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Books by Paki S. Wright

Author Paki S. Wright

Greetings, Dear Homsaps - Speculative Fiction
"Greetings, Dear Homsaps" is a highly satirical look at the conditions on planet Earth in the years prior to, during, and just after TBC, or The Big Change. Climate variations bring many disasters but also some fortuitous changes, proving how adaptable the species Homo Sapiens is. The Galactic Federation of Lightworkers is heavily invested in a beneficent future for Earth. They see clearly how [...]

Irrta from the Pleiades - Hopi Prophecy and the Holographic Multiverse
In a mother ship powered by a large crystal, ETs come to Earth to try and help the planet through its tough times, Irrta is particularly desirous of helping because of her half-Earthling genetics, some of her crew get involved in the Disclosure Project in Washington, D.C., at the same time Irrta meets an older woman with a pet gorilla who teaches her much about human emotions while they try and [...]

The All Souls' Waiting Room - A Black Comedy about Karma and Killing Yourself
Why would a gorgeous, smart-mouthed, eighteen-year-old girl named Johnnine Hapgood -- raised by free-loving followers of the controversial psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (inventor of the orgone energy accumulator, the cloud-buster and a stolen orgone energy motor) -- try to kill herself? What lessons does she have to learn about karma and reincarnation? And what are the consequences of suicide? [...]

Demented - A Love Story
When her marriage falls apart, Alicia Burrowes refuses to resign herself to spending her twilight years alone. Packing her bags and heading to Guatemala, she purchases a small condo in the charming, colonial city of Antigua. Alicia is a writer and delights in the solitude the mental and emotional space to craft her stories. But when a story about a robbery causes her path to cross with American [...]

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