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Roger Bruner: Wherefore Art Thou Ramon? [Romeo & Juliet, Ending Feud, Biblically Correct]

free: 28. Jan to 01. Feb

If Romeo and Juliet were to take place today, would the two young lovers try to end the feud between their families rather than litter the stage with dead bodies? When Ramon Montez and Julianne Carlson were children, they unwittingly started a feud between their fathers. Six years later, the feud is still going strong, and it's having an increasingly horrible effect on everyone: their pastor and fellow church members, the customers at their jewelry store, and the townspeople in general. And it's also affecting the relationship between each man and his wife and each man and his teen. Not to [...]

William Cain: Mrs. Jones: Book 1 of the Adelaide Henson Mystery Series [Female Detective, Mafia]

free: 29. Jan

Murder, Mystery, Mayhem and Intrigue ... In this dark women's sleuth murder mystery series, romance and suspense spice up the adventures of Detective Henson , as she investigates a gruesome murder. A wealthy, mysterious man, living in a small town of the Blue Ridge Mountains, finds his wife brutally killed . During Henson's investigation of the crime, she meets the son of a strange witness and yes... falls in love. Their romantic connection is instant, but not without doubt and intrigue. The case leads our detective directly into the underworld of Chicago and Miami . She encounters seedy [...]

Kris Pearson: SUMMER SPARKS: Sexy billionaire family beach holiday romance (Scarlet Bay Romance Book 1) [beach romance, steamy fiction, family series]

free: 28. Jan to 31. Jan

Scarlet Bay - where passions run deep, and surely everyone deserves a summertime treat? A walk on the wild side for uptight Anna Wynn so she can try and forget her shameful secret. An unexpected roll in the hay for unsettled Jason Jones - who doesn't know how much he craves the tender touch of a worthwhile woman. They've no future together, of course. But... Jason's dreams of photography were ruthlessly crushed by his alcoholic father, and instead he's become the the strong, focussed boss of his own construction company. Now, uptight interfering Anna Wynn is threatening to turn his life [...]

PC Zick: Love on Trial (Rivals in Love Book 1) [contemporary romance, sweet romance, lawyers in love]

free: 27. Jan to 31. Jan

Two lawyers on opposite sides of the aisle despise one first. When Jude Crandall fights for justice, she is a formidable opponent. Malik Moore may hate his job as an attorney for a prestigious Chicago law firm, but he stands up to the force of prosecutor Jude in the battle of opposites. They disagree on most everything, except the love they both feel for their dogs, a Boston terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. When their mothers meddle, Jude and Malik find it impossible to avoid one another. But his Persian heritage and her father's political aspirations and biases throw the [...]

elizabeth coffey: PLAYING MUM: Death is only the beginning [novella, general fiction, heartwarming black humour]

free: 28. Jan to 30. Jan

Young widow, Pamela Jones pulled up outside her wonderful new home - this was going to be a fresh start. Well, that's how she had described it to her two young sons. Without the rose tinted specs it was a dilapidated grey cottage, in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. Nestling away in its overgrown grass and bedraggled rosebushes, desperately in need of a good paint. "It's going to be an adventure boys, the biggest one yet!" She had told them, excitedly. But, what had started out as an adventure very quickly became a nightmare. No-one could ever have guessed what was about to happen to them - [...]

Christopher Davy: S is for...Something: Short, sweet, simple, silly, serious, stupid, smart, self-help. [Coaching, Mindfulness]

free: 27. Jan to 30. Jan

S is for...Something: Short, Sweet, Simple, Silly, Serious, Stupid, Smart, Self-Help. by - Skip S. Offrenick You want to do something? You want to get somewhere? You want to be somebody? The S is for...Something system will support you as you strive for success. Through a synchronisation of sideways and straight-forward thinking styles, S is for...Something provides you with a simple, but sophisticated, strategy that will support you in your attempts to stabilise your stress levels, structure solutions, and seek satisfaction. This short and sweet text will steer you through several subjects [...]

Jenna Wolfe Ph.D.: Secrets of the Masters, A Season in the Light [Adventure Memoir, Esoteric/Occult Knowledge]

free: 29. Jan to 31. Jan

New Release. Composed from the journals of explorer Michael Hawking's experiences in remote areas of the Himalayas, this book transports the reader into a legendary realm of light, a journey that leads to the discovery of the most refined and powerful knowledge possessed by the human race. "There is no true teacher who in practice does not believe in the existence of the higher self, or soul, or in the magic that acts on it through the pursuit of knowledge. There is no desire more natural than the desire for knowledge. Learning is the movement from darkness to light." While trekking in an [...]

Ina Curic: Unicorn(ed) [children]

free: 29. Jan to 01. Feb

How often to do you fully listen to and express your own feelings before moving on to balance the rain and sunshine of life? A unicorn is rushing through the forest and suddenly loses its horn. It experiences a rainbow of emotions before making peace with its new appearance in the presence of a forest fairy that offers deep listening. A story about balancing the rain and sunshine, coming to terms with life's surprises. A message about fully feeling all emotions and deeply listening to what is happening within one self and the other before moving on. Once feelings are felt and [...]

Johnny Oddsocks: What's My Instrument? (What's My? Book 1) [childrens]

free: 28. Jan to 01. Feb

Marilyn the Mongoose is keen to start a band - but she can't play an instrument! "What's My Instrument?" introduces children to a variety of musical instruments as Marilyn tries to find the one which is perfect for her. It is a humorous and delightfully illustrated children's book ideal for toddlers and early readers. Pick up a copy to find out what Marilyn stars at in the big concert!

