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Books by Richard Andrew King

Author Richard Andrew King

The Black Belt Book of Life - Secrets of a Martial Arts Master
The mystery and mystique of the martial arts is not only ages old, it's legend. Revered throughout the world, martial arts is a treasure chest of life secrets that transcend the boundaries of combat to include the expanse of life and living. Arguably, it is the greatest developmental system on earth for teaching the integration of body, mind and spirit. What do martial arts secrets hold for you? [...]

The King's Book of Numerology - Volume 1 - Foundations and Fundamentals
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY, VOLUME 1 - FOUNDATIONS & FUNDAMENTALS is the first text in "The King's Book of Numerology" series. It is referenced in short as "KBN1." KBN1 is the first book a student of numerology should read and study because of the sequential nature of The King's Book of Numerology series. It focuses on how to create the Basic Matrix - the personal profile of an individual or [...]

The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love Relationships
"The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6, Love Relationships" by Richard Andrew King THE HIDDEN TRUTHS REVEALED IN THIS GROUNDBREAKING BOOK WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOU THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO CREATE THE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS YOU DESIRE!! Note: This is a "stand alone" book. Its knowledge is not dependent on prior KBN publications. The King's Book of Numerology, Volume 6 - Love [...]

The King's Book of Numerology 3 - Master Numbers
MASTER NUMBERS are the nuclear component of the numeric spectrum and play powerful roles in the destinies of individuals. They cannot be ignored. Every student of numerology - beginner to expert - needs to understand master numbers and how they impact life and destiny. THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY 3 - MASTER NUMBERS delves deeply into the subject of master numbers - multiple digit numbers of the [...]

Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century - Raising Your Children By Their Numbers To Achieve Their Highest Potential
"This book is a must for any parent and all parents to be. It is vital to read this book now before you name your children. If you already have children, then it is just as important to understand them. Richard Andrew King should be called Dr. King. His books are of the magnitude that will be read with reverence for generations to come." ~ Dr. Victoria Ford, J.D. "Parenting Wisdom for the 21st [...]

The Galactic Transcripts
It's the 1950s. A man sees a cigar-shaped UFO, subsequently becomes involved in receiving channeled messages from intergalactic "human" beings, and then, within hours of his death, writes Border to Infinity as the final entry in his personal journal. What does it all mean? And could these events be interconnected? The Galactic Transcripts will take you on a journey that is as provocative as it is [...]

Parenting Wisdom - What To Teach The Children
PARENTING WISDOM is a must for any parent and for all parents to be. Richard Andrew King should be called Dr. King. His books are of the magnitude that will be read with reverence for generations to come. ~ Dr. Victoria Ford, J.D. Parenting is the most important and critical job in life because it encompasses the cultivating and sculpting of life itself as reflected in our children - the sanctity [...]

Your Love Numbers - Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships
YOUR LOVE NUMBERS was originally published as The 5 Minute Lover. YOUR LOVE NUMBERS reveals the secret formula defining all great relationships and how to assess the love potential of any relationship in a matter of minutes. This revolutionary work by master numerologist Richard Andrew King reveals the mystery of love through the most ancient of all sciences . . . numbers, your numbers, [...]

Destinies of the Rich & Famous - The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives
WHY are rich and famous people rich and famous? Is it luck? Hard work? Advantage by family name? Why is Oprah Winfrey a billionaire entrepreneur? What gives Sarah Palin her Going Rogue persona? What caused Marilyn Monroe to be a sex goddess? What caused Princess Diana's tragic life and death? Why was Michael Jackson plagued by child issues? Why was Howard Hughes a disturbed, rich recluse? [...]

99 Poems of the Spirit
99 Poems of the Spirit draws from the writings of Perfect Saints, Masters, Mystics and Sacred Scriptures, encompassing a wide range of spiritual topics in poetic form: karma, reincarnation, transmigration, destiny, devotion, vegetarianism, attainment, the human form, love, morality, heaven, hell, the inner regions, justice, the nature of this world, illusion, deception, success, money, the [...]

Messages from the Masters - Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers
In a time where there is more need for enlightenment than ever before, MESSAGES FROM THE MASTERS offers timeless truths for genuine seekers thirsty for spiritual nectar. Masters are the PhDs of the universe, the Light Bearers of the Divine Flame. Their knowledge and wisdom are supreme. They have no equal. Although appearing human, they are not. Masters are the exalted Sons of God. Their chief [...]

Blueprint of a Princess - Diana Frances Spencer - Queen of Hearts
BLUEPRINT OF A PRINCESS: DIANA FRANCES SPENCER - QUEEN OF HEARTS thoroughly depicts the amazing fairytale but troubled life and tragic death of Princess Diana of Wales - the most famous, the most photographed, the most written about woman of the modern world and possibly of all time. Her tragic death was one of the most shocking and saddening events of the late Twentieth Century and certainly of [...]

The King's Book of Numerology II - Forecasting - Part I
THE KING'S BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY II: FORECASTING - PART 1 is dedicated to opening the door to the divine blueprint of our lives. When the principles set forth herein are studied and learned, one will begin to see there is definitely a life plan for each of us. That plan, that divine blueprint of destiny, is exact, precise, unchangeable, unalterable and . . . knowable, at least in general terms. Once [...]

The Age of the Female II - Heroines of the Shift
The Age of the Female II: Heroines of the Shift continues the remarkable journey of the female's ascent in the modern world of the 2nd Millennium. This installment is a general read in five chapters honoring the accomplishments of women in categories of female firsts, female Nobel laureates, female athletes, female icons and female quotations. This is an exciting read for everyone, especially [...]

The Age of the Female - A Thousand Years of Yin
The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin highlights the profound and extraordinary ascent of the female in the modern world, placing her center stage in the global spotlight as presidents and leaders of nations, titans of industry, corporate executives, military generals, media magnets, doctors, lawyers and a whole host of other prestigious titles normally associated with the male. Why has [...]

KARMA - The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World
Karma is a universally known concept throughout the world. Simultaneously, however, the argument can be made that karma is also universally misunderstood. This book is designed to shed light on the reality that karma is not just a simple word that can be bandied about with abandon but, rather, that karma is the Supreme Law of this creation.

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