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Books by Suzanne Struthers

Author Suzanne Struthers

Modern Fairy Tales for the Fairy Tale Jaded - Volume 1
Present day fairy tales with a twist... What do a mermaid, a centaur, a phoenix and a fairy have in common? Each are featured in a story of this book and each have to deal with a rather incredulous love interest as their greatest hope. Like the self-proclaimed geek and pop-culture loving Dane who's a bit flummoxed to find out that the love of his life has a tail, complete with scales, and enjoys [...]

Low Fat Nirvana (Calorie Counters)
Dessert recipes so good you will not believe they are diet compatible! Dieting is hard enough. Dieting with a sweet tooth while working in an office where the company potluck is a near weekly event? Next to impossible! And what of the spouse who can eat fat, upon fat, topped with more fat and seemingly not gain an ounce? The same one who gives a look of incomprehension when the words "but what [...]

Weight Loss for the Busy and Broke
How a working mother with more sense than cents lost over twenty pounds! A wife, mother, and full-time cubicle dweller, whose budget is so tight she literally counts pennies, details how she recently lost twenty pounds while struggling with a hectic work schedule, motherhood and little to no disposable income. Topics range from the low calorie options available at the various fast food chains [...]

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