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Book: Yassa by Jo Michaels
Genghis Khan's coming of age tale is a historical fiction novel like no other. Love, betrayal of a friend, and epic battles rule the day in this one of a kind first person recount of his life. You'll love the romance in this novel, and the intensity of the connection between young Temujin and Borte is something folks only dream of. It's a fairy tale romance from the start that's interwoven with [...]
Book: The Year of the Horsetails by R. F. Tapsell
'I chanced upon a novel I read as a child. Re-reading The Year of the Horsetails by R. F. Tapsell (1967), I realized where my interest in nomadic warfare began and, with Bardiya - Tapsell s siege-engineer, outsider hero - something of the origins of Ballista. Tapsell was a superb historical novelist, and some enterprising publisher should put his works back in print for a new generation. Set in [...]
Book: The Wild Fields by Purple Hazel
Ludmilla is a young farmer's daughter living in southern Russia during the Russo Crimean Wars of the 16th century. Motherless since age three and with five older brothers constantly taunting her about her gender; Ludmilla eventually develops into a strapping, freakishly strong, and quite intelligent worker on her father's barley farm. Shedding her identity as a girl completely by age 13, she [...]

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