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Books by A K Michaels

The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire
Always on the case he tracks me down. He's relentless. He's evil. He's the devil incarnate. He's my father. I'm in Vegas on a job, and the last thing I expect is to run into two hot guys when I'm knocked on my ass. Literally. A powerful Vampire and a sexy Wolf who scoop me up with promises of help, support...and so much more. I can feel something inside me. It's not anything I've felt [...]

Lori's Wolf
Alpha Romance Novella - Lori's lost in the forest, regretting her idea to go for a hike, she's a town girl, and definitely out of her depth. Hurt and getting more scared, especially when she hears the howls of a large animal nearby. In her haste to get away she steps out into midair, plunging down to knock herself unconscious. The large beast finds her, having heard her screams, and zeroing in on [...]

Defender's Blood The Turning
Alexina lay dying and Zach's vampire heart was being ripped from his chest! He couldn't lose her! The fairy told him what he must do but he was torn - could he do it? There was no choice - he had to! Would she survive tho? Most didn't and he knew that her chances were slim. Their babies were born but at what cost! Zach had to take his love far away - anything else was too dangerous. That meant he [...]

Defender's Blood The Birth and The Battle
Pregnant? How could she be pregnant? Alex was mated to a vampire and no vampire had ever sired a babe let alone twins. Alex and Zach were shocked and worried. Why is the Angel Michael drawn to Alex and the babies growing in her womb? All does not go well and with the impending birth comes an unspeakable evil - an evil that wants one thing: the babies. How can Zach stop their children from being [...]

Defender's Blood Alex's Destiny (An Urban Fantasy)
Alex has no idea her life is about to change beyond her wildest imaginings. She is the last in a long line of special females born for a dangerous task and she isn't sure she is up to it. Zach, her vampire protector, is just as sure she is. Demon attacks, angels and even the ultimate, divine intervention, shake Alex to her very core. Can she do this? Can Zach keep her safe? The alternative is [...]

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