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Books by Appleton Schneider

A Brilliance Hurtled . . . . . evolutionary origins
"Mainstream evolutionary science" assumes that the whole process from one-cell origin of life unto homo sapiens took place on an infrastructural system of random genetic mutation. The minority of such genetics resulted in "improved" phenotype (actual "critter-aspects" thus "selected" as an ongoing species. Such fitness would include physical and mental abilities and high reproductive rates. [...]

Scavenging the Landfill of the Unconscious
Dreams may derive from profound (or absurd) psychiatric origins such that only a Freud or Jung could compose suitably profound or perverse theory. But in my dream-state experience (which exists often while I'm awake), I find that perhaps the most prolific source of dream imagery is . . . a landfill dumped-in by the conscious mind for later random (or worse) picking!!!

The Iraql Debacle -- a Wrecktrospective
From so soon after 9/11, the intent to invade Iraq seemed inane, if not insane. There was no evidence linking Saddam to the attack. That he supposedly had hordes of weapons of mass destruction poised to be instantly deployed, made the months'-long military buildup seem absurd. Worse, our significantly "overland" march of our troops into Iraq!! And so much else just didn't make sense. For example, [...]

Tales of Turmoil, Torment and of Torture too
Short and longer stories of situations from dissatisfaction through strangulation unto ultimately excruciating and elongated agony. Fascinating and even fun - reading: the priest ultimately on the pyre, the cesarian section catastrophe, the dozen dungeon denizens, poor Helga, etc. etc. Warning -- the last of the series may be a bit disturbing . . . . . . . .

Alas, There is no Butterbee - But Aha!! There is a Flagondry
There are many subjects and scenarios in these stories. There's plain humor (" . .all work and no play makes Jacques a Buhldoi . ."). The most comprehensive analysis of male sexuality you'll ever read concludes when Madam Eclair summarizes strategy for running an ultra-elite bordello (" . . . experimentation, variation, and diversity are stimuli to sensuality, and actually even carnally creative [...]

To resurrect the economy is going to take a "war-effort" intervention (monetary infusion) by the federal government. To preserve not only the resuscitated economy, but the resources that base it, is going to require a revision in the way we've been doing (exploiting, wasting, polluting) things. In this book I consider the ways and means that must be implemented, not only to get millions of people [...]

Facets of Fogs
Horror in the thick fog eating through the flesh, decaying poor Velencia to entrails on the floor from which Jeanne fled and was almost sold into slavery by Bubba and Leroy (and Big Amos) but then Hal and Terra lived together in celibacy and he hadn't the foggiest that she'd not always been.

Thriving On Truckin' Chaos
From humorous to horrendous, the experiences I've had for over thirty years as a truck driver. But for all the inefficieny (even unto chaos) I've thrived behind the wheel, and the company I've been with for all but one of those years has been good to all of us, including its owner -- despite the recent economic situation. From over-the-road to just local "peddle-run" driving, the it's been great. [...]

A collection of poetry. An epic poem begins the book -- a story of life and love lost, but paradise regained (if only in the aching memory on the isle). Poems about the intellect, the human, the sacrosanct, the seasons, and more. POETRY FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE POETRY. This isn't the usual off-the-wall "what the hell's it mean" stuff. Some is sensuous. Some horrific. Some beautiful. Some [...]

She nursed through her nose. She spit up at (and hit bugs). And as infant Judy grew up, ohmygod!!! Exlax in the communion juice, cooking Barbie, a pet turdle,discovering her gender, etc. Creativity! Where does it come from? How do the parents, teachers, even scientific professionals deal with it so that potentials aren't suppressed. But also so those dealing with the ultra-creatives aren't driven [...]

Almighty Gord of Antithesis may be satire. Or not. So much is based on what the history of man shows us - the creativity yet carnage and chaos. There are many instances and images which might be offensive, even traumatic for some. And, too, in this book, too, there is cruelty combined with eroticism. For a man-eat-man menu (though food for thought is not an edible . . . those captured by the [...]

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