Steven Brown: Perfect Holidays [small town, fiction]

free: 29. Jan to 02. Feb

A year of holidays in the small Pacific Northwest town of Perfect, WA.

Jessica Adams: The Underground Toy Society and the Annual Toy Drive [children's book, bedtime story, stories about toys]

free: 29. Jan

The Underground Toy Society helps toys find new homes. Sometimes finding new homes is not easy. When Murry Mole takes a wrong turn and digs a tunnel to a toy store, they thought the toy bin would help toys find homes easier and faster. However, only new toys were allowed in the toy bin. How will forgotten toys find a home in time for Christmas?

Jessica Adams: Meeting Grandmom [children's book, bedtime story, short story]

free: 29. Jan

Jessica's two daughters, Janiece and Janelle, never met their grandmother. She had passed away when their mother and Aunt Jenny were just teenagers. Could Jessica's old toys from the past take Janiece and Janelle back in time to meet their grandmother?

Jessica Adams: The Underground Toy Society Halloween Scare [children's book, picture book, bedtime story]

free: 29. Jan

The Underground Toy Society decided to go out on Halloween night to help lost, lonely, and forgotten toys. They ended up falling into a hole that did not belong to their friend Murry Mole, who helps them dig tunnels underground so they won't be seen by people. Will Murry Mole rescue the toys before they find out what is making a mysterious hissing sound?

David Kremer: Children's Fear: Practical guidance in the education of the strong personality [Self development, personal development]

free: 27. Jan to 29. Jan

Discover the book "Children's Fear: Practical guidance in the education of the strong personality" Perhaps fear is the most dangerous of all emotions. This is a feeling that appears with experience: having experienced fear once, we will experience similar emotions in similar situations. And it is especially important to pay attention to the fears of children because along with the cognition of the world, a child can form various fears, which in the future may adversely affect his life. Work with children's fears - first of all, this is a serious attitude to the fears of the child. Oddly [...]

Dustin Porta: Cast in Sand (Atlas Cycle) [science fiction, space opera, fantasy]

free: 27. Jan to 29. Jan

On a failed expedition to the heart of an ancient space station, Edwina wakes in a land of fierce warriors and drifting sands, in a mechanical body that is not her own. With no memory of why, or how many bodies have come before this, one thing is clear: she's trapped and time is running out. An ancient citadel looms over the barren land and a cruel sultan rules the scattered people. Edwina finds a new body, one real enough to feel human, and strong enough to challenge the sultan. But the android body comes with human weaknesses, and like the others it has a mind of its own. When her allies [...]

Julie Arduini: Restoring Christmas: A Novella [Christian romance, Small Town Romance]

free: 25. Jan to 29. Jan

Holly Christmas left Geneseo Valley and her family's holiday tourist attraction, The Christmas Mansion, as soon as she graduated. Now both her parents have passed, and Holly returns when her uncle needs her help running the mansion. On Holly's first day back, a blunt middle-schooler proclaims Holly hates Christmas. His comment forces her to reconcile the past while planning for the mansion's future. Kevin Holt is invested in offering hope to students with challenges. His best friend's son is in Kevin's class, and Nathan needs guidance. Their community project placement at The Christmas [...]

Julie Arduini: You're Amazing (Surrendering Stinkin' Thinkin' Book 2) [Middle Grade, Women's Fiction, Self-Esteem]

free: 25. Jan to 29. Jan

Jazmin's a natural at dance until a series of changes make her wonder if she should even keep up with her favorite hobby. Lena's a mom with young children overwhelmed with her schedule when a woman remarks that what Lena does isn't even important. Both Jazmin and Lena belong to Linked, a mentoring ministry where all ages encourage each other and build friendships. Can these two surrender the lies they are believing and realize they are amazing? A novella for tweens, teens, and women of all ages by mother and daughter team Julie Arduini and Hannah Arduini.

Dave Tomlinson: The Real Glory: 25 of the Most Inspirational Sporting Comebacks [human spirit, triumph]

free: 29. Jan to 30. Jan

If you want to learn more about the most inspirational moments in sport, then keep reading... Injuries, illness, personal torment and lack of motivation are a part of life and athletes are no exception. As a sports fan, you know many careers are shipwrecked on these rocks while others have been defined by them. Against the odds and often against medical advice, these born fighters have embodied the spirit of sport by etching their names into history with courage and determination. Whether you are a player, coach or fan, you'll probably know Vince Lombardi is recognised as one of the greatest [...]

Thomas O'Neal: The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Understand pH & Eat Well with 70 Delicious & Easy Alkaline Recipes and a 21 Day Meal Plan (foods & diet, reset cleanse book) [Alkaline Lifestyle]

free: 29. Jan to 30. Jan

Do you want a holistic approach to well-being and healthy life? Are you looking forward to restricting your acidic food and promote the use of alkaline food? Congratulations! You just made one of the best decisions of your life! This alkaline diet cookbook is what you need to achieve your goals. Inside this #1 bestseller, you'll learn how to cook 70 affordable, quick & easy recipes, Whether it calls for 5 main ingredients, takes 30-minutes or less to cook, or uses a single pot or pan, each recipe is simple to whip up from start to finish. Why eat according to pH? The Alkaline Diet helps [...]

M. L. Gardner: 1929: Book One (The 1929 Series 1) [historical fiction, Great Depression, Romance]

free: 28. Jan to 30. Jan

As Black Tuesday triggers financial despondency, three young couples in New York City must trade their lives of luxury for poverty, tragedy, and setbacks. When Jonathan Garrett's brokerage firm collapses on the day of the Stock Market Crash, he unites with his closest friends (and former business partners), Aryl and Caleb, to relocate, track down a low-paying job, and cultivate a new life. As the three men toil in their laborious jobs, their wives, Ava, Arianna, and Claire, slowly adapt to life in a shabby, rundown apartment, learning to sew, cook, and clean. With the help of their former, [...]

