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Books by Barb McIntyre

Author Barb McIntyre

40 Cliff Crescent
Nancy's bridge club meets every Wednesday at one o'clock. They play serious bridge until one team has won two out of three rubbers. Then they share an hour or two of delicious, coffee-flavoured tidbits. As Nancy reminisces about their conversations, she weaves in details about her past life, her husband's death, her tenants, and her day-to-day activities. When Nancy's late husband, Daniel, turned [...]

The Seventh Commandment
This book spans 30-plus years and tells the stories of four generations of women. It focuses on relationships; how they begin, what makes them last, and how they can cause both joy and sadness. It's about love, friendship, fidelity, honesty, and keeping secrets. Adultery has touched Sandra's life, as well as the lives of her grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, and a close friend. One is not [...]

Lost Time
Despite a strong attraction, Greg and Fiona spend two years apart because of a wrong assumption on Greg's part. During those two years Greg renovates and moves into his grandmother's house, acquires a dog, and becomes a Big Brother to six-year old Tyler. Fiona takes a sabbatical, sublets her apartment, moves in with her mother, and completes her PhD. Both Fiona and Greg try dating others without [...]

The Problem Children
The Problem Children looks at the lives of three siblings, the mysteries that bind them together and ultimately tear them apart. The bulk of the book examines the course that has brought each of these children to their current situations. Excerpt - My name is Sam - only my ex-husband called me Samantha - and I'm lying here in a jail cell. Everyone, even the judge, acknowledged that nothing could [...]

Jan's Families
It takes her a few years, but Jan succeeds in making a new life for herself after her husband dies and she loses the hair salon she has owned and operated for over twenty years. With the help and support of her longtime employees, who have become close friends, she finds rewarding work, and becomes part of a new family, Years of often painful, but eventually successful, treatment for leukemia [...]

Things Are Not Always As They Seem
When I finished reading O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi I couldn't stop thinking about how wonderful it would be to write a story like it. In other words, to write a story that would wow the reader. That is when, and why, I started writing. I really enjoyed thinking up these stories, looking at things from different angles, and different perspectives. One of the rejection slips I received said [...]

Crooked Paths
Four women lean on each other during a life-changing two year period. They share extremes of happiness and grief with humor, wit, and generosity. Excerpt - "On our drive through life," Pat read from her laptop screen, "many of us are forced to navigate past more than our fair share of conflicting traffic signs, take more detours, and spend more time in slow speed zones on winding roads. Only the [...]

Not Just Another Wrinkled Face
The average age of the people living in the Morning Glory condominium is sixty-two. Together in the well-used recreation room watching movies, playing cards, holding an art show, or a wake, these seniors are, finally, 'really' living. Mary is busy with her daughter and pregnant granddaughter while Alice desperately wants more time with her family. Phil and Helen's affair is discovered, Paul and [...]

74 Lakeview Avenue
74 Lakeview Avenue is written from the perspective of a superintendent named Earnest as he retells the stories of his residents and the struggles they hide behind closed doors (which he acquires in less than honest ways). Through a series of short stories, the reader learns about the many characters, their lives, and how they each overcome their struggles. While newer and taller buildings, [...]

Here In The Hereafter
When a writer mysteriously begins to communicate with a thinking, or what we usually refer to as a departed soul, many of his beliefs are debunked. The accidental visitor discovers not only that the dead still have to work, but that their job is to help the living. He also learns that good is rewarded and evil punished, but that the definitions of good and evil are not exactly what he had been [...]

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