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Books by Ellie Crowe

Author Ellie Crowe

The Stolen Princess
This book is based on a fascinating true story. Kelea, Princess of Maui, was famed as the most beautiful and daring surfrider in the ancient kingdom of Hawaii. She was called Kelea-who-bears-a-fin and Kelea-swimming-like-a-fish. It is not always safe to be very beautiful. Or very daring. This book is based on the true story of a beautiful, young princess who went surfing and was stolen by enemy [...]

Lost in the Wildness (Wildness and Wet Adventure)
Megan longs to go into the mysterious Everglades. She knows a storm is coming. But she feels a short trip in an airboat would be just fine. It's not. When a storm destroys the airboat, twins Megan and Sydney and their young brother, Luke, are lost in the wild swamps of the Glades. With Adam, the Indian teenage guide from the campground, they try to find a way out. But there are dangerous animals [...]

The Princess in the Purple Tower
A brilliant version of the famous Rapunzel tale. Locked away by a wicked witch, the princess has been stuck in the purple tower for twelve years. And now the wicked witch is cutting off her long hair and spinning it to gold! Will a prince ever come to rescue her? And if he does, how can he climb the tower?

Brainstorm Islands - Invent to Survive
What if you were stranded on an island and you had to brainstorm to survive? Would you be able to find the most important things: water, food and shelter? What if danger threatened? Go with Water Boy and Rocky, the wonder dog, on their survival adventures. And then improve your creativity and chances of survival with the Brainstorm Workshop at the end of the book.

Wind Runner
Wind Runner -- Young Indian runners who ran as fast as the wind, carried vital messages for hundreds of miles across deserts, plains, and over mountains. This time the message was WAR. The starving Pueblo Indians were rising in battle against the cruel Spanish soldiers occupying their land, New Mexico. And they were calling on other Indian tribes, some their sworn enemies, to join the fight. [...]

Exploring Lost Oahu Places of Power, History and Mystery (Hawaii Travel Guide)
A unique and informative guidebook to Oahu's places of mana (spiritual power) unseen by most visitors and even many locals. A journey into the lands of the Hawaii of long ago, to powerful rulers, wily priests, healing stones, healing temples and pools, temples of human sacrifice, small menehune and supernatural events. The Hawaiian Islands are a notable spiritual destination with a fascinating [...]

The Boy Called Troublemaker, based on the Childhood of Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela --legendary freedom fighter and revolutionary, first black president of South Africa and Nobel Peace prize winner--stated that his childhood in the Transkei countryside taught him everything he needed to know in life. This biographical novel brings to life Mandela's childhood and his tribal initiation at sixteen when he resolved to live up to his name Troublemaker and fight for [...]

Surfer of the Century - The Life of Duke Kahanamoku
Who was named the Surfer of the Century? Read about Duke Kahanamoku's determination, courage in adversity, and good sportmanship as he struggles to become the fastest swimmer in the world and also teach the world how to ride big waves. --- This strikingly illustrated picture-book biography celebrates Duke Kahanamoku, who broke records as an Olympic swimmer and introduced surfing around the globe. [...]

Lost in the Wild - Wild and Too Wet Adventure Series
Cool new adventure series for MG and YA readers - I love dark, swampy places with alligators and bad guys. I also would really love to help endangered animals, and bring attention to their fate. I'm sure you would too. In LOST IN THE WILD four teens are lost in the Florida Everglades, a dangerous place to be. When they come across a gang of poachers, they want to save the endangered animals. But [...]

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