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Author Deb Graham

More Cruise Tips - From the Cruise Addict's Wife
Sequel to Tips From The Cruise Addict's Wife, More Tips From The Cruise Addict's Wife by author Deb Graham is loaded with all you need to plan a once-in-a-lifetime cruise ship vacation! Which cruise line is best for you, itineraries, how to save a boat load of money, it's all here in this easy read, humorous, practical and fun guide unlike any travel book you've read before. Grab a highlighter; [...]

Peril In Paradise - a cruise novel
"My necklace is gone! I left it right here, I know I did!" Jerria's heart pounded. Not another theft. Depressed over her sudden empty-nest status, middle-aged real estate agent Jerria agrees to a luxurious, relaxing Hawaiian cruise with her husband, Will. Before long, jewelry disappears and a series of ominous events onboard the Ocean Haven squashes any idea of a calm tropical vacation. Soon [...]

Mediterranean Cruise - With The Cruise Addict's Wife
"Mediterranean Cruise with the Cruise Addict's Wife" by Deb Graham - Come along with the author of the acclaimed "Tips From The Cruise Addict's" Wife on her first trip to Europe. Seen through the eyes of a first-timer, this day to day, this humorous guide is almost as good as being there! Written in three parts, it covers planning a cruise, choosing a cruise line, VIP upgrades, and the best [...]

Kid Food On A Stick (Busy Kids, Happy Kids Book 4)
Craving something new to eat? There's a certain magic about food-on-a-stick. Any meal tastes like instant summer! Stuck in gloomy wintry weather? Put dinner on a stick, spread out a blanket on your floor and ---instant picnic! Kid Food On A Stick by Deb Graham brings magic to any meal. Even picky eaters will be tempted by these wholesome recipes. Kabobs, skewers, whatever you call 'em, dig in! [...]

How To Write Your Story - record your personal history in 30 minutes a day
Why Write Your Own Story? It's a scary thought--What if you die before you tell your life's story, and your busybody sister-in-law decides to write it for you? Yes, she's diligent, but she never really liked you, and she surely doesn't know you as well as you know yourself. No one can tell your personal stories as clearly or as accurately as you can! Now's the time, before it's too late. No dry [...]

Uncommon Household Tips - ..use ordinary items in extraordinary ways
Stop don't throw that away! Repurpose it instead! Here are dozens of new uses for TWENTY ordinary household items you don't think twice about. From using golf tees to hang your hammer to dental floss for scrapbooking, you'll be inspired to look around the house before you run back to the store. We all want to save money, while making life easier. Buy this book---you'll be amazed at how many of [...]

How to Complain - ...and get what you deserve
Face It-- We Are A Nation Of Complainers. We complain when our team loses, when the TV program's dull, when the weather turns on us. We grumble about bad politicians and stupid laws and shoes that pinch. The average American complains an average of twenty times a day! You need to know how to complain effectively, to make your voice heard. A smart consumer will save money, time, and aggravation. [...]

Savory Mug Cooking
It's great to cook for large family or group of friends, but sometimes it's just you, and you're hungry. What's better than a fresh, hot meal in a cozy mug? Cooking for one is more fun than ever! You'll love these quick, easy recipes! You know there are lots of Make-A-Cake-In-A-Mug recipes out there, but what about when you want a real meal, not just something sweet? Quiche, omelets, soups, [...]

Hungry Kids Camp Fire Cookbook (Busy Kids, Happy Kids 1)
"Hungry Kids Camp Fire Cookbook" by Deb Graham is loaded with over one hundred recipes with easy-to-follow directions and wholesome ingredients - This easy-to-pack book offers easy, delicious camp food for any family, scout troop, homeschool, and backpackers alike. Above all, make sure camp food is fun and plentiful---camping makes everybody hungry! Kids will be amazed at what they can make, with [...]

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids (Busy Kids, Happy Kids Book 3)
A bored child is a sad thing! Children are endlessly curious about the world around them. A child who can look at their surroundings and wonder "what would happen if..." will be brighter than most, and certainly more interesting to be around. Loaded with simple science experiments using materials and ingredients found at home, Awesome Science Experiments for Kids by Deb Graham is ideal for [...]

Quick and Clever Kids' Crafts (Busy Kids, Happy Kids Book 2)
Bored kids? Grandchildren visiting? Whining children when the rain just won't quit? A sudden sleep over? Need a fun, easy craft for homeschool? Called upon to lead the boy scout or girl scout troop this week? Need a project the whole classroom can do? Quick and Clever Kids' Crafts by Deb Graham - is the answer to what to do when there's nothing to do. Loaded with easy, quality crafts for [...]

Tips From The Cruise Addict's Wife - Tips, tricks and stories to plan the best cruise ship vacation ever
If you're planning a cruise or just dreaming of one, don't hesitate! Grab this informative best-seller! Tips From The Cruise Addict's Wife by Deb Graham is loaded with tips and tricks to plan the best cruise ship vacation ever! Easy read, laced with humorous stories you'll want to highlight, it'll make you the most-informed passenger on any cruise ship. All you need to plan your [...]

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