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Books by Steven Paul Germane'

Author Steven Paul Germane'

Anotha Storm - Storm V
"You're a fucking puppet," he let out. "And Victor is pulling the strings." "And you're not?" I challenged, counterattacking. "The only difference between you and me is you're getting fucked up the ass with a hand." "No," he returned, snapping, "you're getting fucked by everyone, and I'm not." He was right. I did feel like a puppet. "That's the fucking difference, and you know it," he exposed. [...]

"Knowledge is understanding and accepting things that make us feel uncomfortable, with an open mind for change, tolerance and acceptance. Once you learn how to appreciate all things, people and their differences, then you can learn to truly love yourself and see the world in the light that it should be seen. We are all equal regardless of who we are, who we love, what our colors are, our [...]

Storms of Life - Storm - Book III
Something was different about my family. I had no idea what it was, but I knew my father, who suddenly, after being assumed missing and possibly dead, just shows up at the front door as if he had never been hurt at all, and Antonio was in a coma after being found by a fisherman. Dad wasn't acting the same. He looked like him, he sounded like him, but his demeanor was off, and I was bound to prove [...]

Taken by Storm - Storm Book II
They say money can buy you happiness and anything else you wanted. I'd settle for just being normal and live like other normal people lived. However, that was impossible when you were the son of a hotel magnate who was a multimillionaire and one of three identical triplets, except for eye color. I was the prized possession that everyone wanted. And no matter who they were, if they came in contact [...]

The Paper Boy's Paper Route - Book I
"Nothing is hidden forever; eventually it all becomes uncovered. The truth has a way of coming out regardless of how dark it may be. Even best-kept secrets aren't really kept forever. What's done in the dark will come to the light, but the only question is, can you handle it? No one's afraid of the priest who lived down the lane, near the church that he ministered at years ago, when he was a [...]

Storm - Book 1
The night the triplets were born, it was storming like crazy downtown Los Angeles. Patrick, Phil and Philip (Storm) Stevens were all born June 28th just after midnight and when Philip, the last one came out, he was such a feisty baby, that he was automatically called Storm, a name that has stuck with him through his life. However, a couple of months before their 25th birthday, a major storm came [...]

The Barber's Shop
"Who would ever think that simple horseplay could turn into a hot forbidden love affair between consenting adults? Because of a busy schedule, I had to advert my usual Wednesday afternoon trip to the barber's shop to a Saturday morning visit to the barber's shop. Knowing how everyone seemed to get cuts on Saturdays, because of wanting to go out and party Saturday nights or for a fresh look for [...]

Mom is missing, Dad is literally losing it the longer the two of them are apart, and my brothers aren't my brothers-or so it seems. Patrick is doing things that remind me of Phil and me. He is just a lost cause because of his luck with women. And me . . . I am torn between two brothers and don't want to choose between the two of them. They both give me something different, and they both love me. [...]

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