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Book: 7 Keys to Better Boundaries - See through the Games and Do What's Right for You by Stephanie Sterner
Boundaries can be a real challenge. Do you drop what we're doing to help a friend - again - or leave her to sort out the mess she created? And isn't it easier to do other people's work for them than to deal with the fallout when you hold them accountable? It's easy to get sucked into other people's dramas, even when you already have enough of your own. How do you know when you're being played? [...]
Book: Set Your Boundaries Your Way - 7 Easy Ways to Say No to Difficult People by Stephanie Sterner
Do you feel guilty putting yourself first? Do you give in to begging, intimidation and other manipulation tactics ... even when you promised yourself you wouldn't? And what happens when you're finally ready to set some perfectly reasonable boundaries? I'll bet you don't know what to say! Whether you hate conflict, don't want to feel guilty, or just don't have the right words, you'll love this [...]
Book: How to Achieve High Self-Esteem - Give yourself a chance by Reece Pocock
Find the courage to love yourself. Achieve High Self-esteem. High self-esteem will lead to happiness and personal growth. Personal transformation will overcome the fear of failure self-doubt and low self-esteem. Take action and help your self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, personal integrity, and consciously live purposely as you build your self-esteem. This book will help [...]

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