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Books by Mary Lee Tiernan

Author Mary Lee Tiernan

The Narcissist
"You did what?" Jack's announcement that he'd spent their savings to buy himself a new truck pushed Emma to the breaking point. Explaining her frustration to Jack was useless. He never understood anything except his own point of view. Her only option to extricate herself from their deteriorating relationship was to leave and relegate Jack to her past. Unfortunately, the past doesn't always stay [...]

Running from Myself
"He's here, he's here!" Carey Nollard bolted upright in her bed gasping for breath. Once again her 'voice' warned her of impending danger and pushed her to "Move! Hide!" as breaking glass tinkled on the floor below. Carey never minded hearing a voice which protected her when danger lurked - until she moved to the town of Glendowns and the voice emerged as a personality separate from herself. She [...]

Caught in Lies (Mahoney and Me Mystery Series)
Identity theft, impersonation, and murder lead Detective Mahoney and the narrator across the county to New York to find the connection between two 'look-alikes.' Are they responsible for killing Homer Hunter? Or will a crank call from a mentally disturbed youth led them to the murderer? Did he convert into action his belief that old people are useless and should die? Meanwhile, Mahoney's former [...]

Mahoney and Me (Mahoney and Me Mystery Series)
Cedar Falls is turned upside down by a bank robbery, kidnapping, and shooting of a police officer. While Mahoney investigates those crimes, the narrator has to contend with a wicked love triangle involving Bethany, a woman so fixated on Mahoney that she believed they were a couple, and the boyfriend fixated on her who goes after Mahoney, hoping to get him out of Bethany's life. Will the blatant [...]

Stopping in Lonely Places (Mahoney and Me Mystery Series)
An author departs in her RV on a leisurely book signing tour. A stop for lunch at an isolated spot along the road changes her life when a robber pulls up behind her van and threatens her. A stray border collie intervenes and scares off the aggressor. Of course, she can't leave the dog behind after he saved her, and the collie eagerly accepts her invitation to jump in the van. That chance [...]

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