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Books by R. E. Knight

Author R. E. Knight

Charlie - The Monster That Was Scared Of Kids
Charlie was a scream collector for the Monster Realm. However, he wasn't very good at his job because first off he hated screams and he was scared of kids. He was constantly trying to find a way to collect the energy from kids screams without scaring them. After a bad experience with a kid named William, Charlie comes up with a unique way to catch that energy however, when he shares the idea with [...]

35 Weird, Cute & Dangerous Animals - A Kids Fun Facts and Picture Book
**FREE** Get my brand new Picture E-Book about DOLPHINS when you pick up "35 Weird, Cute & Dangerous Animals TODAY! This is a Limited Time Offer... Among the wonderful things in the world are the other creatures that share this world with us. There are many interesting things about animals - unique body parts, seemingly peculiar behavior and many others. Learning about them can be fun, but it [...]

A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs for kids...What is our fascination with DINOSAURS?? Young or old we all seem to be entralled with these long gone giants. This book contains lots of fun and interesting facts as well as pictures of these amazing creatures. "A Kids Fun Facts and Picture book about Dinosaurs" will engage your child on their own or if you read it to them. It was designed with young children in mind. Be [...]

A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about SHARKS
REVISED EXPANDED Edition with 14 more pictures ... FREE ... Get My New E-Book "Dolphins - A Kids Fun Facts and Pictures Book" Free when you purchase "A Kid's Fun Facts and Picture Book about SHARKS" Now! (This is a Limited Time Offer) so Grab it While it lasts... How many types of sharks are there? How long have sharks been around? What is the biggest shark in the world? These questions and more [...]

Lani and Jake - Monster Hunters - The Monster In The Woods
Jake is kidnapped and taken to the Monster Realm where Monsters love to eat kids. It is up to Lani to go in after him with her trusted grumpy unicorn Sour Puss and bring him back home. Will she succeed? Will they survive? Check it out yourself, come to the Monster Realm and follow Lani and Jake's scary adventure. Bring sweet candy ... Monsters "Love" candy!

Lani and Jake - Monster Hunters - The Monster Next Door
A new family has moved into the old haunted McAdams house next door.That very same night Lani and Jake see an orange monster standing by the window. When they meet Nicole, their new neighbor she acts very mysterious when asked if she has a brother. What does it all mean? Lani and Jake together with their friends, plan to capture the orange monster before it eats all the kids in town. They call [...]

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