Without A God: A Novel [Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space Opera]

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

Luke thinks he's in love. Well, he's dating, he's just had his wicked way - it was fantastic - and he is very keen for more. So yes, he's more or less in love in man terms. The only trouble is that she's vanished. Adventure... Mystery... BIG Robots... Sky-boats... Mad countesses... Evil mad countesses... Guns... More guns... Lingerie... Some nudity... Lots of emotions... Lots of swearing... An entire bucket of carrots... And a long justification below best avoided by anyone not vaguely interested in politics or a rebuttal of political correctness! Boy meets girl, loses girl, and tries to find [...]

Alexis Ryan: Uninhibited An Explicit Lesbian Experience: First Time Lesbian Girl-on-Girl Sex [lesbian first time, androgynous bicurious lezbian, erotica erotisch lesbanish]

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

Clarissa Damien: Sweet, Sweet Charlotte - First Time MFF Group Sex: A Country Music Menage a Trois (The Swingers & Group Sex Series)  EROTICA 

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

Austin Cooper is a rising star in the country music scene and with his hot girlfriend, Whitney, by his side, it seems there's nothing he can do. But a sudden dry spell in his songwriting has him and his band thinking. In steps gorgeous Charlotte to sweeten everyone's day - including Whitney! Austin and Whitney venture into the world of threesome which just might be what Austin needs to get his groove back on!

Lana Wilder: The Cowboy Bi-Way - MMF Menage a Trois: Bisexual Husband & Wife Group Sex (The Lana Wilder Erotic Collection)  EROTICA 

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

Perfect Marriage ... Or Is It? Bonnie and Clint live a great life in the country but something is missing from their relationship. A trip back to see his wife's family leaves Clint alone on their acreage ... or is he? The Farmhand Helps Out In More Ways Than One! Billy is a worker of theirs who comes by while Bonnie is gone and, well while the cat is away the mice - or in this case, the hot guys will play! To everyone's surprise Bonnie comes home soon and is shocked and turned on my her husband's newly discovered gay side! Lana Wilder - Erotic Author Read this and all of Lana Wilder's sexy [...]

J.S. Strickland: Locked Out - Straight Guy Goes Gay: My First Time Gay Sex (The Straight to Gay Boy Series)  EROTICA 

free: 23. Jul to 25. Jul

While his girlfriend is away, Nick gets locked out of their apartment after a night out with coworkers and friends. Needing a place to crash, he heads over to their neighbor, Theo - an open-minded, easy-going European who show Nick a whole new side of "friendly neighbor"! Read as Nick explores his sexuality and goes gay for the first time!

J.S. Scott: Mine For Tonight (The Billionaire's Obsession, Book 1) [Short Reads, Contemporary Romance, FREE]

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she's never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger to her emotional sanity? Reclusive [...]

ZIP Reads: Summary & Analysis of Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide | A Guide to the Book by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark [personal development, motivational, inspirational]

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and not the original book. If you'd like to purchase the original book, please paste this link in your browser: "My Favorite Murder" co-hosts Georgia and Karen reveal their darkest moments leading up to a successful collaboration that changed both their lives. There are drugs, murder, sex, family, love, eating disorders, junior high horror stories, and a boatload of profanity and you'll laugh continuously through the tears Click "Buy Now with 1-Click" to own your copy today! What does this ZIP Reads Summary [...]

S M Mala: Hot Flush [romance, contemporary, humour]

free: 23. Jul to 27. Jul

The courses to true love never runs smoothly... and certainly not for Betty. She loves Tom. Tom blatantly doesn't feel the same and he's good at showing it, in a pretty mean way. Betty wants to get down and dirty with the chef but he's holding back. This lady is resilient and even though he treats her bad, she won't give up. And she thinks her hot flushes are down to unrequited lust but the reality is she's going through the early stages of menopause... aged thirty two. Blindly, she follows her heart and frisky feelings towards her sister's girlfriend's brother. Tied by family connections, [...]

Wanda Carter Roush: Angel on Assignment - An Angelic Tradition: Mom's Choice Award children's book about Angels and how they protect us today [Children's Activity, Children's Holiday, Children's Religious]

free: 24. Jul to 25. Jul

We are never alone. God is always with us. It's time to tell the timeless tale of the Angels that will comfort the hearts of readers of all ages. Angel on Assignment follows the Angels from the first Christmas story to the cross~ from the playground to bedtime and explores the ways guarding Angels look out for boys and girls today. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse, award winning Angel on Assignment encourages children to act as secret Angels for friends who may need help. Searching for a book on fear for children? Real or imagined, fear is a fact of life that can grip the hearts [...]

