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Books by Richard French

Author Richard French

SEND ME (Witnesses Book 5)
Battles end, New Generations Emerge, A Cult Meets its Opposition - In "Send Me", the editor Stephanie Markham gathers the last installments of Paul Kingsley's stories concerning American wars in the 17th and 20th centuries and concludes her memoir of her part in the struggle against a destructive cult called the Scythians. She also discovers how to resist and drive away the devil that pesters her [...]

Witnesses and Troublemakers
Gray Cloud said: "I'll do what I can to make the woodland a happy place to be." This is the fourth volume in a series called "Witnesses". It consists of several narratives that have to do with warfare and the aftermath of war. The editor Stephanie Markham continues her search for framing narratives to accompany stories by the writer Paul Kingsley. She also keeps on with her campaign to end the [...]

Guy Ridley
A Creative Bookseller Deals With Problems that Threaten his Sanity - Guy Ridley, in his late fifties, runs a second-hand bookstore near an urban university in the American Midwest. He understands academic procedures and might have been a scholar and teacher himself, but now he walks along a parallel road that no academic would take. Devoted to Cervantes' novel Don Quixote, he writes short stories [...]

Looking for Renewal, Two Artists Help a School Recover from Scandal - Daniel Morley, a painter in his 60's, and his wife Sonja, a photographer, leave their home in Europe to live on a university campus in a large Midwestern American city. This is the neighborhood where Daniel spent his childhood and left with his mother in his teens. He hasn't been back for many decades. The story follows several [...]

Brief Lives
An entertainer gets into serious trouble & strives to recover. Decades later, actors stage a play about him. Bosworth Hooper is a fictional entertainer - a stage magician, stand-up comic, songwriter - who lived in the mid-19th century and got into serious trouble after ambition led him to stray from his vocation. "Brief Lives" answers the question, "Can Hooper hold together the family he loves [...]

Testimonies (Witnesses Book 3)
Warfare. Plague. Political Corruption. Faith and Love. "Testimonies" is the third novel in a series called "Witnesses". It consists of several narratives - one about a young couple who live three centuries in the future, three stories that feature soldiers in the recent past, and a novella about a disgraced government official at the turn of the 20th century. In easier times, these people decided [...]

The Angel of Recovery (Witnesses Book 2)
A Veteran Defends the American Way even after a Failed War - Expecting that his cousin Bertram Hungerford, the leader of the Scythian cult, will be in prison for a long time, Paul Kingsley, his wife Tanya, and their three children drive from the northeastern U. S. to an island off the coast of Georgia for an extended holiday. They will stay at a resort hotel that Hungerford's wife Pat has just [...]

In the Time of the Scythians (Witnesses Book 1)
Warfare...the Fight Against a Predatory Cult: Coping in Times of Crisis - "In the Time of the Scythians" centers on the efforts of the editor Stephanie Markham and Paul Kingsley, one of her writers, to bring his collection of stories and novellas together into a series of novels. They also take part in a campaign to thwart a destructive cult. Paul Kingsley's writing emphasizes the effects of two [...]

The World, the City, and the Wakemans
The Wakemans Face a Nasty Challenge as they Strive to Make Improvements for Themselves and their City In this novel, members of the well-established and privileged Wakeman family strive to expand their influence on Botolph, the city they live in, and at the same time pull themselves out of mental, physical, and spiritual low points. Along the way, they learn about their own natures and what [...]

The Nightsongs of Arthur Goodbody
A Minor Devil Assails a Young Widower who Hopes for New Life - Arthur Goodbody, a young poet and museum guard, recovers slowly from the death of his beloved wife Laura. As he makes plans to resume a full, active life, a minor devil, Mr. Octavius, assaults him and makes promises that strike at Arthur's vulnerability. Arthur complies with Octavius's wishes and resists him at the same time. He [...]

The Opinionists
A Team of Film-makers: A 17th Century Controversy and the Woman at the Center of it - This novel takes place in two time periods - the mid-20th century and almost 300 years before in a fictional English colony in the new world called Sagadac. The veteran director Vincent Adair hopes to reinvigorate his career by making a movie about a theological controversy that spread through Sagadac in the [...]

Hills of the Tigers
An artist rises above war and the perils of a competitive city to find love and do work that stands out. "The Hills of the Tigers" takes place in two different environments. In the even-numbered chapters, the painter Carl Norberg writes about his experiences as a soldier in the American army during a war in an Asian nation called Kulon. He decided when he was in high school that he wanted to work [...]

The Pilhannaw
Late in his life, a 17th century governor works to free his colony from a blast of witchcraft hysteria Mid-17th century North America. Simon Willoughby, who has been governor of Sagadac for most of its 19-year existence, takes on the greatest challenge of his life when he decides to thwart a wave of witchcraft hysteria that washes through the colony. He faces a powerful opponent.. Hugh Ridley, [...]

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