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Books by Leonard Stegmann

Author Leonard Stegmann

A Nice Guy in the Night Sky
Angry barbers, nudist retreats, belly dancers, Farrah Fawcett and Clearasil. In this collection of his hilarious and slightly popular essays Leonard Stegmann has something to say about each of them, and so much more besides. You'll laugh and you'll cry, although if you find yourself doing both at the same time you really should think about seeing that therapist.

We're Not Like the Others
In this collection of his popular humor essays, Leonard Stegmann confronts his fear as he comes face-to-face with a hideous Louisiana night creature, explains why as a child he felt the need to shoot a bottle rocket out of his bedroom window, how he came to the conclusion that he much prefers going to funerals than weddings, and why, even though he would have preferred his house to be cleaned by [...]

The Dumpsters of Time
He's back, and this time Leonard Stegmann explains that sitting naked in hot mud isn't as much fun as you'd think, why God invented television, the reason it's fun to throw away all of your pennies, why nipples are funny little things and why there is really nothing on Earth better than getting free socks. And he somehow manages to do all this, and so much more, in alphabetical order!

Leonard's Pantload of Quizzes Strikes Again!
What, back so soon? Well, here's another pantload for you. This time Leonard presents dozens of quizzes on such varied topics as Pet Rocks, Seinfeld, Your Filthy Body, The Andy Griffith Show, Howard Stern, Clowns and The Black Plague. What could be more fun than that? Oh, and of course Cats, because Leonard has bills to pay, too.

My Jobs and Why They All Sucked
Yes, every one of them. In this book Leonard Stegmann shares the lifetime of misery that has been his employment history. Lots of laughs for you. Not so much for him. Also included: What's Annoying Me Now, The Fifth Floor Girls, Tales of Unspeakable Woe and more.

People and Things That Went Before
We are told we shouldn't live in the past, but surely there's no harm in the occasional visit? In this nostalgic collection, Leonard Stegmann remembers those delicious school lunches, his first cuss word, what he should have told those nuns and his grandma's incomprehensible inability to see the nearly-unlimited humor potential in a slice of rubber cheese. A warm, funny and sometimes sad look [...]

Heywood Jablomi - The Internet Essays 1848 - 1853
Leonard Stegmann's first book of humor, nostalgia and quizzes. Topics include cruises, a Monkees quiz, antiquing with Michael Jackson, cocaine, lucid dreaming, a Seinfeld quiz, the Beatles, updated Christmas carols, an African trilogy and if a person can really laugh himself to death. Well, Chum, here's your chance to find out..

Leonard's Pantload of Quizzes
At last, forty of Leonard's most popular quizzes have been jammed into one book, just for you! Topics include classic television, history, sports, sex, music, toys, cats, literature, Christmas, cartoons and more. And brassieres. What else could you possibly want?

The Last Clean Stream in America
In his second collection of humor, nostalgia and quizzes Leonard Stegmann asks whether Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal ever did the dirty deed, reveals the patron saints of salmon, herpes and television, visits a nudist camp and explains why the horse is just about the stupidest creature ever to exist on God's green earth..

A Year on Planet Mercury
Leonard Stegmann's largest collection of humor essays, quizzes and nostalgia explores such topics such as what it's like to boo a wheelchair-bound sports legend, cooking fried liverwurst, discovering udder cream and why geese are truly nature's most hideous creation. This book is packed with pages and pages of Leonard's dubious wisdom and questionable insight, and certainly contains more of his [...]

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - My Top 34 Sexual Regrets, Blown Chances and Missed Opportunities
Hey, are you still crying over the one who got away? Well, boo-hoo. Leonard Stegmann has had thirty-four of them. Discover how time and time again he somehow managed to pull defeat out of the jaws of seemingly certain sexual victory! Not only will you have fun reading these erotic misadventures, but you just might end up feeling a whole lot better about your own amorous pursuits!

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