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Book: The Queen of Washington by Francis Hamit
Alternative history about Rose Greenhow and her activities as a spy before and during the American Civil War. She was the Confederate spy who gave the South the information it needed to win at the first Battle of Bull's run, but had she been a spy all along, working for the French and British in their efforts to undermine American Manifest Destiny and split the nation into two or more new [...]
Book: The Centurion Chronicles Book Two The Belgae by J.M. Garlock
Julius Caesar & his army of 30,000 winter in the land of the Sequani. Centurion Publius Baculus recounts the batte of the Rhine River the previous year where Caesar rescued him from the Germans & makes his way back to the Roman camp where he recovers from his wounds. Centurion Baculus & Tribune Lutatius Vitius of the 5th Cohort go on a reconnaisance mission led by speculatores across the Rhine [...]

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