Jake Allen Coleman: Sunstone (Eligium Series Book 1) [Fantasy, Adventure, Sword&Sorcery]

free: 24. Jul to 28. Jul

One of the five stones holding the Ban together has been stolen. Now one young woman must put her skills with the sword to the test and recover the Sunstone before it's too late. In Cynneweald, magic has been forbidden since the Dragon Wars, yet not everyone is willing to follow those rules. Krystelle is determined to reach her old mentor and enlist his help, but when the dark wizard who took the stone also kidnaps her, a chance encounter in the forest may be her only chance. With the self-appointed guardians of the Ban on their heels, Krystelle and her new friends must infiltrate the [...]

Jessica Adams: The Underground Toy Society Halloween Scare [children's book, picture book, bedtime story]

free: 25. Jul

The Underground Toy Society decided to go out on Halloween night to help lost, lonely, and forgotten toys. They ended up falling into a hole that did not belong to their friend Murry Mole, who helps them dig tunnels underground so they won't be seen by people. Will Murry Mole rescue the toys before they find out what is making a mysterious hissing sound?

Jessica Adams: Meeting Grandmom [children's book, chapter book, bedtime story]

free: 25. Jul

Jessica's two daughters, Janiece and Janelle, never met their grandmother. She had passed away when their mother and Aunt Jenny were just teenagers. Could Jessica's old toys from the past take Janiece and Janelle back in time to meet their grandmother?

Kaitlyn Donnelly: Easy Keto Snacks [Healthy Eating, Fat Burning, Quick Ketogenic Appetizers]

free: 25. Jul to 26. Jul

Olivia Mason: Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: Nourish Your Body with 100 Easy Plant Based Recipes [Instant pot recipes]

free: 25. Jul to 26. Jul

Enjoy the journey, as you strive for wellness. W l m t m vegan instant pot cookbook with pictures consisting of 100 quick and delicious plant based recipes that will help you nourish your body and feel energetic every day! In this slow cooker vegan cookbook I sh r ll m f v r t nd m z ng vegan r s , s u n m k these d l us m ls f r ur f m l nd fr nds. What will you discover in this cookbook ? - 100 easy VEGAN recipes: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts that you will make your mouth water; - Features and benefits of the instant pot along with the best ways to utilize it; - Useful [...]

Nancy Wagaman: The Curious Dreamer's Dream Essentials: The All-in-One Dream Interpretation Book and Concise Dream Dictionary [psychology]

free: 25. Jul to 27. Jul

Dream meaning is so powerful that one dream can change your life. Discover 11 keys to interpreting your own dreams in this book from the author of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary. With these practical tips, translation tools, and analysis techniques, you'll be free to explore your dreams and unlock their transformative power. Dream Interpretation Process: Follow a practical 4-step process to interpret and benefit from your dream. Symbolism Shortcuts: Discover common symbolism patterns pointing to dream meaning. Intuition as a Dream Translator: Learn how to recognize intuition and use [...]

Elliott Baker: The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One) [reincarnation, epic historical fantasy, metaphysical adventure]

free: 25. Jul to 27. Jul

A young Frenchman is sold to a slave ship to be thrown to the sharks. Rene Gilbert must remember who he was in a previous lifetime to save those he loves in this one. This award winning first novel is filled with life, destiny and risk; with heroes of both sexes who are willing to pay the price for the freedom of all. An ancient hatred searches for Rene and blood is the only currency this entity will accept as payment. Death is but the least of life's penalties. Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and The Mummy in this sweeping, swashbuckling tale. Kirkus Reviews The Sun God's Heir: [...]

Josie Smythe-Rivers: 12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes (Metabolic Health Publications Book 3) [weight loss]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

This is a quick start guide to the 12 most important habits that reverse prediabetes and help you maintain normal blood sugar. This guide is for those with prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, as well as for those who want to prevent getting high blood sugar and understand metabolic syndrome. This quick start guide also provides you with a brief overview of the history of the diabetes epidemic in order to help you understand why supposedly personal or individual "lifestyle choices" are actually shaped and influenced by cultural, social, evolutionary, and economic factors. This quick start guide also [...]

Steven Wyble: Duplicate Minds: A Science Fiction Thriller (Transhuman Chronicles Book 1) [Androids]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

HE WOKE UP IN A BODY THAT WASN'T HIS, IN A WORLD THAT HAD PASSED HIM BY Rajeev Sunduram awakens from a 15-year coma to find that his consciousness has been transferred to an experimental android body. He's alone in a world that has gone on without him, uncertain of who - or what - he can trust. In this strange new world, Rajeev is caught in the middle of two corporate titans on the cusp of creating a lucrative new body-replacement industry. One offers organic replacements; the other offers robotic models. With billions of dollars on the line, the companies will stop at nothing to wipe out the [...]

