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Books by Sydney Cade West

Author Sydney Cade West

It's a big universe out there with millions of galaxies and billions of stars. Is there another 'you' out there somewhere amongst those stars? It was the night of June 6, 1960 when Mobile Policeman, Steve Bell, learned the answer to that question. As Steve's shift was changing, a storm was raging across the parking lot at Headquarters. The off duty officers ran through the rain to their cars [...]

Elizabeth's Men
Elizabeth Hyland leaves home an angry, disillusioned and poverty stricken young girl filled with a virulent hatred of men. With the exception of her father, she's seen little in Grover, Kansas to recommend them. She was exposed to the basest of the breed at the young age of seventeen, but she's learned one thing; with money and power, she can beat them at their own game. Success is the best [...]

Spirit Road
In the small town of Brighton, West Virginia, word comes that Marine Cpl Bobby Smith has betrayed his long time love Jill Anne Bennett. Rejected by Jill and virtually the entire town, he's thrown into the life of Kate Atkins, better known by her nickname, Hazel, the one person in Brighton who doesn't believe the report about him, and Jill finds herself in the right place at the right time to meet [...]

Lights in the Mist
Young Tennessee rancher, Ben Jordan, is missing and assumed dead after he inexplicably drives his pickup truck off a river bridge and his body is never found. Two years later, an identical truck with a missing left headlight appears out of thin air in the evening mist at a neighboring farm and the owner, a terrified but intrigued Mary Beth Allen has reason to believe that she's just come face to [...]

The November Letters
Facing financial ruin, Terri Evans desperately holds on to the ranch her father left her years earlier. She also clings to her love for Will Wyatt, a man who's been right there beside her for most of her life, but for some reason, it never seems to work. Maybe he just doesn't love her. Maybe he never did. The miracle she's been praying for comes to pass when the November letters arrive. They [...]

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