Brenda DeHaan: Rockin' Crystals: How Healing Crystals Can Rock Your Life [rocks and minerals, mind-body-spirit]

free: 27. Jan to 30. Jan

What's crystal healing all about, anyway? Rockin' Crystals answers this question and many others in a down-to-earth manner geared for beginners. Sharing anecdotes and intriguing information, this book will enhance your life by explaining how to connect with your crystals. Get a personal peek into a person's life who was transformed by healing crystals. For example, she steadily lost weight by carrying rocks in her pockets--just a few small tumbled stones that affected her metabolism in a very helpful way. Then other benefits started surfacing also, and they have continued. Highlights: *See [...]

Deborah Dian: Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding [honeymoons]

free: 27. Jan to 30. Jan

Since the 1930's, Las Vegas has been a popular wedding destination for people from all over the world. In fact, approximately one in twenty weddings that take place in the United States occur in Las Vegas. It attracts everyone from famous movie stars to ordinary citizens. This is your guidebook to everything you need to know including where to get your license, choosing a chapel, finding a dress and tuxedo, selecting a restaurant, requesting a limo, getting discount show tickets, and more. Avoid confusion and find out how easy it can be for you to get married in Las Vegas, too!

Deborah Dian: Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding (Weddings Book 2) [honeymoons]

free: 27. Jan to 30. Jan

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the world to get married. Nearly 5% of all weddings that take place in the United States happen in Las Vegas. The lenient marriage laws, fabulous hotels, and world class entertainment make Las Vegas an exciting city for weddings. This book explains the marriage license requirements, provides information about many of the more popular Las Vegas wedding chapels, suggests restaurants, reveals where to buy and rent wedding dresses, explains how to get discount show tickets, and much more.

Elizabeth Towne: Post-Panic Pragmatics: How You Can Avoid Being Leveled by the Next Financial Panic and Its Aftermath... and Yes, There Will Be One! [Nonfiction, Business & Money, Economics]

free: 26. Jan to 30. Jan

Core Article Length: 5,660 Words POST-PANIC PRAGMATICS + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Do you know someone who was leveled by the last financial panic and its aftermath? Were you? Want to insulate yourself from the next one? You can. In this exclusive, special enhanced version of Post-Panic Pragmatics by Elizabeth Towne, you'll learn how you can avoid being leveled by the next financial panic and its aftermath... and yes, there will be one! As a result of the last [...]

David Scholes: For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard

free: 29. Jan to 31. Jan

A collection of short stories of Allfather Odin, his blood son the mighty Thor and their magnificent home of Asgard. The tales, often in very cosmic settings, see the Asgardian gods in a constant struggle for existence against other great powers, cosmic and mystic, of the Multiverse.

James Colton: Pages of Dust: Volume 1 [ghost stories, scary]

free: 27. Jan to 31. Jan

Sinister ghosts, vengeful dolls, hungry vampires. These and other dark horrors lurk within the pages of this chilling collection. So turn down the lights, find a safe corner, and surrender your imagination.

M.G. Hawking: Encounters with the Celestials, The Living Part of a Timeless Legend: From the Himalayan Journals of M.G. Hawking [Adventure Memoir, Ancient Mysteries, Esoteric Knowledge]

free: 27. Jan to 31. Jan

Explore the Secret Realities of a Compelling Ancient Legend. The creation stories and wisdom traditions of civilizations worldwide relate that their progenitors came from the stars, the sky, or the heavens. Native Americans recount that their antecedents were the "Sky People" and "Star Beings." The builders of Teotihuacan describe their gods as having descended from the heavens. Egyptian texts speak of their "bringers of knowledge" coming from Sahu and Sopdit (Orion and Sirius) in a "cosmic egg radiating colored light." The pre-Tibetan Zhang Zhung, the Maya, the pre-Incans, the Sumerians, and [...]

Dustin Porta: Children of Atlas (Atlas Cycle Book 1) [science fiction, space opera, fantasy]

free: 27. Jan to 31. Jan

In the dome cities of the failed space colony Atlas, mankind has finally clawed its way out of a second dark ages. Julian Reeves was born in the lawless second ring and left it behind for the budding city state of New-Lexington. Now he's the lead reporter for the station's first ever newspaper, printed on an old, movable-type printing press. When Julian is framed for murder and flees the city with the very man responsible, he will have to put aside his newfound humanity and take up the old ways to survive. ~120k words - This is the first book in the Atlas Cycle - More writing and Art by [...]

JR Stevens: The Caveman Diet: Eat Like Our Ancestors [Healthy Diet, Diet Recipes]

free: 28. Jan to 01. Feb

Eat Healthier, Lose Weight, and Increase Energy 10,000 years is not near enough time for evolution to catch up with us, meaning our bodies are still most adept at eating the way we used to eat: meat, vegetables, fruits, and some nuts and seeds. The goals of The Caveman Diet include: Weight Management - A diet high in protein-rich meats and eggs and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables helps stabilize your blood sugar and curb cravings with fewer calories. Improve Fitness - Popular among strength-training enthusiasts and high-intensity athletes, the Paleo diet is power-packed with protein, healthy [...]

