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Book: Irrta from the Pleiades - Hopi Prophecy and the Holographic Multiverse by Paki S. Wright
In a mother ship powered by a large crystal, ETs come to Earth to try and help the planet through its tough times, Irrta is particularly desirous of helping because of her half-Earthling genetics, some of her crew get involved in the Disclosure Project in Washington, D.C., at the same time Irrta meets an older woman with a pet gorilla who teaches her much about human emotions while they try and [...]
Book: Starflake (T'aafhal Legacy Book 3) by Doug L Hoffman
In Starflake, the third book in the T'aafhal Legacy series the continued adventures of the officers and crew of the starship Peggy Sue once again we find Captain Billy Ray Vincent in command of the Honorable Orion Arm Trading Company's vessel Peggy Sue. After being bushwhacked in the Alpha Phoenicis system, chronicled in The Queen's Daemon, more than a year has passed and the merchant explorers [...]
Book: The StarSeeds - Beyond Time by Tricia Kelly
Herb, an Earth boy, while searching for his real mother, mysteriously ends up in a crystal cave, and discovers a Galactic boy, Izar from the Pleiades has returned home to his planet Earth; but Herb is now in danger of traveling into the many realms, even the dark dimensions like his nightmares. Izar, and all the benevolent visitors must protect their City of Lights; but he helps Herb understand [...]

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