S M Mala: Her Bleeding Heart [romance, contemporary, humour]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Saturday 9.33pm The night that changed her life. Odele thinks she's dead as something bad has happened. The night that changed his life. Davey feels alive as something good has happened. Four years later and that single moment has left its mark on both of them. She has to come to terms with the physical and emotional torture she was put through. He has to come to terms with the mental barrier stopping him from being a success again. Both their lives intertwine in an unexpected turn of events; where they realise each of them is broken, in one way or another. Could love be the key to making [...]

Jerri Blair: Living and Dying in the Rainbow Light: Volume III of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy [Legal thriller, Courtroom Drama, Historical fiction]

free: 25. Jul to 29. Jul

Elizabeth Shaw finds herself in a dilemma of great magnitude when she's appointed by Judge J.T. Lockman to represent the most hated man in the rural county where she practices law. Her client is accused of killing a popular legal assistant who worked for the most powerful lawyer in the county, a man who's also about to announce his candidacy for governor of the state. Elizabeth's dream that she might someday be appointed as a judge begins to dissipate when she takes on this highly controversial case, but disappears completely when the married gubernatorial candidate makes it clear that he [...]

Andrew McGregor: Demon Dave: A Starships & Apocalypse Tale [Demon invasion, Action Adventure, War and survival]

free: 26. Jul

A short story from the Tales of Starships & Apocalypse Anthology. The Earth is under attack. Spilling out from volcanoes old and new around the world, armies of demons equipped with exotic weapons and impenetrable armour set out to slaughter all they can find. Trapped in his demonic body, razing cities and towns on the Australian countryside, Dave feels only pain. The only way to relieve his pain is to murder any humans he can find. Until, one day, he finds one of his descendants. His line is ending. His mission is to round up as many children as he can to be corrupted and sacrificed for the [...]

Maggie Plummer: Bell-Bottom Gypsy: A Jessie Morgan Novel (Jessie Morgan Series Book 1) [1970s Fiction, Travel Adventure Fiction, Womens Fiction]

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

A wild 1970s ride - an adventurous coming of age journey along America's back roads. At twenty, Jessie Morgan is fed up with just about everything. It's September 1971 -- time to drop out, tune in, and turn on. She leaves college and Detroit in the rearview mirror, hitting the road in her 1965 yellow Volkswagen convertible. Wandering byways from Kentucky to Key West to Montana, Jessie is out to experience everything. She didn't count on meeting a man like Twisty. WARNING: BELL-BOTTOM GYPSY is New Adult Fiction recommended for mature readers due to 1970s-era sex, drugs, and cussing.

Maggie Plummer: Spirited Away - A Novel of the Stolen Irish (Spirited Away Saga Book 1) [Historical Fiction, Irish Historical Fiction, 1650s Historical Fiction]

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

It's May 1653. When young Frederica (Freddy) O'Brennan and her sister Aileen trust a stranger on an empty beach in western Ireland, they inadvertently place themselves in the crosshairs of Cromwell's notorious Reign of Terror. Freddy awakens in the crammed hold of a slave ship bound for Barbados. She and Aileen endure the gruesome voyage only to be wrenched apart when purchased at auction by sugar plantation owners from different islands. Freddy is left alone to face the brutal realities of life as a female Irish slave on a seventeenth century Barbados plantation. As she struggles to survive [...]

Margaret Harlowe: Hands on the Wheel: A Sinfully Erotic Trucker Romance  EROTICA 

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

Sara knew Hank was trouble from the get-go. Delicious trouble. His metallic purple Kenworth sparkled in the Wyoming sunshine. When he sauntered into the Flying Bison Grill, pulling his worn cowboy hat lower on his forehead, Hank looked way too good in those Wranglers. Of all the times for Richard, Sara's unpredictable ex-husband, to show up. Soon she was desperate to get out of town. Hank was willing to help her - for a price. Adults only. Warning: If you can't handle dirty words, explicit sex scenes, and hot kink, this may not be the book for you.

Geoff Limerick: The Gospel Synthesis: The Story of Jesus for a Friend [Historical Jesus, Christian Non-Fiction, Biography]

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

The Gospel Synthesis is a wonderful read for a friend, close relative or work colleague, to whom you want to introduce the story of Jesus. For those who are familiar with the good news of Jesus Christ, then the Gospel Synthesis will prove to be an excellent companion. It contains all the promises, parables and miracles of Jesus in one concise and succinct account. Ideal, for when you are vacationing, on a business trip or just taking a short break.

