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Books by A.G. Claymore

Author A.G. Claymore

Beyond the Rim (Rebels and Patriots Book 2)
Book 2 in the Rebels and Patriots series "It could be worse. At least you're an Imperial citizen." Anon It was a common enough phrase in the Imperium, but it began to ring false for Paul Grimm and Julia Urbica after their failed scouting mission at the Gray world of Sintel. Captured and carried far beyond the reach of Imperial intervention, they find a society that, while far from perfect, may [...]

Rebels and Patriots (Imperium Cicernus Book 3)
A standalone novel in the Imperium Cicernus Universe Inspector Paul Grimm's oldest friend has just been framed for a murder that, technically, he did commit. There's no denying the evidence but nothing in the empire is ever simple. Paul must find a way to help a friend who raised him from the gutters of Imperial society. He follows a trail of corruption, intrigue and corpses that takes him out to [...]

Counterweight (The Black Ships)
Book Four in the Black Ships Series Fifteen decades after his execution, Callum McKinnon is still paying his debt to Humanity. Though officially dead, his true punishment is a life of permanent exile posing as a Tauhentan ex-patriot on enemy worlds. In a post-plague universe, his lifespan is now dramatically longer, but he will never again be allowed to set foot on Earth. He travels among the [...]

The Orphan Alliance (The Black Ships)
The Dactari attack was a huge mistake Now it's our turn... An unlikely alliance of Humans and Midgaard has seized a foothold in the Dactari Republic only to be cut off from all support. For three years, our fleet has heard nothing from Earth except for an automated message warning of a highly virulent infection. Now, a lone ship has appeared bearing fear, pestilence and hope and its presence [...]

The Dark Defiance (The Black Ships)
Our reach has increased exponentially. So has our capacity for finding trouble... It's been a decade since we fought the Dactarii to a standstill in Mars orbit. We've learned a lot since then. Ship design has advanced by leaps and bounds thanks to the technology and data recovered after the fight. We'll put those ships to good use. We've discovered a wide swath of developed worlds that don't come [...]

The Black Ships
Humanity is reaching out to the stars... Something out there is reaching back... We've finally set foot on the red planet. Our fledgling colony was a proof of a viable path to colonization, pointing the way to a bright future. Humanity was becoming a multi-planet species. Then the Dactari came. An alien republic, bent on colonization, has seized a foothold on Mars, preparing a forward base for [...]

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