Lizz Lund: Diabolical DC: Humorous Cozy Mystery - Funny Adventures of Mina Kitchen - with Recipes (Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery Series - Book 6) (Mina Kitchen Cozy Comedy Series) [murder mystery, humorous detective]

free: 29. Jan to 02. Feb

Readers' Favorite 5-stars: "If You Love Stephanie Plum , Wait Until You Meet Mina Kitchen!!!" Perfectly Pickled: "This is my first book by Lizz Lund and let me tell you, it won't be my last! Filled with quirky characters, hysterical dialogue and a main character who always seems to be surrounded by hijinks, Perfectly Pickled is one of the best cozy mysteries I have read since Janet Evonovich's Stephanie Plum series ." Juicy Jersey: "Another delightful cozy mystery from Lizz Lund. I love the Mine Kitchen Cozy Mystery series! Great story with lots of mischief and mayhem! Worth a 5-star rating. [...]

Italian King: Tied Up at the Hotel - Dominated for the First Time: Original Italian Erotic Smut  EROTICA 

free: 27. Jan to 31. Jan

We met on the internet by chance, and as we chatted and flirted we understood we had similar interests. You, and your crave to be dominated; me, and my passion for control. It was easy: we lived far away and we thought we would never meet. Things changed when I had to spend a couple of days in your city because of my job. When you agreed to meet with me, when you agreed to wait for me blindfolded in that hotel room, we both knew we were going to fulfil our secret desires. Did you deserve punishment, or praise? ~5800 words -

 ebooks which will soon be available for free

Chariss K. Walker: Prelude (An Alec Winters Series Book 1) [supernatural suspense, New Orleans, paranormal]

free: 30. Jan

Both angel and demon - protector of innocent victims and punisher of those who hurt them. It all began when 17-year-old Alec discovered a terrible family secret involving his younger sister, Catalina. Alec's ensuing rage and desire for retribution took over and were the catalyst that propelled Alec into his supernatural transformation to angel and demon - A protector of innocent victims and a "punisher" of those who hurt them. > > > Great news! You can get the entire 4-book series in one download! ASIN: B07GB92GJ7 Prelude is a prequel to Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 2) and [...]

Uvi Poznansky: My Own Voice (Still Life with Memories Book 1) [Womens Fiction, Literary Fiction, Masterpiece]

free: 30. Jan

Falling in love with Lenny should have been the end to all of Anita's troubles. For her, it's only the beginning, when family secrets start unravelling. His ex-wife, Natasha, is succumbing to a mysterious disease. How can Anita compete with her shadow? How can she find a voice of her own? And when his estranged son, Ben, comes back and lives in the same small apartment, can she keep the balance between the two men, whose desire for her is marred by guilt and blame? "A creative, gripping and deeply moving tale of a young girl coming of age in unfathomable emotional circumstances." Dealing with [...]

Larry J. Grey: Aging? What aging?: How to Live Longer: Secrets of Centenarians, Best Spiritual Practices, Most Useful Habits, Fast Effective Diets, and Simple Nutrition Plans

free: 30. Jan to 01. Feb

Aging? What aging? You can live up to 100 years and older, have good health and strong immunity to diseases! How to find out about this without doing months and months of searching? This book has done that task for you so that you can quickly and easily learn what you need to know to create a life of vibrant health for yourself! In this book you will learn: Secrets of some of the world's longest-lived people to maintain health and strengthen immunity The Japanese idea of Ikigai, and how it can help you live a fulfilling life How a simple 10-minute meditation practice can bring you health and [...]

Loren Teese: Sexy at Work - Tales of Naughty Colleagues  EROTICA 

free: 30. Jan to 03. Feb

A faithful wife seduced during a business trip; a dominant surgeon teaching a nurse new ways to pleasure; a naughty mature woman teasing her colleagues until one gives her a run for her money. A steamy collection of sex at school, written by Max Carezza's authors, at a bargain price. Loren Teese - Taken by My Co-Workers Spit-roasted in a hotel room, by an older colleague I've rejected for years, and a younger one I've met just two days ago. Playing truth or dare to celebrate a successful exhibition was probably a bad choice. But I was drunk... and the two men seduced me. I've always thought I [...]

Tomi Farrell: Stories: An Anthology of Short Paranormal Suspense Stories [Dark fantasy, Horror]

free: 30. Jan to 03. Feb

Divining the difference between reality and the fantastic may not be as simple as it seems. Because the world you think you know may not actually exist... STORIES is a collection of six short stories loosely based on legends and folklore. Each is set in a modern context, giving the reader an unusual take that yields interesting insight on these traditional tales. The Snow Woman: a spirit in Japanese folklore who traps people in snowstorms, then uses her icy breath to leave them frost-coated corpses. The Slit-Mouthed Woman: a figure from Japanese urban legends who, mutilated by her husband, [...]

Viktor Menchenia: Ketogenic Vegan Meal Plan: Best 20 Healthy Delicious Vegan Recipes To Help You Enjoy Ideal Keto Lifestyle

free: 31. Jan

Do you want lose weight while still enjoyng your favorite foods? If you're looking for a total body transformation, without resorting to unhealthy crash dieting, then keep reading... Nature is a great healthy source of protein and many plant-based foods have even more protein than meat. Furthermore this foods contain v r l ttl fat m r d t m t, th t, as we know, can elevate h l t r l l v l nd n r th r k f a h rt tt k. You're about to discover... ...common misconceptions about vegans, and why they are wrong ...why people are concerned about protein on a vegan diet ...why people overestimate the [...]

Chariss K. Walker: Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series Book 2) [dark fantasy]

free: 31. Jan

Some see Alec Winters as breathtaking angel. Others see him as a mind-blowing nightmare the most terrifying Alec Winters roams the gritty streets of New Orleans as hero and protector of the innocent while he annihilates wicked evil-doers in this very dark-fiction, vengeance-driven 4-book supernatural suspense series. It all began when 17-year-old Alec discovered a terrible family secret. Alec's ensuing rage and desire for retribution took over as the catalyst that propelled him into a supernatural transformation to angel and demon - A protector of innocent victims and a "punisher" of those [...]

