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Books by Peter J. Maher

Author Peter J. Maher

The Transcend - Book I
They were born out of fire and walked the stars as gods, an empire was born and the seeds of creation planted...Power and glory were followed by war and pestilence...and the solution was the Transcend. One billion years later the Dynastic Dynasties united to form the Hub Alliance...Now the Alliance was about to become the Coalition; but lure of the ancient power of Sandheim was about to undermine [...]

Cloud Dancing
She removed two data-lenses from a plastic pouch and placed them over her eyes. A brief glimpse of circuitry is replaced by a blank input screen. A rapid blink recalibrates the screen as she tapped the Cloudsync app on her phone. The app synced into her online game-lens account with the slogan: Techsync Takes You There! After a brief sense of duality she looked out through artificial eyes upon a [...]

The Genesis Equation
The savagery of the Second Jihad was unprecedented in Galactic history. After a decade of constant war, the white and gold banner of the Imperial Family was once more raised upon fifty million worlds. But the ultimate causal nexus was about to restore an ancient evil to the multiverse. The balance of power would shift beyond corporeality into the realm of causality - time itself was running out.

Synocant Schism
The Prophesy of Sela has been fulfilled - the Issaric Empire has united a galaxy under the white and gold banner of Issa. For more than two hundred years the Emperor has awaited the return of the old enemy - Saemal. In this last chapter of the story that began with the First Race the final battle will decide not only the fate of the Empire but the future of civilisation itself.

Synocant Symbiosis
The Fifth Book in the Coalition/Synocant Series. The sudden ending of the Synocant War brought peace to the Galaxy. The Restoration was replaced by the Unification - the alliance between the Synocant Collective and the Coalition. A new era of peace and cooperation dawned. But now the seeds of Empire have been sown upon a distant world and an ancient prophesy was about to become manifest.

The Synocant War
The Fourth Book in the Coalition Series. The Restoration Edict was supposed to restore order. But the War of the Coalescency had shattered the fragile alliances that had once united an entire Galaxy. Now the Coalition has been forced to retreat back towards the Hub Sector. The Non-Conformist planets had finally declared their independence and the alien races were once more gathering to challenge [...]

The City and the Fall
My second collection of poetry takes its title from the epic poem The City and the Fall. This long and complex poem was the direct result of a dream translated into a poetic narrative. It is a series of visionary explorations depicting an imaginary overland journey from one city to another. It was also the first long poem I have ever written without a break, I wrote it in one exhausting and [...]

Selected Poems
My first book of poetry explores our emotional response to love, hate and regret. Each poem attempts to discover the meaning behind our journey through life.The collection is only a sample of my poetry and will be followed by a second collection dealing specifically with our reactions to this fast-paced world. I sincerely hope that my readers will be able to identify with my poetry and perhaps [...]

The Transcend Book II - Revelation
Before the Cortex there was the Transcend. The explorers had travelled beyond the known Rim, out into the vast darkness of the Great Expanse. Guided by the hand of an ancient legacy they were finally approaching their final destination: Sandheim. But the journey to the home of the gods had become a race, and not every contender was willing to abide by the rules. Mystery, intrigue and violence had [...]

The Cortex
The Coalition of Worlds has known peace for hundreds of years and there was no reason to believe any of that would change. Until The Cortex was reborn. A self-generating neural construct that exceeded its basic protocols has reawakened and is looking for revenge. The Cortex is the story of a quest. A love story and a war story on a Galactic scale. It is the story of an ancient nightmare and one [...]

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