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Book: Episode by Tracey Morait
Alisha Dainton has severe epilepsy, so she's used to having seizures. Sometimes she even has weird visions and hears strange noises. After a particularly bad episode on holiday in Cyprus, what she sees and hears makes her think she s going mad: who is the beautiful girl with the see-through eyes, multi-coloured hair and rainbow and the half-woman, half-bird creature singing by the hotel pool, and [...]
Book: A Pig in the Roses by Peter Alan Orchard
Athens is a city living on its nerves, a city on the verge of war with Sparta. When Diokles - merchant, family man, inquisitive, loyal and a terrible lyre player - finds his wife's uncle Makron accused of murder, it is his duty to defend him. But this is no simple killing, and Diokles must not only smoke out the truth but risk his own life to protect his wife and children.
Book: Chester the Chesapeake - Wintertime by Barbara Ebel MD
Chester, Russell, and Putt-Putt looked out the front door. While theyhad slept, the bushes and the trees and their house had turned white. The glory of a snowy day fills the dogs with wonder in thisthird book of the Chester the Chesapeake series. And after romping inthe cold from sunrise to sunset and visiting a nursing home, Chesternestles into his bed knowing his loving family is close at hand. [...]

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