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Books by Rene Natan

Author Rene Natan

The Woman in Black
When Savina Thompson, an ex-police agent and amateur performer, is asked to impersonate a call girl, she's at first flabbergasted and only with reluctance she accepts to play that role. It's needed to help the police penetrate the criminal ring that plagues the town of Varlee, Ontario. It's part of a daring operation engineered by Chief Detective Conrad Tormez. Using a new speech emulation [...]

The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton
A native of New Brunswick, Canada, Stephen William Carlton has looks and ability, but poor luck in love. Raised by a single mother, Steve gives up the dream of being a pilot to appease his mother's anxiety; Steve's father died while testing a new aircraft when Steve was only a few weeks old. After following a training course with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he finds a job as a constable [...]

The Collage
How many times have we been trapped in a situation in which other people take control of our life? It often happens slowly, surreptitiously, and so smoothly that we hardly realize what's going on sometimes too late. This is what happened to Allison Summer, a young, beautiful woman who married Inn Summer out of love. The man had portrayed himself as an ardent and attentive lover only to create a [...]

Mountains of Dawn
Isolation, and the struggle one has sometimes to face to be part of the living both physically and metaphorically is Mountains of Dawn's subdued theme. The case is made by Tanya Caldwell, an orphan who, from the age of six to the age of eighteen, has been shipped like a parcel from one foster home to another. The lack of roots and the feeling of abandon sit deeply in Tanya's heart. When her best [...]

Fleeting Visions
Louis Saura is a lonely seventeen-year-old in Canada who knows what it is to fight and survive the hard way. Orphaned at the age of two and raised by a poor and sick uncle, his life suddenly changes when his uncle dies and local crime boss Camilo Estorbar comes into his life. Soon, Louis spurns Estorbar and the fight for his life begins. As Louis plays cat and mouse with Estorbar, he crosses path [...]

The Bricklayer
Underneath the usual activities of a successful construction company, The Werkstein, lurk fraud, deception and murder. This all starts when Frederick Elliot Dalton, the owner of The Werkstein hires Moira Johnson, a female engineer in his otherwise all-male company. Fred knows that her presence can create problems, but he never expects it to trigger a chain of seemingly accidental deaths. Slowly, [...]

The Red Manor
Lucio Maria de'Vigentini, Lord of the Red Manor, is loaded with years, money, memories and regrets the ancient curse cast upon his family weighing heavily on his soul. He lost his son, Rick, at sea and his wife left him, taking Rick's twin, Chris Sandcroft, to Canada. Lucio, lonely and ailing, is tortured by the prophesy predicting the extinction of the Red Manor and its occupants at the turn of [...]

The Blackpox Threat
A deadly virus is on its way to Canada. This alarming news reaches the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) via the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa. The only information they have are the virus's source - a dismantled lab in the Carpathian Mountains and the suspected shipping company, Ship Me Safely. CSIS asks Tamara Smith, the daughter of murdered political refugees, to become a mole inside [...]

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