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Books by Clark Graham

Author Clark Graham

A Loop in Time
"We're losing him!" came a frantic voice over the headset. "I'm still here," the pilot insisted. "We're losing--" the voice cut out and then there was silence. "Control, do you read me? Control?" the pilot was panicking. There was no answer. Suddenly flames burst out all around him. The last thing he remembered was reaching for the eject switch, before his thoughts devolved into an inky black [...]

Millennium Man
Dan's life was quite ordinary until the day he woke up in a hospital room, not knowing what had happened to him. Somehow he was different, very different. He was first aware of the thoughts of others. He could read them. At first his abilities were limited so he did not know of the dangers that the men sent to find him posed. Now his life is in peril. Someone out there is trying to kidnap him so [...]

International Mysteries - Boxed Set Four Books in One (Jack Warden Detective Series Book 5)
International Mysteries - Jack Warden Detective Series Boxed Set - Four Books in One - Jack can't seem to catch a break. Even on a calming cruise he finds trouble. Following in his father's footsteps, Jack Warden becomes a detective, unknowing that his new job will take him all over the world. Putting a stop to a serial killer in the Philippines, catching murderers in the Caymans, going against [...]

Murder Beneath the Palms
New York Detective Dez Westin had come to Florida to retire. Haunted by his past, he only wants peace and quiet. The two things he will never have. First he finds his talents for solving crime get bring him out of retirement, but into the cross hairs of a hit man, determined to kill him. Next, a new widow comes to him for help as they both find themselves in over their head and fighting a crime [...]

Dwarves, Druids and Dragons (Elvenshore Series Book 7)
The war between the Seven Dukes and the Druids continues. The Duke's army is trapped the northern city of Lanu Git where the forces of the Druid King are laying siege. Prince Von has escaped and crossed the Forbidden Sea to plead for help. Signar is willing to go it alone, but before he leaves he finds help from all over the land of Elvenshore. It would take many epic battles before end. Will the [...]

War of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series Book 6)
War has broken out on Aelmesland. When blood was spilled by the Valkyrie Prince, it shattered the fragile peace between the seven Dukes and the mad Druid King that had gone on for four hundred years. Now the Dukes' forces are rebelling against the evil rule of the Druids. The seven Dukes find themselves at war with an army many times the size of their strength. Book Six of the Elvenshore Series [...]

Wizards and Heroes
Jason dreams every night that he is transported to a dark and foreboding land where evil prevails and good struggles. It is a land of swords and sorcery, with castles and roaming monsters. Each night the dream is just of continuation of the last. Jason can keep it to himself until he gets hurt in the dream world and wakes up bleeding! His teachers worry that he is being abused by the parents, the [...]

Curse of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series Book 5)
The Elvenshore Series continues with the next generation in the Curse of the Druid King . The Valkyrie Prince, being the first male born in four hundred years, sets out to prove his manhood. He follows his quest of a thousand mile journey that brings him to the land of the Valkyrie's first inheritance. But it is a land on the verge of war. The Prince finds that he is hunted day and night. The [...]

The Last of the Minotaur (Elvenshore Series Book 4)
Abandoned by those who created them, the Minotaur turned into a powerful and proud race. The most feared warriors on the battlefield, they were strong brave and nearly fearless. Just as they are at the height of their power, with plans to take over the whole of Elvenshore, they are betrayed. Could this be the last of the Minotaur?

Elf's Bane (Elvenshore Series Book 3)
The third and book of the Elvenshore series. The Elves that live on the Far Shore settled on the side of a mystical mountain and awakened an ancient evil. Now the Elves are under attack and are fighting for their very survival against a powerful enemy. With their whole world falling apart, where will the Elves turn for help?

The Lost Cities of Elvenshore (Elvenshore Series Book 2)
The Lost City of the Valkyries has been found! However, staying there brings certain death. The Dwarves are forced to send their Human prince to unlock the mysteries of an ancient evil that now lives in the city. Along the way the prince finds armies wandering the Westwood, an angry Elf, an upset King and alliances forming for both good and evil. The trilogy continues.What is in store for the [...]

Emily and the Shadow King
Fire and Fear - Emily finds herself alone as she watches the evil men burn down her home. Her parents have been taken and she is having to escape from the enemy that is chasing her. In he stuggle to find her family she gets captured by Dwarves, encounters monstrous sounding beasts in the forest and has to cross into hostile lands. Then she must go against the Shadow King. Follow Emily's quest to [...]

Dwarves of Elvenshore (Book 1)
A Scout from the human city of South Fort stumbles upon a group of Dwarves lost in the untamed forest of the Westwood. He saves them from getting killed and rescues a Dwarf Prince. For these actions he is adopted by the Dwarves and helps them in their wars and battles to save the kingdom. Set in Elvenshore, A mystical place settled long ago by the Elves and later abandoned by them. This story [...]

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