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Books by Jay Allan Storey

Author Jay Allan Storey

Vita Aeterna
On his sixteenth birthday, Alex Barret reaches a turning-point in his life when, like all kids his age, he's scheduled for a medical procedure called 'Appraisal'. Meant to extend life, Appraisal is unpredictable, and in rare cases, like for Alex's dad, can actually shorten it. Everything else in Alex's world costs, but for some reason Appraisal is free for all, even the desperately poor, like [...]

The Black Heart of the Station
Sixteen-year-old Josh Driscoll lives in the Station, a city constructed one kilometer beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth. Forced to enroll as a novice monk at the Station's resident monastery as punishment for stealing a space suit and traveling to the surface, Josh is gradually drawn into ancient texts which hint at the city's origins, now lost in the mists of time. Josh comes to [...]

The Arx
A year ago, after a mental breakdown, ex-homicide detective Frank Langer was placed on medical leave from the squad he was once hand-picked to lead. Now he spends his days drinking and chain-smoking, and his nights waking up screaming from a horrific recurring nightmare. One day, by chance, he stumbles on what he believes is a conspiracy to kidnap children. When he shows up at the squad with his [...]

In an energy-starved future, Richard Hampton's world is blown apart when his younger brother Danny disappears and the police are too busy trying to keep a lid on a hungry, overcrowded city to search for him. Richard has to make the transformation from bookish nerd to street-smart warrior to survive when he jumps the 'Food Train' for the disintegrating suburbs in a desperate search for Danny and [...]

Chopper Music
Nightclub bouncer Jackson Reilly's world revolves around drinking, smoking dope, casual sex with bar girls, and riding his aging Norton 850 Commando motorcycle, but his life was once a lot different. As a child he was a piano prodigy. For mysterious reasons he gave it all up when he was thirteen, and he's been at war with the rest of the world ever since. It takes the death of his mother and a [...]

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