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Book: Wayne's Word (Z-Spot Diaries Book 4) by Zoe Scarlatti
Wayne's Word is Episode 4 of Zoe Scarlatti's groundbreaking crime series, the Z-Spot Diaries. Boston's most highly sought-after assassin is at it again. In the wake of Sandy Hook's second anniversary, the NRA is celebrating another banner year. Doubters, deniers, Birthers and Tea-baggers descend on Nashville to further obfuscate what the Founders meant by a well-regulated militia. Never to be [...]
Book: Donald's Clump (ZspotDiaries Book 15) by Zoe Scarlatti
Short Episode 15 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. A contract on The Donald? Only question? What took so long? No drama for Zoe. Investigators will have their work cut-out for them. GOP hacks. Apprentice contestants. Miss America. Most other women who have menstruated. Ivana. Mexicans. Loads of possibles. But who truly believed it would end like this?
Book: Jindal Belles (#ZspotDiaries) by Zoe Scarlatti
Jindal Belles is Short Episode 17 of @ZoeScarlatti's #ZspotDiaries. The Big Sleazy. New Orleans as it once was. And shows every sign of becoming once again. Governor Bobby Jindal isn't strictly speaking one of them. He's "other." One of the many reasons his policy regarding immigration is so puzzling. But it turns out old Bobby has something to hide. His faith is unlikely to see him through this [...]

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