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Books by J. Richardson

Author J. Richardson

The Days After (Chain of Strangers)
Tyler is having one of the most exciting and best days of his young life, until the disaster happens and begins some of the worst days of his life. The chain of events that will carry him toward home will cross 400 miles of unknown territory. Some of the survivors he encounters will help move him along on his journey and some will bring danger that he could have never imagined.

The Days After (Far View)
In Washington D.C., the plans were set far in advance for the evacuation of the government employees, in the event of a catastrophic event. Maggie and Will find themselves hustled away from their Whitehouse office to a promised safe location, headed for an unknown destination and an unknown future. In the days after a complete power grid failure will the couple find haven? Or will they find an [...]

The Days After (The Tenth Year)
In the early part of the twenty first century, ten years after an EMP disaster, Chris is surviving with her brother and father. In the small South Dakota town, constant threats cause them to reach out and form new alliances. Can they defeat the menace that keeps returning? Can they begin to restore their city or will they continue to live under the shadow of the marauders? Will the new alliance [...]

The Days After (Big River)
Clay started his day as normal, on the wide river in the fascinating city of New Orleans. By the time his paddle wheeler, the Annie Belle, returns the morning tour passengers to shore, it's apparent that something is very wrong. In the days after, as the new and changed world is revealed, four new friends and two children will travel a perilous journey. Up two mighty rivers and nearly a thousand [...]

No Normal Day IV (Travelers)
Jeff and his young son, Kevin, are travelers in the often inhospitable landscape of the country. Fifteen years after a catastrophic event impacted America, challenges lurk in the unknown territories. Many chance encounters await. While most meetings are with people they will never see again, some will prove to be life changing. Join the travelers in their quest for a permanent home and in their [...]

No Normal Day III (West)
Cody and his friends have lived in the secure haven of Unity for over fifteen years. They have survived an EMP event and been victorious in a hard fought battle to keep their boundaries safe. Venturing out from their haven has become an intriguing idea. Will their journey west take them to new horizons, will they find adventure or will they be lost in a hostile and perilous America? ***No Normal [...]

No Normal Day II (Unity)
Was it an EMP? Was it a natural event or a manmade catastrophe? It had been a year and sketchy communications still gave no definitive answer. They were on their own. Jack and Beth had managed to gather their family together, in a short time. However, the unexplained event had been the end of life as they knew it. It was only the beginning of the challenges they would face, in their struggle to [...]

No Normal Day
The normal bustle and rush, the everyday routine came to an abrupt end one early Spring day in America. Beth and her husband, Jack, are miles apart. Something extremely disastrous has occurred, this isn't merely a lights out event. Their family, in wide spread locations, will be tossed into a dangerous and challenging new reality. Is there hope for Jack and Beth and their children to come [...]

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