Libre Paley: All-Hallows' Eve Rites  EROTICA 

free: 26. Jul to 27. Jul

Halloween shadows fall. Time for magical thinking... Time for erotic pleasures. The season of mists and remembering comes to The Estate, otherworldly place of fantasy fulfilment, and finds its Director Gizi in high spirits and in love. Her colleague, gorgeous Dr Grigori, is in less of a holiday mood. To distract him, Gizi reads from the scandalous journal kept by her ancestor Gabriela. It tells of Gabriela's sexual initiation in nineteenth-century Transylvania, conjuring associations with vampire legend. Gabriela, a spirited young woman, has been promised as bride to a wealthy Count whom she [...]

Robert E. Kearns: Jeremiah Kildare and The Wolf of the same County [Short Story, Supernatural, Horror]

free: 26. Jul to 28. Jul

Uvi Poznansky: Inspired by Art: The Edge of Revolt [Art Book, Court Intrigue, Masterpiece]

free: 26. Jul to 28. Jul

Sharon Middleton: The McCarron's Daughter: Fancy's Story (McCarron's Corner Book 3) [Historical Romance, Time Travel, Overcoming Trauma]

free: 26. Jul to 28. Jul

"If it weren't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all," lament the family of Fancy Selk, who has been the victim of horrific abuse. Fancy decides it is high time she learns to make lemonade from lemons instead of always making lemons from lemonade. As she learns to survive her past abuse, young Dr. Richard "Rick" Winslow manages to go back in time to find the beautiful young woman. Rick learns Fancy is married to another man. When her husband is killed at Yorktown, she finally admits her attraction for the handsome physician, as they fall in love, only to be ripped apart not once, but twice.

Benjamin Knoll: Annhilation's Resounding Anthem: Vol. 2 in the Distributed Fate Series [Science Fiction, Parallel Worlds, Apocalypse]

free: 26. Jul to 28. Jul

The journey continues...out in the midst of parallel universes trouble has rung its bell. Lucifer's son, the antichrist, is alive once more and must choose his new path, a decision that will heavily impact both his fate and the fate of all. Somewhere amongst worlds Timothy was lost, but now he is found...but who found him? The cogs of an intricate plan begin to turn as we enter new worlds, meeting new characters, and seeing just how unique and intriguing each individual universe is. The stage is set. Ancients are on the rise, awakening in multiple universes. Spacecraft and flying cars bring [...]

Gloria Repp: A Day for Courage [Children, Easy-to-read, Friendship]

free: 26. Jul to 29. Jul

Ann Omasta: Getting Lei'd (The Escape Series Book 1) [romantic comedy, beach read, island romance]

free: 26. Jul to 30. Jul

Jilted by text message. Honeymooning with her grandma. The resort's bartender may look like Jason Momoa, but Roxy is NOT interested. Being jilted nearly-at-the-altar by text message is not at all how Roxy Rose thought her wedding day would go. Getting dragged along anyway on her Hawaiian honeymoon by her self-centered sister and irreverent grandma is the icing on the horrible wedding-day cake. Can Kai, the resort's hunky and talented chauffeur / bartender / flame-thrower, turn this disaster of a trip into a romantic adventure to last a lifetime? Or will his mysterious secrets keep their love [...]

Gloria Repp: Creatures of the Pine Barrens: Preview [coloring book, all ages, fantasy]

free: 27. Jul to 28. Jul

Divya Mohan: Mili and the Dragonfly [Childrens Book, Empathy, Being Kind]

free: 27. Jul to 28. Jul

R. L. Mosz: Connections: Five Stories Celebrating Renewal & Redemption [short stories, family life, second chances]

free: 27. Jul to 29. Jul

Connections: Five Stories Celebrating Renewal and Redemption Connections is a collection of thought-provoking stories that explore addiction, domestic violence, serious illness, and environmental destruction. Golden Boy Despite a promising future, Tony Kolinski drops out of medical school and hits the skids. A Touch of Evil Having survived a disastrous marriage, physicist Dr. Damon Devereaux struggles to recover from an infected physical wound and a shattered soul. Hardship House Katie and Danny purchase their Craftsman dream house, but soon thereafter he is diagnosed with a serious medical [...]