Uvi Poznansky: The White Piano (Still Life with Memories Book 2) [Literary Fiction, City Life Fiction, Mustread]

free: 31. Jan

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes a compelling novel about family secrets: Coming back to his childhood home after years of absence, Ben is unprepared for the secret, which is now revealed to him: his mother, Natasha, who used to be a brilliant pianist, is losing herself to mysterious disease, which turns the way her mind works into a riddle. His father's new wife, Anita, looks remarkably similar to her only much younger. "In our family, forgiveness is something you pray for, something you yearn to receive but so seldom do you give it to others." What emerges in this [...]

JE Rowney: Derelict [relationship, women's fiction]

free: 31. Jan to 02. Feb

What people are saying about Derelict: "A wonderfully refreshing read." "...brave and candid. Highly recommend." "A great read." "A good book to read on your holiday. Loved this at the beach." "The best summer read, 2019. Loved it." "Received this free Kindle book from a Goodreads giveaway and really enjoyed it!" Eva Dawson is lost. Working as a photographer, she stumbles upon the world of urban exploration, and starts to find beauty in broken things. Meanwhile, her marriage is just as broken as the buildings she sets out to explore. Can she find a way to create a future, or is happiness a [...]

JE Rowney: Charcoal [suspense, relationship, women's fiction]

free: 31. Jan to 02. Feb

"Jess is dead, and it's my fault." Anna Macbeth has spent her whole life trying to escape from her past. She left the rural Yorkshire village where she grew up for life as a family lawyer in London, but what secrets did she take with her? When a familiar voice telephones her with tragic news, Anna knows that running away is no longer an option, and that she has to return to face her demons. What led Anna to flee from her home, and what is it that causes her to return? "Charcoal" unfolds a dramatic sequence of events that demonstrate the consequences of desires.

Sam Anthony: The Adulterer's Confession: A Novel [Psychological thriller, Domestic noir, Literary fiction]

free: 31. Jan to 02. Feb

Heidi Peltier: The Deputy's Promise (Lawmen of Texas Book 1) [Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Western]

free: 31. Jan to 03. Feb

Deputy Matthias Garnett vowed to protect his best friend's sister from a gang of outlaws set on vengeance. Turns out, it's not just the gang he has to worry about. There's also the unforgiving winter weather, wild animals, crossing frigid rivers, and possibly most dangerous of all, the way his insides react to this feisty woman riding beside him. Kat Carlton is no stranger to grief. She's lost two sets of parents, and her brother has just been shot. Now, her protector keeps coming up with one harebrained scheme after another to keep her safe, including dressing her up as a boy and dragging [...]

Neil McFarlane: A Month of Bedtime Stories: the First Five Stories (and off you went to the woods) [fairy tale, bedtime story, kids short story]

free: 31. Jan to 04. Feb

The first five stories of the highly praised collection, "A Month of Bedtime Stories". Children will love being the main character and hearing about the adventures they had earlier in the day. ("You don't remember? It must have been that bonk on the head that made you forget!") Parents too will enjoy the humor and imagination of this book of immersive, read-aloud bedtime tales.

Jerri Blair: Choices [Legal thriller, Courtroom Drama, Fiction]

free: 31. Jan to 04. Feb

Serge Ant: Almost twice as much [Contemporary Romance Fiction, Women's Romance Fiction, Two-Hour Romance]

free: 01. Feb to 02. Feb

What is this? Modern Lolita or something else? Won't the hot passion burn our characters down? Will they be able to resist the temptation? Can a significant age difference be an obstacle to their desire to be happy? What do the heroes of the novel feel and think about? It all started as the usual internet acquaintance. Or maybe not quite usual?

Gloria Repp: Trouble with Zee (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 6) [Easy-to-read, Animals]

free: 01. Feb to 02. Feb

A hateful Captain . . . A chance for freedom, and a daring escape . . . But what should Pibbin do about Leeper, his pal? Leave him behind? Book 6 in TALES OF FRIENDSHIP BOG ~A fast-paced adventure for ages 7 and up. ~Includes colorful illustrations, story map, and frog photographs.

J. Stewart Willis: Three Degrees and Gone [Immigration Thriller, Coastal Flooding, Global Warming]

free: 01. Feb to 03. Feb

Damian Knight: The Pages of Time: A Time Travel Thriller [Science Fiction, Young Adult]

free: 01. Feb to 05. Feb

Time is not what it seems... Sam Rayner thinks he is an ordinary teenager. But when his family's transatlantic flight is brought down in a shocking act of terrorism, he suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves him in a coma. After waking in a hospital bed, Sam begins to experience strange seizures that distort the flow of time and transport him into the body of his past or future self. With no way of controlling when they happen or where they take him, these episodes seem more like a disability than anything useful. That is until Sam suddenly finds himself flung several hours ahead, where [...]

Kari Nichols: Rogue (The Plagued Trilogy Book 1) [Romance, Paranormal, Historical]

free: 01. Feb to 05. Feb

"We stand united, Family of Immortals. Plagued by life. Cursed by the hand of God ..." Mattia was born into an immortal family whose wealth is marked by a trail of blood. But when he meets the unnervingly familiar assistant of his next target, an unexpected rush of emotions begins to unravel his carefully laid plans. Lissie lives a mundane life filled with work ... and little else. She hasn't taken a risk since she moved to New York City after college seven years ago. But when the mysterious Matthew McCloud walks through the door of her office, she finds herself diving head-first into a [...]

