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Books by N.E. Brown

Author N.E. Brown

The Rain Man Murders
1972, DALLAS, TEXAS Pounding rains flooded the rivers, streams, and lakes in Dallas, Texas, depressing the city, darkening the days, and leading to murder. Detective Mark Wilder had been weathering some storms of his own for a long time. The loss of his beloved several years ago remained stained deep into his heart. Detective Wilder was good at his job and then the storms came. The first body was [...]

Galveston - 1900, Indignities, Book Six - The Altercation
Trent Matthews, on his death bed, made one last wish: He wanted his wife, Catherine, to move the family back to Galveston for a fresh start. In this installment of the Galveston, 1900, Indignities Series, Catherine has her three youngest children enrolled in school. Her eldest son, Daniel, has dreamed of becoming a doctor and is pursuing his dream as a med-student in the Galveston Medical School. [...]

Carson Chance, P. I.
The sixties were full of hippies, hitchhiking, drugs and war. Carson Chance, a twenty-four year old Viet Nam War veteran returns home to Dallas without a college degree and an injured leg. By chance, he is offered a position at a small private investigating company. His life is interrupted when he is cruising on his motorcycle on the interstate and stops to pick up a ravishing brunette looking [...]

Galveston - 1900 - Indignities Book Five - The Arrangement
The epic journey of Catherine Merit Matthews continues in N. E. Brown's fifth book of her Galveston, 1900, Indignities series. Twenty-six year old Catherine Merit Matthews is beautiful, confident, newly married, and mother to four children. Although life appears to be perfect, old memories and scars from the past continue to haunt her. Her new husband, Trent Matthews, knows she is hiding shocking [...]

Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book Four - The Affirmation
The epic journey of Catherine Merit continues as she struggles to build her medical practice and raise her children alone in Rosenberg, Texas. She is engaged to her lover, Dr. Samuel Allen, who is a resident at Houston General Hospital, but she cancels their wedding after finding that he has been unfaithful. She longs to return to Galveston and is tempted when her old house comes back on the [...]

Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book Three - The Atonement
Emotionally and physically drained of energy after being in captivity for almost two years, Catherine Merit's struggles to rebuild her and her children's lives, continue in Book 3 of the Indignities Trilogy. After her first husband, John Merit, dies of a terminal disease, Alex Cooper, her second husband, who suffered a gunshot wound to his head, loses his memory and asks to have their marriage [...]

Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book Two - The Aftermath
The physical and emotional journey of Catherine Merit continues in Book 2 of the Indignities Trilogy. A must read historical fiction packed with dark suspense, emotion and romance. Following the aftermath of the Galveston Storm, Catherine Merit is faced with new dangers. After putting her past behind her, a year later, Catherine is again recaptured by villain, David Brooks, and taken to Beaumont, [...]

Galveston - 1900 - Indignities, Book One - The Arrival
A 15 year- old English girl is orphaned shortlyafter arriving at the Galveston port in 1898. She is stalked by a drifter whowants her for himself. Romance, danger and fleeing a dangerous man wanted forseveral murders challenges her livelihood and future. All of this is happeningwhile the city of Galveston is unaware of the devastation from a monstrous hurricanein 1900 that is brewing in the gulf, [...]

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