stella branch: Simple Green Smoothies to Lose Weight: 50+ Delicious Recipes to Gain Energy and Feel Excellent Every Day [cookbook, WEIGHT WATCHERS, healthy food]

free: 27. Jul to 29. Jul

Lizz Lund: #1 Bundle of Fun - Humorous Cozy Mysteries - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes: Kitchen Addiction! + Christmas Bizarre - Books 1 + 2 (Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery Series - Bundle) [cats]

free: 27. Jul to 31. Jul

TWO funny Mina Kitchen mysteries for the price of ONE? BOGO! 2 COZY COMEDY 5-STAR MYSTERIES! KITCHEN ADDICTION: Amazon "Vine Voice" 5-star review ** CHRISTMAS BIZARRE: "Reader's Favorite" 5-star review! If you're looking for funny novels for women, packed with humor, chatty animals (in the guise of pets) -- and recipes -- look no further. Lund's cozy mystery series - Books 1 & 2 - are hilarious light hearted mysteries that blend delightful characters and great dialogue with a dash of thrillers and suspense. These cozy comedy capers whip up frothy fiction that's sure to amuse Kindle readers. [...]

Jerri Blair: Black and White: Volume I of the Lincoln County Law Trilogy [Courtroom Drama, Racial Justice]

free: 27. Jul to 31. Jul

This dramatic legal thriller examines the impact of racism on the judicial system. Brilliant young trial attorney J.T. Lockman is appointed to represent an African American man accused of murdering a wealthy white man in a county where the Klan has ruled supreme for many years. His client, Lindsey Wilkens, is a proud family man believed by many to be innocent of the crime with which he's been charged. J.T. is faced with the ultimate challenge for any trial attorney, defending an innocent man from the possibility of death by electrocution. Even worse, the racially charged atmosphere where the [...]

James Chapman: Black Abyss (Phantom Lover Book 2) [romance suspense, romance fantasy, romance mystery]

free: 28. Jul

Join Cheryl MacMillan with her exploits in Book 2 of the Phantom Lover Series The remote strange house, which is now home for Cheryl and her son, conceals an awesome power, that intends to destroy everything which Cheryl holds dear. With her life in danger, she is drawn into a battle of the wills, against a deadly adversary and can only win with the support of her phantom lover.

J.S. Strickland: Straight Guys Go Hard Gay: The Ultimate First-Time Collection (The Straight to Gay Boy Series)  EROTICA 

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

All your favorite J.S. Strickland titles in one collection! Poker Night - First Time Going Gay: Submitting to My Gay Fantasy Locked Out - Straight Guy Goes Gay: My First Time Gay Sex Late on Rent - My First Time Going Gay: Secret Interracial Gay Desires New Year's Eve Party - Markus Goes Straight to Gay Hard Basic Training - First Time Gay Threesome J.S. Strickland - Erotic Author NSFW Adult audiences only Not safe for work

Lana Wilder: New Deputy in Town: A Western Menage a Trois  EROTICA 

free: 28. Jul to 30. Jul

Since he was young living in Boston, Jesse always wanted to be a sheriff out in the Wild West. He soon begins to fulfill his dream and heads out to a small Texas town where he meets the local Sheriff, his new boss. Sheriff Cassidy takes the young buck to the local saloon for a game of poker with the other deputies and men from the town. The game begins to get really fun when the "Ladies of the Evening" come to flirt with the men and give them a special prize for the players! Even Sheriff Cassidy is in on the fun and facilitates Jesse's "initiation" to the local law enforcement team with Madam [...]

Elizabeth Towne: Post-Panic Pragmatics: How You Can Avoid Being Leveled by the Next Financial Panic and Its Aftermath... and Yes, There Will Be One! [Nonfiction, Business, Money]

free: 28. Jul to 01. Aug

Core Article Length: 5,660 Words POST-PANIC PRAGMATICS + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Do you know someone who was leveled by the last financial panic and its aftermath? Were you? Want to insulate yourself from the next one? You can. In this exclusive, special enhanced version of Post-Panic Pragmatics by Elizabeth Towne, you'll learn how you can avoid being leveled by the next financial panic and its aftermath... and yes, there will be one! As a result of the last [...]

Alexis Ryan: The Ultimate Lesbian Collection: Girl on Girl, First Time, Lesdom, Young & Mature, Oral Submission (Lesbian Collection & Series by Somerset Eros Publishing)  EROTICA 

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Uninhibited - An Explicit Lesbian Experience Girl-on-Girl Lesbian First Time Bisexual Sex First Time Lesbian Seduction Series Teacher's Pet - Mature and Young Lesbian Desires Lesbian Teacher and Student Oral Seduction The Mature Lesbian Fantasy Series More Than Roommates - First Time College Lesbians Girl-on-Girl First Oral Experience First Time Lesbian Seduction Series My Pillow Princess - Lesbian Oral Pleasures Older Woman Younger Girl Oral Desires The Lesbian Oral Submission series 12 Hours in Tokyo - Lesbian Domination & Submission, a Shibari Experience Female Domination and Submission [...]

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