Wally Brown: The Undercover Brothers: Ninja Invasion (Book 1)

free: 01. Feb to 05. Feb

Tyler Bowers and his robot best friend, Rob, are always up for some adventure and detective work even the semi-dangerous kind! Police Chief Clancy has a new mission for the Undercover Brothers: To stop a horde of ninjas! It is now up to Tyler, Rob, and their martial arts expert friend, Kate, to find where the ninjas are lurking. Only one obstacle will test their strength and bravery ... The Ninja Grandmaster the most powerful ninja in the world! This story is a funny adventure that is engaging for children, middle school students, and grown-ups too! Check out The Undercover Brothers: [...]

Emma Moors: Gift Guide: Simple and Beautiful T-shirts about Love at All Times, for a Wedding and for Valentine's Day [gift guide t-shirt, valentine's day gift, a wedding love]

free: 01. Feb to 05. Feb

This mini-book will bring the greatest benefit to those people who have a busy schedule every day and who want to save time anyway. If you have to buy gifts at the last moment, if you prefer purchases with delivery, this mini-book will save your time, money and your efforts. Here are the best examples of gift t-shirts this season. You will need about 15 minutes to scroll through this catalog, make a choice and immediately make an order using active links. The prices are very comfortable and the quality is excellent! All orders are delivered to the USA, UK and Germany. All the offers in this [...]

Robert Hensley: Self-Discipline to Change Your Life: Develop Self-Control, Willpower, Mental Toughness, and the Ability to Achieve Your Goals (Small Changes for Happy Life Series Book 2)

free: 02. Feb to 04. Feb

Do you want to change your life by developing self-discipline? Are you looking for the best book on self discipline? Do you want to discover effective techniques on how to learn self control? Do you want to improve your willpower and forge mental toughness? In this book, we'll be taking a look at some of the most major elements of change that you can introduce if you want to develop self discipline. Everything written in this book is designed with the idea of helping improve your life and help you in teaching yourself discipline. If you find that your life tends to wander off course, or you [...]

Olene Quinn: Prince Dead: The Northman Saga: Book One [historical fiction, action & adventure]

free: 02. Feb to 04. Feb

Ireland 816 AD In the dark of night, a Viking warship lays anchor. Ninety warriors besiege a village, lighting its huts aflame and pillaging its monastery. No sooner are they heavily laden with loot than a great storm arises, quenching their fires. They watch, helpless, as their ship is pulled out to sea and smashed to splinters against the cliffs. Stranded in a foreign land amongst the rubble of their own destruction, caught in the midst of a war not their own, and facing a harsh winter, the Vikings do not fear, for they follow Yngvarr in Feigr... Prince Dead

Lance Pototschnik: Golden Monkey [Humorous memoir, Growing up, overcoming]

free: 02. Feb to 05. Feb

Vijay Raj Chauhan: dirty heaven's angels: A Novel (No More International Beauty Queen) : Hindi Edition [Romance Fiction, Spiritual, Historical Fiction]

free: 03. Feb

"Through this Novel, I wanted to highlight many issues, For instance, I have pointed out at one stage that what our country needs is not "INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY QUEENS' BUT INTERNATIONAL MOTHERS'" who can give this country sons like MAHTMA GANDHI, RAM & KIRSHNA. Also I have emphasized that Hindi should be India's main language and it should not be insulted. Without Hindi this country is incomplete," says this budding author, who is also a teacher of computer science at Welham Boys' School-Dehradun (India). This Novel, Chauhan explains, is in the nature of deliberation that touches upon those [...]

Dana Patton: The Weight Loss: Action Plan in 7 Days and Diet Cookbook (Recipes, Tips, and Practical Experience) [Non-fiction, Diet Books]

free: 03. Feb to 04. Feb

Sharon Beecroft Brown: The Sea is Our Earth Mother [climate, environment, humanity]

free: 03. Feb to 07. Feb

As a child I asked myself this question, "Where did we come from? Did we just suddenly appear or did we evolve? The Urantia Book is the only book that describes our birth history and it all begins with the sea.

Samuel W. Reed: Miscreants, Murderers, and Thieves: A collection of short stories about devious behavior [thriller]

free: 04. Feb to 08. Feb

Take a tour through the minds of thirteen of today's most talented independent authors in a crime anthology like no other. Miscreants, Murderers, and Thieves hosts a cross-section of indie writers from all across America in a unique compilation of diverse voices set to take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. From aging detectives trapped in a magic house of hell, to a doctor with a fascination for the macabre, to New Century City, where superheroes and super villains battle it out for supremacy, this is a genre-bending short story collection guaranteed to thrill you in ways you [...]

Rohit Sahu: Who Are You: The Ultimate Truth That's Been Hidden From You Till Date [self-enlightenment, spiritual awakening, liberation]

free: 05. Feb

Have you ever thought after reaching your goal why aren't you happy? It's because that is not what you need to be happy. The major problem today in this world is everyone is searching for joy in materialistic objects like money, fame, respect, and whatever. But the fact is, the most successful personalities in the world which you admire so much are not happy at all! If that was the case, the most successful people in this world won't ever get depressed or sad. Is that what the reality is? No, in fact, they're the one who takes depression therapies and drugs to be happy. What are all the [...]

