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Books by Collin Carbno

Author Collin Carbno

Towards a SuperSymmetric Quark Theory of the Elementary Particles
For a long time it has been realized that if there was a supersymmetry between the known particles it would have theoretical advantages in quantum theories. But where are the SUSY (Supersymmetrical partners) of existing particles, and why haven't we found them? Are they all for some reason much more massive than ordinary particles? What if the supersymmetry existed not at the particle level but [...]

A deeper look into The Gospel of the Beloved Companion
In 2010, the book, "The Gospel of the Beloved Companion" (GTBC) appeared on the market. The author, Jehanne De Quillan claims that this Gospel is based on manuscripts that exists in Greek and translated into Occitan languages in the early part of 12th century (CE). Indeed, Jehanne claims that her community of Languedoc region of southern France has been guarding both versions of manuscript since [...]

Designing Work
Designing work is an exploration of factors involved in making work fulfilling for employees. Seven key attributes of work that are essential for work satisfaction are explored. Seven work types or classes of work such as craftspersons, assemble line, and knowledge worker are discussed. Four different dimensions impacting work are discussed such as automation-augmentation dimension. A total of [...]

Principles from the Book of Micah for Our Time
Micah is concerned about what is wrong in his society, the crisis it is facing. This book looks at the situation in Israel at the time of Micah. Micah provides God's message to the people of his time. Over sixty direct principles that we can apply today are pulled directly from the text of Micah. A comparison with economic crisis of today is also done. In the process of pulling out principles the [...]

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