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Books by Kitty Margo

No cell phone signal, a dead car battery, and a failed GPS system have left Cate Cooper stranded in the middle of nowhere. Forced to make her way through a maze of cornfields, she happens upon a rundown cabin by the river. At first glance, the occupant of the cabin appears to be the stuff that female dreams are made of ... until disturbing revelations come to light. Before the night is over, Cate [...]

Beware the Sky (Tales from the DEAD Book 2)
BJ and his two best friends are fishing at the pond behind his house when either a gigantic whooping crane, the biggest owl in history, or some unknown flying creature swoops low over their heads. BJ is aware that this bird... has way too many human characteristics to also have a pair of moth like wings attached to his back. His hallucinations must be back, because he could NOT have really seen a [...]

Beware the Attic (Tales from the DEAD Book 1)
BJ is having weird... hallucinations. What's really freaky is that they are being accompanied by some pretty terrifying noises from the attic. Then, to complete his lesson in terror ... things... that are supposed to be stationary and NEVER move, have suddenly come roaring to life. He and his two best friends are going to have to go into the dark, creepy attic and check things out. The question [...]

Clara's Heart (A Moment in Time Novel Book 2)
Ripped from the arms of the man she loves, Clara returns to her family, and her fiance. Can she live without Travis? Can she put aside the once in a lifetime love they shared and be a good wife to Will? Or will she ignore the warnings and follow her heart?

Clara's Song (A Moment in Time Novel Book 1)
Clara was born with a veil, and the ability to see into the future. This much she knows. What she doesn't know is what other gifts will be revealed when she turns eighteen in a few months. While her grandmother has been diligent in her efforts to prepare her for the inevitable changes to come, Clara can focus on precious little besides the devilishly handsome heir of a Charleston shipping empire. [...]

A Pirate to Treasure (Descendants of Sea Grove Book 1)
Jerica Jordan Fontaine is a woman scorned. Being the daughter of the Voodoo Queen of Savannah, men haven't exactly been beating a path to her door over the years. At the ripe age of thirty one, when she finally lets down her guard and allows the wall that has shielded her heart for most of those thirty one years to crumble, she discovers that the man she loves is nothing more than a liar and a [...]

Lynna's Destiny (Tropical Paradise Series, Book Four)
Lynna Jordan is forced to make a decision that would break any mother's heart. One that could change her life forever. Although she and Joshua have faced one heartbreak after another over the last several years, this last obstacle standing in the way of their love promises to be the most challenging yet.

Lynna's Promise (Tropical Paradise Series Book Three)
Lynna Jordon finds herself in the unenviable position of feeling a strong emotional attachment for two men at the same time. Her husband, Joshua Jordan, the love of her life. Sean Devereux, the pirate who saved her life. Already anxious about what surprises the next several months might hold in store, she still has the threat of Suzanne's revenge hanging over her head, a son who barely recognizes [...]

Lynna's Beau (Tropical Paradise Series Book Two)
Lynna Jordan should be living the happily ever after that fairy tales are made of. Married to the man of her dreams, a baby on the way, and finally back home with her husband after being kidnapped by a pirate rumored to be the most vicious cutthroat to ever roam the Caribbean. What more could a girl ask for? Yet, why can't she shake the worrisome notion that her entire world is about to crumble [...]

Midsummer's Eve
Four women set out on a journey of self discovery. Eve's heart has been shattered by a philandering fiance. Tammy and Mallory long for engagement rings from men mired up to their necks in commitment phobias. And Teri? Teri is a transgendered female with a heart of gold, a smart mouth, and a wedding ring from a fabulously wealthy geriatric billionaire. On a weekend getaway, the girls encounter [...]

Lynna's Rogue (Curse of the Conjure Woman Book 1)
Bonus for the holidays! Book Two, Lynna's Beau, is included with the Prequel, FREE! Who doesn't like FREE? Merry Christmas from me to you! Lynna Rhodes has lived the life of a sheltered recluse for eighteen years. When her father announces she will be sailing to America on the next high tide, to live with his sister on a cotton plantation in Savannah, Georgia, the young heiress is thrilled to [...]

Beware the River (Tales from the DEAD Book 3)
BJ sees things that no one else can see. The visions seem to be getting much worse with each passing day and now they are actually... attacking him. His friends decide that a relaxing camping trip to the cabin on the river might be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, before the night is over, they will question whether or not they will even live through the night. 5 star review from [...]

The Voodoo Woman
In this epic saga of lust, betrayal, slavery, and voodoo, Lynna Rhodes believes she has found the perfect husband in Joshua Jordan. Unfortunately, upon arrival at his cotton plantation in Charleston, South Carolina she has a sudden change of heart. Within hours, she discovers that his entire family suffers from one nightmare scenario after another due to a thirty year curse from The Voodoo Woman. [...]

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