Luana Ehrlich: Titus Ray Thrillers: Books 1 & 2 [Christian thriller, Religious mystery, Inspirational Romantic Suspense]

free: 05. Feb to 08. Feb

C.G. Lane: The Ark Gambit: Book One of The Diaspora [science fiction, space travel, planetary exploration]

free: 05. Feb to 09. Feb

In the year 2103 a routine solar research project uncovers a startling discovery that Earth's own star has become a dire threat that could alter the planet forever and doom humanity in the process. Now, Dr. Catherine Berthelon and her team of scientists must solve the puzzle of how to stop our runaway Sun while simultaneously preparing humanity to make a desperate leap for the stars.

RP Dahlke: A Dead Red Cadillac (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 1) [mystery with romance]

free: 05. Feb to 09. Feb

A deeply buried and deadly secret resurface with a drowned Cadillac When Lalla Bains' trophy red Caddy is discovered tail-fins up in a local lake, police ask why a widowed piano teacher, who couldn't possibly see beyond the hood ornament, is found strapped in the driver's seat. As Lalla will soon discover, there's a shocking link between the drowned woman, her beloved father and an escaped felon--all of which will tear apart her comfortable life and bring her family into the cross-hairs of a killer. "Fresh and fun!" "With its engaging, down-on-her-luck sleuth, homicidal Caddy and a [...]

Chariss K. Walker: Purple Kitty: A Serena McKay Crime Novel (Serena McKay Crime Novels Book 1)

free: 06. Feb

Serena McKay, P.I., won't be your mother's favorite female sleuth. She's certainly not of the Jessica Fletcher ilk and this is not a cozy mystery. Serena has suffered from devastating emotional and physical abuse. She lives in a post-apocalyptic time where existence is nightmarish at best and disastrously chilling at worst. As a strong, albeit dysfunctionally-flawed private investigator, Serena uses every weapon in her arsenal to solve bloodcurdling crimes in this hard-boiled, dark-fiction, dystopian thriller series All while a notorious serial killer is after her green eyes... > > > Fans of [...]

Jennifer S. Alderson: Death on the Danube: A New Year's Murder in Budapest (Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) [amateur sleuth]

free: 06. Feb to 09. Feb

Who knew a New Year's trip to Budapest could be so deadly? The tour must go on - even with a killer in their midst... Recent divorcee Lana Hansen needs a break. Her luck has run sour for going on a decade, ever since she got fired from her favorite job as an investigative reporter. When her fresh start in Seattle doesn't work out as planned, Lana ends up unemployed and penniless on Christmas Eve. Dotty Thompson, her landlord and the owner of Wanderlust Tours, is also in a tight spot after one of her tour guides ends up in the hospital, leaving her a guide short on Christmas Day. When Dotty [...]

Katie Mettner: Snow Daze [contemporary romance, doctor romance, wheelchair romance]

free: 06. Feb to 09. Feb

Loren Teese: Exposed to the Photographer - Naked for the Black Stranger  EROTICA 

free: 06. Feb to 10. Feb

Naked, in front of a window; shamelessly exposing my nudity to the world below. It all started out with a present: the Glamour photoshoot gift voucher my husband gave me for my birthday. Did he know I've always wanted to show off like this? Did he know about the young, black, muscular photographer? It doesn't matter anymore. Now I have to play along and obey my husband's wishes. Even if it means being seduced by a stranger. ~8300

Chariss K. Walker: Blue Cadillac: A Serena McKay Crime Novel (Serena McKay Crime Novels Book 2) [apocalyptic]

free: 07. Feb

Serena McKay, P.I., isn't your mother's favorite female sleuth. She isn't Jessica Fletcher and this is not a cozy mystery. Serena is a private eye in this dark dystopian crime novel. She's paid to investigate, to snoop. She finds missing persons and explores child abductions. Serena stalks the stalker and shadows spouse and child abusers. She finds out "who's doing who" and digs deep to get the real dirt. Her main goal is to help people, and if possible, to stop bad things from happening. She knows "bad things" first hand because she has suffered her own abuse. Still, in spite of her [...]

Uvi Poznansky: Apart from Love (Still Life with Memories Bundle Book 1) [Mustread]

free: 07. Feb

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes a poignant family saga: Apart from Love is not your typical love story. It is all-consuming, heart-wrenching, and dark. My Own Voice ("As told by Anita"): Falling in love with Lenny should have been the end to all of Anita's troubles. But when family secrets start unraveling. His ex-wife, Natasha, is succumbing to a mysterious disease. How can Anita compete with her shadow? How can she find a voice of her own? And when his estranged son, Ben, comes back and lives in the same small apartment, can she keep the balance between the two men, [...]

J. Sato: Silent Retribution Man [Thriller, Crime, Murder]

free: 07. Feb to 09. Feb

"Instead of Due Process, I give the Process that is Due" Lionel Seaver has had it with the indecent, arrogant, rude, mean-spirited and for lack of more negative adjectives, pricks in today's society. Its about time these people get what's coming to them. And its not just about people who break the law either. It is not always against the law to be a prick, on the contrary, it is often rewarded. The jerks, bullies and greedy don't go to jail. They use their power and possession to abuse people. Decency and kindness are often viewed a sign of weakness, a trait that can be taken advantage of . [...]

Ronan Farrell: A Time to Deceive [Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction, Alien Contact]

free: 07. Feb to 11. Feb

Uvi Poznansky: Apart from War (Still Life with Memories Bundle Book 2) [WWII Romance, Heartwarming Lovestory, Mustread]

free: 08. Feb

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Uvi Poznansky, comes an epic WWII love story spanning three volumes: The Music of Us In 1970, Lenny can no longer deny that his wife is undergoing a profound change. Despite her relatively young age, her mind succumbs to forgetfulness. Now, he goes as far back as the moment he met Natasha during WWII, when he was a wounded warrior and she a star, brilliant yet illusive. Natasha was a riddle to him then, and to this day, with all the changes she has gone through, she still is. "Digging into the past, mining its moments, trying to piece them together this way [...]

