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Nero's Fiddle
Every day millions of people use their cars, cell phones, and computers. They commute to work by bus or train. Hospitals run efficiently. Food is delivered round the clock. Imagine all of that . . . gone. Jun 23, 2017: The United States is crippled by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, leaving every citizen in the dark, helpless and alone. It will happen again. Every thirty days another [...]

Grandma Was a Really Cool Vamp
James Jacob Chesterfield must live with his Great Grandma Stella Chesterfield. Neither of them is very happy about it. They get used to each other, even after JJ learns Stella is a vampire. When JJ is bitten and becomes a vampire himself, it brings an old enemy of Grandma's into the open. It becomes a race against time as Grandma's witch friend, Helene, can perform a transference ritual which [...]

Sword of Tilk - At Sword's End
The evil witch Desdemona is back! And ready to change the world. Desdemona is out to take over the Realm and destroy the Tilk family in the process. The Tilk family may cross worlds in an attempt to get away from Desdemona, but they cannot escape fate. When Desdemona gets her hands on the golden Sword of Tilk everyone learns there is more to the Sword than a simple curse. With the Sword in her [...]

Sword of Tilk - Book Two - Strange Land
The Tilk adventure continues The Oracle foresaw it: The world is about to get much bigger. Princess Heather and the Sword of Tilk are kidnapped by colorful pirate Gregorio. Barbara, her twin sister, Tiernan and the rest of our intrepid heroes must travel to a strange land to rescue her. Once in Antanavica they must fight the wizard's demonic creations to get away from the castle. And one of the [...]

Sword of Tilk - Book One - Worlds Apart
A family-oriented modern-day fairy tale to inspire imagination for any age Barbara Neely isn't much more than a doormat. All she wants to do is provide a good life for her science-whiz daughter, Heather. Until one day she awakens in the Realm of Tilk. She must take her place as Queen and wield the cursed golden Sword of Tilk to vanquish the kingdom's enemy, Balfourant. When Balfourant captures [...]

Return Me
Fourteen year old Harlie Castleberry moves to Cleveland, Georgia to live with her estranged mother when her father dies. She arrives with an attitude and a chip on each shoulder. Her attitude changes when she discovers the family secret: shapeshifters who change into mountain lions to fight an ancient being not of this world. With the help of distant cousin Tomahawk Billy, Harlie must take a [...]

The year is 2059. The human race stands on the brink of annihilation. Not from natural causes, but at the hands of one of our own. The population stands at 14 billion : more than the world can handle. As the New World Government plans to annihilate 9.5 billion of earth's inhabitants a small band of people plan to escape. Only Dr. Stormy Rose Prometheus, with her knowledge of Quantum Physics, can [...]

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