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Books by John Robert McCauley

Himalayan Hump
Inspired by true stories during World War II, the Air Transit Command and its heroic flyers and crews were the savior to end the war against the Axis powers. Without their courage, dedication, teamwork and valor and flexible thinking, World War II would not have ended in 1945. This story focuses on how a baseball player's life was dramatically changed by the forces of fate. Follow Bucky's [...]

Trapped in Limbo 3
Set in the current Chinese espionage scandal, the Secretary of Defense asks Kristen Lugar, a drone weapon designer in the Micro-Aviary drone program at Columbia University, to check on the illegal siphoning of military drone secrets to China. This dark thriller chronicles her visit to Bali, where the real and superstitious are constantly shifting and mixing. As she attempts to navigate around the [...]

Trapped in Limbo 2
This is an action-packed international thriller. In November 2013, a naval drone crashed into a guided missile cruiser off the coast of San Diego. News of that event got around fast. What the devil caused that crash? As the sun rose on the east coast, Kristen Luger, who had the looks others would give a right arm for and a Brazilian immigrant working in the NASA drone project, was asked to kick [...]

Rip-Roaring Rockies
A Sandy-like storm slammed the Colorado Rockies in 1976 causing massive death and destruction. This is a nature-gone-awry story. Come ride the range with lasso-toting Trevor and Stella as they take the reader on a journey through the storm-ravaged Colorado landscape. Their desperation is made grimmer as they deal with the reality of survival and the gruesome wrath of nature.

Trapped in Limbo
This is a remarkable story of family genes and individual triumph. As the curtain rises, New York City is infested with terrorists. This thriller revolves around an American, Dr. Wolfgang Von Braun, the father of drones, and his daughter, Kristen, a Brazilian. Though worlds apart, their shared scientific genes promise to bring them together until a tragic circumstance changes the time table. [...]

Jesuit Time
A spark flamed in Brad's mind after a Jesuit was named Pope to find information on an ancestor, Jesuit missionary Adamo Gilg. Take a trip back in time watching Brad and Brian resurrect forgotten information on his long deceased ancestor, while they embark on a heart pounding and riveting ride through mission history finding a Golden Age when missions formed Christian Society. Follow them on this [...]

Reincarnated Horse Reporter
An investigative reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch tries to recapture stories of nostalgic memories, and stumbles upon a charismatic waitress, who dies unexpectedly, but seems to be reincarnated in another free spirited woman he meets. The reporter sends readers on an unforgettable adventure set in a world of racehorses, steeplechase races, wild horses and the magic of fox hunts, which [...]

The Sharks Crisis Negotiator
This is a tantalizing story of Josh Blake, United States State Department International Crisis Negotiator, who is diving on vacation in French Polynesia when he is dragged into the affairs of a mysterious redhead. That affair is interrupted by an international crisis, which requires him to go to Japan. He must peel back the layers of an international dispute between the Chinese and Japanese doing [...]

Capuchin Tour Guide
In this story, Costa Rican historic events are intertwined with fiction. Regina, who was raised on the United Fruit Company Palm Oil Plantation near Manuel Antonio National Park, embarks on an amazing adventure chasing a symbol of immortality. She escapes devastating volcanic eruptions, jungle dangers and street gangs in a mesmerizing narrative which features vivid detail and pictures and [...]

The Passing Tracks
Caleb and Danielle, University of Texas El Paso students, have $9,750.00 to donate to charity, and decide to venture into Mexico to give these funds to the poor Tarahumura Indians. However, first they have to pass through Juarez, Mexico, one of the most dangerous places in the world, and then visit the rugged Copper Canyon, where many Indians still live in caves. Their adventure by foot, bus and [...]

Recurrent Dreams of Painted Faces
Everyone has those middle-of-the night dreams that take us into an unseen world as close as our pillow and which can stay with us twenty-four-hours-per day. This coming of age story is structured around the life of a sheltered sixteen-year-old girl with an overbearing mother, who has recurrent dreams that seem to connect the natural and supernatural worlds. Do her dreams have any special [...]

Brendan Stranded in Hong Kong
Brendan, a pharmaceutical salesman from San Francisco, is stranded in Hong Kong due to an embargo on air flights from China because of the Syria crisis. While stranded in China, he discovers the beauty and mysteries of the country with the help of Lim and Zhang, his tour guides. What Brendan encounters in China will maintain the reader's attention from the beginning to the end of this story. On [...]

The Detroit Kid in the Forgotten War
This story captures the forgotten conflict of World War II. The book sets during the Great Depression about eight years prior to World War II. The first section of "The Detroit Kid" is the story of young John trying to find his way during the depression while reaching for dreams and in the process learning the ways of men. This novel explores such issues as guilt, the acquisition of wisdom, [...]

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