Neil McFarlane: Me Tawk Funny: Shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 11

free: 08. Feb to 12. Feb

How did Hector's dog start talking? Hector Dumble thinks he's dumb. When his dog Buster starts talking to him, Hector begins to think he's crazy too. Things become even stranger when Hector learns that his teacher Mr Weazel has a secret identity. How will Hector handle having a dog that can talk and a teacher who wants to take over the world? Find out in this shaggy dog story for kids aged 6 to 13. EXCERPT As they were taking a short cut across the park, Buster suddenly stopped walking. "Come on, Buster," said Hector. "Mom's waiting for us." But Buster just stood there and started making some [...]

Alexandra Santos: Puppy Training: How to housetrain your puppy effectively ((House training puppy, house training pads, puppy treats, house soiling problems, house training for outdoors, training program)) [Housetraining puppies, Housebreaking a puppy]

free: 09. Feb to 11. Feb

Use This House Training Program to Effectively Teach Your Puppy To Eliminate On Training Pads and Outdoors House soiling can be a huge challenge to deal with, and many owners feel at a total loss as to how to housetrain their puppies. After trying different approaches or making many common mistakes, patience starts running thin and despair often sets in. I love to offer solutions, and worked very hard to ensure this book is packed with lots of practical solutions. We often think puppies house soil, simply because they don't know any better. But, house soiling can be caused by: physical [...]

Tammie Painter: Testing the Waters: (A Mythic Short Story) [Fantasy, Greek gods, mythology]

free: 09. Feb to 13. Feb

You can get away with many things in Port Athens. Breaking contracts is not one of them. The founders of the prosperous fishing village of Port Athens have each agreed to give up certain luxuries and a great deal of power to settle into a new life. So when one of the founders, Eli P. Marin, returns from the city with a suspicious purchase, the rumor mill churns into action. Is he only showing off? Is it even real? Most importantly, will Eli break their contract and reclaim his former influence despite knowing how harsh the punishment might be? Find out today as you wander the quaint streets [...]

Elizabeth Towne: Elizabeth Towne's Concentration Lessons [Nonfiction, Self-Help, Business & Money]

free: 09. Feb to 13. Feb

ELIZABETH TOWNE'S CONCENTRATION LESSONS + FREE BONUS Download This Great Book Today! Available to Read on Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet! FREE BONUS INCLUDED INSIDE! Focus... Successful people, those who get what they want in life, have it; failures, those who don't get what they want in life, don't. It's that simple! In this exclusive book, you'll learn the three different levels upon which focus is important and how to use them to get what you want in life, regardless of what that may be. If you've ever been the least bit confused about what's meant by [...]

Robert Hensley: Productivity Habits: Proven Techniques to Increase Personal Productivity and Achieve Goals (Time management and Productivity Series Book 1) [Procrastination]

free: 11. Feb to 13. Feb

Are you wasting time? Do you feel overloaded by routine? Have unfinished to-do lists and missed deadlines become an inherent part of life? Do you want to change the state of things? This book will provide you a set of proven time management techniques, tips, tools and methods which can help you to boost your productivity dramatically. You will discover: How to define your priorities and stay focused on them? How to become committed to your priorities? How to manage your routine effectively? How to define and reduce your time-wasting activities? How to kick start work on your goals? How to [...]

Josh Soule: Into the Woods: A 16th Century Mystery Novel [historical, werewolf]

free: 11. Feb to 14. Feb

Three friends unite to solve the mystery of a mysterious creature that has been butchering local livestock. In the woods that were a place of legend in their childhood, they seek answers, but soon find that the truth about the creature may be more troublesome than they ever feared. This chilling mystery takes place in 16th century England in the fictitious village of Carn. John, Thomas, and Henry were the best of friends, raised as brothers by Father Michael--the town priest. As local livestock is attacked, the trio remembers rumors of an evil creature residing in the nearby forest; legends [...]


free: 12. Feb to 14. Feb

Letters to Be Read in a Heavily British Accent recounts the hilarious (and historically-set) misadventures of Sherwood, a new recruit in H. Majesty's army; and Penelope, his bit-of-all-right back home. Through their letters the two share incidents and adventures, and discuss their relationship, which looks good on paper, but...

Sarah Bailey: Betrayal (Corrupt Empire Book 1) [captive romance]

free: 12. Feb to 14. Feb

It all started one dark night. The last night I saw my family. The night I met him. The only man to haunt my every moment. Her I witnessed something I was never meant to see. He took me. He broke me. He made me his. And now he wants to use me to bring down my family. Him I was never meant to have her. The daughter of the scum who stole my life. I took her. I broke her. I made her mine. And now she'll do anything I say. One tattooed anti-hero gets caught up in a whirlwind with an innocent heiress. It'll keep you on your toes with its web of lies and secrets. If you're a fan of dark romance, [...]

April Marcom: Good Vs. Evil High [young adult, fantasy, romance]

free: 12. Feb to 16. Feb

Deadly disaster strikes when Good falls in love with Evil. Kristine's just been adopted into North Haven High, an ice castle hidden in the farthest reaches of the north for orphaned teenagers who possess an unfailing disposition for good. And she's just in time for their Winter Competitions, a rivalry held each year between NHHS and Southland Cinder High, a school made up of the exact opposite sort of teens. Here she finds Knight, a Cinder she grew up with but lost contact with years ago. And even though it's forbidden, she begins to fall for him. Of course, her North Haven boyfriend's got a [...]

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