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Books by Kirby Wright

Author Kirby Wright

The Girl with the Green Violin (Etched Press Poetry Series Book 6)
A landscape of acute memory and euphonious daily life, The Girl with the Green Violin delivers the raw and the cooked to readers. It is a poetry chapbook unmatched in its tender desire. Wright is an expert. When the speaker addresses a second person, it is we who feel its power. We salivate for each line before and after "You belong to me / Or at least the part of me // That makes you hunger." In [...]

Square Dancing At the Asylum
This collection of Kafkaesque miniatures offers a terrifying vision of the Worcester asylum where the writer's uncle spent most of his adult life. The asylum theme zips into overdrive in a series of sometimes darkly comic flashes threaded throughout the book. Dadio and June Spoon have created their own asylum in the burbs, one in which they 'incarcerate' their children within the confines of the [...]

THE END, MY FRIEND - Prelude to the Apocalypse
Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga are dead. So is the President. Psytrance parties rage as Palm Springs burns. Police and fire departments are gone. Marital Law is imposed to deal with the riots but the military is overwhelmed when Mexicans storm the border to reclaim California. Warlords battle private security forces for control of coastal towns. Power, gas, and water are luxuries. Hummers and motor [...]

The Widow from Lake Bled
Whether it be a Hawaiian beach or an attic in eastern Europe, each locale is rendered in precise and empathic verse. Wright's poems are wrought with such care and intelligence testaments to his mastery of craft. Tristan Beach, The Conium Review LAKE BLED is the best volume of poetry I have read since...Ginsberg's HOWL. It is unrelentingly frank and almost impossibly beautiful. Joseph W. Bean, [...]

Permanent Damage
A collection of poetic flashes and Kafkaesque miniatures that takes aim at the burbs and the secret family lives of its inhabitants. Wright is also the author of the futuristic novel THE END, MY FRIEND, which is a sort of prequel to the HUNGER GAMES.

Notes Above Water - Selected Poems
The poems in NOTES ABOVE WATER are concerned with the lives of suburbanites and their secret sufferings alienation, boredom, infertility, and infidelity. Reoccurring family members are threaded through the book, particularly dysfunctional parents who seem oblivious to the pain they're inflicting on their kids. There's excruciating conflict between the narrator and June Spoon, an ice queen [...]

Hong Kong Man - Selected Poems
These are the poems and poetic flashes written by KIRBY WRIGHT during his various residencies overseas and at Martha's Vineyard, Mass. A separate section focuses on Wright's difficult childhood in Hawaii and the mixed emotions he battles dealing with a once-abusive father, now confined to a wheelchair at a care facility, and a narcissistic mother who resents him for being an artist. The cover [...]

Moloka'i Nui Ahina, Summers on the Lonely Isle
Julia Daniels, a Moloka'i pioneer woman of mixed blood, invites her grandsons Jeff and Ben to spend summers with her at her ranch on the east end. She shares the ranch with Chipper, an alcoholic war hero with a life estate bordering the swamp. The brothers roam a paradise of fishponds, waterfalls, pristine valleys, and mountains with herds of deer. Jeff meets the Kahuna Woman who freezes pictures [...]

Punahou Blues
Growing up in Honolulu isn't all it's cracked up to be for Jeffrey Gill. After he gets into prestigious Punahou School, his rite of passage includes losing the babe of his dreams to a creep, surviving Killahaole Day, and getting pushed around by the school bully. In the world of academics, Jeff knows he's hardly Stanford material. Uncle Sharkey teaches Jeff the sweet science and he beefs his arch [...]

Before the City
"I recognize Kirby Wright as one of my own people, the citizens of the Pacific Rim. His heart is in Hawaii and California, aina and querencia. His fresh new voice sings love and concern for the beings along the shores and in the parks and gardens and in the cities." Maxine Hong Kingston

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