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Books by Mary Tate Engels

Author Mary Tate Engels

Our Time to Love
Gwyn has plans for getting ahead in life and they don't include falling in love with a backwoods doctor in Appalachia. She is a time and motion specialist and she can whip this place into shape in no time. Getting back to work and family and the joys of being in the middle of holiday activities, especially at this Christmas season, is what she wants most. But the birth of twins, a little girl's [...]

Mystique (The Irish Heart's Series)
MYSTIQUE, a ghostly affair: Danika, a California lawyer meets up with a Red Coat Revolutionary War hero. Together they slip through the illusion of time... for love. An ugly divorce leaves Danika bitter until she encounters a spirited romance in a mystical place. Will's desires leave her breathless and longing for more. It's a match made in Heaven (if you believe) until she must do the [...]

Texas Sizzle
Cougar love - Kathryn wants to be an independent woman. Max is a man ready to take charge, with enough money to make it happen. But his power and wealth can't buy everything, including his brother's health and Kathryn's love. They steam it up Texas style until life gets in the way. Will Max ruin this relationship and let Kathryn go back to a man she doesn't love? There's no way she will stick [...]

A Man to Remember
He is watching her, waiting to take advantage. But is he a con man or patriot? She needs him in many ways, but can she save him when he's beaten and locked in a Mexican jail? Will they ever escape? Will she finally take charge of her own life and follow her dreams? They are two very dissimilar people, each living out a fantasy in Mexico. Real life is different. A mysterious, risk-taking man just [...]

Secret Embrace (Irish Hearts Series)
SECRET EMBRACE, Book 3 - An Irish Romance of Love, Betrayal, and Too Many Secrets Claire's daughter, Brianna, risks everything as she pursues her passion in Ireland. Mitch sweeps her off her feet and into his arms, but is he the right one? Mitch is starting over in Dublin and hoping to steer his brother on the right path. He doesn't need another woman to ruin his life. Can he trust his heart to [...]

Embraceable You (Irish Hearts Series)
EMBRACEABLE YOU, Book 2 - Contemporary Romance with an Irish heart - Jobless and jilted, Siena makes waves in Haven's Point, Maine from the moment she arrives. From the nude manikin in her shop window to the topless fashion show Siena rocks their boat. Do her good intentions ruin her chance at romance? Zach, Siena's first love, is now town mayor. His plans for saving the town is to bulldoze and [...]

Claire's Embrace (Irish Hearts Series)
CLAIRE'S EMBRACE, Book 1 - (historic novella) - A sweet twist on the classic arranged marriage. Young Claire's loving father devises a love lottery, but she has her own ideas for a handsome husband. Suitors arrive from around the world, more than willing to pay to wed (and bed) the Irish beauty. A wealthy American captures her heart, but she has to leave everything she holds dear. Will Claire [...]

Callahan's Gold (Southwest Desert Series)
Tory Talbot took a step back in time to dusty old Tombstone to claim her rightful inheritance. She was her own L.A. woman, not 'Sharkey's Little Girl,' who he left behind. Trekking in the rugged Dragoon Mountains looking for gold wasn't her idea of a trip of a lifetime. But it turned out that way. Did the yellowed treasure map lead to fool's gold? Or the motherlode? Along the way, she fell in [...]

A Kiss of France (The Quickstart Series)
This book, A Kiss of France, is part of The Quickstart Series designed to enhance your travel planning inexpensively and efficiently. It is loaded with websites, packing tips, financial information and actual in-country experiences. While many of the more expensive and expansive travel books seem to be written by and for the younger generation, our eBooks are grounded in facts and data for all [...]

Italy-A feast for the Senses (The Quickstart Series)
This book, ITALY-A FEAST FOR THE SENSES, is part of The Quickstart Series designed to enhance your travel planning inexpensively and efficiently. It is loaded with websites, packing tips, financial information and actual in-country experiences. While many of the more expensive and expansive travel books seem to be written by and for the younger generation, our eBooks are grounded in facts and [...]

Under The Desert Sky (Desert Sky Series)
Lacy was drawn to Holt, from the first moment she met him. And hired him to fix up their town. She licked her lips where he'd kissed her. She could taste him, smell his masculinity, feel his strength next to her. And her senses cried out for more. He was a man with the personal strength and attributes that she admired, but not the kind of man she should fall in love with. Lacy knew she had to [...]

Under The Desert Moon (Desert Sky Series)
Annie had only been in Silver Creek a few years, after turning her back on big city life. Now she wanted the independence of her own business, tough as it was. She gazed at the man reputed to be a hero, back in the small Arizona town after years of life in the big city. He was no longer the skinny kid next door, stealing apples from her uncle and throwing them at the cattle on his father's ranch. [...]

Rogue Diamond
Border Babies Stolen and Sold! The wicked world of trafficking children crashes a quiet morning marketplace and frantically plunges Alex Julian into the arms of the only man who will help find her missing baby. Nick Diamond, hardnosed and elusive, can't resist the allure of Alex's dilemma and the horror of trafficking stolen children. Can they find little Jenni before she is sold and adopted?

Speak to the Wind
Joe Quintero helps put out one fire, only to start another. Maria Eden's mountain cabin is saved, for now. But the wildfire between them ignites a love that soars beyond their ability to control. She teaches him the communication skills he needs to lead his Apache nation. But when the tribe reclaims the land beneath her beloved retreat, Maria feels that Joe's love is just a temporary convenience.

A Rare Breed
A crash in the Grand Canyon brings them together. Archeology professor Jake Landry is in the canyon to study the history of the vanished Anasazi. When the touring helicopter crashes near his camp, he is both delighted and bewildered by vivacious Brit Bailey. Their love affair mirrors her ancestor's story-book romance, soon to be a movie. But will the rescue tear them apart?

Love's Dawning
Kyla entrusts her Indian-inspired clothing line to Griff's Tucson marketing firm and her heart to a man who fears yielding his own. Together they preserve a precious legacy, discover her past, and build her business. Here, in the magnificent Arizona desert, Kyla finds her heritage, her home, and her heart's desire. But can she win the heart of the macho cowboy with the awesome power of love?

A Lasting Love
He terrifies her, thrills her, and loves her. When the sophisticated East meets the rugged West, Lorne and Reid are worlds apart. Smart and sensible Loren realizes it's risky to love this brash man in cowboy boots, but her heart doesn't heed the warning signs. Her future lies in her career in Washington, D.C. but Reid's life is in Arizona. Can she maintain her independence follow her heart and [...]

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