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Books by James R. Womack

Author James R. Womack

Pleistocene Tsunami - Predator and Prey
During the Pleistocene Epoch a mile high and three miles wide wall of ice dammed a vast lake. A lake 3,200 feet deep and had a surface area of 3,400 miles of what is now Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas and a big swath of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. For thousands of years this ice dam contained, confined, trapped and penned this lake. But one day something changed. A change that was inevitable to be [...]

The PlanetDeath Chronicles
Power and profit minded people long denied the reality of climate change and ignore results of environmental proof. Citizens of governments that were the worst polluters didn't take action to stop the carnage. By the time they did it was literally too late. These stories are the chronicles of how the planetdeath of the once sapphire gem of the solar system unfolded.

The Legend of the Bogeyman
Oh, you know about the Bogeyman. That old mythical character used to frighten wayward children. What if there's something you already know? That the Bogeyman isn't really a man. What if there's something you might not know? Like Ole Bogey is real and has cosmic aspirations and is interested in a whole lot more than just saying 'Boo!'

Ares' Anger
It was a routine mission outside the confines of the bio-habitat housing the first human colony on Mars. At least it was supposed to be routine. Which is why Dexter Arnold was outside alone despite policy which dictated a mandatory out-time partner. Routine departed when he wrecked his rover buggy. That was the least of his problems as the worse was yet to come. As a matter of fact, the worse was [...]

Giant Dreams and Dragons
Professor Buford Doss, never got the respect or credit he deserved. Such prestige went to what he insisted were inferior peers and even mentally dense graduate assistants. But Professor Doss had a plan to remedy all of that. A big plan. A miraculous plan. And he was anxious to set it in motion, even if it meant engaging in a bit of deceit. You may say he had no intention of 'dragon' his feet on [...]

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