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eBook: The Dark Side of the Fylfot by Andrew Greenfield Lockhart
The Dark Side of the Fylfot is an imaginative re-telling of the Pied Piper of Hameln story. It is set in mediaeval Saxony, in a time of pestilence and superstition, when the Church teaches that disease is the result of sin and people fear science as akin to black magic. Gretl is a child when the Great Mortality - the Black Death - strikes Brunswick, and not all her grandfather Sano's learning can [...]
Book: Pride and Honour - The Battle for Saxony by Nathaniel Burns
Europe, in the year of the Lord 772 The extraordinary novel, Pride and Honour, is a completely revised and rewritten version of the surprise initial success of the novel Honour and Glory by Nathaniel Burns. The author took many of his readers' tips, reviews and advice to heart to make his fascinating tale about Charlemagne and the Saxon King Widukind an even better read. Take this suspenseful, [...]
Book: A Wolf at the Gate (Orkneyinga Murders Book 2) by Lexie Conyngham
Ketil had not intended to return to Orkney, but when you work for Thorfinn Sigurdarson, you obey orders. Thorfinn wants him back to help with a visiting Abbot from Saxony, escorted by an old colleague of Ketil's. Then people who know the Abbot start dying, and Ketil must once again work with his friend Sigrid to find out why - and to face dark memories from his own past.This is the second in the [...]

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