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Books by Brandon Rhiness

Author Brandon Rhiness

Skull - Drug Users
Skull, a deranged vigilante with a skull mask, has found a new way to wage the war on drugs: kill all drug users to eliminate the demand for the product. Writer Brandon Rhiness created Skull when he was 13. Years later, Brandon has attempted to keep that adolescent, teenage boy mentality, but still make it extremely violent. He has succeeded. Massachusetts artist Brian Bicknell did the amazing [...]

Ghoul Squad #1
Writer Brandon Rhiness presents GHOUL SQUAD! Varney, a proud, but idiotic, vampire puts together a team of "monsters" and sets up shop in Transylvania to fight supernatural evil. In this first issue, the Ghoul Squad matches wits with a werewolf. Pencils & Inks by Carlos Trigo. Colors by Nick O'Gorman. Letters by Chris Johnson. Brandon Rhiness & Adam Storoschuk created Ghoul Squad. The book [...]

Misfits #1
MISFITS is the story of a ragtag, disorganized superhero team trying to get its act together. This is proving to be difficult when they spend more time at the bar than they do fighting crime. Things get worse for the Misfits when their most powerful member, Demonman, leaves the team to pursue a regular life. Meanwhile, Demonman has troubles of his own. This whole "regular life" thing is more [...]

You're the Reason Mommy Drinks
Everyone thinks it, but nobody says it. Finally, there's an author with the courage to write what everyone's been thinking. You're the Reason Mommy Drinks is a children's book that is definitely not for children. But it will leave every mother worldwide nodding her head in agreement.

The Boy with a Balloon for a Head
The rumor mill in a small town begins to turn when a strange boy and his family move to the neighborhood. The balloon boy seems harmless...but what are his intentions? All three issues of The Boy with a Balloon for a Head collected in one volume. The sweet, yet incredibly bleak story will stay with you for a long time.

Stargirl - And So It Begins (Volume 1)
This volume collects the first 4 issues of Stargirl, the space adventure story of Lasha Trinity and her canine companion, Rover. The story is set in the future after the Earth is no longer habitable and the human race lives in a ring-shaped space station that orbits the Earth. Stargirl tells the story of Lasha Trinity and her dog, Rover, and the adventures they get into after the Earth [...]

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